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Frances Lincoln represents a diverse group of adult and children’s book publishers in addition to its own lists. We’re proud to offer sales support the Little Bookroom, the Natural History Museum, NYRB Classics, The New York Review Children's Collection and NYRB Collections in the UK. Each company we work with displays the finest quality in publishing across a wide range of interests.

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The Little Bookroom publishes travel guides that provide an imaginative entrée into the world’s best-loved cities. The books celebrate a sense of place: the authentic, the unique, the small, the historic, and the local. They appeal to those travellers who are interested in getting a real “feel” for a city, who are willing to meander a bit, to wander away from the well-known landmarks.

Some of the books focus on major destinations—Paris, New York, London—and encourage readers to go off the beaten path. They explore one aspect of a major city, such as style, cuisine, wine, or architecture and decor. Other titles introduce readers to less frequented destinations, such as The Authentic Bars, Cafes and Restaurants of Buenos Aires and Food Wine Budapest.

In 2008 The Little Bookroom launched a new series, The Terroir Guides; these discerning guides, written by renowned food writers with extensive regional expertise, explore locations in depth and focus on the way in which local influences singularly impact a region’s food and wine. They are also the English language publisher of France’s beloved Pudlo guides — written by Gilles Pudlowski, France’s revered food critic. The Little Bookroom publishes 12-15 titles annually.

Described as “definitive guide books and works of love” by Vogue, The Little Bookroom’s travel guides are intimate, thorough, and utterly unique.

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Natural History Museum Publishing, London is home to one of the world’s most important and comprehensive collections of natural history specimens, literature and artworks. They are a source of fascination to their millions of visitors each year and an international resource for science, studied by over 300 scientists and researchers who work there.

With more than 70 million specimens, the scope of the collections is simply vast including the ill-fated dodo, meteorites from Mars, a full-size blue whale model and over one million books, including rare antique volumes. Their specimens cover almost all groups of animals, plants, minerals and fossils ranging from cells on slides to whole animals preserved in alcohol.

With the publication of their first book in 1881, the Museum’s publishing legacy is nearly as old as the magnificent Waterhouse building that houses its collections. More than 125 years later and Natural History Museum Publishing is dedicated to producing accessible fully illustrated non-fiction books on the natural world.

Under the Museum’s own imprint they publish books that reflect the Museum’s collections, scientific work and exhibitions.They aim to make widely available the great wealth of information held at the Museum and strive to achieve the Museum’s overall mission: to promote the discovery, understanding, enjoyment and responsible use of the natural world.

Their diverse publishing programme includes engaging popular science titles, authoritative reference books, natural history art and inspiring ideas for children. They also produce a wide range of high-level academic and specialist books and journals in association with numerous publishing partners.

Written by expert authors and sold throughout the world, their high quality books are designed to appeal to a broad audience, from bird-watchers and botanists to fossil hunters and fungi enthusiasts - indeed all those with an interest in the natural world and passion for the planet.

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NYRB Classics, an innovative list of outstanding fiction and nonfiction from all ages and around the world, will be celebrating its 10th anniversary in autumn 2009. NYRB Classics publishes 20 titles per year.

The list includes new translations of canonical figures such as Euripides, Turgenev and Dante; fiction by modern and contemporary masters such as Henry James, Edith Wharton, Caroline Blackwood, Victor Serge, Gregor von Rezzori, and Alberto Moravia; masterpieces of narrative history and literary criticism, poetry, travel writing, biography, and memoirs from such writers as Lionel Trilling, Alastair Horne, T.H. White, and Charles Simic; and unclassifiable classics in the order of J. R. Ackerley's My Dog Tulip and Robert Burton's The Anatomy of Melancholy.

Published in handsome uniform trade paperback editions, almost all NYRB Classics also feature an introduction by an outstanding writer, scholar, or critic of our day. Taken as a whole, NYRB Classics may be considered a series of books of unrivalled variety and quality for discerning and adventurous readers.

"Congratulations to NYRB Classics...they have been putting out an extraordinarily good list lately, and I have been torn as to which one to choose." Nicholas Lezard, Guardian

"Sometimes the second time's the charm in publishing...New York Review Books is finding unlikely success in the overcrowded book industry by turning out reprints of decades-old titles. Some are even getting noticed by Hollywood." The Wall Street Journal

"Once you have discovered the series it's as if you've just gained an incredibly well-read friend who consistently lends you obscure yet highly enjoyable books...Collecting them can become compulsive." Vogue

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The New York Review Children's Collection began in 2003 in an attempt to reward readers who have long wished for the return of their favourite titles and to introduce those books to a new generation of readers. Averaging six books a year, the line publishes picture books for preschoolers through to chapter books and novels for older children. Praised for their elegant design and sturdy bindings, these books have set a new standard for the definition of a child's “classic.”

Among the titles you will find The House of Arden by the great E. Nesbit; several titles by the award-winning team of Ingri and Edgar Parin d'Aulaire, including their Book of Norse Myths and Book of Animals; James Thurber's The Thirteen Clocks and The Wonderful O, both with illustrations by Marc Simont; and James Cloyd Bowman’s Newbery Honor Book, Pecos Bill: The Greatest Cowboy of All Time.

"The New York Review Children's Collection...brings neglected gems back to life." USA Today

"How many of us, at the end of our working days, will be able to say with certainy that something we did made the world a better place? Edwin Frank is one of the lucky few...Frank is the editor who oversees the New York Review Children's Collection...whatever the numbers, the books' reappearances make booksellers and buyers happy--reversing, in a tiny but symbolic way, the odious publishing trend toward keeping books in print for shorter and shorter periods of time..." Washington Post

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The New York Times has called The New York Review of Books "the country's most successful intellectual journal." According to the Times, "The secret of its success is this: its editors' ability to get remarkable writers and thinkers, many of them specialists in their fields, to write lucidly for lay readers on an enormous range of complex, scholarly and newly emerging subjects, issues and ideas."

With the NYRB Collections, an occasional book series, some of the finest writing in science, philosophy, history, politics, the arts, and literature from the Review's contributors has been brought together. Included in the NYRB Collections series are volumes by such distinguished writers as Freeman Dyson, Thomas Powers, Martin Filler, Joseph Kerman, Mark Danner, Gary Wills, and Joan Didion.

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