In Search of Rex Whistler
His Life and His Work

By (author) Hugh CecilBy (author) Mirabel Cecil

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HUGH and MIRABEL CECIL's previous joint biography, Clever Hearts: A Life of Desmond and Molly McCarthy (1990) won the Duff Cooper Prizr and the Marsh Biography Award. Their Imperial Marriage (2002) told the story of Lord Edward Cecil, his wife Violet and Lord Milner, with whom she was in love. Hugh Cecil's other books include The Flower of Battle: How Britain Wrote the Great War (1996) and, as co-editor, Facing Armageddon (1996). Mirabel Cecil has written A Kind of Prospero (1995), the biography of her brother, the pioneering publisher Sebastian Walker and, with David Mlinaric, On Decorating. Her last book was The Journal of Mrs Sloane's Dog Fanny, published in 2010 for the Sir John Sloan Museum.

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* First fully illustrated book on Rex Whistler to reveal the whole range of his life and art
* Shows many works which have never previously been published
* Offers enthralling insights into life and culture between the wars
* Includes fascinating photographs from private family albums
* The authors have been given privileged access to the Whistler family archive

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