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Helen Dillon's Garden Book


Helen Dillon

Thoughtful ideas on gardening style and practical advice from Helen Dillon: how to garden and to garden well.

Gardens and Gardening

224 pages
245x192 mm
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Pub. Date:
3rd March 2011

Helen Dillon is revered worldwide as one of the most skilled and perceptive gardeners of our time. In this book she encapsulates, in her inimitably witty and accessible style, her deep love of plants, assured sense of design and a lifetime of gardening know-how. Here is illumination for every gardener – from the beginner wondering why nothing will grow in the garden of the new house to the sophisticate aiming at exquisitely subtle effects.

Thoughtful ideas on garden style are underpinned by practical advice on looking after plants and careful instructions on the basics of digging, planting and propagating. Helen Dillon teaches us all how to garden, and garden well.

Helen Dillon comes from Perthshire in Scotland and has been living in Ireland with her husband, Val, for the past 34 years. Much sought after as an author, broadcaster and garden consultant, she lectures frequently in the United States and New Zealand as well as all over Britain. She has also travelled extensively in order to study plants in Nepal, China, South America, South Africa and New Zealand. In 1999 she was awarded the Gold Veitch Memorial Medal of the Royal Horticultural Society in England and in 2003 the George Robert White Medal of Honour of the Massachusetts Horticultural Society. In autumn 2004 she was made a Distinguished Counsellor to the Board of the New York Botanical Garden. Her garden in Dublin has been open to the public for the last 20 years.

To visit Helen Dillon's website click here

* 'Unmissable, the obvious book of the year for anyone who wants to take gardening seriously. It is full of hilarious observations, impatient comment and invaluable concise advice, grounded in years of personal activity.'

Robin Lane Fox, Financial Times

* 'If I had to find one book to suit a beginner and an expert, and to keep on my own shelves for reference, this would be it.'

Mary Keen, The Spectator

* 'This book is great fun as well as informative and useful ... Her long experience of plants and gardening - and of people - shines through.

Tim Richardson, Daily Telegraph

A very entertaining read. Packed full of advice expressed with Irish charm.

Oxford Times

It's like listening to an old and very wise gardening friend - making it impossible not to enjoy it.

Good Book Guide

Rather good and should entertain annyone eager to learn from the observations of a top of the range garden owner.

Let's Talk

It's not often you can rave about how much you enjoyed a gardening book, but this is one you'll recommend. Written with humour, Helen Dillon shares her enthusiasm and knowledge of gardening.

Garden Answers

Best for 'Colourful Irreverence' - Fun to read as well as inspiring. Her garden is brilliant. Literally. I know no one who uses colour as well as she does, nor are there many gardeners who garden as well as this first among British plantpersons. When you want jokes, style and dash, combined with attention to detail, Helen is the one to follow.

BBC Gardens Illustrated

A gorgeous, informative and practical book that can be simply enjoyed in the armchair on rainy days and provide an essential reference all year round.

Irish Examiner
Frances Lincoln
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