• Abate, Betelhem

    Born in 1989, Beti lives in Addis Ababa with her parents, grandmother, twin sister Yordanos and two older sisters.
  • Abdulla, Raficq

    Raficq Abdulla was awarded an MBE in 1999 for his ecumenical work among Muslims, Jews and Christians. He has written and presented numerous radio programmes about Islam for the BBC, including a series of talks on the Prophet Muhammad and the Four Caliphs, and programmes on Jalaluddin Rumi. He has written award-winning screenplays for Channel 4, poetry and articles for a range of journals, and he is a frequent book reviewer.   (more)

  • Abel, Paul G.

    Dr Paul Abel is an astronomer, mathematician and a co-presenter on the BBC’s The Sky at Night. Paul has written for many popular astronomy magazines promoting amateur astronomy and the science that amateurs can contribute to the field. He regularly gives talks to various astronomical societies and speaks at astronomical events.   (more)

  • Abrahams, Philippa

    Trained at the Slade School of Fine Art and the Courtauld Institute of Art, Philippa Abrahams is an artist, conservator, museum education consultant and teacher, and an expert on historic art materials and painting and drawing techniques. She has contributed to several television and radio programmes, advising on techniques and materials and demonstrating the working methods of artists including Michelangelo, Titian, Seurat and Whistler.   (more)

  • Abramovich, Alex

    ALEX ABRAMOVICH has been an editor of Feed, Flavorpill, and Very Short List and a writer for The New York Times, The London Review of Books, and other publications. He lives in Oakland, California, and Astoria, Queens.

  • Abu-Zeid, Kareem James

    Half American and half Egyptian, Kareem James Abu-Zeid is completing his PhD in comparative literature at the University of California, Berkeley. He has translated novels and books of poetry by Rabee Jaber (Lebanon), Najwan Darwish (Palestine), Dunya Mikhail (Iraq), and Tarek Eltayeb (Sudan). He has also taught Arabic, French, German, and English literature and language courses at U.C.   (more)

  • Aciman, Andre

    André Aciman teaches Comparative Literature at the City University Graduate Center. He is the author of False Papers and the memoir Out of Egypt.
  • Ackerley, J. R.

    J. R. Ackerley (1896-1967) was for many years the literary editor of the BBC magazine The Listener. His works include three memoirs, Hindoo Holiday, My Dog Tulip, and My Father and Myself, and a novel, We Think the World of You (all available as New York Review Books).
  • Ackroyd, Peter

    London has been the main character in the work of Peter Ackroyd ever since his first novel, The Great Fire of London. His Hawksmoor won the Whitbread and the Guardian Fiction Prize, Chatterton was shortlisted for the Booker, London: the Biography won the South Bank Show Annual Award for Literature.   (more)

  • Aczel, Richard

    Richard Aczel is the author of National Character and European Identity in Hungarian Literature, 1772-1848.
  • Adams, Henry

    Henry Adams (1838–1918) was an American historian, journalist, and novelist. In 1907 he published his Pulitzer Prize–winning autobiography, The Education of Henry Adams, considered by many to be the most important nonfiction work of the twentieth century. He died in 1918 at his home in Washington, D.C.
  • Adams, Sarah

    Sarah Adams studied Art and Design at Hull College of Art. After graduating she completed a post-graduate in illustration at Central St Martins School of Art in London. Sarah has worked for numerous and varied publishers including Walker Books, Orchard books and The Times but GARY AND RAY was the first picture book she both wrote and illustrated.   (more)

  • Adams, Sean

    Sean Adams and Noreen Morioka are partners at AdamsMorioka, a Los Angeles-based strategy and communications firm with offices in Beverly Hills and New York. AdamsMorioka has been globally recognized by every major competition and publication, including Communication Arts, AIGA, Graphis, and the New York Art Director’s Club.   (more)

  • Adl, Kamyar

    KAMYAR ADL was born and brought up in Iran. After finishing school Kamyar spent a short while at Azad University studying photography but he soon left to do his military service in some desert near the Iran/Iraq border. He never went back to university but he did some photography jobs, one of which being taking photos of old doors and windows in downtown Tehran for a famous Iranian architect.   (more)

  • Adl, Shirin

    SHIRIN ADL was born in the UK but was brought up in Iran. She studied Illustration at Loughborough University, going ton to win the Hallmark M&S Talented Desginer Award. She was Booktrust's official illustrator forChildren's Book Week in 2010. Her books for Frances Lincoln include Pea Boy: Stories from Iran with Elizabeth Laird, Ramadan Moon with Na'ima B Robert, and Let's Celebrate: Festival Poems from Around the World with Debjani Chatterjee.   (more)

  • Adler, Renata

    Renata Adler is an American journalist, critic, and novelist. Born in 1938 in Milan and raised in Connecticut, she was educated at Bryn Mawr, Harvard, the Sorbonne, and Yale Law School. Adler began her writing career at The New Yorker in 1962 and, except for a year spent as the chief film critic for The New York Times (1968–69), remained on staff there for the next four decades.   (more)

  • Adriaenssens, Werner

    Werner Adriaenssens received his Doctor's degree in Archeology and Art History from Vrije Universiteit Brussel. He is Curator of Twentieth Century Decorative Arts of the Royal Museums of Art and History of Belgium, Brussels, and Professor of Art History in Decorative Arts of the Vrije Universiteit Brussel.

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  • John Agard

    Agard, John

    John Agard is one of the most popular and highly-regarded poets writing in Britain today.  His poem Half-Caste is on the GCSE syllabus and he performs at Poetry Live events throughout the country.  His adult collection, We Brits, was shortlisted for the 2007 British Book Awards Decibel Writer of the Year Award.   (more)

  • Ageorges, Sylvain

    Sylvain Ageorges is a photographer specializing in Paris. He has photographed two previous guidebooks for The Little Bookroom, The Authentic Bistros of Paris and The Brasseries of Paris.
  • Aggs, Patrice

    PATRICE AGGS was born in Michigan and moved to London in 1974 to study Fine Art at the City and Guilds Art School. Patrice has illustrated over 20 books, five of them for Frances Lincoln, including Un, Deux, Trois by Opal Dunn and Uno, Dos, Tres by Yanitzia Canetti.

  • Aiken, Joan

    JOAN AIKEN, the daughter of the American poet and novelist Conrad Aiken, was an immensely popular and prolific author who wrote over a hundred novels for adults and children. The creator of the stories about Arabel and her pet raven Mortimer, originally written for the BBC’s Jackanory series and which have been televised on the BBC, she also wrote wonderful, quirky novels, full of humour and the unexpected. The Wolves of Willoughby Chase won the 1964 Lewis Carroll Shelf Award and was made into a film. Joan Aiken was awarded an MBE for her services to children’s literature in 1999.   (more)

  • Aitchison, Craig

    Craig Aitchison is a young, up and coming landscape photographer. Based in Glasgow, he is naturally drawn towards the beauty and splendour of Scotland’s mountains, lochs and glens. With a combined passion and knowledge, he strives to capture the beauty of Scotland’s wild land and light.
  • Alakija, Polly

    POLLY ALAKIJA is a British artist living and working in South Africa. Before that, she lived for fifteen years in Nigeria. Her paintings have been widely exhibited in Africa and Europe, and her previous books include Catch That Goat for Barefoot Books. This is her first book for Frances Lincoln. She lives in Tewkesbury, Gloscestershire.
  • Alatalo, Jaakko

    Jaakko Alatalo was born in the Midwestern part of Finland. He studied photography at Lahti Institute of design and he has been working as a free lance photographer and author for over thirty years. He has lived in Lapland since the 1978. Numerous newspapers, magazines and book publishers have used his photographs and texts.   (more)

  • Albaret, Celeste

    Céleste Albaret (1892-1984) was born into a peasant family in the mountainous region of Lozère, France. In 1913, she married Odilon Albaret, a Parisian chauffeur, whose clients included Marcel Proust. Odilon suggested that his new wife, who was lonely in the big city and at a loss for something to do, run errands for Proust, and before long Céleste found herself employed as the writer's full-time (indeed round-the-clock) housekeeper, secretary, and nurse, filling those roles until his death in 1922.   (more)

  • Alcouffe, Daniel

    Daniel Alcouffe received his Diploma in Archiving and Paleography from the École nationale des Chartes, Paris. He is Honorary Chief Curator of Decorative Arts of the Musée du Louvre, Paris, and Officer of the Legion of Honour of the French Republic. Monsieur Alcouffe has published many articles and six books.

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  • Alighieri, Dante

    Dante Alighieri (1265–1321) was born into a noble family in Florence. He fought as a cavalryman, served in a variety of civic and diplomatic positions, and in 1300 attained a preeminent place in the administration of his native city. Florence was at the time caught in a bitter struggle between the Guelphs and the Ghibellines—as well as between contending factions within those political parties —and in 1301, having been sent on an embassy to the Pope in Rome, Dante learned that his enemies had come to power.   (more)

  • Alkayat, Zena

    ZENA ALKAYAT has previously published successful guidebooks Tea & Cake London and London Villages. She spent 10 years working as a journalist at publications including Metro newspaper and Time Out London before moving into publishing. She is currently Senior Commissioning Editor at Frances Lincoln.

  • Allan, June

    June Allan was born in Edinburgh and can't remember a time when she didn't love drawing: in her pram, in lessons at school, in Art College, in teacher training college! She has illustrated many children's books. She still lives in Edinburgh with her husband, two children, three guinea pigs and lots of goldfish.

    To visit June Allan's website click here

  • Bob Allen

    Allen, Bob

    Bob Allen is the author of many walking guides to the mountains. He is a member of numerous climbing clubs and has significant international walking and climbing experience. He has known the Lake District all his life and now lives in Grasmere, where he still keeps active, takes photographs and paints watercolours of mountains.
  • Allen, Harry

    Harry Allen was born in the UK, but spent many of his teenage years in Nigeria. He was educated at International schools in Lagos and London, and at Leeds University. After graduating with a degree in Theatre Arts, Harry has worked as an actor, director teacher and writer and has had several plays for young people produced, enjoying collaborations with companies and individuals in Europe and Australia.   (more)

  • Allen Sibley, David

    David Allen Sibley is a world-renowned bird artist, ornithologist and author. He is the author and illustrator of The Sibley Guide to Birds, considered by many to be the most comprehensive guide for the identification of birds in North America.
  • Alouf, Sandrine

    Sandrine Alouf is a French photographer whose photographs appear in Paris Chic & Trendy and Boutique and Chic Hotels in Paris (both The Little Bookroom). Her installation of photographs of clouds along the platform of the RER Luxemboug station in Paris was called "À ciel ouvert" ("Open to the sky").
  • Colin Amery

    Amery, Colin

    Colin Amery is Director of the World Monuments Fund in Britain and a writer and architectural consultant. He was architectural critic of the Financial Times for 20 years, an editor of the Architectural Review and has been the author of many architectural books. He is an Honorary Fellow of the Royal Institute of British Architects.
  • Amnesty International,

    Amnesty International is a worldwide movement of people who campaign for internationally recognized human rights. AI has a varied network of members and supporters around the world. At the latest count, there were more than 2.2 million members, supporters and subscribers in over 150 countries and territories in every region of the world.   (more)

  • Ananth, Anuradha

    Anuradha Ananth has always loved books. She works as a presenter and senior producer with the SS Music television channel in Chennai.
  • Anderson, Brendan

    Brendan Anderson was born in Belfast in December 1945. He has worked in print for thirty-five years – first as a compositor, then as a proofreader, a typesetter and page make-up artist. Selected by an enlightened editor at the Irish News to be trained as a journalist in 1989, he became senior reporter and security writer for that paper within two years.   (more)

  • Scoular Anderson

    Anderson, Scoular

    Scoular Anderson is Scottish by birth. He studied Graphic Design at the Glasgow School of Art and worked as an illustrator for London University. He worked as a teacher at a comprehensive school in Scotland. He has been a freelance writer and illustrator for 16 years. To visit Scoular Anderson's website click here
  • Anderson, Wayne

    Wayne Anderson has illustrated over 20 books for children. He was overall Winner of the V&A Illustration Award for Gnomes and Gardens, written by Nigel Suckling, and Highly Commended for The Tin Forest, by Helen Ward.

    To visit Wayne Anderson's website click here

  • Ian Andrew

    Andrew, Ian

    Ian Andrew's illustrated books include The Lion and the Mouse, shortlisted for the 1996 Mother Goose Award. He lives in Croydon, Surrey.
  • Catherine Anholt

    Anholt, Catherine

    Catherine Anholt and her husband Laurence are a husband-and-wife team who have worked together on more than 60 picture books, published all over the world in more than 17 different languages. Their picture books – including the Chimp and Zee series – have won numerous awards and have been featured on television and radio.   (more)

  • Laurence Anholt

    Anholt, Laurence

    Laurence Anholt is part of a husband-and-wife team who have worked together on more than 60 picture books, published all over the world in more than 17 different languages. Their picture books – including the Chimp and Zee series – have won numerous awards and have been featured on television and radio.   (more)

  • Apatoff, Lise

    Lise Apatoff, originally from Chicago, has been living on a farm in the Tuscan countryside north of Florence since 1978. She shares her intimate understanding of Italy as a teacher, travel coordinator and museum lecturer by making the “the living classroom of the Renaissance” come alive for visitors of all of ages by imparting a passion for art, history, and the countless delightful nuances of the Italian culture.
  • Appleby, Matthew

    MATTHEW APPLEBY is a garden writer with more than a decade’s experience. He edits Horticulture Week and Garden Retail magazines and contributes regularly to The Guardian, Amateur Gardening and other national newspapers and magazines on gardening. His Guardian profile is

  • Archer-Wills, Anthony

    Anthony Archer-Wills has designed and built over 2,000 water features – from small ponds in urban gardens to vast lakes on country estates. He runs a design consultancy and water plant nursery in West Sussex. His innovative use of new materials and boldly imaginative construction techniques is widely acclaimed by gardening experts, and he is much in demand, in both Europe and the United States, as a lecturer on every aspect of water feature construction and planting.   (more)

  • Ardizzone, Edward

    Edward Ardizzone was the eldest of five children. In 1905 his family moved to Ipswich, where he learnt to know and love the little coastal steamers that he was to draw so often in the Little Tim books. Illustrator of more than 170 much-loved children's books, Edward Ardizzone was awarded the Kate Greenaway Medal in 1956 and the CBE in 1971.   (more)

  • Carole Armstrong

    Armstrong, Carole

    Carole Armstrong has for many years been an art teacher and museum educator, working both in England and in the USA. She has introduced art activities, tours, workshops, poetry and art competitions for children.
  • Armstrong, Judy

    Judy Armstrong is a New Zealander, with bases in North Yorkshire and the French Alps. While she loves her home in a small village in the North York Moors national park, she still finds time to travel by foot, kayak, horse, bike and skis throughout Europe, Africa, South and Central America, and Asia. Judy works regularly for magazines and newspapers specialising in adventure travel and outdoor pursuits.   (more)

  • Aronson, Ronald

    RONALD ARONSON is the author of The Dialectics of Disaster, After Marxism, Camus and Sartre and Living Without God. He teaches at Wayne State University.
  • Arrigan, Mary

    Mary Arrigan studied at the National College of Art and Design in Dublin, University College, Dublin and Florence University. She taught art for 18 years before starting to write for children. She was awarded the International Youth Library (Munich) White Ravens title in 1997, the Bisto Merit Award in 2000 and has also won The Sunday Times Crime Writers Association Short Story Award and The Hennessy Short Story Award.   (more)

  • Aschwanden, Christie

    Christie Aschwanden is a journalist, essayist and poultry farmer in Cedaredge, Colorado. Her writing has appeared in more than 60 publications including the New York Times, Reader’s Digest and New Scientist. She raises an assortment of free-range chickens, heritage turkeys, guinea fowl, ducks and geese at the Crag Crest Poultry Ranch and Farm.
  • Ashbery, John

    John Ashbery is the author of twenty books of poetry, including Self-Portrait in a Convex Mirror (1975), which received the Pulitzer Prize for Poetry, the National Book Critics Circle Award, and the National Book Award; and Some Trees (1956), which was selected by W. H. Auden for the Yale Younger Poets Series.   (more)

  • Ashe FitzGerald, Mairéad

    Mairéad Ashe FitzGerald was born in the parish of Columcille in Longford and grew up in County Clare. A former teacher of Irish and History, she studied archaeology and Irish and has a lifelong, profound interest in the Early Irish period and traditions.
  • Ashley, Bernard

    Bernard Ashley is a former head teacher who is now writing full-time. He lives in South London where he was born. Bernard's impressive list of titles reflects 35 years of writing realistic fiction – from picture books right up to teenage novels. Several of Bernard's books have been successfully televised and he has frequently appeared on prize lists – his Little Soldier was short-listed for the Guardian Prize in 2000.   (more)

  • Chris Ashley

    Ashley, Chris

    Chris Ashley, the son of children's book writer Bernard Ashley, was born in south-east London and his childhood was dominated by sport and children's books. He trained as a teacher and began writing in the 1980s. He is the head teacher of a school in Bury.
  • Ashley, Peter

    Peter Ashley is the author and photographer of over twenty books, including London Peculiars, Pastoral Peculiars, Unmitigated England and More from Unmitigated England. He edited Railway Rhymes for the Everyman's Library Pocket Poets Series and collaborated with Philip Wilkinson on books accompanying the BBC Restoration programmes, as well as The English Buildings Book, the ultimate guide to building types.   (more)

  • Aslet, Clive

    Clive Aslet is an award-winning writer and journalist, and an acknowledged authority on British architecture. He joined Country Life in 1977, was for thirteen years its Editor, and is now Editor-at-Large. He writes extensively for The Daily Telegraph and other publications. He is the author of many books, including The English House, Landmarks of Britain and Villages of Britain.
  • Asquith, Ros

    ROS ASQUITH has been a Guardian cartoonist for 20 years, and has written and illustrated over 70 books for young people, including the bestseller The Great Big Book of Families, with Mary Hoffman, the Teenage Worrier series, Letters from an Alien Schoolboy-which was shortlisted for the Roald Dahl Funny Prize- and her debut picture story book It’s Not Fairy. Ros lives in north London with her husband and two sons.   (more)

  • Attlee, Helena

    Helena Attlee is an author and journalist who has made the garden and its history her special subject. Her books include The Gardens of Portugal Italian Gardens: A Cultural History and Gardens of Wales (all publishd by Frances Lincoln). She lectures widely, writes for a wide range of journals and magazines, and leads specialist garden tours.   (more)

  • Aubry, Françoise

    Françoise Aubry received her Master's degree in Art History from the Université libre de Bruxelles. She is Curator of the Musée Horta, Brussels.

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  • Auden, W. H.

    W. H. Auden (1907–1973) was born in North Yorkshire, England, the son of a doctor. He studied at Oxford and published his first book, Poems, in 1930, immediately establishing himself as one of the outstanding voices of his generation. Auden emigrated to New York in 1939, where he became a US citizen and converted to Anglicanism.   (more)

  • Auel, Jean M.

    Jean M. Auel is the international best-selling author of the Earth's Children series, which includes The Clan of the Cave Bear and The Mammoth Hunters.
  • Auerbach, Erich

    Erich Auerbach (1892–1957) was born in Berlin, educated at the Universities of Heidelberg and Greifswald, and served in the German army during World War I. A professor at the University of Marburg, Auerbach fled Hitler's Germany in 1933 for Istanbul, where his encyclopedic knowledge of literature allowed him to compose his great study of realism, Mimesis, largely from memory.   (more)

  • Austen, Jane

    JANE AUSTEN was born in 1775 at Steventon, Hampshire. She was the seventh child of the local rector and her life, by modern standards, was uneventful. In 1801 she moved with her parents to Bath but returned to Hampshire when her father died, settling in the village of Chawton. She remained there until 1817, when she moved to Winchester to be within easy reach of her doctor.   (more)

  • Auster, Paul

    Paul Auster is the author of ten novels, most recently The Book of Illusions. He lives with his wife and daughter in Brooklyn, NY.
  • Averill, Esther

    Esther Averill (1902-1992) began her career as a storyteller drawing cartoons for her local newspaper. After graduating from Vassar College in 1923, she moved first to New York City and then to Paris, where she founded her own publishing company. The Domino Press introduced American readers to artists from all over the world, including Feodor Rojankovsky, who later won a Caldecott Award.   (more)

  • Avery, Tom

    Tom Avery grew up in Lewisham and trained as a primary teacher at the University of Greenwich. He taught in South London for two years, and then in inner-city Birmingham. He is now co-ordinator of English, Communication and Language at a primary school in Kentish Town, London. He loves working with young people, helping them to develop their interests and encouraging them to think about the world around them.   (more)

  • Bacik, Ivana

    IVANA BACIK is a lawyer, a feminist campaigner and a political activist. She is Reid Professor of Criminal Law, Criminology and Penology at Trinity College Dublin and has been Editor of the Irish Criminal Law Journal since 1997. She is the author of several books, including Abortion and the Law and Crime and Poverty in Ireland.   (more)

  • Backhouse, Colin

    Colin Backhouse is a former professional rugby player and has been working in illustration for around 30 years. He lives in Leeds.
  • Paul G. Bahn

    Bahn, Paul G.

    Paul Bahn is a distinguished archaeologist and writer and broadcaster on archaeology. He led the team that discovered the caves of Creswell Crags. He lives in Hull.
  • Bailey, Martin

    Martin Bailey is the main writer for The Art Newspaper and is now the leading UK specialist on Van Gogh. With a background in investigative journalism, Martin Bailey began work on Van Gogh in the late 1980s. He has curated two exhibitions and written extensively on the artist. His book Letters from Provence sold over 60,000 copies in five languages, including German, French, Danish and Spanish.
  • Bailey, Peter

    Peter Bailey was born in India. He studied art at Brighton Art School and went on to run the illustration department at Liverpool Art School.
  • Chris Baines

    Baines, Chris

    Chris Baines is an award-winning writer and broadcaster and one of the UK's leading environmental campaigners. He writes popular monthly columns for both BBC Wildlife and BBC Gardeners' World magazines. He also worked as a landscape and sustainability adviser on the Millennium Dome project.

    To find out more about Chris Baines, click here

  • Baker, Dorothy

    Dorothy Dodds Baker (1907-1968) was born in Missoula, Montana, and raised in California. After graduating from UCLA, she traveled in France, where she began a novel and, in 1930, married Howard Baker. The couple moved back to California, and Baker completed an MA in French at UCLA. After having a few short stories published, Baker turned to writing full-time, and in 1938 she published Young Man with a Horn, which earned critical praise and eventually became a movie.   (more)

  • Baker, Harry

    Harry Baker was fruit officer for many years at the Royal Horticultural Society and is one of Britain's foremost authorities on apple growing.
  • Baker, J. A.

    J. A. Baker is also the author of The Hill of Summer. He was a native of Essex, England.
  • Baker, S. Josephine

    S. Josephine Baker (1873–1945) was a pioneering American public health physician and the first director of New York’s Bureau of Child Hygiene. Her work with poor mothers and children in the immigrant communities of New York City had a dramatic impact on maternal and child mortality rates and became a model for cities across the country.   (more)

  • Balaskas, Janet

    Janet Balaskas is an internationally renowned pioneer of natural childbirth and the founder and director of the Active Birth Centre. The centre is famous for the unique and innovative environment it offers new parents both before and after birth. Janet is the author of numerous articles and books, including Active Birth, The Encyclopedia of Pregnancy and Childbirth, Natural Pregnancy, Water Birth and Preparing for Birth with Yoga.
  • Balcavage, Dynise

    Dynise Balcavage is the author of The Urban Vegan, Celebrate Vegan, and 11 books for young readers. She has published recipes in VegNews, Vegetarian Times, Philadelphia Daily News, and Végéteriens (France's first vegetarian magazine).   (more)

  • Balderston, Daniel

    DANIEL BALDERSTON is the Mellon Professor of Hispanic Languages and Literature at the University of Pittsburgh. He is the editor of Variaciones Borges, and a scholar of Borges, Southern Cone literature, Brazilian literature, and Latin American gender and sexuality studies.

  • Baldick, Robert

    Robert Baldick was a Fellow of Pembroke College, Oxford, and of the Royal Society of Literature. He wrote a number of histories and biographies, and translated the works of a wide range of French authors. He was a joint editor of Penguin Classics and one of Britain's leading French scholars until his death in 1972.
  • Christina Balit

    Balit, Christina

    Christina Balit was born in Manchester but grew up in the Middle East. She studied at Chelsea School of Art and the Royal College of Art, and also attended Morley Theatre School and Questors Theatre School. She has exhibited widely and is also a playwright. Her books have won several nominations, commendations and a shortlist place for the Kate Greenway Medal.   (more)

  • Bánfalvi, Carolyn

    Carolyn Bánfalvi, a native of Washington D.C., has lived in Hungary since 1999 except for a period during which she attended culinary school in the United States. Her writing has been published in a variety of newspapers and magazines including The Wall Street Journal Europe, The Wall Street Journal, Gastronomica, The Washington Post and she has contributed to several guides to Hungary.   (more)

  • Banks, Ann

    Ann Banks is a journalist who writes on travel and parenting for The New York Times Magazine, Vogue, Conde Nast Traveler and many other publications.
  • Banville, John

    John Banville was born in Wexford, Ireland, in 1945. He is the author of many novels, including The Book of Evidence, The Untouchable, and Eclipse. Banville's novel The Sea was awarded the 2005 Man Booker Prize. On occasion he writes under the pen name Benjamin Black.
  • Baranczak, Stanislaw

    Stanislaw Baranczak is a poet, literary critic, scholar, editor, and lecturer. His book Chirurgiczna Precyzja (Surgical Precision) won the 1999 Nike Award
  • Françoise Barbe-Gall

    Barbe-Gall, Françoise

    Francoise Barbe-Gall studied history of art at the Sorbonne and also at the Ecole du Louvre, where she now teaches. She also directs an association called CORETA (Comment Regarder un Tableau), for whom she gives many lectures. She is regularly called upon to participate in management workshops, where her experience of analysing images in relation to publicity and marketing is called upon.   (more)

  • Antonia Barber

    Barber, Antonia

    Antonia Barber's The Ghosts was shortlisted for the Carnegie Medal and filmed as The Amazing Mr Blunden. The Mousehole Cat was a finalist for the Smarties Prize, winner of the 1990 British Book Award and Commended for the 1991 Kate Greenaway Medal; it was later made into an animated film.   (more)

  • Barber, Irene

    IRENE BARBER has worked as a school principal and special needs teacher and has a Masters degree in Education. She is a former President of Children's Books Ireland. Irene is also the author of Under the Hawthorn Tree - The Great Irish Famine. Study Guide to the film and novel.
  • Barger Cohen, Jan

    Jan Barger Cohen has illustrated many children's picture books.
  • Barker (photographer), Paul

    Paul Barker was born in Yorkshire and still lives there. He is an architectural and landscape photographer working extensively for Country Life and English Heritage.
  • Barker (writer), Paul

    Paul Barker regularly writes and broadcasts on social, cultural and urban issues. He is a senior research fellow of the Young Foundation in East London, and the former Editor of New Society magazine. His latest book is Hebden Bridge : A Sense of Belonging, as well as The Other Britain, Living as Equals, Arts in Society and The Freedoms of Suburbia.   (more)

  • Barr, Catherine

    CATHERINE BARR studied Ecology at Leeds University and trained as a journalist.  She worked at Greenpeace International for seven years as a wildlife and forestry campaigner and has a long-running interest in environmental issues. While working as an editor at the Natural History Museum, she researched and wrote two major summer exhibitions: Dinosaurs of the Gobi Desert and Myths and Monsters.   (more)

  • Barrett, Betty

    Betty Barrett is an experienced Dublin tour guide with extensive knowledge of the city, its history and attractions.
  • Barrett, Paul

    Dr Paul Barrett is a researcher in the Palaeontology Department of the Natural History Museum. He is the author of National Geographic Dinosaurs and is a regular contributor to numerous books, journals and magazines on the study of dinosaurs.
  • Barrett, Philip

    Philip Barrett creates comics. He lives in Dublin, Ireland.
  • Barringer, Tim

    Professor Tim Barringer is the Paul Mellon Professor, Department of the History of Art, Yale University
  • Bartholomew, Mel

    Author MEL BARTHOLOMEW developed the innovative square foot approach to gardening back in the 1970s, first publishing on the subject a few years later. His follow-up title, All New Square Foot Gardening, was published in 2005 and has since made home gardening accessible for millions.   (more)

  • Bartlett, Alison

    Alison Bartlett writes and illustrates children's books for major publishers in Europe, Asia, Australia and the United States. She lives in Bath with her son Joel and two Jack Russell terriers.

    To visit Alison Bartlett's website click here

  • Barton, Anne

    Anne Barton is a Fellow of Trinity College, Cambridge. She is the author of Essays, Mainly Shakespearean. (March 2007)
  • Barton, Jill

    Jill Barton has always loved drawing and children’s books, but didn’t pursue this passion as a career for many years. At the age of 44, having married and brought up three children, Jill enrolled on a degree in illustration. She graduated in 1988 and hasn’t looked back since. Jill has illustrated many bestselling books for children and received numerous awards for her work.   (more)

  • Batchelor, Martine

    Martine Batchelor was born in France. She spent 10 years in a Korean monastery studying Zen Buddhism. She now works as a lecturer and spiritual counsellor at Gaia House in Devon and teaches at the Sharpham College of Buddhist Studies and Contemporary Enquiry. With her husband, Stephen, Martine leads meditation retreats worldwide.   (more)

  • Batchelor, Stephen

    Stephen Batchelor is a Buddhist teacher and the author of many books including the best-selling Buddhism Without Beliefs. He has been taking photographs throughout the world for the past 30 years.
  • Bate, Helen

    Helen Bate is an exciting and versatile illustrator, who previously qualified as an architect. Her work for Frances Lincoln includes the Purple Class stories by Sean Taylor and Sita, Snake-Queen of Speed by Franzeska Ewart. She is also the publisher of Pictures to Share, a series of illustrated books for people with dementia.   (more)

  • Baxandall, Michael

    Michael Baxandall was probably the most influential art historian of his generation. In books including Painting and Experience in Fifteenth Century Italy, The Limewood Sculptors of Renaissance Germany, Patterns of Intention and Tiepolo and the Pictorial Intelligence (with Svetlana Alpers) he expanded the discipline's range of topics, approaches, and ways of writing.   (more)

  • Baxter, Keith

    Keith Baxter is the Editor of the online 'Top 100 Golf Courses' and a Top 100 Director. Keith has played more than 1,000 courses around the world and than eighty of the current British Isles Top 100. He is the author of 'Top 100 Golf Courses of Britain & Ireland and England. Top 100 - the only website dedicated to the best golf courses of the world.   (more)

  • Baynes, Pauline

    Pauline Baynes drew the original line illustrations for J.R.R. Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings and C.S. Lewis's The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe. Her portrayals of Middle Earth and Narnia helped transform the books into towering classics, which, in 2000, were voted Book of the Millennium and Children's Book of the Millennium respectively by the Library Association.   (more)

  • Beake, Lesley

    LESLEY BEAKE is a multi-award-winning writer for children and young adults. Her international awards include, for Song of Be, a Children's Book of Note and the Best Book for Young Adults by the ALA. Outside South Africa her books have been published in ten countries. Of the 45 books published in South Africa, one has been translated into thirteen African languages.   (more)

  • Beardshaw, Chris

    Chris Beardshaw is an award winning garden designer, television presenter and author. He trained in horticulture and landscape design and after lecturing widely, now focuses on fronting and co-hosting tv programmes such as The Flying Gardener, Hidden Gardens, Gardeners World, Great Garden Detectives, and the most recent series British Gardens in Time.   (more)

  • Beaton, Cecil

    SIR CECIL BEATON (1904–80) was educated at Harrow and Cambridge. His photographs first appeared in Vanity Fair and Vogue in the 1920s. During World War II he served in the British Ministry of Information, covering the fighting in Africa and East Asia.   (more)

  • Beattie, Juli

    JULI BEATTIE was born in Hungary and has 35 years' experience of using art to help children learn. In 2002 she founded The Art Room, a charity working with children who find it difficult to manage mainstream education. Juli is a Governor at Oxford School, a Patron of Modern Art, Oxford and a Member of the Hogarth Advisory Panel for the Foundling Fellows at The Foundling Museum in London.   (more)

  • Beaver, Simon

    Simon Beaver grew up in the south of England, but moved to Paris nearly thirty years ago. For two and a half decades he has been adapting books, TV and movie scripts, songs, and biographies into English; writing subtitles; and recording voice-overs.
  • Beccaloni, George

    Dr George Beccaloni is Curator of Orthopteroid insects (cockroaches, grasshoppers, and their relatives) at the Natural History Museum. He is a Fellow of the Linnean Society and the Royal Entomological Society and has worked as an entomologist at the Museum since 1995. George has authored many scientific and popular articles about insects, and is the co-author of two scientific books.
  • Beccaloni, Jan

    Jan Beccaloni is the Curator of Arachnida and Myriapoda at the Natural History Museum. She is also the conservation officer for the British Arachnological Society, keeps pet arachnids at home, and enjoys travelling abroad where (of course) she looks for arachnids. She has also worked as a volunteer at London Zoo on the hooved animals section, and is passionate about rhinos.   (more)

  • Begley, Louis

    Louis Begley is a novelist and retired lawyer. He has written eight novels, including Wartime Lies, About Schmidt. and Matters of Honor, which was published in 2007. He is a Chevalier de l'Ordre des Arts et Lettres of France and served as the president of American pen from 1993 to 1995.   (more)

  • Beighton, Rob

    Rob Beighton is one of the foremost photographers of wilderness and landscape subjects. He divides his time between the west of Ireland, New Zealand and Cornwall. His other books for Frances Lincoln are Best Walks in Ireland (ISBN 9780711224209) and A Year in the Life of North Cornwall (ISBN 9780711228795).
  • Belamarić, Joško

    Joško Belamarić, art historian and director of the Conservation Department of the Ministry of Culture at Split since 1992, is the author of books, studies and papers on art of the later antiquity, the Middle Ages and the Renaissance in Dalmatia. He has held the post of Professor in Iconology at the University of Zadar since 1985 and travels widely as a lecturer.   (more)

  • Bell, Eugenia F

    Eugenia Bell is a London-based freelance writer and editor of books on art, architecture, design, and travel. She has written for Artforum, ID, Interiors, and Lingua Franca. Born in New York, her family is from Turin, where she and her husband regularly spend time.
  • Bell, Primrose

    Primrose Bell is a photographer and journalist with a second life and home in Italy.
  • Bell, Quentin

    Quentin Bell, the younger son of Clive and Vanessa Bell, grew up at Charleston, giving him an intimate knowledge of the house and its inhabitants. He was a painter, sculptor, potter and art critic, and held chairs in Fine Art and the History of Art at the universities of Leeds, Oxford and Sussex. He died in 1996.
  • David Bellamy

    Bellamy, David

    David Bellamy is a distinguished botanist and marine biologist. He has also been an award-winning presenter and script writer for network television programmes worldwide. A trustee of the Living Landscape Trust, he is a Founder Director of the Conservation Foundation.
  • Stephen Benatar

    Benatar, Stephen

    Stephen Benatar was born in Baker Street. He taught English at the University of Bordeaux, lived in Southern California, and is now a full-time writer. Wish Her Safe at Home was a runnerup for the James Tait Black Memorial Prize.
  • Benedix, Gretchen

    Dr Gretchen Benedix works as a researcher in the same department.
  • Benfey, Christopher

    Christopher Benfey is Mellon Professor of English at Mount Holyoke. His latest book, American Audacity: Literary Essays North and South , has just been published. (December 2008)
  • Benfold Haywood, Ian

    IAN BENFOLD HAYWooD studied Fine Art at the Nottingham School of Art and Design and Illustration at the North Wales School of Art & Design. He has painted in Spain, worked as a community artist and been an art teacher, been marketing manager for a Japanese company and established his own business supplying components to the major audio-logical manufacturers in Europe – as well as illustrating a number of children's books.   (more)

  • Floella Benjamin

    Benjamin, Floella

    One of six children, Floella Benjamin was born in Trinidad but was brought up in England. After leaving school she spent a short time in the world of banking and accountancy, but the staid Chief Accountants Office of Barclay's Bank just didn't suit her effervescent personality and she soon found her way into the theatre.   (more)

  • Benjaminse, Paul

    Paul Benjaminse is an award winning cartographer and author. He lives in Amsterdam.
  • Bennett, Jackie

    Jackie Bennett is a former editor of The Garden Design Journal, the English Garden Magazine and Gardening with the National Trust. She began her career in television, producing gardening and natural history programmes before become a full time writer.   (more)

  • Bennett, Penelope

    Penelope Bennett is a writer who has no formal training as a gardener but has acquired her considerable skills through trial and error. Her work has appeared in newspapers and magazines. Her novella and short stories, Endangered Happiness, was nominated for the David Higham Prize for Fiction. Town Parrot.   (more)

  • Bent, Jenny

    Jenny Bent's family live in Jamaica, but she has her home near London. Jenny began working as an illustrator after graduating from Harrow Art College. She has written and illustrated several books. She lectures in art and design and in 1992, she travelled to Nigeria on British Council bursary to hold children's book illustration workshops.
  • Bergin, Eileen

    EILEEN BERGIN established The Butler's Pantry in 1987 as a response to the changing trends in Irish lifestyles and eating habits. The first shop opened on Mount Merrion Avenue in Blackrock and the business has expanded to seven shops in the Dublin and Wicklow areas.
  • Berkman, Alexander

    Alexander Berkman was born of a prosperous Jewish family in Russia in 1870 and emigrated to America as a young man. Deported for political reasons from the U.S. in 1919, he went to the Soviet Union, from which he was in turn expelled. "Expelled again and again," he once wrote. "Must get off the earth, but am still here."
  • Berman, Alan

    Alan Berman practises as an architect in Oxford. He has extensive experience of renovating older properties, as well as in the design of new buildings and interiors. He has also taught at several architectural schools and is a regular contributor to architectural periodicals. He is the author of several books on design and sustainability and a board member of Oxford Inspires.
  • Berman, Miriam

    Miriam Berman is a graphic designer and the author and designer. She lives in New York City.
  • Bermingham, Ann

    Ann Bermingham has worked in many different areas throughout her career, but this is the first time that she has added writer to that list. She has previously worked as a teacher, a journalist and a librarian. She now works as a counsellor in a women's refuge in Coolock, County Dublin. She is married with four children.
  • Bernanos, George

    GEORGE BERNANOS (1888-1948) was born in Paris and studied for his license in law and literature at the University of Paris. He was the author of many novels , including Diary of a Country Priest, which, like Mouchette, was adapted for film by Robert Bresson. His Dialogues des Carmelites was used by composer François Poulenc as the libretto for the opera of the same title.
  • Bernofsky, Susan

    SUSAN BERNOFSKY is the translator of six books by Robert Walser as well as works by Jenny Erpenbeck, Yoko Tawada, Hermann Hesse, Gregor von Rezzori, and others. The current chair of the PEN Translation Committee, she teaches at the Writing Program at Columbia University, where she is director of the Graduate Translation Program, and is at work on a biography of Walser.

  • Berresford, Sandra

    Sandra Berresford was educated at the Courtauld Institute and now teaches in Italy. She specialises in 19th- and 20th-century Italian art and has published on Leonardo Bistolfi, Ettore Ferrari and the Italian background to Medardo Rosso.
  • Berry, Bob

    Bob Berry has been an artist, illustrator, and character and graphic designer for more than 15 years. While the mainstay of Bob Berry’s work is for children’s publishing and textbooks, Bob has also provided art and illustration for CDs, children’s games, toy packaging, and more.
  • Berry, Simon

    Simon Berry is Chairman of award-winning Berry Bros & Rudd. Before joining the company in 1977, Simon spent two years working in France for various wine producers. Simon is on the Council of the Wine & Spirits Trade Benevolent Society, a Liveryman of the Worshipful Company of Vintners and a member of the Académie du Champagne.   (more)

  • Susan Berry

    Berry, Susan

    Susan Berry has written 10 gardening books, including three on container gardening. She has also edited many bestselling gardening books. An enthusiastic organic gardener, she lives in London where she cultivates a small garden and an allotment.
  • Bespaloff, Rachel

    Rachel Bespaloff (1895–1949) was born to a Ukrainian Jewish family—her father was the Zionist theoretician Daniel Pasmanik—and raised in Geneva. Bespaloff intended to pursue a musical career, but after an encounter with the thinker Leo Shestov, she devoted herself to the study of philosophy. One of the first French readers of Heidegger, Bespaloff published essays in the 1930s about Kierkegaard, Gabriel Marcel, André Malraux, and Julien Green, among other philosophers and writers.   (more)

  • Bevan, Bill

    Over 21 years as an archaeologist Bill Bevan has written four books and numerous articles about archaeology, prehistory and history including Ancient Peakland (2007). As a photographer Bill has spent the last two years working on the Stonehenge Riverside Project to create a pictorial document of the archaeologists at work, with unprecedented access to photograph inside the circle.   (more)

  • Beyer, Hans Dietrich

    Hans Dietrich Beyer, born in Berlin in 1955, studied history and archaeology. He has worked as a professional photographer for the past 20 years. His regular commissioners include The State Museums of Berlin (Pergamon Museum), Museum 'Topography of Terror' Berlin (former SS-Headquarters), Jewish Community of Berlin, Touro University New York/Berlin and many other public institutions.
  • Bialoszewski, Miron

    Miron Białoszewski (1922–1983) was one of Poland’s greatest postwar poets, a playwright, and an actor. Deported to a German work camp following the Warsaw Uprising, he escaped a month later and eventually returned to the devastated city after the war. His first volume of poetry, Obroty rzeczy (Revolution of Things), appeared in 1956 in Warsaw and created a sensation.   (more)

  • Andrew Bibby

    Bibby, Andrew

    Andrew Bibby is an experienced author and freelance journalist whose outdoor writing has appeared in Rambler, Rambling Today, and The Great Outdoors.

    For more information about Andrew Bibby click here

  • Bienassis, Loic

    Loïc Bienassis is a specialist in French culinary heritage and gastronomy, and a researcher and historian at the European Institute of the History and Culture of Food, an organisation connected to the University of Francois Rabelais (named after the great food writer) in the city of Tours. 

  • Bijkerk, Pia Jane

    Pia Jane Bijkerk is an Australian stylist specializing in still life, food, interiors, and lifestyle imagery. She has a special interest in forecasting design trends. She lives in Amsterdam and Paris, and works internationally with renowned photographers for magazines and advertising agencies. Clients include Vogue Entertaining & Travel, GQ, Real Simple, Marie Claire, and Saatchi & Saatchi.
  • Billcliffe, Roger

    Roger Billcliffe was formerly a lecturer at Glasgow University, Assistant Keeper of the University Art Collection, and subsequently Keeper of Fine Art at Glasgow Art Gallery, and then Director of The Fine Art Society. He now owns and runs the Roger Bilcliffe Gallery in Glasgow.
  • Billington, Jill

    Jill Billington is an accomplished garden designer and writer. She contributes regularly to the Royal Horticultural Society's journal The Garden and is the author of a string of successful books. She has also made numerous appearances on television, including BBC TV's Gardens by Design and BBC Gardeners' World.   (more)

  • Billington, Rachel

    Rachel Billington is a renowned and successful novelist for adults and children. The daughter of Lord and Lady Longford and sister of writers Antonia Fraser and Thomas Pakenham, Rachel has been an editor and regular contributor to Inside Time, the national newspaper for prisoners, since it was founded over twenty years ago.   (more)

  • Caroline Binch

    Binch, Caroline

    Caroline Binch's illustrations for Hue Boy, written by Rita Phillips Mitchell, won the Smarties Prize. She illustrated the bestselling story Amazing Grace and several other Grace stories by Mary Hoffman. Gregory Cool, which Caroline wrote and illustrated, was shortlisted for the Kate Greenaway Medal, and her Since Dad Left won the United Kingdom Book Award in 1998.

    To visit Caroline's website click here

  • Binney, Marcus

    Marcus Binney CBE is Architecture Correspondent to the Times of London and founder and President of SAVE Britain's Heritage. He is also co-presenter of the 39-part TV series Great Houses of Europe. He has written frequently on country houses from Portugal to Poland. His other title for Frances Lincoln is Croatia (ISBN 9780711229211).   (more)

  • Bird, Robert Montgomery

    Robert Montgomery Bird (1806-1854) was born in Delaware and lived most of his life in and around Philadelphia. Trained as a physician, Bird abandoned medicine to become a poet dramatist, novelist, and editor. He dabbled restlessly in electoral politics, farming, banking, and teaching, as well as painting and photography.   (more)

  • Bill Birkett

    Birkett, Bill

    Bill Birkett is one of Britain's foremost mountain writers and photographers. Photography, climbing and walking have been his lifelong passions. He first started exploring the mountains with his father Jim Birkett, a leading climber and naturalist. Twice a winner of the Outdoor Writers and Photographers Guild BEST OUTDOOR BOOK for his A Year in the Life of the Duddon Valley.   (more)

  • Richard Bisgrove

    Bisgrove, Richard

    Richard Bisgrove is the director of the Landscape Management degree course at Reading University. He has designed gardens in Britain and the United States and lectures internationally on the history of garden design and on the work of Gertrude Jekyll.
  • Blackwood, Caroline

    Caroline Blackwood (1931-1996) was born into a rich Anglo-Irish aristocratic family. She rebelled against her background at an early age and led a hectic and bohemian life, which included marriages to the painter Lucian Freud, the pianist and composer Israel Citkowitz, and the poet Robert Lowell. In the 1970s Blackwood began to write.   (more)

  • Blackwood, Gary

    Gary Blackwood has written novels for young readers including Wild Timothy, Beyond the Door and The Dying Sun. His involvement in the theatre, both as a playwright and as an amateur actor, goes back a long way ... though not quite to Shakespeare's day. Gary lives with his wife and two children on an acre of land surrounded by cow pastures outside Carthage, Missouri.
  • Blair, Elaine

    Elaine Blair was born in St. Petersburg and now lives in Southern California. Most recently she was on the staff of The New York Review of Books. Her essays and reviews have appeared in The New York Review of Books, The American Scholar, The Nation, and The Village Voice.
  • Blake, Quentin

    QUENTIN BLAKE is one of the best-known illustrators of our time, and his books with a wide range of authors, including Joan Aiken, Russell Hoban, Michael Rosen and Roald Dahl, have been treasured by generations of children throughout the world. In 1999 he became the first Children's Laureate.   (more)

  • Blanc, Raymond

    Entirely self-taught while growing up in the Franche-Comte region of eastern France, Raymond Blanc has been a restauranteur since 1977, and has nurtured the talents of scores of the world's finest chefs in his kitchens and gardens. Raymond was recently awarded an OBE in recognition of his efforts to promote culinary excellence.   (more)

  • Blegvad, Erik

    Erik Blegvad is the distinguished illustrator of more than a hundred books for children. Some of his published credits include Kitty and Mr. Kipling: Neighbors in Vermont; The Young Hans Christian Andersen; Anna Banana and Me; and Hurry, Hurry, Mary Dear. He divides his time between London and Vermont.
  • Blochman, Lawrence

    Lawrence Blochman (1900-1975) was an American writer and a prominent translator of Georges Simenon.
  • Bloom, Adrian

    Adrian Bloom is a nurseryman and writer. He is Chairman of Blooms of Bressingham nursery in Norfolk, which has won 20 gold medals at the Chelsea Flower Show. In 1985 he became one of the youngest horticulturists ever to be awarded the Royal Horticultural Society's Victoria Medal of Honour. He regularly appears on television.
  • Bloom, Richard

    Richard Bloom has an intense interest in plant photography, with dramatic, detailed close-ups his specialty. His pictures have been widely published.
  • Blunt, Wilfrid

    Wilfrid Blunt was for many years senior drawing master at Eton. An Associate of the Royal College of Art and a fellow of the Linnean Society, he was the author of a number of biographies and books on European art and botany: his The Art of Botanical Illustration has become a standard work of reference.   (more)

  • Boehm, Philip

    Philip Boehm is the author of numerous translations from Polish and German, including works by Franz Kafka, Ida Fink, and Christoph Hein.
  • Bojstad, Anneli

    Anneli Bojstad is a journalist and designer. Born and brought up in Sweden, she has lived for many years in Spain. Like her husband, Eduardo Mencos, she contributes regularly to Vogue, Country Life, Condé Nast Traveller, Elle Deco and Casa & Campo.
  • Bold, John

    John Bold teaches in the School of Architecture and the Built Environment at the University of Westminster. He is the author of the standard book on Greenwich.
  • Boll, Heinrich

    Heinrich Böll (1917-1985) was one of Germany’s foremost post-World War II writers. He wrote short stories, essays, plays, and novels, the most famous of which are Billiards at Half-Past Nine,The ClownGroup Portrait with Lady, and The Lost Honor of Katharina Blum.   (more)

  • Bolton, Mark

    The work of photographer Mark Bolton has been published in most of the high-quality lifestyle and garden/home magazines in Europe and he has been principal photographer for a number of books. He lives in Bristol.

  • Boone, Lauri

    Lauri Boone, R.D., is a registered dietitian and raw food instructor. She is a regular contributor to One Green Planet and has written articles for Crazy Sexy Life and has appeared in numerous media outlets including CNN, BBC Radio, NPR, the Huffington Post, Fox, Oxygen magazine, and the Vegetarian Nutrition Update.   (more)

  • Borden, Louise

    Louise Borden graduated from Denison University with a degree in history. For several years she taught young children and later was part owner of a bookshop in Cincinnati, Ohio. In addition to writing children's books, she also speaks to students about the writing process. She has written a number of picture books, including Just in Time for Christmas, illustrated by Ted Lewin, The Watching Game, illustrated by Teri Weidner, and, with co-author Mary Kay Kroeger, Paperboy, illustrated by Ted Lewin.   (more)

  • Boroson, Martin

    Martin Boroson is widely recognized for his ability to communicate important spiritual ideas to young and old alike. He has trained in transpersonal psychology with Dr Stanislav Grof and lectures and leads workshops around the world. He now lives in Dublin where he writes plays, and directs the Temenos project, dedicated to developing the transformational potential of theatre.
  • Boru, Dama

    Dama has three sons and a daughter and her own small shop on the roadside between Yabelo and Mega in Ethiopia.
  • Boswell, Christopher

    Christopher Boswell is the executive chef of the Rome Sustainable Food Project. He has been at the RSFP since the program was established in 2006, when he was chosen by Alice Waters to work with former RSFP executive chef, Mona Talbott. He started out as a dishwasher and a prep cook in the small gold-rush town of Jackson, California.   (more)

  • Bourke, Dr. Edward

    Edward J. Bourke is a scientist working at Diageo St James’s Gate Global Beer Technical Centre.
    He has an abiding interest in industrial history, especially relating to Ireland, and has published several books on shipwrecks around the Irish coast.
    His fascination with the Guinness brewery began at an early age as both his parents and grandparents owned pubs in Dublin.

  • Val Bourne

    Bourne, Val

    Val Bourne is an award-winning gardening writer, broadcaster, photographer and lecturer who makes regular contributions to the Daily Telegraph, The Countryman, The Garden, the English Garden and Gardens Illustrated.
  • Boursnell, Clive

    Clive Boursnell is a renowned photographer of architecture, gardens, landscapes and, above all, people. He turned to photography as the culmination of a career which included classical ballet and working as a woodsman, a farmhand, a miner and prospector and a mountaineer. He lives in London.
  • Patrick Bowe

    Bowe, Patrick

    Patrick Bowe is a garden designer, author and historian. He has led dozens of garden tours to Italy, Greece and other Mediterranean countries.
  • Bowers, Jenny

    Illustrator for the Royal Horticultural Society

  • Bowman, James Cloyd

    James Cloyd Bowman (1880-1961) was born in Ohio. After completing his graduate studies at Harvard, he began a career teaching English at Iowa State College and eventually became the head of the English Department at Northern State Teacher's College in Michigan (now Northern Michigan University). He wrote several works of criticism and served as editor of Contemporary American Criticism, published by Henry Holt in 1926.   (more)

  • Boylan, Seán

    Seán Boylan is remembered for being the manager who brought the Sam Maguire to Meath after a gap of twenty years and then brought it back three more times. Born in Dunboyne, he has had a lifelong association with Co. Meath.

    John Quinn is a writer and broadcaster. He retired from RTÉ Radio in 2002 after a distinguished career of twenty-seven years.   (more)

  • Boyne, Sean

    Sean Boyne is a journalist and author, and is currently news editor of The Sunday World, a major Irish newspaper.
  • Derry Brabbs

    Brabbs, Derry

    Derry Brabbs is regarded as one of England's finest photographers within the sphere of heritage and landscape, with over 20 illustrated books to his credit. His stunning colour photographs for the worldwide best-seller James Herriot's Yorkshire contributed to its success. He is the author of several beautifully photographed titles celebrating England's landscape and architectural legacy. Derry lives in Harrogate.

    To visit Derry Brabbs' website click here

  • Bradbury, Julia

    Julia Bradbury is one of television's most experienced and versatile presenters. She currently co-hosts the BBC1 country affairs programme Countryfile with Matt Baker. They travel to the most interesting places in the country uncovering stories, meeting people and investigating issues that affect us all.   (more)

  • Bradbury, Ray

    Ray Bradbury started writing fiction at the age of twelve and published his first story when he was twenty. He has since written more than thirty books—novels, stories, essays, plays, and poems—including The Martian Chronicles(1950), the futuristic novel Fahrenheit 451 (1952), and a collection of short stories The Illustrated Man (1951).   (more)

  • Bradford, Nikki

    Nikki Bradford is an award-winning author and medical journalist. She was formerly health correspondent for Good Housekeeping magazine.
  • Tony Bradman

    Bradman, Tony

    Tony Bradman has written more than 50 books for children. Well-known as a children's book reviewer for Parents magazine, he also founded the Best Book for Babies Award. His books for Frances Lincoln are Has Anyone Seen Jack?, Look Out He's Behind You, This Little Baby, Through my Window and he edited the story anthology Give Me Shelter. Tony lives in Kent.
  • Brady Dawson, Brianóg

    Brianóg Brady Dawson was born in County Sligo and grew up there. She now lives in Dublin with her husband and two children. She works as a primary school teacher.

    Her first book, Granny's Teeth, was published by The O'Brien Press as part of their new PANDA series in 1998. It became a No.1 Bestseller, and is now followed by six more Pandas - Granny Makes A Mess, Danny's Smelly Toothbrush, Danny's Sick Trick, Danny and Baby Do It All, Granny's Secret, Danny's Pesky Pet and Pageboy Danny.   (more)

  • Braly, Malcolm

    Malcolm Braly (1925–1980) was born in Portland, Oregon. Abandoned by his parents, Braly lived between foster homes and institutions for delinquent children, and by the time he was forty had spent nearly seventeen years in prison for burglary, serving time at Nevada State Prison, San Quentin, and Folsom State Prison.   (more)

  • Branch, Andrew

    Andrew Branch is a translator and former editorial assistant at The New York Review of Books.
  • Brand, Millen

    Millen Brand (1906–1980) was born in Jersey city, New Jersey, into a working-class family and was of Pennsylvania German descent on his mother’s side. Following graduation from Columbia University in 1929, he worked briefly as a psychiatric aide and for several years as a copywriter for the New York Telephone company before taking up faculty posts at the University of New Hampshire and New York University.   (more)

  • Bray, Barbara

    BARBARA BRAY was an influential translator of twentieth century French literature into English. She was an early champion of Marguerite Duras, and also translated the work of Jean Genet, Jean-Paul Sartre, Jean Anouilh and Alain Robbe-Grillet. She worked as a script editor for the BBC in the 1950s, and there commissioned radio plays by young writers such as Harold Pinter.   (more)

  • Francesca Bregoli

    Bregoli, Francesca

    Francesca Bregoli received her PhD in History at the University of Pennsylvania, with a dissertation entitled 'Mediterranean Enlightenment: Jewish Acculturation in Livorno, 1737–1790' (2007). She received a Laurea in Oriental Languages from the University of Venice, Italy (1998) and a Masters in Jewish Studies from the Jewish Theological Seminary of America (2001).   (more)

  • Brenock, Michael

    Michael Brenock grew up in Mitchelstown, County Cork, in a market gardening family. In his early career as a horticulturist, he worked on various local authority schemes designed to encourage home gardening and self-sufficiency, until the demise of such schemes in the 1970s. He also worked at Teagasc developing commercial vegetable growing.   (more)

  • Bridgewater, Emma

    From humble beginnings, working a kiln set up in the bathroom of a squat she was living in, Emma Bridgewater has built up her eponymous pottery design business over the last twenty five years to a turnover of £8m. All of her ceramics are made in a nineteenth century factory on the Caldon canal in Stoke on Trent.   (more)

  • Bright, Michael

    Michael Bright is an executive producer with the BBC Natural History Unit, based in Bristol. He has been a producer in many parts of the BBC, including departments responsible for science, arts, general documentaries, current affairs and natural history programmes, both on radio and television, and was a recipient of the prestigious Prix Italia for the programme Men, Nations and Whales: will the bloody story ever end? He is a graduate of the University of London and author of over 60 books on natural history, natural sciences, conservation and the environment, including Andes to Amazon: A Guide to Wild South America.
  • Brighton, Catherine

    Catherine Brighton trained at St Martin's College of Art and the Royal College of Art. She has held exhibitions of her work in the Barbican, London, at the Bath Festival, and at a Southern Arts travelling exhibition. She is now a successful full-time author/illustrator of children's books. She lives in London.
  • Broadbent, Jim

    JIM BROADBENT is one of Britain's most versatile actors. He won the Best Supporting Actor Oscar for his role in Iris.

  • Broch, Hermann

    Hermann Broch (1886-1951) was the author of The Sleepwalkers and The Death of Virgil, among other novels.
  • Broderick, Marian

    Marian Broderick is a freelance editor and a writer. Marian lives and works in London. Her parents are Irish and therefore all her childhood summers were spent in Ireland.
  • Brookes, John

    John Brookes has often been described as the world’s most influential garden designer both because of gardens he has created for clients and his books on garden design have been multi-million sellers ever since his ground-breaking classic ‘Room Outside’ was published in 1969.   (more)

  • Brooks, Cyrus

    Cyrus Brooks was a writer of detective stories and a translator of other books by Kästner as well as by Alfred Neumann, Leonhard Frank, and others. During World War II, he was chief executive officer in the Political Warfare Executive, and in this capacity he was active in the reeducation of German prisoners of war.
  • Brooks, Peter

    Peter Brooks is the author of several books, including Henry James Goes to Paris, Realist Vision, and The Novel of Worldliness. He is also the author of one novel, World Elsewhere. Brooks recently joined the Princeton faculty as Mellon Visiting Professor.
  • Brooks, The Rev. Jeremy

    Jeremy Brooks grew up in Burundi, central Africa, where he worked as a solicitor for a number of years before returning to Britain to become a priest in the Church of England. He uses prayer and storytelling in his work with children in church and in school. His previous book for Frances Lincoln was A WORLD OF PRAYERS.
  • Brown, Marc

    Marc Brown is best known as the creator of US smash sensation Arthur the Aardvark, star of many picture books and a five-time Emmy Award-winning TV show.
  • Brown, Palmer

    Palmer Brown (1920-2012) was born in Chicago and attended Swarthmore and the University of Pennsylvania. He is the author and illustrator of five books for children, including Beyond the Pawpaw Trees and its sequel, The Silver Nutmeg; Cheerful; and Hickory-all forthcoming from The New York Review Children's Collection.   (more)

  • Brown, Susan Taylor

    "I never knew my father," says Susan Taylor Brown. "If I never told you anything else about me, that would say a lot about why I wrote Hugging the Rock. Because I didn't know him, didn't know anyone from his family, I invented elaborate stories in which I was suddenly 'found' and reunited with a father who loved me, who wanted me, who needed me to make his life complete.   (more)

  • Browne, Eileen

    Eileen Browne worked as a school teacher and youth worker before becoming an author and illustrator. Her best known books are Handa's Surprise , Handa's Hen and No Problem . Handa's Surprise and No Problem were both shortlisted for awards.
  • Browne, Thomas

    SIR THOMAS BROWNE (1605-1682) was an English Renaissance author and physician. He wrote about medicine, geography, philosophy, and Christian spirituality.
  • Lisa Bruce

    Bruce, Lisa

    Lisa Bruce is a successful children's author and a librarian at St Martin's College in Lancaster. She has also been a reviewer for the Bookseller and is currently doing research into children's literature for the Library Association. She lives in Carnforth, Lancashire.
  • Brucia, Margaret A.

    Margaret A. Brucia has taught Latin in New York and Rome for many years and is a Fulbright scholar, the recipient of a fellowship from the National Endowment for the Humanities, and a Fellow of the American Academy in Rome. Her mother taught her the art of shopping.
  • Buchan, Ursula

    Ursula Buchan is an award-winning garden journalist and author with more than 30 years' experience. After Cambridge University, she trained as a gardener at the Royal Horticultural Society's gardens at Wisley and at the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew. She has presented two series on flower shows for Channel 4 and has appeared on BBC radio.   (more)

  • Bucher, Stefan G.

    Stefan G. Bucher is the man behind 344 Design and the online drawing and storytelling experiment, He is often engaged to speak on all things design, and produced a regular illustrated column that appeared in STEP magazine. His books include The Graphic Eye and 344 Questions: The Creative Person's Do-It-Yourself Guide to Insight, Survival, and Artistic Fulfillment.

  • Buckley, Jonathan

    To visit Jonathan Buckley's website click here
  • Buckley, June

    June Buckley and her husband Norman are professional writers, and the authors of numerous guide books and walking books. They live in Windermere, and are long standing members of the Beatrix Potter society.
  • Buckley, Norman

    Norman Buckley and his wife June are professional writers, and the authors of numerous guide books and walking books. Norman was awarded an M.A. degree in Lake District Studies at Lancaster University in 2006. They live in Windermere.
  • Buczacki, Beverley

    Beverley Buczacki has over twenty five years experience in schools, most of them as a primary school head teacher and her science teaching has been singled out for special praise by OFSTED.
  • Buczacki, Stefan

    Stefan Buczacki is one of Britain's most popular and most highly respected gardening experts and has presented many television programmes.

    For more information about Stefan Buczacki click here

  • Budelmann, Kevin

    Kevin Budelmann and Yang Kim founded People Design, is an experienced design firm based in Grand Rapids, MI that has built a reputation for design excellence among long-standing clients and within the design community.   (more)

  • Bueno, Mariano

    Mariano Bueno is Spain's top organic gardener and the author of a number of gardening books.
  • Bühler, Karl-Dietrich

    Karl-Dietrich Bühler is an internationally-known photographer, specialising in gardens and landscapes. He trained in Germany as a horticulturalist before becoming a magazine gardening editor. Then, in 1973, he moved to Sweden and devoted himself to photography. He now spends his winters in Genoa and his summers at his house in the Swedish countryside, photographing gardens.   (more)

  • Bullen, J. B.

    J. B. BULLEN holds the Chair of English Literature and Culture in the Department of English Literature, Royal Holloway, University of London. He is also Professor Emeritus of the University of Reading where he lectured on English Literature and Art History for over twenty-five years.   (more)

  • Burger, Deborah

    Deborah Burger has taught crochet for 20 years, through Girl Scouting, various community centers, summer camps, at her local yarn shop, and the John C. Campbell Folk School. She is active in the online community Ravelry, and has written articles and patterns for Interweave Crochet and the e-zines Crochet Insider and Crochet Uncut.   (more)

  • Burgess, Mark

    Mark Burgess has written and illustrated over 40 books and illustrated a further 40 by other authors. He lives in Taunton, Somerset.
  • Burlington, Marie

    MARIE BURLINGTON illustrated Trouble for Tuffy in the O'Brien FLYERS series. Helpful Hannah was the first book she both wrote and illustrated herself. Marie is also the author and illustrator of Dear Me!
  • Burne, Cristy

    Cristy Burne has joint New Zealand and Australian citizenship, has travelled widely and lived for several years in Japan as a teacher and editor. It was during this time that she became fascinated with Japanese folklore and the supernatural yokai - demons - which are very much a part of Japanese culture, but little known outside Japan.   (more)

  • Burton, Adam

    Adam Burton is a landscape photographer living in Hampshire. In 2007 he was named winner of the landscape category in the annual photographic awards of Wanderlust Magazine.
  • Burton, Nick

    NICK BURTON, a native Lancastrian, has written numerous walking guides to Lancashire and Manchester. He also works as a professional walk leader for Blackburn Council and occasionally skulks around the same Victorian corridors of Blackburn Town Hall once occupied by a certain pipe-smoking fell wanderer.  

  • Burton, Robert

    Robert Burton (1577-1640) was elected a student of Christ Church College, Oxford, in 1599 and took his B.D. in 1614. He served as a vicar in Oxford and then as the rector of Seagrave. The Anatomy of Melancholy appeared in five editions during the author's lifetime and has been reprinted countless times since.
  • Burton, Virginia Lee

    Virginia Lee Burton created some of the most enduring classics of all children's literature. The winner of the 1942 Caldecott Medal for The Little House, Burton's books include heroes and happy endings, lively illustrations, and a dash of nostalgia. Burton lived with her two sons and her husband, the sculptor George Demetrios, in Folly Cove, Massachusetts.   (more)

  • Buruma, Ian

    Ian Buruma, a frequent contributor to The New York Review of Books,  is the Henry R. Luce Professor at Bard and a Cullman Fellow at the New York Public Library. His latest book is Taming the Gods: Religion and Democracy on Three Continents.

  • Bush, Peter

    PETER BUSH  is an award-winning translator who lives in Barcelona. Among his recent translations are Ramón del Valle-Inclan’s Tyrant Banderas (for NYRB Classics), Teresa Solana’s Crazy Tales of Blood and Guts, Mercè Rodoreda’s In Diamond Square and Najat El Hachmi’s The Body Hunter.

  • Buzzati, Dino

    Dino Buzzati (1906-1972) was a painter, playwright, poet, novelist, short story writer, opera librettist, mountaineer, and science fiction writer, and-from the age of twenty-two until his death-worked as a journalist with the Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera. The New York Review Children's Collection publishes his The Bears' Famous Invasion of Sicily.
  • Byatt, A.S.

    A. S. Byatt's book of essays On Histories and Stories will be published in the US next year. Her new novel, The Biographer's Tale, will be published here in January. (November 2000)
  • Byrne, Bob

    Bob Byrne is a comic book artist and designer who lives in Dublin. His comics have appeared in dozens of publications throughout the world.

    Robots Don't Cry! is his first book for children.

  • Byrne, Matthew

    Matthew Byrne has photographed churches in every county of England and has published illustrated articles on the subject in a number of magazines. He was elected a Fellow of the Royal Photographic Society in 1988 for his work in architectural photography.
  • Cahill, Christopher

    Christopher Cahill is the author of Perfection, a novel, and editor of Gather Round Me: The Best of Irish Popular Poetry. He edits The Recorder, the journal of The American Irish Historical Society, and is the executive director of the McCabe Fellowship Exchange Program at The John Jay College of Criminal Justice.
  • Cahill, Jamie

    Jamie Cahill worked in journalism, public relations, and marketing before moving to Paris and focusing on writing. She is a lifelong dessert lover and recently completed the city of Paris' professional patisserie course. She now lives in London.
  • Calderin, Jay

    Jay Calderin teaches a wide variety of fashion and professional development courses at the School of Fashion Design in Boston, MA, where he is also the Director of Creative Marketing. He founded and serves as Executive Director of Boston Fashion Week. Calderin’s designs have appeared in the pages of Vogue and Elle magazines.

  • Caldicott, Carolyn

    For many years, Carolyn Caldicott and her husband Chris owned the World Food Café in London's Covent Garden, where they cooked and served delicious vegetarian food from recipes collected on their travels. They are the authors of three vegetarian cookery books published by Frances Lincoln. They now live in Winchester.
  • Caldicott, Chris

    Chris Caldicott is a journalist and photographer. With his wife Carolyn Caldicott he owned and ran the World Food Café in London's Covent Garden. He and Carolyn are co-authors of three Frances Lincoln vegetarian cookery books and his photographs also appear in a wide range of newspapers and magazines.   (more)

  • Callaghan, Timothy

    Timothy Callaghan is a painter who lives and works in Cleveland, OH. He received an MFA from Kent State in 2005 and a BFA from The Cleveland Institute of Art in 1999. Presently, he is a visiting professor at Oberlin College and an adjunct faculty member at the Cleveland Institute of Art and Cuyahoga Community College.   (more)

  • Simon Callow

    Callow, Simon

    Simon Callow is a highly acclaimed actor, director and author. As well as his theatre and television work, he has made film appearances in Shakespeare in Love, Four Weddings and a Funeral, A Room with a View and Amadeus. His books include biographies of Charles Laughton and Orson Welles.   (more)

  • Calvino, Italo

    Italo Calvino (1923–1985) was an Italian writer and novelist. His works include The Road to San Giovanni, If on a Winter's Night a Traveler, Invisible Cities, Marcovaldo, and Mr. Palomar.
  • Cameron, Peter

    PETER CAMERON is the author of three collections of short stories and six novels, including The City of Your Final Destination, Someday This Pain Will Be Useful to You, and Coral Glynn.

  • Katie Campbell

    Campbell, Katie

    KATIE CAMPBELL was a journalist and fiction writer before turning to garden history. She lectures widely, has taught on postgraduate and undergraduate courses at Birkbeck, Bristol and Buckingham Universities; she also writes for various publications and leads garden tours. Her most recent, book, Paradise of Exiles, explores the eccentric community of English and American expatriates in late nineteenth century Florence.   (more)

  • Canetti, Yanitzia

    Yanitzia Canetti born in Havana in 1967, is an author, editor, and translator with a Bachelor's in Journalism, a Master's in Linguistics, and a Ph.D. in Literature. She has published over 30 books in various genres, including novels, poetry, short stories, theatre and children's literature. She has written fiction and non-fiction series, teachers' guides, and other educational materials for the bilingual educational system.   (more)

  • Capote, Truman

    Truman Capote (1924-1984), the novelist, journalist, and celebrated man-about-town, is best known as the author of Other Voices, Other Rooms, The Grass Harp, Breakfast at Tiffany’s and In Cold Blood.
  • Cardano, Girolamo

    Girolamo Cardano (1501-1576) was born in Pavia, Italy. A professor of mathematics at Padua, and of medicine at Pavia and Bologna, he was the the author of more than a hundred books on subjects ranging from the natural sciences to medicine, history, and music.
  • Caren, David

    David Caren is the founder of – Ireland’s only site for Dads and Dads-tobe. He is a regular contributor on fatherhood and men’s health issues for print, web and radio. David is dad to three wonderful and welcoming distractions.
  • Carey, Anna

    Anna Carey is a freelance journalist who has written for the Sunday Tribune, The Irish Independent, The Examiner, The Irish Times, and The Ticket. She was also the assistant editor for The Gloss magazine.
  • Carey, John

    John Carey is a British literary critic and Professor Emeritus of English Literature at the University of Oxford.
  • Cargill, Katrin

    Katrin Cargill is a freelance decorator and writer and former features editor at the World of Interiors and decorating editor at the American House Beautiful. Of Swiss and Swedish descent, she has lived in the USA and Europe and is now based in London with her family.
  • Carlier, Alex

    Alex Carlier has years of experience editing English cookery books, and cooking in England and France. She lives in Paris.

  • Carpenter, Don

    Don Carpenter (1931-1995) was born in Berkeley, California. In 1947 he moved to Portland, where he finished high school, went to college, married, and became the father of two children. He wrote articles, stories, and screenplays.
  • Carroll, Mary

    Mary Carroll and Katie Long run PINE FOREST ARTS -- a famous name in children's art for the past 30 years. Creativity, innovation, fun and a wide range of skill and experiences are available to children everywhere through the arts centre and the exciting new Pine Forest Arts books.
  • Carson, Anne

    Anne Carson was twice a finalist for the National Book Critics Circle Award, and has received the Lannan Award; the Pushcart Prize; the T. S. Eliot Prize for Poetry; the Griffin Poetry Prize; and the Los Angeles Times Book Prize. Author of many books, including Decreation and The Autobiography of Red, she currently teaches at the University of Michigan.
  • Carter, James

    James Carter is a prize-winning poet and guitarist. He travels all over the UK and abroad to give lively poetry performances and workshops - in schools, libraries and at literary festivals. His poetry titles include Cars Stars Electric Guitars and Orange Silver Sausage (Walker Books) and Time-Travelling Underpants and Greetings, Earthlings! (Macmillan).   (more)

  • Cartlidge, Michelle

    Michelle Cartlidge was born in London. She became a student at both Hornsey College of Art and the Royal College of Art studying Ceramics. Her first book, Pippen and Pod won the Mother Goose Award. Her Teddy Trucks books were made into a BBC TV cartoon series.
  • Cartoon Saloon,

    The Cartoon Saloon was founded in Kilkenny.
  • Carwardine, Mark

    Zoologist Mark Carwardine is an award-winning writer, magazine columnist, widely published photographer, radio presenter, consultant and lecturer. He has written more than 40 books – including several best-sellers – and for six years presented the weekly half-hour programme Nature on BBC Radio 4.   (more)

  • Casares, Adolfo Bioy

    Adolfo Bioy Casares (1914–1999) was born in Buenos Aires, the child of wealthy parents. He began to write in the early Thirties, and his stories appeared in the influential magazine Sur, through which he met his wife, the painter and writer Silvina Ocampo, as well Jorge Luis Borges, who was to become his mentor, friend, and collaborator.   (more)

  • Case, Andy

    Andy Case is one of Britain’s most well respected pig breeders, and has many years’ experience specializing in rare breed pigs such as the Kune Kune, Middle White, and Oxford Sandy and Black. He and his wife currently keep a 25-sow herd of Oxford Sandy and Blacks, and 7 Kune Kune sows in their farm in Dorset.   (more)

  • Cashman (Ed.), Seamus

    Seamus Cashman established Wolfhound Press Ltd in 1974 as a literary and cultural publishing house, and as publisher until 2001 won an international reputation for the press, earning many design, publishing and children's book awards over the years. A former teacher and book editor, his own published works include two co-edited and lasting volumes, Irish Poems for Young People and Proverbs and Sayings of Ireland.   (more)

  • Cassy, Rob

    Rob has contributed as a columnist and feature writer to The Times and Garden Design Journal; he has also written for Arena, The Bookseller, Country Life, Elle Deco (Japan), The Flower Arranger, Gardenia (Italy), Garden Design (USA), Garden Inspirations, Gardens Illustrated, Hortus, idFX, The Independent, Living Etc, etc…. His books have been published internationally and include: 1001 Gardens You Must See Before You Die (Contributor) 101 Ideas Gardens Riviera Nature Notes (Editor) Garden UK A Shortcut to Perfect Planting Everything You Need to Know About Gardening but Were Afraid to Ask The Ultimate Language of Flowers Rob has curated exhibitions of contemporary garden works at London's Olympia, lectured, chaired debates and judged at various garden and lifestyle shows, and he also acts as a product and horticultural consultant.   (more)

  • Castle, Terry

    Terry Castle has published eight books of literary and cultural criticism including Masquerade and Civilization, The Apparitional Lesbian, and the prize-winning collection The Literature of Lesbianism: A Historical Anthology from Ariosto to Stonewall. She writes frequently for the London Review of Books, The Atlantic, The New Republic, and The Times Literary Supplement.   (more)

  • Bob Cattell

    Cattell, Bob

    Bob Cattell has been a cricket fan all his life and a supporter of the England team through thick and thin. He also supports Yorkshire, especially for their fast bowlers from Fred Trueman to Tim Bresnan. He is the author of the bestselling Glory Gardens series about cricket, highly recommended by TestMatch Special, and the Strikers series about football, written with David Ross.   (more)

  • Charles Causley

    Causley, Charles

    Charles Causley, a renowned writer and poet, was awarded the Queen's gold medal for poetry in 1967 and was made a CBE in 1986. A fellow of the Royal Society of Literature, he was the author of countless plays, librettos, short stories and poems. He lived in Launceston, Cornwall. Charles Causley died in 2003.
  • Cavallini, Valentina

    VALENTINA CAVALLINI was born and brought up in Milan, Italy. She studied Illustration at Chelsea School of Art and Design and the University of the West of England, Bristol, where she now lives. She works in watercolour, combining hand-painted paper with found materials to create textured images. In 2007 her illustrations were chosen for the Bologna Book Fair Illustrators' Exhibition and toured Japan and Korea.   (more)

  • Kathryn Cave

    Cave, Kathryn

    Kathryn Cave has worked in publishing for over 25 years and written many books for children. In 1997, Something Else, illustrated by Chris Riddell, won the UNESCO Prize for children's literature in the service of tolerance. She lives in Hampstead, London. To visit her website click here

  • Cavendish, Grania

    Grania Cavendish, is a painter and a photographer. She and her husband, Hugh Cavendish, have lived, worked and gardened at Holker since they inherited the estate in 1972.
  • Cavendish, Hugh

    Hugh Cavendish, Baron Cavendish of Furness FRSA, is a landowner and politician. He owns Holker Hall and its surrounding estates overlooking Morecambe Bay in Cumbria and serves in the House of Lords as a Conservative life peer. He has also been High Sheriff of Cumbria and a member of Cumbria County Council and is currently President of the Dry Stone Walling Association of Great Britain.
  • Caws, Mary Ann

    Mary Ann Caws is Distinguished Professor of Comparative Literature, English, and French at the Graduate School of the City University of New York and a Fellow of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences. She is the author of dozens of books, including Glorious Eccentrics: Modernist Women Painting and Writing, Surrealism, and Surprised in Translation, and is the translator of, among many others, André Breton, René Char, Stéphane Mallarmé, Raymond Roussel, Jacques Roubaud, and Ghérasim Luca.

  • Cecil, Mirabel

    Mirabel Cecil has written for The Times, started a design page for Country Life and was one of the first contributors to The World of Interiors, for which she has written continuously since. She is also the author of a several biographies.
  • Cesari, Monica Sartoni

    Monica Sartoni Cesari has had a long career in the world of Italian gastronomy. She was the educational director of the prestigious school of La Cucina Italiana and was awarded the distinguished Commandeur de la Commanderie des Cordons Bleus de France. She is the author of several books, including La Cucina Bolognese.   (more)

  • Chalcraft, Anna

    Anna Chalcraft is a guide at Strawberry Hill. Her research helped secure the future of that historic building.
  • Chamberlain, Margaret

    Margaret Chamberlain is a well-respected illustrator of children's books. She lives in Dorset. Her books for Frances Lincoln are Has Anyone Seen Jack?, Look Out He's Behind You and Tales from Grimm.
  • Chandler, Robert

    Robert Chandler’s translations from the Russian include Vasily Grossman’s Life and Fate, Everything Flows, and The Road (all published by NYRB Classics) and Leskov’s Lady Macbeth of Mtsensk. Together with Olga Meerson and his wife, Elizabeth, he has translated a number of works by Andrey Platonov.   (more)

  • Chaon, Dan

    Dan Chaon is the acclaimed author of novels Among the Missing, which was a finalist for the National Book Award, You Remind Me of Me, and most recently, Await Your Reply. Chaon’s short stories have won the Pushcart Prize and The O. Henry Awardand been included in The Best American Short Stories anthology.   (more)

  • Chapman, Sandra

    Sandra Chapman works as a curator in the Palaeontology Department.
  • Chappell, Warren

    Warren Chappell (1904-1991) was a prominent American graphic artist, book illustrator, and typographer. He illustrated many classic texts, among them Gulliver's Travels, Moby-Dick, Sleeping Beauty, and The Nutcracker; created two highly regarded typefaces, Lydian and Trajanus; and wrote several books on typography, including the classic Short History of the Printed Word.
  • Chase, Joan

    Joan Chase is an American writer. She is the author of two novels, During the Reign of the Queen of Persia and The Evening Wolves, and a collection of stories, Bonneville Blue. She has been awarded several prizes, including the PEN/Hemingway Award for First Fiction and a Guggenheim Fellowship.

  • Debjani Chatterjee

    Chatterjee, Debjani

    Debjani Chatterjee has been called 'a poet full of wit and charm' (Andrew Motion), 'a national treasure' (Barry Tebb) and 'the UK's best-known Asian poet' (Elisabetta Marino). She has written and edited well over 60 books, including Animal Antics, Masala, Monkey King’s Party and The Elephant-headed God & Other Hindu Tales - selected for Children's Books of the Year.   (more)

  • Beth Chatto

    Chatto, Beth

    Beth Chatto (born 27/06/1923) is a plantswomen, gardener and writer. Whilst having no formal horticultural training, she was inspired by her parents' enthusiastic gardening, her husband's lifelong study of natural associations of plants, and friendship with the great plantsman and artist Sir Cedric Morris. The Beth Chatto Gardens began at Elmstead Market, Essex in 1960.   (more)

  • Amit Chaudhuri

    Chaudhuri, Amit

    AMIT CHAUDHURI is the author of Calcutta: Two Years in the City and five highly acclaimed novels, including A Strange and Sublime Address, Freedom Song and The Immortals. He is the recipient of the Commonwealth Writers’ Prize, the Betty Trask Prize, the Encore Award, the LA Times Book Prize for fiction, the Indian government’s Sahitya Akademi Award and the Infosys Prize for outstanding contribution to the humanities in literary studies.   (more)

  • Emma Chichester Clark

    Chichester Clark, Emma

    Emma Chichester Clark studied at the Chelsea School of Art and the Royal College of Art. In 1988 she won the Mother Goose Award for her first book, Listen to This!, an anthology compiled by Laura Cecil. Since then, she has become internationally known, illustrating writers such as Roald Dahl, Peter Dickinson, Anne Fine and Margaret Mahy.   (more)

  • Lauren Child

    Child, Lauren

    Lauren Child is one of the top children's author-illustrators in the UK. Her Charlie and Lola series of picture books have been made into a BBC television series. She lives in Hampstead in London

    To visit Lauren Child's website click here

  • Childs, Rob

    Growing up in Derby, Rob Childs wanted to be an England footballer or cricketer, or failing that, a sports journalist – certainly not a teacher. Of course, he did go on to become a teacher, during which time he gained a great deal of experience coaching school teams in football, athletics, cricket and cross-country.   (more)

  • Chislett, Helen

    Helen Chislett is a design and garden journalist who has written books with Nina Campbell and Kelly Hoppen.
  • Chitnis, Christine

    Christine Chitnis is a writer, photographer and environmental educator. She lives with her husband and son in Providence, Rhode Island. Her writing has appeared in Country Living, Time Out New York, ReadyMade, Edible Rhody and The Washington Post, among many other local and national publications. She holds a degree in Environmental Science from the University of Colorado.   (more)

  • Marina Christopher

    Christopher, Marina

    Marina Christopher is a trained botanist and an experienced and enthusiastic gardener. She co-founded the famous Green Farm Nursery, which specializes in hardy perennials, and now runs her own nursery, Phoenix Plants.
  • Chui, Hu

    Hu Chui is head of the photographic and information department of the Palace Museum, Beijing. His work has been published to international acclaim, and exhibited in the UK, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands and the USA.
  • Chung, Hyechong

    Hyechong Chung took her MA in Psychology of Education at Sookmyeng Women's University, Seoul before working as head teacher at an infant school in Seoul. She has lived in England for eight years and teaches at the North London Korean School. She lives in North London
  • Ciepiela, Catherine

    Catherine Ciepiela is a professor of Russian at Amherst College, and the author of The Same Solitude, a study of the letters and poems exchanged by Marina Tsvetaeva and Boris Pasternak during their epistolary romance in the 1920s.
  • Clarke, Howard

    Dr Howard Clarke lectures in the Department of Medieval History at University College, Dublin and has a long-standing interest in topographical aspects of the medieval city.
  • Clarke, Judith

    Judith Clarke was born in Sydney and educated at the university of New South Wales and the Australian National University in Canberra. She has worked as a teacher and librarian, and in adult education in Victoria and New South Wales. Judith's novels include the popular Al Capsella series, Friend of My Heart, which was shortlisted in the 1995 Children's Book Council of Australian Book of the Year Awards for older readers, Night Train, Honour Book in the 1999 Australian Children's Book of the Year Awards for older readers, and Wolf on the Fold, Winner of the 2001 Australian Book of the Year Awards for older readers.   (more)

  • Clarke, Kathleen

    Kathleen Clarke was a political activist and wife of Tom Clarke, the first signatory of the Easter 1916 Proclamation. She knew and worked with many of the major figures in modern Irish history, like Eamon De Valera, Michael Collins, Padraig Pearse and James Connolly.
  • Clarke, Sally

    Sally Clarke is one of Britain’s most acclaimed chefs and restaurateurs. Trained in Paris and London, she moved to California in 1979, where she worked in the kitchens and dining rooms of Michael’s and West Beach Café. It was while in California that she met her mentor Alice Waters, chef and proprietor of Chez Panisse, and that her love of disarmingly simple cooking based on the freshest local ingredients was born.   (more)

  • Class P3, Scoil Chiaráin

    Scoil Chiaráin is a special school for children with learning difficulties. Class P3 was involved in a project with artist Maria Murray to create a book, Ten Scary Monsters. Each of the ten children came up with a design for a monster, and then worked with Maria on computer to create the finished story.   (more)

  • Clayton, Phil

    A former geography and history teacher, Phil Clayton has walked up all of the hills and mountains over 2000 feet in England and Wales at least three times. Wondering why his feet got wet doing this was the spark of inspiration for Headwaters. A regular contributor to local history magazines, Phil Clayton is also the author of On High Yorkshire Hills (Dalesman).   (more)

  • Sally Pomme Clayton

    Clayton, Sally Pomme

    Sally Pomme Clayton is an acclaimed storyteller. She co-founded The Company of Storytellers with Ben Haggarty and Hugh Lupton, spearheading the revival of storytelling in the UK. She tours throughout Britain, often performing at the British Museum, the Barbican, and the National Gallery. She was Royal Literary Fellow at the University of Westminster and City and Guilds of London Art School.   (more)

  • Cleare, John

    John Cleare is an internationally-renowned photographer specialising in mountains, landscapes and wild places. He runs the international mountain photography library, Mountain Camera ( from his home in Wiltshire and among his many landscape photography projects in Britain, he provided the photographs for the last official guide to the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park in 2001.
  • Cleary, Catherine

    CATHERINE CLEARY began her career as a journalist with The Irish Times. She became the paper's crime correspondent and later joined the Sunday Tribune as security correspondent. In 1999 she was named feature writer of the year at the National Media Awards.
  • Gillian Clements

    Clements, Gillian

    Gillian Clements was born in Sussex and grew up mainly on a farm. After studying Geography at Newcastle University, she took a degree course in Illustration under Raymond Briggs at Brighton Polytechnic. Since graduating she has written and illustrated manypopular books for Macmillan, Franklin Watts, A&C Black and Scholastic as well as Frances Lincoln.   (more)

  • Clements, Jonathan

    Jonathan Clements studied at the universities of Leeds, Cheng Chi, Kansai and Stirling. He speaks Chinese and Japanese and was dubbed 'the medium's most sought-after translator' by the Sunday Times for his work in Japanese animation. He has worked as an Asian linguist and writer for the BBC, the Financial Times and the Guardian.
  • John Clementson

    Clementson, John

    John Clementson studied at Carlisle College of Art and Wolverhampton Polytechnic before starting his career as a painter. He has received commissions from companies as diverse as Sony, British Airways, Decca, Coca-Cola, London Transport and Citroen.
  • Clerkin, Malachy

    Malachy Clerkin is the chief sportswriter of the Sunday Tribune where he has worked since winning a sportswriting competition organised and overseen by his co-author Gerard Siggins in 1999.
    He has been assured by his co-author that there was more than one entrant, but has yet to see documentary proof that this was the case.
    He has covered every conceivable sporting event for the Tribune, from Olympic Games to World Cups in soccer and rugby.

  • Clevely, Andi

    Andi Clevely has spent thirty-five years as a working gardener. After taking a degree in English at Oxford he began his gardening career on the Crown Estate at Windsor Great Park. Thereafter he was for many years employed as head gardener in private service (initially for J.B. Priestley and Jacquetta Hawkes).   (more)

  • Clifford, Timothy

    Sir Timothy Clifford was director of the National Galleries of Scotland for 21 years and before that he was director of Manchester City Art Galleries for six years. Previously he worked in the Victoria & Albert Museum (Ceramics Department) and the British Museum (Print Room). He has published widely in periodical literature on Italian Art and collaborated in mounting monographic exhibitions in Scotland on Raphael, Titian, Bernini and Canova.   (more)

  • Clifton-Mogg, Caroline

    Caroline Clifton-Mogg is a writer and journalist who specialises in interior design, antiques and gardens. She is the author of many books, including The White Home, China and Glass, The Curtain Design Sourcebook, Decorating with Antiques, Textile Style and A Passion for Collecting, and writes regularly for a number of magazines and newspapers.   (more)

  • Clineff, Kindra

    Kindra Clineff travels far and wide specializing in location photography for commercial and editorial clients. She regularly produces feature assignments for national magazines in the US, and her images have appeared in numerous books and calendars. When not chasing light, Kindra enjoys cultivating heirloom vegetables and attempts to tame the perennial garden of her seventeenth century home in Massachusetts.   (more)

  • Coady, Chris

    Chris Coady trained in Illustration at Manchester Polytechnic. A freelance illustrator of children's books, he has also worked for design groups in Manchester and London.
  • Coates, Charles

    Charles Coates read engineering at Cambridge and is now a London-based entrepreneur and advisor to digital media companies. He was driven to write Wildflowers of Britain and Ireland by the lack of a simple guide to recognising wildflowers and learning their uses while on walks in Devon with his wife and daughters.
  • Cocteau, Jean

    Jean Cocteau (1889–1963), poet, playwright, novelist, and film director, was one of the most influential figures in twentieth-century French artistic life, especially celebrated for his collaborations with such contemporaries as Picasso, Stravinsky, and Erik Satie. Among Cocteau's best-known works are the short novel Les Enfants terribles and three movies, The Blood of a Poet, Beauty and the Beast, and Orpheus.
  • Cohen, Jean-Louis

    Jean-Louis Cohen was trained as an architect and received a doctorate in history at the École des hautes études en sciences sociales. Since 1993, he has held the Sheldon. Solow Chair in the History of Architecture at New York University's Institute of Fine Arts. From 1998 to 2003, he led the project for the Cité de l'Architecture, a cultural center that opened in 2007 in Paris.   (more)

  • Cole, David

    David Cole is Professor of Law at Georgetown University Law Center. He is the award-winning author of several books, including Less Safe, Less Free:Why America Is losing the War on Terror (with Jules Lobel, 2007) and Enemy Aliens: Double Standards and Constitutional Freedoms in the War on Terrorism (2003).
  • Colfer, Eoin

    EOIN COLFER is the author of international bestselling Artemis Fowl books. A former schoolteacher, Eoin lives in Wexford with his wife Jackie and sons Finn and Seán. He has worked in Saudi Arabia, Tunisia and Italy, as well as in Ireland. Eoin is very involved in theatre and has written several plays, which have been staged in various parts of Ireland.   (more)

  • Colin-Russ, Valerie

    VALERIE COLIN-RUSS was a career civil servant before becoming a London Guide and Chairman of the London Appreciation Society for six years; she is now a Vice-President of the Society. Although she has travelled extensively, London remains her favourite city. She has been described as London's leading lion-hunter and has given many lectures on London's lion statuary. She lives in west London.
  • Collier, John

    John Collier (1901-1980) was born in London. He began his writing career as a poet, first publishing in 1920. He turned to fiction in the early 1930s, producing the popular and controversial novel, His Monkey Wife, about a man who is married to a chimpanzee. In 1935 Collier left England for Hollywood, where he became an active and prolific writer for film and later television; he was particularly influential in developing the brilliantly creepy and subversive style of such television classics as "Alfred Hitchcock Presents" and "The Twilight Zone." An adaptation from Milton, Paradise Lost: Screenplay for Cinema of the Mind was published in 1973, but never produced as a film.   (more)

  • Collins, Lorcan

    Lorcan Collins studied Literature in UCD. He has had a lifelong interest in Irish history. With Conor Kostick he set up the 1916 Rebellion Walking Tour of Dublin on the eightieth anniversary of the Rising, details of which can be found at their website.
  • Collins, Stephen

    STEPHEN COLLINS is political editor of the Sunday Tribune and is a frequent contributor to radio and television programmes on political matters. He has written several books, including The Haughey Files and Spring and the Labour Story. His latest book, The Power Game, charting the rise and fall and rise again of the Fianna Fáil party, is a bestseller.
  • Compart, Pamela

    Pamela Compart, M.D., is a developmental pediatrician and a functional medicine physician in Columbia, MD. She is the founder and director of HeartLight Healing Arts, Inc., an integrated health care center providing comprehensive traditional and complementary medicine services for children and adults.   (more)

  • Condie, Jenny

    Jenny Condie was born in Edinburgh and took a degree in Italian and History of Art at UCL. She has translated a number of substantial works in the area of art and literary history and criticism, and she has also written in Italian as a journalist. More recently she has worked with the Fondazione di Venezia to originate and run workshops on English Literature for children in local schools.   (more)

  • Conlon-McKenna, Marita

    Born in Dublin in 1956 and brought up in Goatstown, Marita went to school at the Convent of the Sacred Heart, Mount Anville, later working in the family business, the bank, and a travel agency. In 1977 she married James McKenna and they have four children, Amanda, Laura, Fiona and James. They live in the Stillorgan area of Dublin.   (more)

  • Conners, Joseph

    Joseph Connors, the Director of the Harvard Center for Italian Renaissance Studies, Villa I Tatti, Florence, writes on Italian Renaissance and Baroque architecture. He was formerly Director of the American Academy in Rome and professor of art history at Columbia.
  • Conrad, Peter

    Peter Conrad was born in Australia, and since 1973 has taught English literature at Christ Church, Oxford. He has published nineteen books on a variety of subjects; among the best known are Modern Times, Modern PlacesA Song of Love and Death,The Everyman History of English Literature, and studies of Alfred Hitchcock and Orson Welles.   (more)

  • Conroy, Don

    DON CONROY, well-known as an artist and TV personality is also a wildlife expert and devotes much of his time to conservation work, particularly with owls. Don lives in Dublin.
  • Conway, David

    David Conway was born in Ireland but moved to England as a baby, and has lived here ever since. He currently works at home, bringing up his daughter and son, and writing for children. His poetry has been published in many anthologies, including Loose Change in association with War on Want. David lives in North London.
  • Trish Cooke

    Cooke, Trish

    Trish Cooke was born in Bradford and comes from a Dominican family. She has written several books for children including So Much, which won the Kurt Maschler Award, the Nestle Smarties Book Prize and the She/WH Smiths Under Fives Book Prize. Trish has worked as a presenter on BBC's children's television programmes and hosted a radio programme.   (more)

  • Cookson, Paul

    PAUL COOKSON has been a football fan longer than he has been a poet. Since 2004 he has worked with The National Football Museum as their official Poet in Residence. He has also worked with Liverpool Libraries as Poet For The Everton Collection and his football poems have featured on Match of The Day and various national radio stations.   (more)

  • Cooling, Wendy

    Wendy Cooling is a highly respected figure in the children's book world. A former teacher, she is the founder of the Bookstart programme and has edited story collections for Puffin, Orion and Collins, poetry anthologies for Franklin Watts and has retold traditional tales for Barefoot Books.   (more)

  • Cooney, John

    John Cooney is a journalist and broadcaster based in Dublin. He is a visiting Honorary Research Fellow at the University of Aberdeen and Director of the Humbert Summer School in County Mayo. A former Religious Affairs correspondent with the Irish Times, he is author of The Crozier and The Dáil, Church-State in Ireland 1922-1986.
  • Cooper, Donal

    Donal Cooper is Assistant Professor in the History of Art Department at the University of Warwick. A specialist in the artistic patronage of the Franciscan Order in the Middle Ages and Renaissance, he has published widely on the art and architecture of the friars in Italy, particularly in Umbria. Donal is currently preparing a book on the Basilica of San Francesco at Assisi.
  • Jim Coplestone

    Coplestone, Jim

    Jim Coplestone studied Graphic Illustration at Exeter College of Art and completed an MA in Theatre Design. His rapport with children has led him to work as a primary school teacher, arts workshop leader and home-tutor and this is apparent in his lively ink pictures. He lives in Symondsbury, Dorset. Jim's books for Frances Lincoln are Noah's Bed, Animals Aboard, Seven for a Secret, A Walk in the Wild Woods and The No-No Bird.
  • Corbett, Val

    Val Corbett has been a freelance photographer for 20 years. Her garden photographs appear regularly in national magazines such as English Garden and Country Life. Gardens of the Lake District by Tim Longville, with photographs by Val Corbett (Frances Lincoln) won the 2008 Lakeland Book of the Year Award.

    To find out more about Val Corbett click here

  • Corcoran, Kevin

    KEVIN CORCORAN has an intimate knowledge and love of the Irish landscape. An environmental biologist, he has studied the West of Ireland both professionally and as a rambler, and lectures on Ecology and Environmental Studies. Operating a private nature reserve, he is tirelessly involved in the repair and creation of natural habitats, for both educational and preservation purposes.   (more)

  • Corfield, Robin Bell

    Robin Bell Corfield studied Painting at Norwich School of Art and took a PGCE at Reading University. He taught for many years, before becoming a full-time illustrator. He lives in Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire.
  • Corney, Ruth

    Ruth Corney is an award-winning photographer. She has had several exhibitions that bear testament to her passion for the ponds and Lido. She is also trying to be a year round pond swimmer. In addition to her commercial work, she has led photography and oral history projects, her most recent being the photographic documentation of life at the Ironmonger Row Baths, and its refurbishment.
  • Cornish, Joe

    Joe Cornish is a travel photographer specialising in landscapes. He has worked for the National Trust and many environmental agencies, as well as producing articles for photography magazines. He lectures widely in the UK and abroad.

    To visit Joe's website click here

  • Cornish, Joe

    JOE CORNISH is widely acknowledged as one of the greatest contemporary landscape photographers. He has lectured and exhibited in Britain and overseas, led workshops and written a number of successful books, including Scotland’s Coast and Scotland’s Mountains, both published by Aurum, and The Northumberland Coast with Frances Lincoln.   (more)

  • Nicki Cornwell

    Cornwell, Nicki

    Nicki Cornwell has previously worked as a social worker, a teacher and a university lecturer. She now divides her time as an author and French language interpreter. She lives in Walthamstow, London.

    To visit Nicki Cornwell's website click here

  • Cosford, Nina

    Nina Cosford is a freelance illustrator based in Hastings and London. Her work takes her around the world and encompasses editorial, advertising, lettering, reportage and educational illustration. Her work has been featured by NYLON magazine, HBO, Buzzfeed and TimeOut New York.

  • Cosic, Stjepan

    Stjepan Cosic was born in 1964. He studied history and sociology at the University of Zadar and completed his doctorate at the University of Zagreb in 1988. He has worked as an archivist in the State Archives in Dubrovnik and as a researcher at the Institute for Historical Sciences in Dubrovnik. Since 2004 he has been Director of the Croatian State Archives in Zagreb.   (more)

  • Cotton, Katie

    KATIE COTTON studied English at Oxford University before becoming an editor and author of children's books. She lives and works in London.

  • Courtauld, Caroline

    Caroline Courtauld is a writer, photographer and documentary film producer. From 1992 to 1997 she worked with Jonathan Dimbleby on a BBC documentary project about Hong Kong in the period up to its transfer of sovereignty to China. Her book The Hong Kong Story was published by Oxford University Press.
  • Cowling, Mary

    Curator, The Royal Holloway Collection, and Guest Curator of the Exhibition
  • Cox, Kenneth

    Kenneth Cox is grandson of planthunter, writer and nurseryman Euan Cox and son of Peter Cox VMH. These three were and are considered the world's leading experts on rhododendrons. Himself a nurseryman, Kenneth is managing director of the family firm Glendoick Gardens Ltd near Perth and author of numerous books, including The Encyclopedia of Rhododendron Hybrids (with Peter A.   (more)

  • Coyote, Peter

    Peter Coyote is an actor, activist, novelist, songwriter, and Emmy-winning voice-over artist. After a short apprenticeship at the San Francisco Actor's Workshop, he joined the San Francisco Mime Troupe, where he became a prominent member of the San Francisco counterculture community and a founding member of the Diggers.   (more)

  • Craig, Charles

    Born in London, Charles Craig trained as a commercial photographer at The London School of Printing and Graphic Arts. He entered the world of professional photography in the early 1960s, and the world of academia in the mid 1970s. Charles Craig died in 2011.
  • Craveri, Benedetta

    Benedetta Craveri is a professor of French literature at the University of Tuscia, Viterbo, and the Istituto Universitario Suor Orsola Benincasa, Naples. She regularly contributes to The New York Review of Books and to the cultural pages of the Italian newspaper La Repubblica. Her books include Madame du Deffand and Her World and La Vie privée du Maréchal de Richelieu, and Amanti e regine: Il potere delle donne.   (more)

  • Francesca Crespi

    Crespi, Francesca

    Francesca Crespi has illustrated many gift books for children. She is known for the richness of her illustrations and her original use of paper engineering in the design of her books.
  • Cressey, Gordon

    Dr Gordon Cressey is the Head of Mineral Sciences in the department of Mineralogy at the Natural History Museum, London.
  • Cromartie, John

    John Cromartie is an expert on Scottish agates with 35 years collecting experience.
  • Crook, J. Mordaunt

    Joe Mordaunt Crook CBE is one of the leading authorities on Victorian Architecture and culture, formerly director of the Victorian Studies Centre at London University, and the author of numerous books.
  • Crosbie, Paddy

    Paddy Crosbie was the famous creator of such radio and television programmes as The School Around the Corner, Back to School, Tug O'Words and Paddy's Playground, and made frequent appearances on The Late Late Show. In 1979 Paddy Crosbie was honoured by Pope John Paul II with the Papal decoration Benemerenti.   (more)

  • Anthony Cross

    Cross, Anthony

    Anthony Cross is Professor Emeritus at the University of Cambridge. Internationally known for his work on eighteenth-century Russia and Anglo-Russian cultural relations, he has written and edited over twenty books. By the Banks of the Neva: Chapters from the Lives and Careers of the British in Eighteenth-Century Russia (1997) was awarded the 1998 Antsiferov Prize for the best work on St Petersburg published by a foreign author in 1996-7.   (more)

  • Cross, Gillian

    Gillian Cross worked in a school and bakery before studying at Oxford and Sussex universities. Gillian has written over thirty books for children, in 1991 she won the Carnegie Medal for WOLF and has won both the Smarties Prize and the Whitbred Award for The Great Elephant Chase. Gillian lives in Warwickshire with her husband and some of her four children.
  • Crouch, Stanley

    Stanley Crouch is a columnist, novelist, and essayist. Since 1987 he has served as an artistic consultant at Lincoln Center and is a co-founder of Jazz at Lincoln Center. He is the author of Notes of a Hanging Judge, Don't the Moon Look Lonesome, The All-American Skin Game, Always in Pursuit, and The Artificial White Man.
  • Chris Crowder

    Crowder, Chris

    Chris Crowder has been the head gardener at Levens since 1986.
  • Crowley, John

    John Crowley is the author of many critically acclaimed books, including Love & Sleep, Aegypt, and Little, Big. He lives in northern Massachusetts with his wife and two daughters.
  • Crozier, Derek

    Derek Crozier was born in Dublin in 1917 and began his working life with the Guinness Brewery. He and his wife Marjorie emigrated to Zimbabwe in the late 1940s and have lived there ever since. He farmed tobacco until 1963 and then taught English (he is a graduate of Trinity College Dublin) at St George's College until his retirement in 1989.   (more)

  • Cruddas, Joanna

    Joanna Cruddas has had a long career in publishing, including writing a monthly allotment column for Reader's Digest. Her gardening and other features have been published in The Times and Financial Times. Joanna lives in London and is an enthusiastic allotmenteer.

    To read Joanna's blog click here

  • Cruise O'Brien, Máire

    An established Irish language author, Máire has published many highly acclaimed volumes of verse, articles, short stories and translations.
  • Cruse, Harold W.

    Harold Cruse (1916-2005) was born in Petersburg, Virginia, the son of a railway porter. He was raised from a young age in New York City, where he attended high school, after which he served with the Army in Europe during World War II. Cruse attended the City College of New York, although he did not graduate, and was a member of the Communist Party for several years.   (more)

  • Cuddy, Robbin

    ROBBIN CUDDY began her career designing packaging for toys, games, and puzzles. She eventually became a freelance illustrator and concentrates primarily on children's books. She is the artist of the Learn to Draw Series, which includes: Learn to Draw Dogs & Puppies, Learn to Draw Polar Animals, Learn to Draw Pets, Learn to Draw Horses & Ponies.   (more)

  • Cumming, Laura

    Laura Cumming is the art critic of the Observer.
  • Cunningham, Mark

    Mark Cunningham has had professional involvement with the music industry
    since the end of the 1970s, He notably produced the first-ever official BBC
    Children In Need charity single and played a supporting role with several wellknown
    artists. He has also been performing live as the bass player in The Jeff
    Green Project as well as editing The Semi-Pro Sixties by David Caulfield
    (September 2012).

  • Cunningham, Michael

    Michael Cunningham is the author of the novels A Home at the End of the World, Flesh and Blood, The Hours (winner of the Pen/Faulkner Award and Pulitzer Prize), and Specimen Days. He lives in New York.
  • Cunningham, Noreen

    Noreen Cunningham is currently working as curator of Newry Museum. She has completed a degree in Archaeology and Social Anthropology through Queen's University, Belfast.
  • James Stevens Curl

    Curl, James Stevens

    A distinguished writer with many books and articles to his credit, Professor Emeritus James Stevens Curl has made considerable contributions to an understanding of the Victorian era with such works as Piety Proclaimed: An Introduction to Places of Worship in Victorian England and The Victorian Celebration of Death.   (more)

  • Curless, Allan

    Allan Curless was a political cartoonist for 16 years, working mostly for the Sunday Times. His first children's book, Cat's Song with Andrew Matthews, was shortlisted for the Mother Goose Award and the Smarties Prize in 1994. He died in 1997.
  • Curran, Brian

    Brian Curran gained an MS in Historic Preservation from Columbia University and, after serving as Director of Projects for the World Monuments Fund in Britain, became its West Coast consultant. He now works on writing and conservation projects in Los Angeles.
  • Curran, Dr. Robert

    BOB CURRAN is an educational psychologist in Coleraine University. His interests are broad-ranging but are focused especially on history and story. He has written several books, including The Field Guide to Irish Fairies, The Wolfhound Guide to the Shamrock, Creatures of Celtic Myth, The Truth about the Leprechaun.
  • Currie, Austin

    AUSTIN CURRIE first came to prominence as one of the most articulate and powerful Civil Rights activists in the Northern Ireland of the 1960s, where his most famous stand was the unheard-of occupation of a council house in Caledon, County Tyrone, in a protest against the sectarian bias in social housing allocations.   (more)

  • Judi Curtin

    Curtin, Judi

    JUDI CURTINis the best-selling author of the Alice and Megan series: Alice Next Door, Alice Again, Don't Ask Alice, Alice in the Middle and Bonjour Alice. With Roisin Meaney she has written See If I Care. She has also written three novels, Sorry, Walter, From Claire to Here and Almost Perfect.
  • Curtis, Vanessa

    Vanessa Curtis's first children's book Zelah Green: Queen of Clean (Egmont) was shortlisted for the 2009 Waterstones Children's Book Prize. The sequel Zelah Green: One More Little Problem was released in July 2010. Vanessa is also a freelance book reviewer and the author of three books on Virginia Woolf.   (more)

  • Curtis-Machin, Raoul

    Born in Scotland, Raoul Curtis-Machin developed a passionate interest in gardening from the age of thirteen. With an honours degree in landscape management from Reading University, he became Head Gardener for ICI, then set up his own London-based business, designing gardens for celebrity chefs, rock stars, Crown Arab Princes and business tycoons.   (more)

  • D'Arcy, Brian

    BRIAN D'ARCY is an Anglo-Irish poet who has contributed to many anthologies of children's poetry and has had two collections published. He retired from lecturing at Sheffield Hallam University, after having previously lectured in Huddersfield, Blackburn and Lancaster. Brian is a member of the Mini Mushaira writers, has a passion for horses, retelling Irish folktales and writing poetry for children and adults.   (more)

  • D'Aulaire, Ingri

    Ingri Mortenson (1904-1980) and Edgar d'Aulaire (1898-1986) met at art school in Munich in 1921. They married in Norway, moving first to Paris and then eventually to New York in 1929. The d'Aulaires published their first children's book in 1931and worked as a team on both art and text throughout their joint career, publishing more than twenty picture books and receiving high critical acclaim for their distinguished contributions to children's literature.
  • D'Aulaire, Ingri and Edgar

    Ingri Mortenson and Edgar d'Aulaire met at art school in Munich in 1921. Edgar's father was a noted Italian portrait painter, his mother a Parisian. Ingri, the youngest of five children, traced her lineage back to the Viking kings. The couple married in Norway, then moved to Paris. As Bohemian artists, they often talked about emigrating to America.   (more)

  • Da Ponte, Lorenzo

    Lorenzo Da Ponte (1749-1838) was born Emanuele Conegliano, the son of a tanner in a Jewish ghetto near Venice. His father had the family baptized, changing their name to Da Ponte in honor of the local bishop, and enrolled his son in a seminary, where the young Da Ponte soon mastered Latin and the works of the great Italian poets.   (more)

  • Dagg, Stephanie

    Stephanie Dagg lives in West Cork and works as an editor. She has her own website with games, chat and talk about children's books.
  • Dale, Elizabeth

    ELIZABETH DALE studied physics and worked for many years in the health service. After her three daughters were born, she was re-introduced to children's books. Elizabeth lives in rural West Sussex. She has had over 1600 stories (teenage and adult) published all over the world, and has children's books published for Bloomsbury, Egmont, Andersen, Simon and Schuster and others.
  • Dale, Penny

    Penny Dale is a highly successful illustrator of children's books.
  • Daly, Jude

    Jude Daly was born in London and emigrated to South Africa as a young child. She went to art college in Cape Town, and now lives there with her husband, the writer and illustrator Niki Daly, and their two sons.
  • Daly, Mark

    Mark Daly is a writer and publisher with a longstanding interest in secret and little-known aspects of London. He has also devised a number of walking tours of unseen London. He lives in South Nutfield, Surrey.

  • Niki Daly

    Daly, Niki

    Niki Daly has won many awards for his exuberant work. His groundbreaking Not So fast Songololo (1986), winner of a U.S Parent's Choice Award, paved the way for post-apartheid South African children's books. Since then, he has been published across the globe and has visited and presented talks in several countries.   (more)

  • Damm, Antje

    Antje Damm was born in Wiesbaden, Germany in 1965 and now works as an architect in Nuremberg. She started writing children's books when her daughters, Leonie and Silja, were born, and now has several books published in Germany.
  • Damon, Emma

    Emma Damon trained at Manchester Art School, where she gained a first class honours degree, followed by an MA. Emma's interests iinclude fashion and textiles. She has worked for museums such as the Museum of Modern Art in San Francisco, and the V&A in London. She now lives near Melbourne, Australia.
  • Fiona Danks

    Danks, Fiona

    Fiona Danks did a degree in Ecology at Edinburgh University followed by a PGCE in Rural and Environmental Science at Bath College of Higher Education. She worked in environmental education for a number of years, first for the Shropshire Wildlife Trust and then for the Berkshire Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire Wildlife Trust, organizing training for teachers and taking groups of children out to nature reserves and other wild sites.   (more)

  • Dann, Penny

    Penny Dann is a successful children's illustrator.
  • Danner, Mark

    Mark Danner has written about foreign affairs and American politics for more than two decades. He was for many years a staff writer at The New Yorker and contributes frequently to The New York Review of Books, The New York Times Magazine, and other publications. He teaches at the University of California at Berkeley and at Bard College in New York.
  • Darwish, Najwan

    Born in Jerusalem in 1978, Najwan Darwish is one of the foremost Arabic-language poets of his generation. He has gained widespread acclaim for a body of work that both embodies and transcends the Palestinian struggle. Since the publication of his first collection in 2000, Darwish’s poetry has been translated into ten languages.   (more)

  • Prodeepta Das

    Das, Prodeepta

    Prodeepta Das was born in Cuttack, in eastern India. He is a freelance photographer and author whose pictures have been published in over 20 children's books. In 1991 Inside India, which he also wrote, won the Commonwealth Photographer's Award. Prodeepta's books for Frances Lincoln are P is for Pakistan, Prita Goes to India, K is for Korea, We are Britain!, Geeta's Day, I is for India, J is for Jamaica, Kamal Goes to Trinidad, P is for Poland, T is for Turkey, S is for South Africa, R is for Russia and B is for Bangladesh.
  • Keren David

    David, Keren

    Keren David was brought up in Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire and went to school in Hatfield. She left school at 18 and got a job as a messenger girl on a newspaper, then turned down a place to read English at university to take an apprenticeship as a junior reporter. She was freelancing as a reporter on the old Fleet Street by her mid-twenties and, after living and working in Scotland for two years, was appointed as a news editor on The Independent at the age of 27.   (more)

  • Davies, Caitlin

    Londoner Caitlin Davies has been swimming at the Heath ponds and Lido since she was a child. A writer, teacher and journalist, she is the author of three non-fiction books, four novels and several short stories.
  • Hunter Davies

    Davies, Hunter

    Hunter Davies is the author of over 30 books, many of them with a Lake District connection, as well as biographies of Wordsworth, Beatrix Potter and Eddie Stobart. His authorised biography of Wainwright appeared in 1995. He is married to the novelist and biographer Margaret Forster and they divide their time between London and their Lake District home in Loweswater.
  • Davies, James O.

    JAMES O. DAVIES has been an architectural photographer for English Heritage  for twenty three years. He has contributed to many books in that time and his work has been widely exhibited and published  throughout the world. He is also a portrait photographer, twice exhibiting in the National Portrait Gallery and having received various awards, including Nikon Independent Award, Ilford Award, and Jane Bown Portrait Award.   (more)

  • Davies, Nicola

    Nicola Davies trained as a zoologist. She worked as a presenter, assistant producer and writer for the BBC before becoming an author. She now writes non fiction and fiction, for children and adults, and is a senior lecturer in creative writing at Bath Spa University. Nicola has written many non fiction titles for BBC Worldwide, for Kingfisher and for Walker Books including several in the award winning 'Read and Wonder' series: ‘Big Blue Whale’, ‘Bat Loves the Night’, ‘One Tiny Turtle’, ‘Surprising Sharks’ and 'Ice Bear'.   (more)

  • Davis, Derek

    DEREK DAVIS has been a prominent figure in the Irish media for the past thirty years. A familiar household name, Derek presented RTÉ television's Live at Three with Thelma Mansfield for 11 years and is a regular guest presenter of RTÉ Radio 1's Liveline.
  • Davis, L.J

    L. J. Davis is an author and prizewinning journalist who has contributed to The New York Times, Mother Jones, and Harper's, among other publications. He was a Guggenheim Fellow and the winner of a National Magazine Award. He lives in Brooklyn, New York.
  • Davis, Lydia

    LYDIA DAVIS is the author of seven collections of stories, including Break It Down, Samuel Johnson Is Indignant, and, most recently, Can’t and Won’t, as well as one novel, The End of the Story. Her Collected Stories were published as a single volume in 2009, and in 2013 she was awarded an American Academy of Arts and Letters Award of Merit Medal for the Short Story, as well as the Man Booker International Prize.   (more)

  • Davison, Stephen

    STEPHEN DAVISON is a photographer with Pacemaker, Belfast. A road-racing enthusiast, he has followed the career of Joey Dunlop for many years, producing award-winning pics for specialist magazines, newspapers and TV.
  • Davison, Steve

    Steve Davison is a writer and photographer who has lived in Berkshire for over 20 years. He has written for a number of publications and specialises in writing about walking and European travel. He is also the author of the guidebook Walking in the Thames Valley (2008). A keen hill walker for many years and holder of a Mountain Leader (summer) Certificate, Steve has also worked as a part-time outdoor education instructor.   (more)

  • Dawson, Peter

    Peter Dawson ( has over 19 years experience in the UK design arena and co-founded his practice, Grade, in 2000. He has won a number of awards for his work including an ISTD Certificate of Excellence, and, most recently, Best Jacket/Cover Design at the 2010 British Book Design and Production Awards.   (more)

  • Day, Trevor

    Trevor Day trained as a zoologist and marine biologist before working for the United Nations Development Programme. He has written on whales, dolphins and porpoises in leading UK newspapers and magazines, including The Economist, Geographical and The Telegraph. He is also the author of numerous books on the subject.
  • Dazeley, Peter

    PETER DAZELEY FRPS, known as Dazeley, is a celebrated London photographer renowned for fine art and advertising  photography. He was born in West Kensington and studied photography at Holland Park School, now known as the Socialist Eton.  Being dyslexic he left school at 15 without any formal qualifications.  He feels his dyslexia is an asset because it gives him the ability to look at problems and objectives from a different point of view; he is a meticulous planner and imaginative problem solver.   (more)

  • de Balzac, Honore

    Honoré De Balzac (1799-1850) is generally credited as the inventor of the modern realistic novel. In more than ninety novels, he set forth French society and life as he saw it. He created a cast of over two thousand individual and identifiable characters, some of whom reappear in different novels. He organized his works into his masterpiece, La Comedie Humaine, which was the final result of his attempt to grasp the whole of society and experience into one varied but unified work.
  • de Custine, Astolphe

    Astolphe de Custine (1790-1857) was born at the onset of the French Revolution and died under the Second Empire. His father was guillotined and he and his mother barely survived the Terror. A poet and novelist of slight repute, Custine gained recognition with the publication of the travel books Spain under Ferdinand VII and Letters from Russia, an enduring analysis of the roots and character of Russian despotism.
  • Maria de Fatima Campos

    de Fatima Campos, Maria

    Maria de Fatima Campos was born in Brazil. She runs photographic workshops for both children and photographers, and held a one-woman show at the Museum of Image and Sound in Sao Paulo, Brazil. In 1995 she was elected Associate of the Royal Photographic Society. She lives in London.
  • de Goncourt, Edmond and Jules

    Edmond de Goncourt (1822–1896) and Jules de Goncourt (1830–1870) spent the majority of their lives in Paris. Having attended the finest schools, the Goncourts formed one of the most famous literary partnerships. After an unsuccessful novel and some attempts at drama, they began publishing books on various aspects of art and society in eighteenth-century France.   (more)

  • de Hamel, Christopher

    Christopher de Hamel has been Donnelley Fellow Librarian of Corpus Christi College, Cambridge, since 2000. From 1975 to 2000 he was responsible for all sales of medieval and illuminated manuscripts at Sotheby's, London. He has written many books on medieval manuscripts and the history of book collecting.
  • de Maria Cordero, Flor

    Flor de Maria Cordero is a Mexican photographer who lives with her family in Mexico City.
  • de Maupassant, Guy

    Guy de Maupassant (1850-1893), after serving in the Franco-Prussian War, became a close friend of Flaubert and his circle. He wrote hundreds of short stories as well as novels and verse. In his later years, he suffered from mental illness, and he died in an asylum.
  • de Montalier, Delphine

    Author and culinary stylist Delphine de Montalier contributes regularly to Glamour and Saveur. The author of several recipe books in her native France, this is her first book to be translated into English.

  • de Montherlant, Henry

    Henry de Montherlant (1896-1972) was one of the leading French writers of the twentieth century, and an Officer of the French Legion of Honor. His works include The Young Girls and The Bachelors, which was awarded the Grand Prix de Littérature de l'Académie Française and the English Northcliffe Prize.
  • de Moubray, Amicia

    Amicia de Moubray is a journalist and editor specialising in architecture, heritage and interiors.
  • de Paor, Louis

    LOUIS DE PAOR is one of the most celebrated poets of the Irish language. A former editor of the acclaimed Irish language journal Innti(founded by Michael Davitt, Nuala Ní Dhomhnaill, Liam Ó Muirthile and Gabriel Rosenstock), he is now the Director of the Centre for Irish Studies at the National University of Ireland, Galway.   (more)

  • de Segur, Philippe-Paul

    Philippe-Paul de Ségur (1780-1873) enlisted in the French cavalry in 1800 and served in many important campaigns and diplomatic missions with Napoleon. During his retirement he wrote the History of the Expedition to Russia Undertaken by the Emperor Napoleon in the Year 1812, which ran through many editions and was translated into several languages.
  • Deeley, Patrick

    Patrick Deeley is a teacher and poet. He has three books of poems to his name from Dedalus Press, with a fourth due next year. He also runs a workshop in Ballyfermot, specialising in children's poetry. Originally from Loughrea, County Galway, he has spent more than half his life teaching in Dublin.
  • del Valle-Inclan, Ramon

    RAMON DEL VALL-INCLAN (1866–1936) was born into an impoverished aristocratic family in a rural village in Galicia, Spain. Obedient to his father’s wishes, he studied law in Compostela, but after his father’s death in 1889 he moved to Madrid to work as a journalist and critic. In 1892 Valle-Inclán traveled to Mexico, where he remained for more than a year.   (more)

  • Delany, Ronnie

    Ronnie Delany lives in Carrickmines in Dublin. He is married with four children and 15 grandchildren. He established his own marketing consultancy firm in 1988 and holds multiple honorary memberships including the Freedom of Dublin, and life membership of the Royal Dublin Society. He is also president of the Irish Olympians Association.
  • deLeiris, Lucia

    Lucia deLeiris is an American painter who has exhibited her work widely throughout the US. A zoologist by training, she combines science and art in her work. The illustrator of Natural History of the Antarctic Peninsular, her work for children includes posters for National Geographic, two Dover Colouring Books, and classroom materials for the US Department of Fish and Wildlife.
  • Delpech, Sylvie

    Sylvie Delpech studied history of art, and then spent many years in Italy where she worked with new imaging technologies for television. Since returning to France, she has devoted her time to photography and to editorial projects such as children's books on art. She lives in Paris, France.

  • Dembo, Margot

    Margot Bettauer Dembo has translated Judith Hermann, Robert Gernhardt, Joachim Fest, Ödön von Horváth, Feridun Zaimoglu, and Hermann Kant, among other authors. She was awarded the Goethe-Institut/Berlin Translator’s Prize in 1994 and the Helen and Kurt Wolff Translator’s Prize in 2003.   (more)

  • Demirbilek, Nur

    Associate Professor Nur Demirbilek BArch, MArch, PhD in BldSci METU Associate Professor in Architecture, Faculty of Built Environment and Engineering, Queensland University of Technology - Australia
  • Demirbilek, Oya

    Dr. Oya Demirbilek BID and MSc BldSci METU; PhD Bilkent; PhD Marmara University, Grad. Cert. in UL&T UNSW. Industrial Design Program Head at the Faculty of the Built Environment, University of New South Wales - Australia
  • Denon, Vivant

    Vivant Denon (1747-1825) was a French artist, writer, diplomat, author, and archaeologist. He was appointed first director of the Louvre Museum by Napoleon after the Egyptian campaign of 1798-1801.
  • Dent, Sarah

    Sarah Dent is archaeological curator and education officer at Dublinia
  • Mark Denton

    Denton, Mark

    Mark Denton is one of Britain's finest young landscape photographers, his work drawing praise from leading professionals. His work principally covers the north of England and has been used by clients worldwide. He is the author of London: the 100 Greatest Panoramas (Constable) and Yorkshire Moors and Wolds (9780711228245) and Edinburgh (9780711228764) for Frances Lincoln.   (more)

  • Denyer, Susan

    Susan Denyer is World Heritage Adviser for the International Council on Monuments and Sites (ICOMOS), Paris, and Secretary of ICOMOS-UK. During the years she worked for the National Trust she was closely involved with the restoration of the Hill Top interior, and helped to set up the Beatrix Potter Gallery in Hawkshead.   (more)

  • Deoora, Tajinder

    Tajinder Deoora is a qualified osteopath who has studied and practiced osteopathic medicine for over 15 years. She has been the osteopathic adviser to the National Association for Health and Exercise, a member of the osteopathic team for the British Judo Association, and has lectured and written numerous articles and papers on the subject.   (more)

  • Dery, Tibor

    Tibor Dery (1894—1977) was born in Budapest. He was imprisoned in 1943 for translating Andre Gide’s diary, and after being dispelled from the Communist Party in 1953, began writing satires of the Hungarian regime. A spokesman during the Hungarian Revolt of 1956, Dery was arrested and sentenced to nine years of prison for his writings and political activities.   (more)

  • Devlin, Polly

    Polly Devlin is an author, journalist, broadcaster, film-maker, art critic and conservationist. Once the Features editor for Vogue, she worked with David Bailey, Lord Snowdon and other famous photographers, and interviewed Bob Dylan, John Lennon, Andy Warhol and other major figures of the 1960s.   (more)

  • Devonshire, Deborah, Dowager Duchess of

    Deborah, Dowager Duchess of Devonshire is the youngest of the seven children of the second Baron Redesdale and sister of the writers Nancy and Jessica Mitford and Diana Mosley. The Duke and Duchess lived at Chatsworth from 1950 on and lovingly restored the house and gardens.
  • Dexter, Gary

    Gary Dexter is the writer of a long-running column for the Sunday Telegraph.
  • Di Tommaso, Lisa

    Lisa Di Tommaso has been an Assistant Librarian in the Library of the Natural History Museum, London for over five years, where she has worked with the Earth Sciences, Zoological and General collections. She has a great interest in the Library’s extensive art collection, and particularly its Australian works.   (more)

  • Didion, Joan

    Joan Didion is the author of The Year of Magical Thinking and We Tell Ourselves Stories in Order to Live: Collected Nonfiction.(December 2008)
  • Dillon, Eilis

    Eilís Dillon (1920-1994) wrote more than thirty books for young people, as well as fiction for adults, including the best-selling historical novel Across the Bitter Sea, about the struggle for Irish independence in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. With few exceptions, her young people's books are set in the west of Ireland, in small communities struggling to make a living on the islands and along the Atlantic coast.   (more)

  • Helen Dillon

    Dillon, Helen

    Helen Dillon comes from Perthshire in Scotland and has been living in Ireland with her husband, Val, for the past 34 years. Much sought after as an author, broadcaster and garden consultant, she lectures frequently in the United States and New Zealand as well as all over Britain. She has also travelled extensively in order to study plants in Nepal, China, South America, South Africa and New Zealand.   (more)

  • Dillon, Paddy

    Paddy Dillon is a freelance outdoor writer specialising in Ireland and Britain. He is the author of many articles and guidebooks including The National Trails of Britain and Ireland, The Mountains of Ireland, The Irish Coast to Coast Walk, Exploring the North of Ireland, and Exploring the South of Ireland.   (more)

  • Dinescu, Dan

    Bucharest-born Dan Dinescu is best known for his marvellous documentation of Maramures, a region in north-west Romania where life stayed unchanged for centuries. Over the course of 25 years, he has captured the people and places of this remote country in luminous, memorable images.
  • Dinnage, Rosemary

    Rosemary Dinnage's books include The Ruffian on the Stair, One to One: Experiences of Psychotherapy, and Annie Besant.
  • Dinnis, Rob

    Rob Dinnis is an Early Career Fellow at the University of Edinburgh. He studies Classics, History and Archaeology, and his research includes the use of chronometric data in archaeological reconstructions.

  • Ann Dinsdale

    Dinsdale, Ann

    Ann Dinsdale is the librarian of the Brontë Parsonage Museum in Haworth, West Yorkshire, home of the world's largest collection of Bronteana. She writes and lectures on aspects of the Brontës' lives and has a particular interest in social conditions in mid-19th-century Haworth.
  • Graham Diprose

    Diprose, Graham

    Graham Diprose is Lead Tutor in Photography in the School of Graphic Design, at the London College of Communication, the largest college in The University of the Arts, London. Having spent many years as an advertising photographer, he now works with undergraduate and postgraduate students developing skills in all areas of applied and experimental digital and craft photography. Always interested in digital photography, Graham`s first capture was in eight black and white tones on a BBC Micro in 1984! A more recent picture at 248 million pixel of Gas Street Basin, Birmingham was until recently, the largest digital photograph in the world shot from a single lens position. Graham has been a Co-partner in Londons Found Riverscape since its inception and was involved in making the 1997 panorama, exhibitions at City Hall and Museum of London and the publication of London`s Riverscape - Lost and Found . Over the past decade he has also worked with digital photographer, Jeff Robins to produce a series of over 60 past and present images of the River Thames for their project "…in the footsteps of Henry Taunt" The hardback book of the project "River Thames Revisited" was published in October 2007 by Frances Lincoln and has accompanied an national exhibition with English Heritage as a co-partner which was also launched in October 2004 at River & Rowing Museum, Henley and will tour for some years to come. Jeff Robins and Graham have also been invited to write a new text-book of photography for Thames and Hudson, to be published in the UK and USA in 2011.
  • Dirda, Michael

    Michael Dirda is the author of two collections of essays, Readings and Bound to Please, the memoir An Open Book, and, most recently, Book by Book: Notes on Reading and Life. In 1993 he received the Pulitzer Prize for his reviews and essays in The Washington Post Book World. Before drifting into journalism, Dirda earned a Ph.D.   (more)

  • Dixon, Dougal

    Dougal Dixon is an internationally recognised authority on dinosaurs. He is the author of more than 100 books about dinosaurs, geology and evolution, a number of them for younger readers. He has served as a special advisor for programmes and motion pictures about dinosaurs in the United States, UK and Japan.   (more)

  • Dobbs, Kildare

    Kildare Dobbs was an award-winning essayist and poet, author of some 16 books including Running in Paradise, for which he was given the Governor General's Award. He was born in India to Irish parents and for many years has been Canadian. His work has been widely anthologized, and in 2000 he was invested with the Order of Ontario.   (more)

  • Berlie Doherty

    Doherty, Berlie

    Berlie Doherty has written many books for young people and has twice won the Carnegie Medal. Her titles include Willa and Old Miss Annie which was Highly Commended for the 1995 Carnegie Medal.

    To visit Berlie Doherty's website click here

  • Dolin, Stacie

    Stacie Dolin is a bookbinder and consummate crafter located in Arlington, MA. After working in the silkscreen industry for a number of years, she moved to Boston to study bookbinding at the North Bennet Street School. She now teaches numerous bookbinding workshops and does independent binding and book repair.   (more)

  • Dollar, Steve

    Steve Dollar writes about pop culture for a variety of publications, including Newsday, the New York Sun, Time Out Chicago, Stereophile, and Print. His articles also have appeared in GQ, the Wall Street Journal, and the Oxford American. He writes about jazz and other enthusiasms online at   (more)

  • Don, Lari

    LARI DON was born in Chile, but has spent most of her life in Scotland. She is a writer and storyteller who spends much of her time working with schools and festivals throughout Scotland. She has had eight books published, including the First Aid for Fairies trilogy, Tam O'Shanter, The Mountain's Blood and Rocking Horse War.   (more)

  • Doniger, Wendy

    Wendy Doniger is the Mircea Eliade Distinguished Service Professor of the History of Religions at the University of Chicago.
  • Donoghue, Denis

    Denis Donoghue is University Professor at NYU, where he holds the Henry James Chair of English and American Letters. He is the author of The Practice of Reading, Words Alone: The Poet T.S. Eliot, and, most recently, The American Classics. (October 2006)
  • Donohue, David

    David Donohue has enjoyed a wide and varied career in music and film. Born in Carlow in 1961, he left Ireland in the mid-eighties for New York. There he became the US correspondent for Hot Press Magazine, interviewing among others, James Brown, Lou Reed, Paul Simon, David Bowie, John Cage etc.

    David went on to produce two highly acclaimed music documentaries: Put Blood in the Music, a quirky look at the New York downtown music scene of the late eighties, and Words for the Dying, which won the 'best documentary' award at the 1991 Ontorio film festival.   (more)

  • Donovan, Anna

    Anna Donovan, a former teacher, lives in Dublin and is the author of several books for young people.
  • Doolan, Catherine

    Catherine Doolan is a primary teacher in a small rural school in Co Offaly. She teaches 9-12 year olds. Catherine is married with three young children. Bad Hair Day, Panda No. 22, is her first book.
  • Doorley, Tom

    Once a teacher in St Columba's, and then a freelance journalist and TV celebrity food critic, TOM DOORLEY now writes a popular restaurant column for The Irish Times. He also hosts a Saturday evening programme on RTÉ Radio 1 called ‘Food Talk’. This is his first book.
  • Jill Dow

    Dow, Jill

    Jill Dow trained at the Royal College of Art. She now works as a freelance illustrator specializing in natural history. She is a keen gardener and is particularly passionate about growing vegetables organically. Jill regularly attends events in libraries and schools in her area. She lives in Stirling, Scotland.
  • Dowding, Charles

    Charles Dowding grew up on a dairy farm in Somerset. After graduating from Cambridge he worked for a hotel in the Inner Hebrides before starting to grow organic vegetables commercially on the family farm in the early 1980s. In 1990 he left behind what was by then a large market garden to live in France and Zambia.   (more)

  • Downie, David

    David Downie is a native San Franciscan, but has called Paris home since 1986. His travel, food, and arts features have appeared in more than fifty magazines and newspapers worldwide. His books include Food Wine The Italian Riviera & Genoa, The Irreverent Guide to Amsterdam, Enchanted Liguria, and the critically acclaimed Cooking the Roman Way.
  • Malachy Doyle

    Doyle, Malachy

    MALACHY DOYLE is a prize-winning author of over 90 books for children of all ages. His stories have been translated into 23 different languages. He lives on a tiny island off the north-west coast of Ireland. Blast Off! is Malachy's fourth QED Storytime book, after Albert and Sarah Jane, Digger and Lew and Danny, the Duck with No Quack.

  • Drake, Christopher

    Christopher Drake is a photographer specializing in interiors. His photographs have appeared in magazines including Country Living, World of Interiors, Victoria and many other publications around the world. Brought up in South America and Norway he now lives in London.
  • Duchars, Sara

    Sara Duchars and Sarah Marks founded Buttonbag in 2005, a young innovative company breathing new life into old crafts by updating them in a fresh, contemporary way. They have graduated from a stall at London's Greenwich market to a network of more than 20
  • Duerden, Frank

    Frank Duerden wrote walking guides to many areas of Britain, including the Lake District, the Pennines, Snowdonia, the Yorkshire Dales and the Peak District.
  • Duff, Charles

    Charles Duff (1894-1966) served as an officer in the British Merchant Navy during World War I and then in the intelligence division of the Foreign Office and Diplomatic Service. After retiring, he taught linguistics and languages in London and Singapore while writing travel guides, histories, satires, and a series of text books.
  • Duffy, Allison Carroll

    Allison Carroll Duffy is a Master Food Preserver, trained through the University of Maine Cooperative Extension. She holds a Master’s degree in Gastronomy from Boston University and teaches canning and preserving classes and workshops. She has written about food for various publications including the Boston Globe and Backpacker magazine.   (more)

  • Duffy, Bruce

    Bruce Duffy was born in Washington, D.C., the son of Irish American parents. His novels include The World as I Found It and Last Comes the Egg. He is the recipient of a Guggenheim Fellowship, a Whiting Award, and the Lila Wallace-Reader's Digest Award. He lives in Maryland.
  • Duggan, Barry

    Barry Duggan began his career in journalism when Limerick was hitting the headlines for all the wrong reasons.

    As Mid-Western correspondent with Independent Newspapers, he is well placed to witness and chronicle a decade of Limerick's troubles.

  • Dugliss-Wesselman, Stacey

    Stacey Dugliss-Wesselman launched Cold Spring Apothecary (, a line of health, beauty, and home products that adhere to sustainable practices for people and the planet. At Cold Spring Apothecary, everything is made in small batches in Cold Spring, New York, by Stacey herself.   (more)

  • Dun, Kathryn

    Kathryn Dun is Honorary Secretary for the Sheep Veterinary Society. She qualified as a vet at the Royal School of Veterinary Studies in Edinburgh in 1992. She returned to the school in 1994 and works there as a farm vet in the farm animal teaching practice. While on duty there in 1997, she assisted with the delivery of Dolly, the famous cloned sheep.   (more)

  • Joyce Dunbar

    Dunbar, Joyce

    Joyce Dunbar was born and brought up in Lincolnshire. She taught English for 20 years before becoming a full-time writer. Her books for children include This is the Star, which in 1996 became a world-wide best-seller, and Mundo and the Weatherchild, which was runner-up for the 1985 Guardian Children's Fiction Award.   (more)

  • Polly Dunbar

    Dunbar, Polly

    Polly Dunbar was born in Stratford upon Avon. Daughter of children's author Joyce Dunbar, Polly first started illustrating when she was 16 and has a degree in Illustration at the University of Brighton. Polly's books for Frances Lincoln are Down the Back of the Chair, Measuring Angels, Looking After Louis and Bubble Trouble.   (more)

  • Dunbar, Robert

    Robert Dunbar is a lecturer in English and children's literature, presents a weekly radio programme on children's books, and reviews children's books for Rattlebag on Radio One, The Irish Times and magazines.

    Robert recently received the Children's Books Ireland award for services to Irish children's literature.

  • Dunn, James

    James Dunn's family comes from Scotland, Ireland, England and Wales. He grew up in the Scottish Highlands and lives in North London, where he works in publishing. When it comes to sport he is not one of those who supports Scotland and whoever's playing against England. This is his first book.
  • Opal Dunn

    Dunn, Opal

    Opal Dunn is widely known as a specialist in books on early first and second language development. She has been a consultant to the Council of Europe on children's bilingual education and acts as consultant to the British Council's LearnEnglish Parents programme. She has been short-listed for the Eleanor Farjeon award for services to children's literature and in 2008 received the Japanese Order of the Rising Sun for over 30 years work with bilingual Japanese children. Opal's books for Frances Lincoln are Acker Backa Boo, El Gato Leo Goes to School, El Gato Leo Comes to Play, Leo le Chat Goes to School, Leo le Chat Comes to Play, Hippety-hop, Hippety-hay, Un Deux Trois and Number Rhymes to Say and Play. She lives in South London.
  • Dupin, Olivia

    Olivia Dupin is a private chef, recipe developer, and consultant and is a graduate of the Culinary Institute of America. Since being diagnosed with Celiac Disease (gluten intolerance) in 2009, she has been committed to creating simple, delicious gluten-free recipes so that those with restrictions can still enjoy the foods they love.   (more)

  • Dworkin, Ronald

    Ronald Dworkin is Frank Henry Sommer Professor of Law and Philosophy at NYU and Jeremy Bentham Professor of Law and Philosophy at University College London. His books include Is Democracy Possible Here? (2006), Justice in Robes, Sovereign Virtue: The Theory and Practice of Equality, and Freedom's Law.   (more)

  • Dyer, Geoff

    Geoff Dyer is the author of three novels, a critical study of John Berger, and four genre-defying books. He lives in London.
  • Dyer, Sarah

    Sarah Dyer was born in Brighton in 1978. She moved to London to study a BA in Illustration at Kingston University. Her first book Five Little Fiends, which won the 2001 Smarties Bronze Award, started as a project in the second year of University. Her favourite medium to work in is oil pastels, ink, pencils and collage.   (more)

  • Dyson, Freeman

    Freeman Dyson has spent most of his life as a professor of physics at the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton, taking time off to advise the US government and write books for the general public. He was born in England and worked as a civilian scientist for the Royal Air Force during World War II.   (more)

  • East, Helen

    Helen East was born in Sri Lanka and has since lived and travelled all over the world teaching, performing and writing. She became a professional storyteller in 1979. She has written a series for the BBC World Service entitled Everyday Science. She lives in London.
  • Ebert, Roger

    Roger Ebert is the Pulitzer Prize-winning film critic of the Chicago Sun-Times. He has also been the co-host of many successful national television programs. He resides in Chicago, Illinois.
  • Edmonds, William

    William Edmonds is a former teacher who has been gardening professionally since 1998. Apart from looking after his own classic cottage garden at Rodmell, he has been managing the kitchen garden (now allotments) at Monk’s House (the former home of the Woolfs and now a National Trust property) for the past thirty years and was for ten years the chairman of the RHS (Rodmell Horticultural Society).   (more)

  • Edwards, G. B.

    Gerald Basil Edwards (1899-1976) was born in Vale Parish on the Channel Island of Guernsey and lived there until joining the Royal Guernsey Light Infantry in 1917. He attended Bristol University for several years, though he does not seem to have graduated. By the late 1920s Edwards was living in London, where he taught literature and drama at a number of institutions, including Toynbee Hall, and became acquainted with the writers J.S.   (more)

  • Edwards, Katie

    Katie Edwards is an exhibition interpretation manager at the Natural History Museum, London and has developed the content for exhibitions covering the life and earth sciences.

  • Edwards, Richard

    Richard Edwards was born in Tonbridge, Kent, and has since lived in Italy, France and Spain. He is an acclaimed writer for children and has written over 20 picture books and books of poetry for children. He divides his time between Edinburgh and Barcelona.
  • Eggers, Dave

    Dave Eggers is the editor of McSweeney’s and the author of three books: A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius, which was a finalist for the Pulitzer Prize; You Shall Know Our Velocity, a novel; and Visitants, a collection of short stories. He lives in California.
  • Ehle, John

    JOHN EHLE (b. 1925) grew up the eldest of five children in the mountains of North Carolina, which would become the setting for many of his novels and several works of nonfiction. Following service in World War II, Ehle received his BA and MA at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, where he met the playwright Paul Green and began writing plays for the NBC  radio series American Adventure.   (more)

  • Eisenberg, Deborah

    Deborah Eisenberg is the author of four collections of short stories and a play. She is the winner of the 2000 Rea Award for the Short Story, a Whiting Writers' Award, a Lannan Foundation Fellowship, and five O. Henry Awards. She lives in New York City.
  • Ekin, Des

    Des Ekin is an Assistant Editor with The Sunday World. As well as researching investigative news articles, he writes a popular column that reaches more than a million readers every weekend. He was born in County Down, Northern Ireland and spent a decade reporting on Troubles in Northern Ireland before moving to Dublin, where he now lives with his wife and three children.
  • Ekserdjian, David

    David Ekserdjian has been Professor of History of Art and Film at the University of Leicester since 2004. Currently a Trustee of the National Gallery and of Tate, and a member of the Reviewing Committee on the Export of Works of Art, he is the author of numerous publications, including Correggio (1997), Parmigianino (2006) and Alle Origini della Natura Morta (2007).   (more)

  • El Dash, Khaled

    Khaled El Dash has 10 years experience with photography in television, conventional, digital, advertising, commercial and media fields. He is also the Cameraman and Lighting Manager for the Egyptian Satellite Channel. He lives in Cairo, Egypt.
  • Elborough, Travis

    TRAVIS ELBOROUGH has been a freelance writer, author, and cultural commentator for more than a decade. His books include The Bus We Loved: London’s Affair with the Routemaster, Wish You Were Here: England on Sea and London Bridge in America. With Bob Stanley from the band Saint Etienne, he co-wrote the script for How We Used to Live, a BFI London archive film directed by Paul Kelly, that premiered at the 2013 London Film Festival.   (more)

  • Elliott, Brent

    Dr Brent Elliott is librarian and archivist to the Royal Horticultural Society and author of numerous articles and books. He has written introductions and captions to the RHS diaries since 1993. He is based in London.
  • Charles Elliott

    Elliott, Charles

    Charles Elliott is an editor and writer who lives in London and gardens in Monmouth near the Welsh border. He is a regular contributor to Horticulture magazine, and has been a magazine editor and senior editor for Alfred A. Knopf in New York. He has written several books, including The Potting Shed Papers and More Papers from the Potting Shed.   (more)

  • Elliott, Kirsten

    Kirsten Elliott has been giving tours of Bath to visitors from all over the world since 1985. Among the tours are those she devised for Bath International Music Festival and Bath Literature Festival. She has published widely in magazines and newspapers and has written two guidebooks to Bath and its surrounding area.   (more)

  • Elphick, Jonathan

    Jonathan Elphick is a natural history author, editor and consultant who specialises in ornithology. During a career spanning almost 40 years, he has worked on many books, including the award-winning Birdwatcher's Handbook and Birds: The Art of Ornithology.
  • Lesley Ely

    Ely, Lesley

    Lesley Ely is an experienced headteacher who has taught autistic children in mainstream schools. She lives in Northamptonshire. Her books for Frances Lincoln are Measuring Angels and Looking After Louis.
  • Emerson, Caryl

    Caryl Emerson is A. Watson Armour III Professor of Slavic Languages and Literatures at Princeton University.
  • Engel, Monroe

    Monroe Engel was Lionel Trilling's editor at the Viking Press in 1947, when The Middle of the Journey was published. He is the author of five novels, including Fish and Statutes of Limitations, and a study of Dickens. He was for more than thirty years a member of the Harvard English Department.
  • Entrican, David

    David Entrican is a professional landscape photographer living in Devon. Working with a specialist panoramic film camera and slow speed film, his photographs exhibit outstanding detail and vibrant colours. His first book A Year On Dartmoor is also published by Frances Lincoln
  • Epstein, Barbara

    Barbara Epstein (1928–2006) worked in publishing and at The Partisan Review before becoming editor of The New York Review of Books in 1963. She began her publishing career at Doubleday & Co., where she served as junior editor after graduating from Radcliffe College in 1949. She was born Barbara Zimmerman in Boston, Massachusetts.
  • Epstein, Helen

    Helen Epstein is an independent consultant and writer specializing in public health in developing countries, and an adjunct assistant professor at the Columbia University School of International and Public Affairs. She has advised numerous organizations, including the United States Agency for International Development, the World Bank, Human Rights Watch, and UNICEF.   (more)

  • Eshref, Hussein

    Hussein Eshref is an osteopath. His practice is based in Bounds Green, North London.
  • Esterhazy, Peter

    Péter Esterházy is one of the most widely known contemporary Hungarian writers. His award-winning works have been published in more than twenty languages.
  • Suzi Eszterhas

    Eszterhas, Suzi

    California-based wildlife photographer Suzi Eszterhas spends nine months of the year photographing a wide variety of wildlife in the field. In recent years, she has specialized in documenting family life and has become well known for her unprecedented work with newborn animals. Although Suzi works primarily in Africa, she has undertaken commissions and led instructional photography tours and workshops everywhere from Antarctica and the Arctic to Alaska and Montana.

  • Euripides,

    Euripides (c. 485-406 BCE) Of his ninety-two plays, eighteen survive--more than twice as many as survive from any other Greek tragedian. They include: Medea, Andromache, Cyclops, Electra, The Trojan Woman, Helen, The Phoenician Women Orestes, and The Bacchae.
  • Evans, Mike

    MIKE EVANS is the author of Neil Young—The Definitive History (Sterling, 2012), The Art of BritishRock (Frances Lincoln, 2013), Woodstock—Three Days That Rocked The World (Sterling, 2010), BowieTreasures (Carlton, 2014), The Beatles—Literary Anthology (Plexus, 2004), the acclaimed The Art Of The Beatles (Frederick Muller, 1984), and Elvis: A Celebration (Dorling Kindersley, 2002), a bestselling collaboration with the Presley estate.   (more)

  • Evans, Richard

    Richard Evans is Regius Professor of History and President of Wolfson College, Cambridge. His books include Death in Hamburg, Rituals of Retribution, In Defense of History, In Hitler's Shadow and The Third Reich Trilogy, a three-volume history of the Third Reich consisting of The Coming of the Third Reich, The Third Reich in Power, and The Third Reich at War.   (more)

  • Franzeska G Ewart

    Ewart, Franzeska G

    Franzeska lives in the village of Lochwinnoch in Renfrewshire, where she enjoys the wildlife, especially in the RSPB bird reserve. She's written over 25 books for children, and often uses shadow theatre to help people of all ages with their writing. She was Royal Literary Fund Writing Fellow at the University of the West of Scotland in Ayr, helping students with their academic writing.   (more)

  • Fahy, Bernadette

    Bernadette Fahy spent much of her childhood in Goldenbridge Orphanage. Now she is a therapist specialising in helping people overcome a childhood in care.
  • Fallows, Laurie

    Laurie Fallows has been a teacher and school inspector all his life. For 50 years he has conducted guided walks for the National Parks, and for educational and recreational organisations in Northern Britain. He lives in Windermere.
  • Falvey, Pat

    PAT FALVEY is an Irish mountaineer who has twice been to each of the highest peaks on the seven continents. An author, motivational speaker and film maker, he is the executive producer of The Summit (Image Now Films and Pat Falvey Productions, 2012) which portrays on screen the story told in this book.

  • Farjado, Sara

    Sara Farjado has studied at the Photography Centre in Lima, Peru. Her photographs have been published in several national newspapers and magazines in Peru.
  • Farjeon, Eleanor

    Eleanor Farjeon came from a family of famous people – her father was a novelist, her grandfather an actor and her three brothers became well known as composers, novelists and producers. Her first book was published in 1916, a collection of poems called Nursery Rhymes of London Town. Her next book Martin Pippin in the Apple Orchard made her famous as a writer for children.   (more)

  • Farmer, Addy

    Addy Farmer is a children's writer and teacher. She is networks co-ordinator for the Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators and regional co-ordinator for the SCBWI in the North East. Her story for early readers, Grandad's Bench, was published by Walker Books in 2008. She lives in Lincolnshire.
  • Farnham, Paul

    Paul Farnham learnt the art of fashion photography by working alongside the likes of Bryan Adams, Annie Liebowitz and Brigitte Lacombe. He now has an impressive portfolio of clients including Burberry, Oyster and Dansk. Paul’s renowned ability to make his models feel relaxed in front of the camera was fully tested by the unique demands of applying fashion photography techniques to some unusual catwalk models in Beautiful Sheep.
  • Farquharson, Polly

    Born in London, Polly Farquharson studied Fine Art at Goldsmiths College of Art. She then spent three years living in Italy working as an artist and translator. Between 1991 and 2003 she was a freelance photographer based in London, regularly contributing photographs of gardens, interiors, people and still life to magazines such as ‘World of Interiors’, ‘Casa Vogue’, 'Elle Decoration', ‘Blueprint’, ‘Wallpaper’, ‘Gardens Illustrated’, ‘The Guardian’ and 'The Times'.   (more)

  • Fathers, David

    DAVID FATHERS is the creator of beautifully illustrated walking guide books to the waterways of London. These include 'The Regent's Canal' and 'The London Thames Path'. An avid walker and artist, he is constantly looking to for new ways to map London and to encourage others to see parts of the metropolis from different perspectives.   (more)

  • Fawcett, Rupert

    Cartoonist RUPERT FAWCETT began creating cartoons with a specific dog theme in response to a request from a greetings card manufacture. Rupert set himself the challenge of drawing a new cartoon every day and Off the Leash was born and is now a worldwide phenomenon. Off the Leash The Secret Life of Dogs (Boxtree, October 2013) is a best-seller and has been sold in the USA (Saint Martin’s Press) as well foreign language editions in Finland, Italy, Czechoslovakia and Germany.   (more)

  • Fay, Eliza

    Little is known about Eliza Fay (1756-1816); even her maiden name is a mystery. She is thought to have been born in Blackheath, England and her father may have been a sailor. It is possible that she trained as a dressmaker. She married an Irish attorney with whom she traveled to India, but separated from him a few years after their arrival in Calcutta and returned to England.   (more)

  • Fearing, Kenneth

    Kenneth Fearing (1902-1961) was born in Oak Park, Illinois. His parents divorced when he was a year old, and he was raised mainly by his aunt. After studying at the University of Wisconsin, Fearing moved to New York City where he began a career as a poet and was active in leftist politics. In the Twenties and Thirties, he published regularly in The New Yorker and Poetry and helped found The Partisan Review, while also working as an editor, journalist, and speechwriter and turning out a good deal of pulp fiction, including pornography.   (more)

  • Fedor, John

    John Fedor is a native New Englander who trained as a biochemist and now gardens in the north-east of the USA. He relies on modern organic gardening practice and also seeks out tried and proven, but often forgotten, historical gardening techniques.
  • Feeney, Brian

    Brian Feeney, a political columnist with the Irish News, is a leading nationalist commentator and frequent broadcaster on Northern Ireland affairs. He was an SDLP councillor for sixteen years. He is co-author of Lost Lives: the story of the men, women and children killed in the Northern Ireland troubles.   (more)

  • Derek Fell

    Fell, Derek

    Derek Fell is the author of several books on artists' gardens, including Monet's, Van Gogh's and Renoir's, as well as many gardening books.
  • Fellowes, Julian

    Julian Fellowes, actor, writer, director, producer, was educated at Ampleforth, Magdalene College, Cambridge and Webber Douglas Academy of Dramatic Art. He trained in repertory theatre at Northampton and Harrogate. As an actor he is probably best known for his portrayal of the incorrigible Lord Kilwillie in the BBC's 'Monarch of the Glen', as well as film roles in 'Shadowlands' with Anthony Hopkins, 'Damage' with Jeremy Irons and 'Tomorrow Never Dies' with Pierce Brosnan.   (more)

  • Feneon, Felix

    Félix Fénéon (1861–1944) was born in Turin (his father was a traveling salesman), raised in Burgundy, and came to Paris after placing first in a competitive exam for jobs in the War Office. He was employed as a clerk there for thirteen years, rising to chief clerk, and was considered a model employee.   (more)

  • Ferguson, Euan

    For the last four-and-a-half years, Euan Ferguson has been the principal bars and pubs writer for Time Out London. Every week, he travels all over the city to anonymously review cocktail bars, real-ale inns, gastropubs and hip drinking spots. As part of his role he is also Time Out’s deputy chief sub editor.   (more)

  • Fernald, Karin

    KARIN FERNALD is a RADA-trained actor. She researches and writes her own material to recreate characters and historical periods. Her subjects include Jane Austen, Queen Victoria, Fanny Burney, Florence Nightingale, Hans Christian Andersen, Dr Samuel Johnson, Virginia Woolf, Hester Thrale, Benjamin Robert Haydon and Perdita Robinson.   (more)

  • Fernández, Francisco

    Francisco Fernández is Professor of Photography at Granada University. His photographs are widely exhibited and they are in the permanent collections of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, and the Fine Arts Museum, Santander. He lives in Granada.
  • Fernyhough, Kate

    Kate Fernyhough is a licensed physiotherapist with 20 years of experience and is also a Body Control Pilates instructor in the U.K. She works with Lynne Robinson as a medical consultant.

  • Fewer, Michael

    Michael Fewer is an architect, environmentalist and writer whose published work over the last twenty years has included 14 books on subjects varying from architectural history and travel to walking and nature guides. His most recent books are Walking across Ireland, the story of a walking journey across Ireland at the turn of the millennium and (as co-author with Maurice Craig), The New Neighbourhood of Dublin, a history of the architecture of County Dublin.
  • Fichter, Robert W.

    Robert W. Fichter is Professor of Art at Florida State University. His photography has appeared in numerous exhibitions and books.
  • Fili, Louise

    Louise Fili is a graphic designer specializing in logo, package, restaurant, type, and book design. She was art director of Pantheon Books from 1978 to 1989, where she designed more than 2000 book jackets. She has received awards from every major design competition, has taught and lectured on graphic design and typography, and her work is in the permanent collection of the Library of Congress, the Coooper Hewitt Museum, and the Bibliotheque Nationale.   (more)

  • Filler, Martin

    Martin Filler is the architecture critic of House & Garden and a frequent contributor to The New York Review of Books and The New Republic. He is the co-author, with Olivier Bossiere, of The Vitra Design Museum: Frank Gehry, Architect.
  • Francis Firebrace

    Firebrace, Francis

    Francis Firebrace is a 'Wirrigan man', a name given to a wise Aboriginal elder whose songs, including traditional didgeridoo, retell the old stories and speak of freeing the spirit. He is one of Australia's foremost Aboriginal storytellers who has been 'yarning' since he can't remember when and performing at schools, festivals and theatres.   (more)

  • Fischer-Rizzi, Susanne

    Susanne Fischer-Rizzi is a traditional healer, herbal expert and outdoor specialist. She is a lecturer at ARVEN in Sulzberg, Germany, her school for medicinal plants, aromatherapy and wilderness wisdom, and she has also been imparting her knowledge in seminars, workshops and lectures for over 30 years.   (more)

  • Fishel, Catharine

    Catharine Fishel specializes in working with and writing about designers and related industries. Her writing has appeared in many leading publications, including PRINT, Communication Arts, Graphis, ID, and many others. She is editor of the website and is the author of books including Paper Graphics, Minimal Graphics, Redesigning Identity, The Perfect Package, Designing for Children, LogoLounge I-VI, the LogoLounge Master Library series, and How to Grow as a Graphic Designer.   (more)

  • Fisher, Celia

    Celia Fisher is both an art historian and a plantswoman. At the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, she researched the uses of plants worldwide before going on to study at the Courtauld Institute. There she specialised in the history of plants in art. She now lectures and identifies flowers in artworks for galleries and art historians.   (more)

  • Fisher, Chris

    Chris Fisher has illustrated around 65 books including Nonsense Nursery Rhymes (for which he received the Play and Learn Gold Award in 1998) and The Snow Dragon for which he received a Kate Greenaway Medal nomination in 2000.
  • Fisher, Robert I.C.

    ROBERT I.C. FISHER’s interest in Italian history and culture began while studying the Renaissance at New York’s Institute of Fine Arts. Escape to the Amalfi Coast was published in 1999 and he has since edited travel guides to Rome, Naples, and Florence (Fodor’s Travel).   (more)

  • Fitzgerald, Nita

    Nita Fitzgerald is a primary school teacher who remembers feeling really big when she could finally reach the handle on the kitchen door. Now she can open all the doors in her house in Waterford, where she lives with her husband and two children.
  • Fitzherbert, Evelyn

    Evelyn Fitzherbert is the granddaughter of the novelist Evelyn Waugh. She lives in Spain
  • Fitzpatrick, Marie-Louise

    Marie-Louise Fitzpatrick is an author-illustrator based in Dublin. She has won many awards for her work including Bisto Book of the Year 2001 and 2003 for Izzy and Skunk and You, Me and the Big Blue Sea. Her books are published all over the world.
  • Fitzpatrick, Tom

    TOM FITZPATRICK is a primary-school teacher. He is GAA Games Manager in Dublin Teacher Training Colleges and is based in St Patrick's College, Drumcondra. A Clareman, he is also secretary of Cumann na mBunscol, Áth Cliath, the organisation that promotes a love of gaelic sport and athletics among primary-school pupils.
  • Flanagan, Thomas

    Thomas Flanagan (1923-2002) was a novelist, scholar, and critic. He was the author of The Irish Novelists, 1800–1850 (1959) and the novels The Year of the French (1979), The Tenants of Time (1988), and The End of the Hunt (1994).
  • Flannery, Rosemary

    Rosemary Flannery has lived in France since 1989 and enjoys dual French-American nationality. She graduated with honors from Columbia University in 1985 with a degree in French language and literature, and studied Méthodologie de l'Architecture with Professor Claude Mignot, an authority on Parisian building façades, at the Sorbonne.   (more)

  • Flegg, Aubrey

    Aubrey Flegg was born in Dublin. His early childhood was spent in County Sligo, Ireland. He went to school in Dublin and later in England. After a spell with a mountain rescue team in Scotland, he returned to Ireland to study geology at Trinity College. He then did geological research in Kenya, before joining the Geological Survey of Ireland in 1968.   (more)

  • Flemming, Bridget

    Bridget Flemming was born on the Chatsworth estate and bases much of her work around that unique place. She is a Licentiate of the British Institute of Professional Photography and of the Master Photographers' Association.
  • Florio, John

    John Florio (1553–1625) was an Anglo-Italian linguist and lexicographer, a royal language tutor at the Court of James I, a possible friend and influence on Shakespeare, and the translator of Montaigne’s Essais into English.

  • Flottum, Kim

    After receiving a degree in horticulture from UW Madison, Kim Flottum worked four years in the USDA Honey Bee Research Lab, studying pollination ecology. After that, he spent two years raising acres of fruits and vegetables, where bees played a large role. He brings this experience, plus nearly 20 years of writing and editing articles for beekeepers in the monthly magazine Bee Culture.   (more)

  • Flower, Miri

    MIRI FLOWER lives on the south coast of England. Her love of arts and crafts led her to create the much-loved blog, which continues to inspire parents around the world. All the projects are tested and refined by her three children, who are home-schooled.   (more)

  • Fogg, Marnie

    MARNIE FOGG is a fashion expert, lecturer, media consultant, and author whose extensive experience of the fashion industry means that she is uniquely placed to access original and exclusive information. She has interviewed contemporary designers the world over and is also the best-selling author of Boutique: A ‘60s Cultural Phenomenon (2003); Print in Fashion: Design and Development in Fashion Textiles (2005); and Couture Interiors: Living with Fashion (2007).

  • Föhl, Thomas

    Thomas Föhl received his Doctor's degree in Art History from the Freie Universität Berlin. He is Director of the Klassik Stiftung Weimar.

    Visit for more information

  • Foley, Michael

    Michael Foley is GAA correspondent with The Sunday Times.
  • Fontane, Theodor

    Theodor Fontane (1819-1898) was a great historical novelist, critic, poet, and travel writer of nineteenth-century Germany
  • Foreman, Michael

    Michael Foreman trained at the Lowestoft Art School, St. Martin's School of Art, and the Royal College of Art in London. He has illustrated numerous books for children and has also written and illustrated many books of his own, including War Game, a moving Christmas story based on a true incident in World War I, and War Boy, an account of his own childhood in England, which was one of The New York Times Ten Best Illustrated Books of 1990 and winner of the prestigious Kate Greenaway Medal.   (more)

  • Forster, E.M.

    E. M. Forster (1879-1970) was a novelist, short-story writer, and critic. His most famous works include Howard's End, A Passage to India, and A Room with a View.
  • Fortey, Richard

    Richard Fortey was a senior palaeontologist at the Natural History Museum. He is the author of several books including The Hidden Landscape which won the Natural World Book of the Year in 1993, Life: An Unauthorised Biography which was short-listed for the Rhone Poulenc Prize in 1998, and Trilobite: Eye Witness to Evolution, short-listed for one of Britain's top literary awards, the Samuel Johnson Prize. Richard's latest book Dry Store Room No.   (more)

  • Foster, John

    JOHN FOSTER was a teacher for 20 years before becoming a full-time writer. He is the author of twelve books of poetry and over 150 anthologies. He has performed at all the UK’s national book festivals and visits schools and libraries regularly. His books include The Poetry Chest, The Oxford First Book of Poetry, Dinosaur Poems, Dragon Poems and Magic Poems.   (more)

  • Foster, Sophie

    SOPHIE FOSTER graduated from Falmouth School of Art in 2008. The Dumpy Princess is her first book. Sophie lives in Bristol.
  • Fowler, Edward

    Edward Fowler is a professor of East Asian Languages and Civilizations at the University of California, Irvine.
  • Fowles, John

    John Fowles (1926-2005) was a critic and writer best known for the novels The Collector, The Magus, and The French Lieutenant's Woman.
  • Shelley Fowles

    Fowles, Shelley

    Shelley Fowles was born in South Africa. Her books include The Bachelor and the Bean, winner of the U.S. Maron Vannett Ridgway Honor Book Award 2004. She lives in east London.

    To visit Shelley Fowles' website click here

  • Fox, Christyan

    Christyan Fox has written and illustrated many children's books. He lives in Thames Ditton, Surrey.
  • Pauline Francis

    Francis, Pauline

    Pauline Francis's books include Drake's Drummer Boy, The Little Giant: the Story of Isambard Kingdom Brunel and Television Man: the Story of John Logie Baird.
  • Frederick, Malcolm

    Malcolm Frederick is an actor, writer and producer, perhaps best known as the writer of the television sketch and stand-up comedy series Get Up, Stand Up, which he also produced and performed in. With the Carib Theatre Company he has worked with the Nottingham Playhouse on Sweet Inspiration, a celebration of Caribbean words and music from the 50s and 60s.   (more)

  • Fredericks, Lynn

    Lynn Fredericks is the founder of FamilyCook Productions ( and an award-winning pioneer in the field of obesity prevention and family nutrition. Since 1995, these educational efforts under FamilyCook Productions have reached over 60,000 families.   (more)

  • Freidus, Robert

    Robert Freidus is a graduate of the Wharton School. He ran a gallery in New York's Soho, specialising in sculpture and photography and is now working on a collection of English New Sculpture.
  • Fiona French

    French, Fiona

    Fiona French studied Art Education at Croydon College of Art and went on to work as Bridget Riley's assistant. In 1986 she won the Kate Greenaway Medal for Snow White in New York. In 1992 her first book for Frances Lincoln, Anancy and Mr Dry-Bone was shortlisted for the Kate Greenaway Medal and chosen as a Children's Book of the Year.   (more)

  • Karen Frenkel

    Frenkel, Karen

    Karen Frenkel is one of the country's leading female landscape photographers with an ever-growing collection of over 100,000 images. Her work can be found on large canvas or prints in galleries and published in books, brochures, calendars and magazines. She has been a landscape photography tutor for a number of years and runs an expanding greetings card business based in the Peak District where she lives.
  • Friedman, Sanford

    SANFORD FRIEDMAN (1928–2010) was born in New York City. After graduating from the Horace Mann School and the Carnegie Institute of Technology, he was stationed as a military police officer in Korea, earning a Bronze Star. He began his career as a playwright and theater producer, and was later a writing instructor at Juilliard and SAGE (Services and Advocacy for GLBT Elders).   (more)

  • Fry, Stephen

    Comedian, actor and writer Stephen Fry was born in 1957 in London and brought up in Norfolk. He attended Queen’s College Cambridge from 1979, joining the Cambridge Footlights Dramatic Club where he met Hugh Laurie, with whom he forged a highly successful creative partnership. He also trod the boards with the likes of Emma Thompson and Tony Slattery in the Footlights.   (more)

  • Fukuoka, Masanobu

    Masanobu Fukuoka (1914-2008) was born in a small farming village on the island of Shikoku in southern Japan. He developed what many consider to be a revolutionary method of sustainable agriculture called no-till cultivation. He received the Deshikottan and the Ramon Magsaysay awards in 1988, and the Earth Council Award in 1997.
  • Fullerton, Susannah

    SUSANNAH FULLERTON is President of the Jane Austen Society of Australia and has lectured extensively around the world on Jane Austen's life and novels. She is the author of Jane Austen and Crime, a book described by Claire Tomalin as 'essential reading for every Janeite'. She lives in Sydney, Australia.
  • Fumaroli, Marc

    Marc Fumaroli is a scholar on French rhetoric and art. He is a member of the British Academy; the American Academy of Science, Letters and Arts; the Societe d'histoire litteraire de la France; and the Académie francaise. Fumaroli received the Monseigneur Marcel and the Critique prizes in 1982 and 1992, respectively, and is president of the Societe des Amis du Louvre.
  • Furbank, P.N.

    P. N. Furbank is the author of Diderotand, with W.R. Owens, A Political Biography of Daniel Defoe. (December 2007)
  • Gadda, Carlo Emilio

    Carlo Emilio Gadda (1893–1973) was born in Milan, where he spent a "tormented childhood and even more miserable adolescence." He earned a degree in engineering, volunteered to fight in World War I, and was taken prisoner by the Germans. After the war, he began to write while working as an engineer in countries as far afield as Argentina.   (more)

  • Gaiman, Neil

    Neil Gaiman is an award-winning author of novels, short stories, children's books, and graphic novels. Among his works are the children's books Coraline, The Wolves in the Walls, and The Day I Swapped My Dad for Two Goldfish; the Sandman graphic novels series; and the fantasy novels Stardust and Smoke and Mirrors.
  • Cathy Gale

    Gale, Cathy

    Cathy Gale has written and illustrated more than 20 books for children.
  • Brian Gallagher

    Gallagher, Brian

    Brian Gallagher was born in Dublin. He is a full-time writer whose plays and short stories have been produced in Ireland, Britain and Canada. He has written extensively for radio and television and is one of the scriptwriters on RTE's long-running drama Fair City.

    He collaborated with composer Shaun Purcell on the musical, Larkin, for which he wrote the book and lyrics, and on Winds of Change for RTE's Lyric FM.   (more)

  • Galt, Hugh

    Hugh Galt was born in West Scotland and educated in Edinburgh. He went to London to train as a journalist and worked for a short time in Fleet Street before returning to Edinburgh where he worked as a journalist for a number of years.

    Intending to go and live in Mexico he somehow ended up in Ireland! He worked in the West of Ireland for several years - as a disc jockey, then in fishing.   (more)

  • Galvin, Gerry

    Gerry Galvin is an award-winning chef with a fine reputation earned in the kitchens of gourmet restaurants in London, South Africa, Dublin and Cork. He now lives and cooks in Drimcong House in Moycullen, County Galway, where he also runs highly successful cookery courses.
  • Galvin, Tom

    TOM GALVIN went to Poland in 1994 to live and teach in a Polish state school for five years. He later worked as a journalist for The Warsaw Voice and Radio Polonia in Warsaw. He now works for the Evening Herald, on the Polski Herald supplement and as books editor. He has written two books for the tourist market The Little Book of Dublin and That's Cork.   (more)

  • Gambrell, Jamey

    Jamey Gambrell is a writer on Russian art and culture. Her translations include Marina Tsvetaeva's Earthly Signs: Moscow Diaries, 1917–1922, a volume of Aleksandr Rodchenko's writings, Experiments for the Future, and many of the stories included in Tatyana Tolstaya's White Walls.   (more)

  • Garbutt, Nick

    Nick Garbutt is an award-winning wildlife photographer and natural history writer and illustrator. After graduating with an Honours degree in zoology from the University of Nottingham, he forged a career primarily as a wildlife photographer and author, combining this with leading tours, lecturing and illustration. He has written numerous natural history books including the acclaimed Mammals of Madagascar: A Complete Guide, 100 Animals to See Before They Die and the Bradt Travel Guide Madagascar Wildlife.   (more)

  • Gardner, Bill

    Bill Gardner is president of Gardner Design and has produced work for Cessna, Learjet, Thermos, Pepsi, Pizza Hut, Kroger, Hallmark, Cargill Corporation, and the 2004 Athens Olympics. His work has been featured in New York Art Directors, Communication Arts, Print, Graphis, and the Museum of Modern Art, as well as many other national and international design exhibitions.   (more)

  • Garland, Sarah

    SARAH GARLAND is a much-loved author and illustrator who has published more than 50 books. The daughter of a publisher and illustrator, she trained as a typographer at the London College of Printing. Her books for Frances Lincoln include the favourite preschool Going and Doing series, the bestselling Eddie series and Azzi in Between, which was winner of the first Little Rebels Book Award in 2013 and was also chosen as an IBBY Honour Book and as an Outstanding International Book by USBBY.   (more)

  • Garnett, Andy

    Andy Garnett is an engineer, a philanthropist and an optimist. He spent most of his professional life working in advanced tech industry and has lived in North America and Japan. His book Steel Wheels, a tribute to the world of railways, was published in 2005.
  • Garrett, Fergus

    Fergus Garrett, Head Gardener at Great Dixter, first worked at the Beth Chatto Gardens as a student, over twenty years ago, and has remained a close friend of Beth's ever since.
  • Gass, William H.

    WILLIAM H. GASS (b. 1924) is an essayist, novelist, and literary critic. He grew up in Ohio and is a former professor of philosophy at Washington University. Among his books are six works of fiction and nine books of nonfiction, including On Being Blue (1976; published as an NYRB Classic), Tests of Time (2002), A Temple of Texts (2006), and Life Sentences (2012).   (more)

  • Gaul, J.P.

    J.P.GAUL has long had a fascination with American clothing styles of the 1950s and 1960s, a passion nurtured whilst working at J.Simons' legendary clothes shop in central London. A jazz and architecture fan, he is also a regular blogger on all matters sartorial. This is his first book. He lives in North London.
  • Gautier, Theophile

    Théophile Gautier (1811-1872), whose father was a minor government functionary, was born in southwestern France, but when he was three his family moved to Paris, where he spent the rest of his life. The young Gautier wanted to make his name as a painter until, at eighteen, he met Victor Hugo and decided to become a writer.   (more)

  • Gavin, Jamila

    JAMILA GAVIN was born in 1941 in the foothills of the Himalayas. Her father was Indian and her mother English. She came to live in England when she was twelve years old. Her first book, The Magic Orange Tree, was published in 1979 and has been followed by a number of prize-winning publications. Coram Boy won the Whitbread Children's Book Award in 2000 and The Wheel of Surya was the runner up for the 1993 Guardian Newspaper Children's Fiction Award.
  • Geldard, Ed

    ED GELDARD is a professional landscape photographer. A former freelancer for the Northern Echo Group, he is a keen walker and contributes to many countryside publications. In 1991 he teamed up with Alfred Wainwright to produce Wainwright in the Limestone Dales, which was highly succesful. This was followed in 1992 by Wainwright’s Tour in the Lake District, winner of the Tullie House prize in the Lakeland Book of the Year Award, and Travels through the Lakes.   (more)

  • Genet, Jean

    Jean Genet (1910-1986) was born in Paris. Abandoned by his mother at seven months, he was raised in state institutions and charged with his first crime when he was ten. After spending many of his teenage years in a reformatory, Genet enrolled in the Foreign Legion, though he later deserted, turning to a life of thieving and pimping that resulted in repeated jail terms and, eventually, a sentence of life imprisonment.   (more)

  • Adèle Geras

    Geras, Adèle

    Adèle Geras was born in Jerusalem in 1944. She has lived in Manchester for 32 years and is married with two daughters and a granddaughter. Since 1976 she has published more than 80 books for children, including Troy, which was shortlisted for many prizes. She has the National Jewish Book Award for Children's Literature in the USA for Golden Windows.

    To visit the website of Adèle Geras click here

  • Helena Gerrish

    Gerrish, Helena

    Helena Gerrish has immersed herself in a fruitful search for the story of her enigmatic predecessor at High Glanau and now gives talks, writes articles and throws open her beautifully restored garden to hundreds of visitors during the summer.
  • Gerritsen, Henk

    Distinguished garden designer HENK GERRITSEN (1948–2008) was born in Utrecht in the Netherlands. He trained as an artist and made his living as a painter before turning to garden design. He was the author of several books, and his best-known garden design project in the UK was the reconstruction of the Waltham Place gardens in Berkshire.   (more)

  • Gerstein, Mordicai

    Mordicai Gerstein is the author and illustrator of more than thirty books for young readers, among them picture books, biblical retellings, alphabets, and works of fiction.

    He was awarded the 2004 Caldecott Medal for The Man Who Walked Between the Towers, called 'a tour de force' by the San Francisco Chronicle, a 'milestone' by the Boston Globe, and a 'breathtaking homage to extraordinary buildings and a remarkable man' by Kirkus Reviews.

    Mordicai Gerstein lives in Northampton, Massachusetts.

  • Gerster, Georg

    Georg Gerster has been taking aerial photographs since 1956 and has contributed to many illustrated books. He is also a journalist and has been widely published in books and magazines.
  • Giallo, Vito

    The artist, Vito Giallo, turned Wolfgang Beck's large midtown studio loft into an art gallery, known to all as The Loft Gallery. It was here that he gave Andy Warhol his first New York one-man show in October 1954. Giallo lives in New York.
  • Gibbs, Jon

    Jon Gibbs was Take-a-View Landscape Photographer of the Year 2007 and Landscape Winner at the 2007 Skye Photography Festival. He is based in Norfolk, where he runs landscape photography workshops.
  • Gibson, Trish

    Trish Gibson is a garden journalist with a regular gardening column. She is a recorder for the Cornwall Gardens Trust and editor of their journal. Her own garden is open under the National Gardens Scheme.
  • Giddins, Gary

    Gary Giddins was a music critic for The Village Voice, where his column Weather Bird ran for thirty years. He has contributed articles about music, mostly jazz, in The New York Times, The New Yorker, The Atlantic, The Nation, Esquire, and Vanity Fair, among others. He has written ten books, including Visions of Jazz, which won the National Books Critics Circle Award in 1998, and Bing Crosby: A Pocketful of Dreams.   (more)

  • Gill, Bob

    Bob Gill is an illustrator and graphic designer. He has won numerous awards for his graphic design work; sold illustrations to Esquire, Architectural Forum, Fortune, Seventeen, and The Nation magazines; illustrated children's books; and designed film titles. He lives in New York.
  • Gille, Elisabeth

    Élisabeth Gille (1937-1996) was born in Paris to the banker Michel Epstein and the novelist Irène Némirovsky. She spent most of her career as an editor and translator before her first book, Le Mirador, appeared and was immediately acclaimed as a major work.
  • Gillham, Bill

    Bill Gillham is an honorary Senior Lecturer in Educational Psychology at Strathclyde University.
  • Gillham, John

    John Gillham has been a full-time writer, illustrator and photographer since 1989, after working as an assistant quantity surveyor and in the aerospace industry. Born in Bournemouth in 1947, John maintains strong links to Wales through his mother's family, a family that included the renowned Welsh tenor, Ivor Emmanuel.   (more)

  • Gilligan, Ann Louise

    ANN LOUISE GILLIGAN, PhD was appointed to the staff of St Patrick's College, Drumcondra, in 1976, and has worked in the area of teacher education at undergraduate and post-graduate level for the past thirty years. She established and directed its Educational Disadvantage Centre, and has lectured and published on the philosophy of the imagination, philosophies of difference and educational equality.   (more)

  • Gilligan, Robbie

    Robbie Gilligan is Professor of Social Work and Social Policy and also is Head of the School of Social Work and Social Policy, and Associate Director of the Children's Research Centre at Trinity College Dublin. He has written academic books on the topics of Irish Child Care Services and Child Development.   (more)

  • Gilvan-Cartwright, Christopher

    Chris Gilvan-Cartwright's work has been exhibited extensively. He has received a variety of commissions including BBC Proms main illustration and logo for their corporate identity 1998. He currently lives in Brighton.
  • Ginzburg, Carlo

    One of Europe's most celebrated historians, Carlo Ginzburg is best known for his ground-breaking microhistory The Cheese and the Worms: The Cosmos of a Sixteenth Century Miller, which examined the beliefs of an Italian heretic. Other works include The Night Battles, on European witch persecutions, and The Judge and the Historian.   (more)

  • Giovannini-Torelli, Guido

    Guido Giovannini-Torelli graduated from the London Academy with a degree in English History, Literature and Music. He retired from the Sapienza - Università di Roma, where he was Professor of Jewellery Culture. Professor Giovannini-Torelli is a member of the American Society of Jewelry Historians and of the Gemological Institute of America.

    Visit for more information

  • Girouard, Mark

    Mark Girouard was born in 1931. He is a British architectural writer, an authority on the country house, leading architectural historian, and the biographer of James Stirling. He worked for Country Life magazine firstly as its Architectural Writer, and then as its Architectural Editor until 1967. He was Slade Professor of Fine Art from 1975 to 1976, and was elected a Fellow of the Society of Antiquaries of London in 1987.   (more)

  • Glaskin, Max

    Max Glaskin is an award-winning freelance science, engineering, and technology journalist with a special interest in cycling. He has contributed to a vast range of publications from MIT's Technology Review, Biophotonics International, The Engineer and New Scientist, through to Reader's Digest, Discovery Channel Magazine and every serious national UK newspaper.   (more)

  • Glassco, John

    John Glassco (1909-1981), born in Montreal, attended McGill University without graduating, visited Paris as a sixteen-year-old and two years later, in 1928, accompanied by his friend Graeme Taylor. It was on this more lengthy and eventful stay, in the city he loved, that he based his Memoirs of Montparnasse (1970), which was published, and presented by Glassco, as an authentic memoir though it was later discovered to be in many respects a work of fiction.   (more)

  • Gliori, Debi

    Debi Gliori studied illustration and design at Edinburgh College of Art. Among her many successful picture books is the award-winning Mr Bear series. She lives in Edinburgh, Scotland.
  • Isabelle Glorieux-Desouche

    Glorieux-Desouche, Isabelle

    Isabelle Glorieux-Desouche studied History of Art at the Sorbonne, with a formation in ethnology, followed by two years living in Guinea. She has worked as a museum guide specialising in world art for more than 15 years, first at the Louvre, then at Musee Dapper and now at Musee quai Branly. She is the author of Musée du quai Branly, le grand voyage (Monexpo éditions, 2008) as well as a number of publications for the Museum.   (more)

  • Glover, Winifred

    Winifred Glover is curator of Ethnography at the Ulster Museum in Belfast. She has a particular interest in the events of the Armada, and has created a marvellous permanent exhibition of finds from the Armada wrecks. The Armada collection at the Ulster Museum is the biggest collection outside Spain.
  • Gogarty, Brian

    Brian Gogarty lives in Co. Derry. He has worked as the manager for a credit union. The books in the Shamrock Sean series are his first.
  • Gogol, Nikolai

    Nikolai Gogol (1809-1852) was a Ukrainian-born Russian novelist, humorist, and dramatist. The novels Taras Bulba and Dead Souls, the play The Inspector-General, and the short stories "The Diary of a Madman," "The Nose," and "The Overcoat" are among his best-known works.
  • Gold Levi, Vicki

    Vicki Gold Levi is a historical picture editor, photography curator, and author.
  • Goldman, Francisco

    Francisco Goldman is the author of two novels, The Long Night of White Chickens and The Ordinary Seaman. He divides his time between Mexico City and New York City.
  • Goldstein, Slavko

    Slavko Goldstein (b. 1928) is a Croatian historian, writer, and publisher. The president of Zagreb’s Jewish Community from 1986 to 1990, he was a founder and the first president of the Croatian Social Liberal Party in 1989. He is the editor of the publishing house Novi Liber.

  • Gollings, John

    John Gollings is one of Australia's leading landscape photographers whose work has been widely published in books and magazines.
  • Gomersall, Chris

    CHRIS GOMERSALL has worked as a full-time, self-employed wildlife photographer since 1984, initially as staff photographer for the RSPB. The first British photographer to win the European Wildlife Photographer of the Year (2007), he is a Nikon UK training partner and runs tours and workshops throughout the year.   (more)

  • Gomez, Elena

    Elena Gomez was born in Spain and now lives and works in France.
  • Gomi, Taro

    Taro Gomi is an award-winning author and illustrator of over 300 titles in his native Japan.
  • Gon, Adriano

    Adriano Gon trained as a graphic designer. He has illustrated many picture books and texts by authors such as Philippa Pearce, Dick King Smith and Penelope Lively. He lives in Trieste, Italy.
  • Goodall, Molly

    Molly Goodall is a designer with a background in childrenswear, toy design and fine art; she holds a BFA in Fashion Design from Parsons the New School for Design. Frustrated when her two-year-old refused to wear the hoods on his coats, she began to design and sew animal coats to inspire him to put on his hood in the cold.   (more)

  • Goodfellow, Damian

    Damian Goodfellow is an artist and writer and lives in Galway.
  • Goodier, Steve

    Steve Goodier is a freelance outdoor writer who specialises in the Lake District, Yorkshire and Scotland. He has walked and climbed all over the world and produces regular walking routes for several nationwide outdoor magazines on a monthly basis. Born in 1962 and involved in the outdoor world for the last twenty five years he is a keen fellwalker and adventurist whose next big project is a climb Mount Kinabalu in Borneo.   (more)

  • Goodman, John

    John Goodman is a translator and art historian. He has rendered some thirty books from French into English, notably work by Denis Diderot, Hubert Damisch, and Georges Didi-Huberman. Goodman has published widely on the visual culture of eighteenth-century Europe and is currently preparing a synthetic study of neoclassicism for Thames and Hudson's World of Art series.
  • Goodman, Paul

    Paul Goodman (1911-1972) was an American social critic, psychologist, poet, novelist, and anarchist who was a frequent contributor to such journals as Politics, Partisan Review, The New Republic, Commentary, Dissent, and The New York Review of Books. He published widely in a variety of fields-including city planning, Gestalt therapy, educational reform, literary criticism, and politics-before writing Growing Up Absurd, which in 1960 became an enormous bestseller.   (more)

  • Gorey, Edward

    Edward Gorey (1925-2000) was born in Chicago. He studied at the Art Institute of Chicago, spent three years in the army testing poison gas, and attended Harvard College, where he majored in French literature and roomed with the poet Frank O'Hara. In 1953 Gorey published The Unstrung Harp, the first of his many extraordinary illustrated books, which include The Curious Sofa, The Haunted Tea Cosy, and The Epileptic Bicycle.   (more)

  • Gorra, Michael

    Michael Gorra’s Portrait of a Novel: Henry James and the Making of an American Masterpiece (2012) was a finalist for both the Pulitzer Prize and the National Book Critics Circle Award in Biography.   (more)

  • Gotthelf, Jeremias

    Jeremias Gotthelf, the pen name of Albert Bitzius (1797–1854), was a Swiss pastor and the author of novels, novellas, short stories, and nonfiction, who used his writing to communicate his reformist concerns in the field of education and with regard to the plight of the poor. After the success of his first novel, Der Bauernspiegel oder Lebensgeschichte des Jeremias Gotthelf: Von ihm selbst beschrieben (The Peasants’ Mirror; or, The Life History of Jeremias Gotthelf: Described by Himself; 1836) the author adopted the name of the story’s protagonist.   (more)

  • Catherine Gower

    Gower, Catherine

    Catherine Gower lived and worked in China from 1997 to 1999, teaching English and learning Mandarin and Chinese calligraphy. She is now an editor in the English Language Teaching division of Oxford University Press.
  • Gower, David

    Dr David Gower is a systematic evolutionary biologist and herpetology researcher at the Natural History Museum, London, where he conducts research on the diversity of vertebrates. He has written and contributed to numerous papers, reports and popular science books on the subject.
  • Goytisolo, Juan

    Juan Goytisolo was born in Barcelona in 1931 and now lives in Marrakesh. He is the author of many novels, including Marks of Identity, Count Julian, Juan the Landless, and The Garden of Secrets, as well as two volumes of autobiography.
  • Grady, Monica

    Monica Grady is a professor of planetary and space science at the Open University in the UK, and one of the world’s leading meteorite experts. In addition to studying the finer details of these rocks from space that fall to Earth, she is also interested in the broader implications of her findings, and uses her research to learn more about the possibility of life elsewhere in the universe.

  • Grafton, Anthony

    Anthony Grafton teaches the history of Renaissance Europe at Princeton University. His books include Joseph Scaliger, Cardano's Cosmos, and Bring Out Your Dead.
  • Graham, A. C.

    Angus Charles Graham (1919-1991) was born in Penarth, Wales. He studied theology at Oxford University and served as an interpreter in Malaya and Thailand while in the Royal Air Force. In 1946 he enrolled in the School of Oriental and African Studies in London, where he remained throughout his career.   (more)

  • Graham-Campbell, James

    James Graham-Campbell is Professor of Medieval Archaeology at the University of London and specialist in Viking and late Celtic archaeology. He helped set up the first British degree course in medieval archaeology at University College, London.
  • Brita Granström

    Granström, Brita

    Brita Granström grew up on a Swedish farm and has an MFA in Fine Art from Konstfack, Stockholm. She and Mick Manning live in the Scottish Borders have four sons. Their first book together, The World is Full of Babies won the Smarties Silver Award in 1996 and their second book, What's Under the Bed? took the TES Junior Information Book Award in 1997.   (more)

  • Gray, Angelica

    ANGELICA GRAY is a writer and garden designer with clients in France and London. In 2007 her parents moved to a house in the Medina in Marrakesh where she first came into contact with the gardens of the city. Through her father, the portrait painter Norman Douglas Hutchinson, known for his portraits of the British royal family, she has been able to access important contacts in the city, including Abderrazzak Benchaabane, who restored the planting of the Majorelle Gardens for Yves Saint Laurent, and many other passionate garden owners.

  • Gray, John

    John Gray is Professor of European Thought at the London School of Economics.
  • Greaves, Margaret

    Margaret Greaves was educated at St Hugh's College, Oxford, and taught English in schools and at St Mary's College of Education, Cheltenham. Margaret died in 1993.
  • Greaves, Van

    A member of The Outdoor Writers’ Guild, Van Greaves has been a regular writer and photographer for Trail and has also contributed to Country Walking, High, and TGO magazines. His articles and photos have appeared in photographic magazines such as Practical Photography, Outdoor Photography and Professional Photographer. Van's publications include Moods of Staffordshire, Discovering the Pennines and the forthcoming Perfect Wye.   (more)

  • Greeman, Richard

    RICHARD GREEMAN has translated and written the introductions for five of Serge’s novels (including Unforgiving Years and Conquered City, both available as NYRB Classics). A veteran socialist and co-founder of the Praxis Center and Victor Serge Library in Moscow, Greeman is the author of the Web site The Invisible International.

  • Green, Aliza

    Aliza Green is an award-winning author, journalist, and influential chef whose books include The Butcher’s Apprentice, Making Artisan Pasta, The Fishmonger’s Apprentice, and The Soup Maker's Kitchen. A former food columnist for the Philadelphia Inquirer, Green now write regularly for Cooking Light and is known for her encyclopedic knowledge of every possible ingredient, its history, culture, and use in the kitchen and bakery.   (more)

  • Greenberg, Jan

    Jan Greenberg has taught creative writing and art appreciation classes at schools and colleges in America. She lives in St Louis, Missouri. With Sandra Jordan she is the author of several distinctive books about art, including,Vincent van Gogh: Portrait of an Artist, which was named a Sibert Award Honor Book in 2001.   (more)

  • Greenblatt, Stephen

    STEPHEN GREENBLATT is Cogan University Professor of English and American Literature and Language at Harvard University. He lives in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and in Vermont.
  • Gregorowski, Christopher

    Christopher Gregorowski worked for many years among the Xhosa people in Transkei, South Africa, as an Anglican priest. There he discovered the story of Fly, Eagle, Fly in the biography of Aggrey of Africa, who visited West and Southern Africa in the 1920s from his teaching post in North America.   (more)

  • Gresham, William L.

    William Lindsay Gresham (1909-1962) grew up in Brooklyn, where he became fascinated by the sideshow at Coney Island. After serving as a medic for the Loyalist forces during the Spanish civil war, he edited true-crime pulp magazines. In 1947, Nightmare Alley, his best-known work, was adapted into a film starring Tyrone Power.
  • Griffin, Harry

    Harry Griffin was a lifelong rock climber and one of the founding members of the Coniston Tigers climbing club. His career in journalism included a 53-year unbroken series of 'Country Diary' entries for The Guardian from 1951 until his death in 2004.
  • Grimason, Darryl

    'Born to fish and forced to work', Darryl Grimason is a TV reporter and presenter for BBC Northern Ireland. A native of County Armagh, he lives in Dollingstown with his wife Karen and two daughters. He has presented two popular television series about fishing, Coast to Coast and the award-winning Big Six.
  • Grimley, Chris

    Chris Grimly is a principal at over, under (, a Boston-based interdisciplinary practice with expertise in architecture, urban design, graphic identity, and publications.

  • Piet Grobler

    Grobler, Piet

    Piet Grobler grew up on a farm in Limpopo, South Africa. After working as a church minister, he made a career in illustration and now lectures at the University of Worcester. He is the recipient of many international illustration awards, including the IBBY Honours List. His books for Frances Lincoln include The Great Tug of War (9781845070557), Aesop's Fables (9781847800077) and Who Is King? (9781847805140) with Beverley Naidoo, Fussy Freya (9781845075118) with Katharine Quarmby, The Magic Bojabi Tree with Dianne Hofmeyr (9781847805867) and All the Wild Wonders (9781847806260) and A is Amazing (9781847805133) with Wendy Cooling.

  • Grogan, Emmett

    Emmett Grogan (c.1943-1978) was called a "Superman of the Underground" by The Times (London), and was the founder of the Diggers. On April 6, 1978, the thirty-five-year-old Grogan was found dead on a subway car in New York City, possibly of a drug overdose.
  • Grogan, Jerry

    JERRY GROGAN comes from Caherciveen, County Kerry, and is a primary-school teacher in Donaghmede, Dublin. He is the National PRO for Cumann na mBunscol, and a frequent contributor to, and editor of, GAA publications. He is a keen amateur sports photographer.
  • Groopman, Jerome

    Jerome Groopman, M.D. is the Dina and Raphael Recanati Professor of Medicine at Harvard Medical School, Chief of Experimental Medicine at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, and one of the world's leading researchers in cancer and AIDS. He is a staff writer for The New Yorker and has written for The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post and The New Republic.   (more)

  • Grossman, Mendel

    Mendel Grossman was born in Lodz in 1917. After the occupation of Poland by the German Army in September 1939, he joined the underground in the town. Forced to live in the Lodz ghetto he used his position in the statistics department to obtain the material needed to take photographs. By hiding his camera in his raincoat, Grossman was able to take secret photographs of scenes in the ghetto.   (more)

  • Linden Groves

    Groves, Linden

    Linden Groves fell in love with gardens after working with Gillian Mawrey on her magazine Historic Gardens Review. Ten years later, she now has a Masters degree in Garden History and is still part of the Review’s editorial team. Linden is the author of Historic Parks and Gardens of Cheshire (2004, Landmark Publishing).   (more)

  • Gruen, J. Philip

    Assistant Professor J. Philip Gruen, BA (Art History/Criticism), University of California, San Diego; MA (History of Architecture and Art), University of Illinois - Chicago; PhD in Architecture from the University of California at Berkeley
  • Grut, Jenny

    Jenny Grut works as a psychotherapist for the Medical Foundation where she set up the Natural Growth Project in 1992. Born in Argentina, she has been living and working in Britain for 17 years. Her training in transpersonal psychotherapy provided a natural stepping-stone for this unique work, since it incorporates a spiritual dimension.   (more)

  • Gudeta, Ashenafi

    Born in 1988, Ashe lives on the outskirts of Addis Ababa, Ethiopia with his parents, twin brother Samuel and young brother Efrem.
  • Guy, Elizabeth

    Elizabeth Guy's family moved to Stalling Busk, a tiny hamlet in Wensleydale, North Yorkshire when she was ten years old. Her parents, through their smallholding, lived "the good life", with a jersey cow which yielded rich milk, always a pig in the barn for homemade bacon, sausages and meat and of course a potato patch.   (more)

  • Cheryl Hackett

    Hackett, Cheryl

    Cheryl Hackett first became intrigued by the Shingle Style when she lived in the historic William Watts Sherman House while enrolled at Salve Regina University in Newport. Since graduation, she has worked as a freelance editor, writer and stylist for nearly two decades. Her articles about architecture, interior design and lifestyles have appeared in many national magazines including La Vie Claire, Victorian Homes, Romantic Homes, Classic American Homes and Coastal Living. Cheryl earned a B.A.   (more)

  • Hagiwara, Sakutaro

    Sakutarō Hagiwara (1886–1942) was a Japanese poet and writer of free verse. He published several poetry anthologies and co-founded the literary magazine Kanjō, which focused on modern Japanese poetry’s departure from traditional rules and structural constraints.   (more)

  • Hale, Lucretia P.

    Lucretia Peabody Hale (1820-1900) was descended from two of New England's most illustrious families and grew up surrounded by Boston's nineteenth-century intelligentsia. Her father, Nathan Hale, was publisher of The Boston Daily Advertiser, her uncle Edward Everett was a United States Senator and later president of Harvard; and her brother Edward Everett Hale was a well-known Unitarian clergyman and abolitionist.   (more)

  • Hall, Oakley

    Oakley Hall was born in 1920 in San Diego and grew up there and in Honolulu, where his mother moved after his parents' divorce. After graduating from the University of California, Berkeley, Hall joined the Marine Corps and was stationed in the Pacific during the Second World War. Following the war, and with the aid of the GI Bill, he continued his studies in France, Switzerland, and England, returning to the US to receive an MFA in creative writing from the Iowa Writers' Workshop.   (more)

  • Hall, S. M.

    As well as writing for teens, S. M. HALL is a journalist whose work included a column for the Guardian when she was living in the States. She has taught speech and drama and was recently involved in staging a musical in Qatar. She has recently become custodian of Sir Paul McCartney's childhood home in Liverpool for the National Trust.   (more)

  • Grace Hallworth

    Hallworth, Grace

    Grace Hallworth was born and brought up in Trinidad, where she trained as a librarian. In 1956 she moved to England and introduced storytelling in Hertfordshire as part of children's library education. In 1984 she became a full-time storyteller, and moved back to Tobago. She appears at many international festivals, on radio and on television, as well as serving on a number of children's literature award panels.   (more)

  • Fran Halsall

    Halsall, Fran

    Fran Halsall is one of the country’s up-and-coming young photographers, taking as her inspiration the wild landscapes, diverse geology and different habitats of the British Isles. Her work is widely published, appearing in advertising, calenders, magazines and books. Since 2004 she has taught photography courses on location in the Peak District National Park.   (more)

  • Handa, Rumiko

    Associate Professor Rumiko Handa, BArch University of Tokyo, MArch, MS Arch, Ph.D University of Pennsylvania
  • Hannigan, Dave

    Dave Hannigan is a sports columnist with The Sunday Tribune, the Evening Echo and New York's Irish Echo.

    He is the author of three previous books and is also an adjunct professor of history at Suffolk County Community College on Long Island.

  • Harbison, Peter

    Dr Peter Harbison, a noted academic and author who has made a close study of the work of Cooper, has provided extended captions and quotes from Cooper's own diaries.
  • Harbison, Robert

    Robert Harbison teaches at London Metropolitan University, where he heads the MA in Architectural History, Theory and Interpretation. He is the author of many books on architecture and wider cultural themes, including Eccentric Spaces, The Built the Unbuilt and the Unbuildable, Reflections on Baroque and a forthcoming History of Western Architecture.
  • Harding, Roger

    Roger Harding is Director of the GATL, a body providing membership, educational outreach and gem testing services. He was curator of gemstones at the Museum, from 1972-90.
  • Hardwick, Elizabeth

    Elizabeth Hardwick (b. 1916) has been a frequent contributor to The Partisan Review, The New Yorker, and The New York Review of Books, which she helped found in 1963. Her books include the novels The Simple Truth, The Ghostly Lover, and Sleepless Nights, the essay collection A View of My Own, and
    The Selected Letters of William James, for which she acted as editor.
  • Hardy, Peter

    Peter Hardy edited The High Places in 2008. And anthology of Harry Griffin's articles for the Lancashire Evening Post.
  • Christina Hardyment

    Hardyment, Christina

    Christina Hardyment has written books and articles on dizzying range of subjects (including her collection of historical sewing machines, domestic technology, family life and a biography of Sir Thomas Malory). She lives in a rambling house in Oxford with a huge garden, where she is already planning camps and a treehouse for her seven grandchildren.   (more)

  • Harkin, Greg

    Greg Harkin is the Belfast journalist who broke the Stakeknife story.
  • Harman, Claire

    Claire Harman's first book, a biography of Sylvia Townsend Warner, was published in 1989 and won the John Llewellyn Rhys Prize. She has since published biographies of Fanny Burney and Robert Louis Stevenson and edited works by Stevenson and Warner. She was elected a Fellow of the Royal Society of Literature in 2006.
  • Harpur, Jerry

    Jerry Harpur photographs gardens and plants all over the world. He has contributed pictures to well over three hundred books and won awards on both sides of the Atlantic, including the Garden Writers' Guild Lifetime Achievement Award in 2001. He has a special interest in international garden design, which he has spent years photographing and researching.
  • Harpur, Marcus

    MARCUS HARPUR began his career in book publishing before joining his father, Jerry, to form Harpur Garden Library in 1992. He is a contributing photographer to the RHS Garden Plant Selector and the Colourful Gardening series and principal photographer on titles such as How to Garden, Dream Gardens of England and The Winter Garden.

  • Harris, Alison

    Alison Harris has worked throughout the world shooting photos for travel books, cookbooks, advertising campaigns, book covers, and magazine stories. Her latest books, Markets of Paris, The Pâtisseries of Paris, Chic Shopping Paris, and Food Wine The Italian Riviera & Genoa are published by The Little Bookroom.
  • Harris, Nicholas

    Nicholas Harris is a prolific non-fiction writer and is the head of Orpheus Books.
  • Harris, Sue

    Sue Harris is educated in architecture, welfare work and language in Sydney and Canada where she lived and worked for many years. Sue has spent most of her career working with architects specializing in managing and administering the process.
  • Harrison, Nathan

    Commissioned photography by NATHAN HARRISON with extensive archive from many historical sources. Nathan is an experienced wildlife photographer and camera-man.

  • Harrisson, Astrid

    Astrid Harrisson has more than ten years of industry experience in graphic design, photography, creative direction, and marketing. She began photographing animals in early 2008, working on a ranch high in the hills in northwest Argentina, where a lifelong adoration of all things animal fused dramatically with her creative side.   (more)

  • Harss, Marina

    Marina Harss is a translator and dance writer in New York City. Recent translations include Elizabeth Subercaseaux's A Week in October, Alberto Moravia's Conjugal Love and Pier Paolo Pasolini's Stories From the City of God.
  • Hart, Andrea

    Andrea Hart is a Special Collections Librarian at the Natural History Museum where she has worked for over 15 years. Andrea has wide experience of all of the subject collections in the library, having worked on their curation, research, conservation, development and outreach. For the past 8 years she has had specific responsibility for the Botany Library collections that include its impressive original artwork, rare books and manuscript collections.

  • Harte, Paddy

    Born in Lifford, County Donegal, Harte was elected to Donegal County Council in 1960 and to Dáil Eireann in 1961, where he served until 1997. He was Minister of State at the Department of Posts & Telegraphs as well as being Spokesman on Northern Ireland. He has won many awards for his work, including The European Person Of The Year, 1998.
  • Hartman, Adrienne

    Adrienne Hartman is an illustrator living in New York. Her work has been published by Gourmet, Entreee, Book of the Month Club, and other publications and books.
  • Damian Harvey

    Harvey, Damian

    DAMIAN HARVEY lives in North Wales with his lovely wife, Vicky. He has three wonderful girls, one brilliant boy and a lazy cat called Polly. He’s written about 70 books for children and is busy writing more.  When he isn’t writing, Damian visits schools and libraries all around the country to share his love of books, stories and reading.   (more)

  • Harvey, Roland

    Roland Harvey is one of Australia's best-loved illustrators. His books include At the Beach, In the Bush and In the City and the Bonnie & Sam series - The Horses and Ponies of Currawong Creek, in collaboration with Alison Lester.

  • Hawes, Charles

    Charles Hawes' photographs of gardens regularly appear in the best gardening magazines. He has won several prizes in the annual RHS open photography competition, and was an exhibiting finalist in the 2008 International Garden Photographer of the Year Competition. He supplied all the photographs in Stephen Anderton's recent book Discovering Welsh Gardens, shortlisted for a 2009 Garden Media Guild award.
  • Hawksley, Lucinda

    Lucinda Hawksley is the author of more than twenty books. She is a regular lecturer in art history at the institute of English Studies and the National Portrait Gallery, London.
  • Haxell, Kate

    Kate Haxell learned to sew at an early age, making clothes for her long-suffering teddy bears. She went on to study art and design and then worked for Country Living magazine. She moved into book publishing and, as an experienced freelance editor and author, Kate has worked on, contributed to and written numerous craft books.   (more)

  • Hayden, Edward

    EDWARD HAYDEN works in Dunbrody House with celebrity chef, Kevin Dundon, where he is director and instructor of Dunbrody Cookery School. He also teaches adult education courses in Waterford Institute of Technology. His first cookery book, Edward Entertains, was published in 2008.
  • Peter Hayden

    Hayden, Peter

    Peter Hayden is a lecturer and consultant on historic Russian gardens, a former Honorary Treasurer and former Chairman of the Garden History Society. He has contributed articles and photographs to numerous prestigious gardening publications and periodicals. His photographs of Russian gardens have been exhibited up and down the country.
  • Hayes, Alfred

    Alfred Hayes (1911–1985) was an American journalist, poet, screenwriter, and novelist. Having served in Italy during World War II, he stayed on to co-write several classic Italian neorealist films, including Roberto Rossellini’s Paisà and Vittorio De Sica’s Bicycle Thieves, as well as to gather material for his two most popular novels, All Thy Conquests and The Girl on the Via Flaminia (the basis for the 1953 film Act of Love, starring Kirk Douglas).   (more)

  • Hayes, Paddy

    PADDY HAYES is a writer and film-maker with his own production company, Flutterby Films, based in Galway. Most of his work is made for TG4, Irish-language TV, for whom his latest venture is a six-part series based on the escapes covered in this book. He has previously worked for the Irish Film Board and lectures in scriptwriting in the National University of Ireland, Galway.
  • Rosemary Hayes

    Hayes, Rosemary

    Rosemary Hayes lives and works in Cambridgeshire. She has written numerous books for children including historical and contemporary fiction and fantasy – many of which have been shortlisted for awards. She is also a reader for an authors’ advisory service and enjoys helping unpublished writers to hone their skills.   (more)

  • Hayes, Tadhg

    Tadhg Hayes lives and works in Kerry, one of the richest sources of 'the Gab' in the country.
  • Hayes-McCoy, Felicity

    Felicity Hayes-McCoy has written television dramas, radio soap operas, features, documentaries, plays and screenplays, as well as books on fairytales, myths and legends.
  • Allyson Hayward

    Hayward, Allyson

    Allyson Hayward is an American garden historian.
  • Hazard, Paul

    Paul Hazard (1878–1944) was an eminent French historian of ideas and a pioneering scholar of comparative literature. After teaching at the University of Lyon and the Sorbonne, he was appointed to the chair of comparative literature at the Collège de France in 1925. Elected to the French Academy in 1939, in January 1941 he voluntarily returned from a semester of teaching at Columbia University to Nazi-occupied France, where he continued to teach and write.   (more)

  • Hazen, Lynn E.

    Lynn E. Hazen completed her MFA in Writing for Children and Young Adults at Vermont College, where she won the Houghton Mifflin Award for Shifty. She also has an M.A. in Education, and a B.S. in Applied Behavioral Sciences. Her second children's book is a picture book, Buzz Bumble to the Rescue.   (more)

  • Heald, Tim

    Tim Heald has worked as a journalist on many newspapers, and has written over thirty books, fiction and non-fiction, including crime novels, and biographies. He lives in Fowey, Cornwall.
  • Heale, Jonathan

    Jonathan Heale studied typography and fine art at the Royal College of Art. He now works in oils and woodcuts, and his hand-painted china is much sought after.
  • Healy, Shay

    SHAY HEALY is an author, songwriter, TV producer and presenter. His RTÉ 1 pet series, Beastly Behaviour, was a big hit with audiences old and young. He also released a CD of animal songs, Havananimal Week. Shay is best known as the writer of What's Another Year, which won the Eurovision Song Contest for Johnny Logan in 1980.
  • Heaney, Seamus

    Seamus Heaney's first poetry collection, Death of a Naturalist, appeared forty years ago. Since then he has published poetry, criticism, and translations that have established him as one of the leading poets of his generation. In 1995 he was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature.
  • Heathcote, Edwin

    Edwin Heathcote is the architecture correspondent for the Financial Times. He is the author of Contemporary Church Architecture, London Caffs and Furniture + Architecture of which Blueprint wrote “Occasionally you come across a book that does everything it claims – and then some.   (more)

  • Hegley, John

    JOHN HEGLEY was born in north London and brought up in Luton. He now lives in Islington. His eight collections of adult verse have mostly been published by Methuen, and he has two children’s books in print: My Dog is a Carrot, (2002, reissued 2007 Walker) and Monsieur Robinet, a dual-language storybook, pub Donut Press.   (more)

  • Heilmeyer, Marina

    Marina Heilmeyer has long been associated with the Botanical Garden and Botanical Museum in Berlin. She has organised several garden-related exhibitions and is the author of a number of books on flowers and fruits.
  • Heinrich, Ari Larissa

    Ari Larissa Heinrich is Associate Professor of Literature at University of California, San Diego, and an Australian Research Council Future Fellow at the University of Sydney in Chinese studies.

  • Heller, Steven

    For 33 years, Steven Heller was an art director at the New York Times, originally on the OpEd Page and for almost 30 of those years with the New York Times Book Review. Currently, he is co-chair of the MFA Designer as Author Department, Special Consultant to the President of SVA for New Programs, and writes the Visuals column for the New York Times Book Review.   (more)

  • Kathy Henderson

    Henderson, Kathy

    KATHY HENDERSON is an award-winning author and illustrator, as well as an artist and printmaker. Among her many titles are the modern classic picture book The Little Boat, with Patrick Benson, which won the Kurt Maschler Award and was shortlisted for the Smarties Prize.   (more)

  • Norman Henderson

    Henderson, Norman

    Born in Yorkshire, Norman Henderson read physics at Pembroke College, Oxford before working in the computer industry until an early retirement in 1999. Living in Southampton at the time, he found the New Forest to be ideal for his interests in walking and photography. He died in 2010.
  • Hennelly, Regina

    Regina Hennelly is a journalist and writes for The Examiner and The Irish Independent. She has reported extensively on the Barr tribunal which was set up to investigate the Abbeylara shooting.
  • Hennessy, Marie

    Marie Hennessy was born in Co. Kilkenny and now lives in Dublin. She is a professional artist specialising in oil paintings.

    Marie's online gallery is at

  • Herbert, Robert L.

    Robert L. Herbert, after a long career at Yale, is now Andrew W. Mellon Professor Emeritus of Humanities at Mount Holyoke. He is a member of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences and the American Philosophical Society, and has been named Officier dans l'Ordre des Arts et des Lettres by the French Government.   (more)

  • Herrington, Richard

    Richard Herrington joined the Department of Mineralogy at The Natural History Museum, London as a researcher in 1991, after working in mineral exploration in industry for a number of years. Since then, gold has been a major focus of his research, based on linking geological processes with the formation of economic gold deposits.
  • Herrington, Sarah

    Sarah Herrington is a writer and yoga specialist living in New York City. She has been featured in the Oprah magazine O and the New York Daily News. An expert contributor for wellness site Mindbodygreen (, Sarah has also written about yoga and mindfulness for NY Yoga magazine and Yoga City NYC.   (more)

  • Herron, Anne Marie

    Anne Marie Herron is the principal of a large primary school. She presents a weekly radio review programme on children's books.
  • Sophie Herxheimer

    Herxheimer, Sophie

    SOPHIE HERXHEIMER is a painter and printmaker who loves stories. Her paintings and prints have been exhibited in the National Portrait Gallery, the South Bank and the Whitworth Gallery, Manchester amongst other galleries. Her books include Wonder Tales, edited by Marina Warner. This is her second book with Sally Pomme Clayton for Frances Lincoln following Tales Told in Tents.   (more)

  • Heseltine, John

    John Heseltine is an internationally known photographer specialising in food and travel. His work appears in national and international magazines – including Italy magazine, to which he is a regular contributor – and many illustrated books including the Dorling Kindersley Eye Witness travel guides.
  • Juliet Heslewood

    Heslewood, Juliet

    Juliet Heslewood studied the History of Art at London University and later gained an MA in English Literature at Toulouse. For over twenty-five years she lived in France where she devised and led study tours on art and architecture as well as continuing her writing career. Her books include The History of Western Painting for young people which was translated into twelve languages.   (more)

  • Hess, Paul

    Paul Hess was born in Sydney, Australia, in 1961. He went to art college in Sydney and then worked as a graphic designer and Art Director for various companies both in Sydney and London from 1981 to 1991. He has worked as a freelance art director and illustrator since then. His books for Frances Lincoln are Death in a Nut, Nail Soup, Cow on the Roof, Dragon of Krakow, Hidden Tales from Eastern Europe, The King with Horse's Ears and The King and the Seed. He lives in Northumberland.
  • Karen Hesse

    Hesse, Karen

    Karen Hesse grew up in Baltimore, Maryland. From an early age she dreamed of being a professional writer and after 30 years, the dream came true. Along the way she found work as a waitress, a nanny, a librarian, an agricultural labourer, a secretary and a proofreader (plus a lot of other things). In 1998 she won the Newbery Medal for her novel Out of the Dust.   (more)

  • Jonathan Hession

    Hession, Jonathan

    Jonathan Hession is an Irish photographer who specialises in taking publicity photos on film sets. He has worked on most of the major feature films that have been shot in Ireland over the last two decades. He is also a keen landscape photographer and his book, The Atlantic Coast of Ireland, was published by Frances Lincoln in 2014.   (more)

  • Hester, Kathy

    Kathy Hester is the founder of the blogs Healthy Slow Cooking ( and Busy Vegan ( She writes for various online health and cooking websites, including Bright Hub (, Divine Caroline (, Everything Mom (, and The Healthy Hostess (   (more)

  • Hick, Gillian

    Gillian Hick was born in Dublin and has practised as a vet both in Dublin and in Wicklow for the past seven years. She also works for the Irish Blue Cross. She lives in Co. Wicklow, where she has her own practice, with her husband, three children, and a large assortment of four-legged companions.
  • Hickmott, Simon

    SIMON HICKMOTT has been interested in growing plants since he was a boy, and has since made a career out of growing the weird and the wonderful. He worked at the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, in the tropical section, growing exotic plants under glass. He also run a seed library at the Henry Doubleday Research Association, growing and distributing hundreds of rare and endangered vegetable varieties.   (more)

  • Hiebert, Helen

    Helen Hiebert is a Portland, Oregon artist who constructs installations, sculptures, films and artist books using handmade paper, thread and light to create transcendent experiences that alter viewers’ perceptions of time, space and form. She teaches and lectures about papermaking and lamp-making internationally, and serves as an adjunct faculty member at Oregon College of Art & Craft.   (more)

  • Highet, Gilbert

    Gilbert Highet (1906-1978) was a professor at both Oxford and Columbia. In the 1950s he hosted a radio program called People, Places and Books, which was carried by more than two hundred radio stations, and was a judge for the Book-of-the-Month Club. He served as a literary critic for Harper's Magazine during the early 1950s and was the author of more than a dozen books, including works on literary history, essays, poems, and criticism.
  • Hill, Fionna

    FIONNA HILL trained as a floral designer in London and now runs her own floral design business. She has always used vegetables decoratively in her designs and has now turned to growing them to eat. Living in a high-rise apartment, Fionna discovered microgreens are ideal for those with limited space who still want to eat fresh.   (more)

  • Hinchcliffe, Tanis

    Tanis Hinchcliffe teaches in the School of Architecture and the Built Environment at the University of Westminster. She is also the author of North Oxford.
  • Hinkley, Daniel J.

    Daniel J. Hinkley writes for numerous horticultural publications and is in high demand as a speaker throughout North America and Europe. He has been awarded the Scott Gold Medal, the Liberty Hyde Bailey Award, and the Veitch Memorial Medal, among others. He serves as chief consultant to Monrovia Nursery.
  • Hitchens, Christopher

    Christopher Hitchens is a columnist for Vanity Fair and a visiting professor of Liberal Studies at the New School.
  • Hoban, Lillian

    Lillian Hoban (1925-1998) was the author and illustrator of many favorite children's books, including Joe and Betsy the Dinosaur, Silly Tilly's Thanksgiving, and a series about Arthur the chimpanzee.
  • Hoban, Russell

    Russell Hoban is the author of A Bargain for Frances, A Baby Sister for Frances, Best Friends for Frances, A Birthday for Frances, and Bread and Jam for Frances, all illustrated by Lillian Hoban. He also wrote Bedtime for Frances, illustrated by Garth Williams. He lives in London, England.
  • Hobhouse, Janet

    Janet Hobhouse (1948–1991) was raised in New York City and educated at Oxford. She lived in London and New York and was the author of two works of non-fiction, The Bride Stripped Bare, a study of the female nude in art, and Everybody Who Was Anybody: A Biography of Gertrude Stein, and four novels, Nellie Without Hugo, Dancing in the Dark, November, and The Furies, which was published after her death from ovarian cancer at the age of forty-two.
  • Penelope Hobhouse

    Hobhouse, Penelope

    Penelope Hobhouse is internationally-renowned as a garden designer, writer and historian. She holds the Victoria Medal of Honour, the highest award of the Royal Horticultural Society. She has also received the Lifetime Achievement Award of the Guild of Garden Writers and a Quill and Trowel Award from the Garden Writers Association of America.   (more)

  • Hochbaum, Susan

    Susan Hochbaum is a nationally recognized graphic designer who has co-authored and designed books on photography and visual culture. Her most recent, Black and White, is a visual compendium and graphic essay of all things black-and-white, from penguins to nuns' habits and skeletons to 8-balls. Other books she has designed include HiFis & HiBalls, A Stiff Drink and a Close Shave, and Neal Slavin's Britons.   (more)

  • Hochschild, Adam

    Adam Hochschild has written for The New Yorker, Harper's Magazine, The New York Review of Books, The New York Times Magazine and The Nation. His books include King Leopold's Ghost, a National Books Critics Circle Award finalist and and winner of Mark Lynton History Prize, and Bury the Chains, winner of the Los Angeles Times Book Prize for history and the PEN USA Literary Award for Research Nonfiction.   (more)

  • Hodge, Susie

    SUSIE HODGE is author of more than eighty books for adults and children, including How to Survive Modern Art (2010), The Great Artists (2010), 50 Art Ideas You Really Need to Know (2011), and Why Your Five-Year-Old Could Not Have Done That: Modern Art Explained (2012).

  • Hodgson, Ian

    IAN HODGSON is former editor of The Garden magazine (published by the Royal Horticultural Society) and member of the Publications Committee of Plants Heritage (NCCPG) with over 25 years' experience as a writer and editor for the horticultural press. He is currently Editor-at-Large for Garden News and Garden Answers magazines with a combined monthly circulation of more than 150,000 readers.

  • Mary Hoffman

    Hoffman, Mary

    MARY HOFFMAN is the internationally acclaimed author of over 100 books for children, ranging from picture books to teenage fiction. Her first picture book for Frances Lincoln, Amazing Grace, has become a classic which, with its sequels in the series, has sold 1.5 million copies worldwide.   (more)

  • Hofmann, Michael

    Michael Hofmann is a poet and translator. He has translated nine books by Joseph Roth and was awarded the PEN translation prize for String of Pearls. He lives in London.
  • Dianne Hofmeyr

    Hofmeyr, Dianne

    Dianne Hofmeyr grew up on the tip of Southern Africa. She graduated as an art teacher in Cape Town and has written several teenage novels and picture books. she has won the M-Net Award for fiction and has two IBBY Honour Books.

    To visit Dianne's website click here

  • Hofstadter, Dan

    Dan Hofstadter's last book was The Love Affair as a Work of Art, a study of French writers. Falling Palace, about daily life in contemporary Naples, was published in 2005.
  • Hogg, James

    James Hogg (1770-1835) was born in the Ettrick Valley in the Scottish Borders. When he was seven, his father, a sheep farmer, went bankrupt and Hogg left school hardly able to read; he could only shape letters "nearly an inch in length," he wrote later in his autobiography. For many years, he worked as a cowherd and later as a shepherd.   (more)

  • Holderness, Grizelda

    GRIZELDA HOLDERNESS was born in Zimbabwe, and has lived and worked in England for over twenty years. She studied at the Central School of Art and Design in London and has designed many book covers for Pan, Picador, Penguin, Everyman and Methuen, earning her the Pan Young Illustrator Award early on in her career.   (more)

  • Holdsworth, May

    May Holdsworth was born in Shanghai and educated in Hong Kong, Malaysia and England. She has been writing about China since 1979, and lives in Hong Kong.
  • Holland, Anne

    Anne Holland was a successful amateur rider who once rode at Aintree on Grand National day.
    She has written many books on horse-racing including Steeplechasing: A Celebration, The Grand National: The Irish At Aintree and All in the Blood.
  • Holland, Julian

    Julian Holland trained as an artist at Cheltenham College of Art before going on to study graphic design, illustration and photography. He fell into a career in publishing when he was offered his first job as a book designer for Readers Digest, followed by stints as a magazine designer before ending up as a designer and art editor for Dorling Kindersley.   (more)

  • Holliday, Christopher

    Christopher Holliday holds a NCCPG collection of phormiums in the UK. His articles have been published in many gardening magazines. His garden in Cumbria has been featured in newspapers, magazines and books aswell as in Gardener's World on BBC television. He is press officer to the National Gardens Schemes in Cumbria. Image © Marcus Harpur
  • Hollinghurst, Alan

    Alan Hollinghurst was born in 1954 in Gloucestershire, England, and attended Magdalen College, Oxford. He is the author of the novels The Swimming-Pool Library, The Folding Star (shortlisted for the Booker Prize), The Spell, and the forthcoming The Line of Beauty, as well as of a translation of the play Bajazet by Racine.   (more)

  • Beatrice Hollyer

    Hollyer, Beatrice

    Beatrice Hollyer has been a writer and traveller all her life. As a television reporter and newscaster, she covered conflicts in the Gulf, the Middle East, South Africa and the former Yugoslavia, and reported from Europe and the United States. She was born in South Africa and has lived in London for the past twenty years.   (more)

  • Hollyer, Belinda

    Belinda Hollyer was born in New Zealand. She has lived in the Lebanon and Australia, and frequently visits the USA, but now lives mostly in London. She has spent much of her adult life enjoying some combination of children and books - as a teacher, a teacher-librarian and a book publisher - and now writes fulltime (mostly for children). Recent titles include VOTES FOR WOMEN (non-fiction, Scholastic), and SHE'S ALL THAT! (poetry anthology, Kingfisher) which has been selected by Child Education & Junior Education as one of the "Best Books of the Year" and by the American Library Association as a "Children's Notable Book". Her first novel, THE TRUTH ABOUT JOSIE GREEN (Orchard), was published in 2006, as was YOU'RE THE BEST (story anthology, Kingfisher).   (more)

  • Tom Holman

    Holman, Tom

    Tom Holman is a freelance writer living in Lindale in the southern Lake District. He has walked extensively in the Lakes, having been carried up his first fell at the age of 18 months. Before going freelance, Tom worked for The Bookseller, the weekly magazine for the books business.
  • Holmes, Richard

    Richard Holmes is the author of Shelley: The Pursuit (published by NYRB Classics), which won the Somerset Maugham Award in 1974; Coleridge: Early Visions, winner of the 1989 Whitbread Book of the Year award; Dr Johnson & Mr Savage, which won the 1993 James Tait Black Prize; and Coleridge: Darker Reflections, which won the 1990 Duff Cooper Prize and Heinemann Award.   (more)

  • Meredith Hooper

    Hooper, Meredith

    Meredith Hooper was born in Australia. An Antarctic specialist, she has made several research trips to the continent. In 2000 she was awarded the Antarctica Medal by the US Congress. Her books for Frances Lincoln include The Pebble in my Pocket, which is the only children's book ever to be shortlisted for the Dingle History of Science Book Award.
  • Hopley, Jeremy

    Jeremy Hopley is one of Britain's best-known known lifestyle, still life, food, interiors, and travel photographers. In the past he has worked with numerous authors and chefs including Ken Hom and James Martin. Jeremy's work has appeared in books published by Jacqui Small, Kyle Cathie, Octopus Publishing, Ryland Peters & Small, and Transworld as well as a range of magazines.   (more)

  • Hopwood, Rosalind

    Rosalind Hopwood is an art historian with a special interest in fountains and water features. After 20 years of teaching she gained a PhD with a thesis on the Origins of the Renaissance Figure Fountain, which involved extensive travel in Europe and traced the history of water features and the development of hydraulic technology.   (more)

  • Horne, Alistair

    Alistair Horne is the author of eighteen books, including The Price of Glory: Verdun 1916, How Far from Austerlitz?: Napoleon 1805–1815, and the official biography of British prime minister Harold Macmillan. He is a fellow at St. Antony's College, Oxford, and lives in Oxfordshire. In 1993 Horne was awarded the French Légion d'Honneur and in 2003 received a knighthood for his work in the history of France.   (more)

  • Horwood, Catherine

    Dr Catherine Horwood is a cultural historian and honorary research fellow at Royal Holloway, University of London. A former research fellow at the Yale Center for British Art, she has recently been awarded a Fellowship at the Huntington Library and Botanical Garden in California. She has published and broadcast widely on 20th-century social history.   (more)

  • Hosoe, Eikhoe

    EIKOH HOSOE is one of the most important 20th-century Japanese photographers, best known for his collaborations with Yukio Mishima and Tatsumi Hijikata, the founder of butoh dance. He has had solo exhibits at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography, and, in 2011, The Art Gallery of New South Wales.
  • Hourican, Bridget

    Bridget is of mixed Irish-Palestinian heritage, born in Belfast, grew up in Brussels, spent a few years living in Budapest, and is now based in Dublin. As a journalist she has contributed to Time Out and The Irish Times, among other publications. Bridget also has a big interest in travel and history, and has worked on some major projects including the Atlas of Irish History and the Dictionary of Irish Bibliography.
  • House, Catherine

    CATHERINE HOUSE is an established educational writer who specialises in writing for African and Caribbean schools, and who has worked with leading educational publishers, including Macmillan Education. She has lived and worked in Kenya, Sudan, Eritrea and Zimbabwe. She now lives in Oxford where she works part-time for a charity helping homeless people.   (more)

  • How, Chris

    Chris How BSc (Civil Engineering), London University; MSc Weald & Downland Museum of Buildings through Bournemouth University
  • Howard, Paul

    Paul Howard helps Ross O'Carroll-Kelly to write his autobiographical series, now consisting of four titles, largely because Ross can't really write, roysh? Find out more at

    He is also the author of the bestselling prison expose, The Joy, and co-author of Celtic Warrior, the autobiography of boxer Steve Collins.   (more)

  • Howard, Richard

    RICHARD HOWARD is the author of seventeen volumes of poetry and has published more than one hundred fifty translations from the French, including, for NYRB, Marc Fumaroli’s When the World Spoke French, Balzac’s Unknown Masterpiece, and Maupassant’s Alien Hearts.   (more)

  • Howard, Sarah

    Shortlisted for the Travel Photographer of the Year Award 2008, Sarah Howard lives in the Cotswolds near Westonbirt. This is her first book.
  • Howard, Simon

    The Hon. Simon Howard lives at Castle Howard with his wife Rebecca and their twins Merlin and Octavia.
  • Howarth, Maggy

    Maggy Howarth is a leading authority on the subject of pebble mosaics. An artist who adopted the medium 20 years ago, she has produced hundreds of pebble mosaics in the UK. To visit her website click here
  • Howcroft, Heidi

    Heidi Howcroft is an English educated landscape architect, who has worked and published extensively in Germany. She is the author of over 20 garden books and has a wide knowledge of contemporary and historical landscapes.

    When she is not writing, leading garden tours or searching for new gardens, she enjoys tending her cottage garden in a small village in Somerset, England.

  • Howe, Fanny

    FANNY HOWE was raised in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and moved to California to attend Stanford University when she was seventeen. She has published several books of poetry and fiction and a collection of essays called The Wedding Dress. She is Professor Emeritus of American Literature and Writing at the University of California, San Diego.
  • Howells, William Dean

    William Dean Howells (1837–1920), the author of thirty-six novels, twelve books of travel, and many short stories, articles, essays, and poems, grew up in Martin's Ferry, Ohio, the son of a printer with strong antislavery and egalitarian beliefs. Largely self-taught, Howells began his writing career as a reporter and was soon publishing poetry, fiction, and criticism in national magazines.   (more)

  • Hu, Ying-Hwa

    Ying-Hwa Hu is married to Cornelius van Wright, and together they are a husband-wife illustration team. She was born in Taiwan, and now lives in New York City with her husband and two young children.
  • Hubert, Margaret

    MARGARET HUBERT is the author of more than 20 crochet and knitting books, including Plus Size Crochet, Knits for Men, Knit or Crochet--Have It Your Way, The Complete Photo Guide to Crochet, The Complete Photo Guide to Knitting, The Granny Square Book, Lacework for Adventurous Crocheters,and Runway Crochet.   (more)

  • Huchet Bishop, Claire

    Claire Huchet Bishop (1899-1993) was a children's novelist and librarian. She attended the Sorbonne and started the first children's library in France. After moving to the United States, she worked for the New York Public Library. She was the winner of the Newbery Honor for Pancakes-Paris and All Alone and the Josette Frank Award for Twenty and Ten.
  • Hudson, Ella

    Ella Hudson grew up in Cornwall and has always loved drawing. She graduated from University College Falmouth with a degree in illustration and has worked on various magazines. Hudson Hates School is her first book. Ella lives in Penzance in Cornwall.
  • Huggins-Cooper, Lynn

    Lynn Huggins-Cooper has published over 100 books for children, including picture books, educational and nonfiction titles. She is the author of multiple revision guides and workbooks on maths, science, and technology, including the popular Letts Magical Skills books.

  • Hughes, Brian

    Born in Dublin, Brian Hughes studied in NUI Maynooth and Trinity College Dublin.
  • Hughes, Harry

    Harry Hughes comes from a well-known Westport business family and is Chairman of the Croagh Patrick Archaeological Group. He is the author of a number of books on Croagh Patrick.
  • Hughes, Ted

    Ted Hughes is ranked as one of the best poets of his generation. His final two collections won the Whitbread Prize for Book of the Year in successive years. He was Poet Laureate from 1984 until his death in 1998. In the same year he had been appointed to the Order of the Merit. He wrote children's stories and poetry throughout his life.
  • Hunt, Gerry

    GERRY HUNT worked for twenty-five years as an architect, eighteen of them with the IDA. In 1986 he left architecture and began drawing political cartoons. From this, he moved on to drawing entire comics ... his first, selfproduced, comic was a rhyming, Spanish-language work that he gave away to friends.He has since publishedIn Dublin City and The Streets of Dublin.   (more)

  • Roger Hunt

    Hunt, Roger

    ROGER HUNT, co-author (with Marianne Suhr) of Old House Handbook, is an award-winning writer and blogger with a particular interest in sustainable and vernacular architecture and the materials and techniques used in construction. He is the author of Rural Britain: Then and Now, a celebration of the British countryside, Villages of England and Hidden Depths, an archaeological exploration of Surrey’s past.   (more)

  • Husain, Intizar

    Intizar Husain (b. 1923) is a journalist, short-story writer, and novelist, widely considered the most significant living fiction writer in Urdu. Born in Dibai, Bulandshahr, in British-administered India, he migrated to Pakistan in 1947 and currently lives in Lahore. His other titles in English include Leaves, The Seventh Door, A Chronicle of the Peacocks, and An Unwritten Epic.
  • Husband, Amy

    AMY HUSBAND studied Graphic Art at Liverpool School of Art. Her first picture book, Dear Miss, was winner of the Cambridgeshire Children’s Picture Book Award in 2010, and she also wrote and illustrated Dear Santa, in the same series.  Amy lives in York with her partner, working in a studio with views of York Minster.   (more)

  • Hutchby, Clive

    CLIVE HUTCHBY climbed his very first Lakeland fell just two years after the publication of the last of legendary fellwalker and guidebook writer Alfred Wainwright’s seven PICTORIAL GUIDES TO THE LAKELAND FELLS, and a full six years before the author relented to ‘pressure’ from his fans and produced his final guide to the mountains of the English Lake District, THE OUTLYING FELLS OF LAKELAND.   (more)

  • Hutchins, Maude

    Maude Phelps Mcveigh Hutchins (1899-1991) was born in New York City. Her mother came from an old New England family, and her father was an editor at the New York Sun. Orphaned at a young age, Maude and her sister were raised by their aunt, a prominent member of Long Island society. Maude attended a finishing school, and soon after graduating became engaged to Robert Maynard Hutchins, who, at the age of thirty, would leave his post as the dean of the Yale Law School to become president of the University of Chicago.   (more)

  • Hyde, Catherine

    Catherine Hyde is an artist who exhibits her paintings in galleries across the UK. She has also published greetings cards and stationery as well as two picture books for Templar in the UK, The Firebird and The Princess's Blanket, which were sold in the USA by Candlewick Press. She is a strong self-publicist who sells her work off her website and who is keen to promote this book at festivals and events.   (more)

  • Hyde, Matthew

    Matthew Hyde is the author of the new Pevsner for Cumbria (2010), and joint author with Clare Hartwell of Lancashire: Manchester and the South East (2004) and Cheshire (2011). Cumbria was the fruit of four years' intensive fieldwork and scholarship, and the book puts the architectural heritage of Cumbria on a new footing.   (more)

  • Indiana, Gary

    Gary Indiana is an American writer, journalist, and actor. He is the author of numerous books, including Do Everything in the Dark, Let It Bleed, and The Schwarzenegger Syndrome. He served as the art critic for The Village Voice from 1985 to 1988, and lives in New York City and Los Angeles, California.
  • Innes, Jocasta

    Jocasta Innes was born in China and by the age of 15 had visited nearly every continent in the world. With a background of travel, her approach to cooking and food is catholic and international. Today she is best known for her range of paints and chain interior decorating shops, Paint Magic. She is also the author of a string of books on housekeeping and home decorating.

  • Inns, Christopher

    Christopher Inns has worked in children's book design for the last twelve years. Chris is married, and has a 5-year-old son (who likes to cure his toys with his toy medical kit) and a 1-year-old daughter. Watching them play gives him ideas for some of his books.
  • Inoue, Yasushi

    Yasushi Inoue (1907-1991) graduated from Kyoto University and became a journalist for the Mainichi Daily News. His first novel, The Bullfight, won the revered Akutagawa Prize. Among his works that have been translated into English are Journey Through Samarkand, Chronicle of My Mother, and a book of short stories entitled Lou-lan.   (more)

  • Iyer, Pico

    Pico Iyer is the author of several books, including Video Night in Kathmandu, The Lady and the Monk, and The Global Soul. He is a frequent contributor to The New York Review of Books and other publications and his most recent book is The Man Within My Head. He lives in Japan.
  • Jackson, Brian

    Brian Jackson is the Head of Mineralogy at the National Museums of Scotland.
  • Joanna Jackson

    Jackson, Joanna

    Joanna Jackson has lived in Richmond for more than 18 years. She has a strong interest in local history, and in 2000 she wrote and produced an audio tour of Richmond town centre for the local tourist authority. She is a guide at the nearby Wetlands Trust. A keen photographer, her images have been used in cards, calendars and books.   (more)

  • Joachim Jacobs

    Jacobs, Joachim

    Joachim Jacobs is a landscape architect based in Berlin. He specializes in regeneration projects across Germany and has contributed to numerous publications. He recently designed an extension to the Jewish cemetery in Berlin Grunewald.
  • Jacobs, Michael

    Michael Jacobs is a prolific writer on art history and travel, and a translator of Spanish and Latin American drama. He was born in Italy and took his degree in Art History at the Courtauld Institute, where he received a Ph.D. in 1982 for his researches into 18th-century Italian art. He is currently Senior Honorary Research Fellow in the Hispanics Department of Glasgow University.

    Since 1979 he has worked mainly as a writer.   (more)

  • Jain, Shailja

    Shailja Jain is a freelance illustrator, animator and graphic designer. She loves dogs and trees and cyles round Pune, in India, sketching.
  • James, Cate

    CATE JAMES comes originally from Sheffield, but went to school in Edinburgh from the age of 10 and studied at Edinburgh Art College, where she now teaches. She has illustrated book covers and has had illustration commissions in Advertising , but The Selkie's Toes will be her first children's book. She works in line and wash, and acrylics.   (more)

  • James, Henry

    Henry James (1843–1916), the younger brother of the psychologist William James and one of the greatest of American writers, was born in New York but lived for most of his life in England. Among the best known of his many stories and novels are The Portrait of a Lady, The Turn of the Screw, and The Wings of the Dove.   (more)

  • Jamieson, Charles

    Charles Jamieson is a well known artist described by the Herald as 'one of the 50 most collectible Scottish artists working today'. His work is in collections world-wide. Photography plays an important role in Charles's work and although the imagery mostly ends up as paintings, the photographs themselves are often displayed.   (more)

  • Janson-Smith, Deidre

    Deidre Janson-Smith began her career at the Natural History Museum as part of the exhibition development team and has since worked for museums, science centres and zoos across the world. She lives in Beaconsfield, Bucks, UK.
  • Jay, Alison

    Alison Jay specialised in illustration at the London College of Printing, where she gained a First Class Honours degree. Her first picture book was published in 1998, but she has previously worked on a wide range of advertising and packaging illustration and has many clients in the USA. She has also shown her work at various private exhibitions and galleries in the UK.   (more)

  • Jeffares, A. Norman

    Born in Dublin in 1920, he was educated at the High School, Dublin and Trinity College, Dublin (of which he was an Honorary Fellow); he was also a Research Fellow of Royal Holloway, University of London and of Oriel College, Oxford. He taught in University College Dublin (Classics); in Holland and Edinburgh (English) and held Chairs (English) in Adelaide, Leeds and Stirling.   (more)

  • Jegu, Pierrick

    Pierrick Jégu is also the author of Paris en Bouteille. He is a frequent contributor for L’Express and a guest critic for Zurban, a weekly guide to Paris.
  • Jekyll, Gertrude

    Gertrude Jekyll created over 400 gardens in England, Europe and America. She holds a unique place in the making of English gardens and has exerted immense influence on good garden planting throughout the world. Her Colour Schemes for the Flower Garden, first published in 1908, was one of the most influential gardening books of the 20th century.   (more)

  • Charles Jencks

    Jencks, Charles

    Charles Jencks is the author of several best-selling books on architecture. He divides his time between lecturing, writing and designing in the USA, in the UK and in Europe.

    To visit Charles Jencks' website click here

  • Jenkin-Pearce, Susie

    Susie Jenkin-Pearce was born in Harrow, Middlesex. She studied Fine Art at Hornsey Art School and later did a course in illustration at her local art college in Harrow. She spent several years as a teacher working with children with reading difficulties and is now a full-time author/illustrator of children's books.
  • Jenkins, Steve

    Steve Jenkins lives in Boulder, Colorado, with his wife, Robin Page, and their three children. Besides writing and illustrating children's books, Steve and his wife run a graphic design studio.
  • Jess, Mervyn

    Mervin Jess is a BBC NI Journalist.
    He has reported extensively on Northern Ireland in general and Drumcree in particular.
  • Chris Jesty

    Jesty, Chris

    Chris Jesty trained as a cartographer with the Ordnance Survey. He devised Scafell Pike Panorama, a guide to the view from the highest mountain in England, for which Wainwright provided illustrations. When Wainwright's health deteriorated, Chris helped him with the maps for two of his large-format books.   (more)

  • Johnson, Alex

    Alex Johnson runs the successful and unique shedworking site which has been acclaimed by online and traditional media across the world. He works as a freelance journalist for the Independent's online site and as an editorial consultant for several national charities. A co-organiser of the annual National Shed Week and judge of the Shed of the Year competition, he lives in St Albans and has had a garden office for five years.
  • Johnson, Bernard

    BERNARD JOHNSON (1933–2003) was affiliated with the Language Centre at the London School of Economics for many years. In 1970 he edited and translated the first anthology of modern Yugoslav literature, and throughout his career he distinguished himself as one of the most active translators of Serbo-Croatian poetry and prose working in English

  • Johnson, Catherine

    CATHERINE JOHNSON is an award-winning writer of Welsh/African Caribbean descent, living in the East End of London. Her novels for children include Stella, The Dying Game, Arctic Hero, selected for Booked Up 2009 and A Nest of Vipers, shortlisted for the UKLA Award 2009. She lectures in creative writing at London Metropolitan University, and is a member of the 2012 London Olympics Organising Committee, as well as a Trustee of The Reading Agency.   (more)

  • Johnson, Julia

    JULIA JOHNSON trained as a drama teacher in the UK, then moved to Dubai with her architect husband. She soon became a familiar face reading children's stories on Dubai television. She is keen to encourage awareness of the Arabian Peninsula's rich cultural heritage through her writing. She has toured schools and universities in the Emirates, Oman, Bahrain and Kuwait with talks and workshops for students and teachers.   (more)

  • Johnston, Ruth

    Ruth Johnson was archaeological curator and education officer at Dublinia. She is now City Archaeologist and has a wide-ranging involvement in all matters of archaeological concern.
  • Johnston, Tony

    Tony Johnston's father was born and raised in the south of America, where Bone by Bone by Bone takes place. Tony grew up in an atmosphere of racial intolerance and Bone by Bone by Bone is based on that experience. She is the author of Any Small Goodness.
  • Jones, Andrea

    Andrea Jones is one of the world's foremost garden photographers, having built up an international reputation for her photographs of landscape architecture, gardens and plants. The latter was the subject of Andrea's critically acclaimed solo book Plantworlds (2005). She has collaborated on numerous other book projects since Bold Plants and Grasses and Bamboos, both by Noel Kingsbury (1999).   (more)

  • Becky Jones

    Jones, Becky

    Becky Jones is a documentary film maker specialising in science, history and arts programmes at the BBC and Chanel 4. The skills of fact finding, research and travelling across the globe have been honed and brought closer to home with the series of guide books Adventure Walks for Families books she has created with journalist colleague Clare Lewis.   (more)

  • Jones, Lis

    LIS JONES finds delight in words and images. She works in a community arts centre, where she aspires to share this enthusiasm with others. She is the author, under her married name Lis Coplestone, of Sunshine and Storm, Moonlight and Shadow (both Ragged Bears) and Noah's Bed for Frances Lincoln.
  • Jones, Peter Owen

    Peter Owen-Jones is an Anglican clergyman, author and television presenter. He is the author of several books including Around the World in 80 Faiths (BBC Books), and was the subject of the acclaimed BBC documentary How to Live a Simple Life (2009), in which he tried to live a life without money, in the footsteps of Saint Francis of Assisi.   (more)

  • Jordan, Mary Ellen

    Mary Ellen Jordan's writing for adults has been widely acclaimed. She is the author of the memoir, Balanda: My Year in Arnhem Land (A&U, 2005) which was shortlisted for a number of major literary awards, including the National Biography Prize and the Melbourne Prize for Literature.   (more)

  • Michael Jordan

    Jordan, Michael

    Michael Jordan is a qualified botanist who has been studying and collecting fungi throughout Britain and Europe for more than 25 years. An established writer and broadcaster on mycology, his series Mushroom Magic, for Channel 4, brought this fascinating subject to a wide audience and put the accompanying book into the bestsellers list.
  • Jordan, Sandra

    Jan Greenberg and Sandra Jordan are the authors of several distinctive books about art. Their work, Vincent van Gogh: Portrait of an Artist, was named a 2002 Sibert Award Honor Book.
  • Joubert, Joseph

    Joseph Joubert (1754-1824) was a philosopher who associated with the leading French thinkers of his day. He published little during his lifetime, preferring to record his thoughts in his voluminous notebooks. After Joubert's death, his friend, Chateaubriand, distributed these writings, which won Joubert posthumous fame and influence.
  • Joyce, David

    David Joyce is a celebrated garden writer and planting adviser who has lived and gardened in New Zealand, France and Hong Kong as well as in London and Suffolk. He has written many successful books on a range of gardening topics.
  • Joyce, James

    James Joyce (1882-1941) was born and educated in Dublin. His first collection of short stories was published in 1904 and was met with great praise in Ireland and abroad. Whilst living in Paris, he wrote Ulysses which quickly established Joyce as one of the most influential authors of the 20th century.   (more)

  • Ann Jungman

    Jungman, Ann

    Ann Jungman is the author of over a hundred books for children, specialising in mythical monsters being tamed by the modern world. Ann was born in London and still lives there, apart from two months a year spent in Australia.

    To visit Ann's website click here

  • Kabakov, Vladimir

    vladimir kabakov was born in Irkutsk, in Siberia. After leaving school, he did his military service in the Soviet Army and worked at the University of Irkutsk. He has been a carpenter, geologist and teacher, and is a sports coach and director of a St Petersburg youth club. He is also a writer and journalist.   (more)

  • Kabir,

    Kabir (1398-1518) was an extraordinary satirist, philosopher, and oral poet whose works have been sung and recited by millions throughout North India for half a millennium.
  • Kalfus, Ken

    Ken Kalfus's most recent book is a novel, The Commissariat of Enlightenment. He is also the author of two short story collections, Thirst and Pu-239 and Other Russian Fantasies.
  • Kalman, Maira

    Maira Kalman is an award-winning artist, illustrator, and product designer. She lives in New York.
  • Karmi-Melamede, Ada

    Ada Karmi-Melamede studied at the Architectural Association in London and in Israel from 1956–1962. She has designed numerous buildings in Israel and has taught at several universities in the USA, including Columbia and Yale.

  • Kästner, Erich

    Erich Kästner (1899-1974) was born in Dresden and after serving in World War I studied history and philosophy in Leipzig, completing a PhD. In 1927 he moved to Berlin and through his prolific journalism quickly became a major intellectual figure in the capital. His first book of poems was published in 1928, as was the children's book Emil and the Detectives, which quickly achieved worldwide fame.   (more)

  • Kawaguchi, Yoko

    YOKO KAWAGUCHI was born in Tokyo and educated in the United States, Canada and Japan. She has lived in the UK for the last twenty years. The author of Serene Gardens: Creating Japanese Design and Detail in the Western Garden, she lectures on Japanese garden history, and has appeared on BBC Radio Four’s Woman’s Hour and the BBC World Service.

  • Kearns, Zannah

    Zannah Kearns is a first-time author who grew up in a village near St Albans. She studied English Literature at Cardiff University, and later returned there to complete an MA in Creative Writing. She has spent most of her professional life working with teenagers - from Costa Rica to UK inner cities. She has also worked in Communications in the charity sector.   (more)

  • Keech, Pamela

    Pamela Keech is an artist, curator, and collector. She regularly haunts flea markets and antique shops in search of period furnishings for museums and historic houses. She is on the staff of the Lower East Side Tenement Museum in New York City, and a Fellow of the American Academy in Rome and the American Antiquarian Society.   (more)

  • Kehlmann, Daniel

    Daniel Kehlmann's Measuring the World was translated into more than forty languages. Awards his work has received include the Candide Prize, the Literature Prize of the Konrad Adenauer Foundation, the Heimito von Doderer Literature Award, the Kleist Prize, the WELT Literature Prize, and the Thomas Mann Prize.   (more)

  • Kelleher, Annette

    Annette Kelleher was born in Kenmare, Co Kerry, in 1950 and emigrated to Australia in 1978. Her other books include Noodles on Our Ceiling, Seaweed in Our Soup, Pet 4 Elvin and Pumpkin Head is Dead! She is married, with four children.
  • Keller, Helen

    Helen Keller was born in Tuscumbia, Alabama. At nineteen months, she suffered from a mysterious illness, perhaps scarlet fever, that left her deaf and blind. When Helen was five, Anne Sullivan was engaged as her teacher. Their relationship and the legendary strides made as a result of it, particularly Helen's acquisition of language, are the subject of The Story of My Life.   (more)

  • Kelly, Deirdre

    Deirdre Kelly was a radical environmental activist and a founder member of the Living City Group. She was involved with many campaigns to save Dublin's architectural heritage.
  • Kelly, Jane

    Jane Kelly has produced and directed news and current affairs documentaries for the BBC network. She has also produced and directed programmes for Granada Television, UTV, RTE and TG4.
  • Kelly, Michael

    Michael Kelly is a freelance contributor to The Irish Times. He writes columns including My Big Week and What's On for the Irish Times Magazine, A New Life in the Health supplement and The Irishman's Diary. His column Giving Up in the Irish Times Magazine saw him forsake each week some of the essentials of modern life electricity, mobile phone, shaving, coffee etc.   (more)

  • Kelters, Seamus

    SEAMUS KELTERS is an Assistant News Editor with BBC Northern Ireland. He is the co-author of Lost Lives. The stories of the Men, Women and Children who died in the Northern Ireland Troubles for which he and his fellow editors were awarded the Christopher Ewart-Biggs Prize for its contribution to reconciliation.
  • Kemp, Jane

    Jane Kemp has worked together with Clare Walters in the parenting market for many years, most recently as deputy editor and features editor of the respected babycare magazine Practical Parenting. They are co-authors of 15 successful childrens books. Jane particularly enjoys writing about babycare, childcare and health.
  • Adrienne Kennaway

    Kennaway, Adrienne

    Adrienne Kennaway studied at Ealing Art School and the Accademia di Belle Arti in Rome. A great lover of all forms of nature, she won the 1987 Kate Greenaway Medal for Crafty Chameleon. She lives in County Kerry, Ireland. Adrienne's books for Frances Lincoln are This is the Oasis, This is the Reef and This is the Tree, Jungle Song and Arctic Song, Rainbow Bird and Curious Clownfish.
  • Kennedy, John

    John Kennedy, a chartered accountant, is also a poet, novelist and author of the best-selling Sixty Short Puzzles series. Many of his works have appeared in newspapers, magazines, anthologies and on live radio broadcasts. He has won several chess titles and competed for Ireland at the European Management Championships.   (more)

  • Kennedy, Raymond

    RAYMOND KENNEDY (1934-2008) was born and raised in Western Massachusetts. In 1982, he joined the creative writing faculty at Columbia University, where he taught until his retirement in 2006. Kennedy's other novels include My Father's Orchard, Goodnight, Jupiter, The Flower of the Republic, The Bitterest Age, and The Romance of Eleanor Gray.
  • Kent, Nicola

    Following a degree in English and Art NICOLA KENT sold handmade greetings cards before getting sidetracked into a successful career as a TV producer. She went on to produce a wide range of programmes for the BBC and Channel 4, and also wrote for top-rating children's animation The Cramp Twins. Since having children Nicola has focused on writing and illustrating.   (more)

  • Barbara Ker Wilson

    Ker Wilson, Barbara

    Barbara Ker Wilson is a well-known reviewer, writer and publisher, with a long-standing interest in folklore. She now lives in Australia.
  • Kerman, Joseph

    Joseph Kerman is emeritus professor of music at the University of California, Berkeley. He began writing music criticism for The Hudson Review in the 1950s, and is a longtime contributor to The New York Review of Books and many other journals. His books include Opera as Drama (1956; new and revised edition 1988), The Beethoven Quartets (1967), Contemplating Music (1986), Concerto Conversations (1999), and The Art of Fugue (2005).
  • Kerrigan, Jo

    Jo Kerrigan grew up amid the wild beauties of West Cork; after working in the UK as writer, academic and journalist, she returned home to the place she loved best. She now writes regularly for a range of publications, including The Irish Examiner and the Evening Echo as well as international magazines, and operates a very popular online weblog.
  • Kerven, Rosalind

    Rosalind Kerven trained as an anthropologist and has edited and reviewed children's books for a number of years. She has written many collections of myths and legends, and several children's novels. She lives in Morpeth, Northumberland.
  • Keswick, Maggie

    Maggie Keswick first went to China when she was 4 years old. She was educated in Shanghai and Hong Kong and, in Britain, at Oxford University and the Architectural Association, London. She was married to the architecture critic and historian Charles Jencks, with whom she made the famous conceptual garden at Portrack, near Dumfries.
  • Richard Kidd

    Kidd, Richard

    Richard Kidd, artist and writer, born June 22 1952; died July 21 2008, studied painting at Newcastle University before taking up a scholarship at the British School at Rome. After several years of teaching at Newcastle University, he went to America in 1980, to spend a year in San Francisco and 6 years in New York on a Harkness Fellowship.
  • Kiedrowski, Thomas

    Thomas Kiedrowski leads tours to Warhol sites in New York City. He received his B.F A. in Film from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and after working in Hollywood, now lives New York.
  • Kiely, Kevin

    Kevin Kiely has had several collections of poetry published, had plays broadcast on RTÉ and is engaged in literary journalism and editing. He has received Literature Bursary Awards from the Irish Arts Council, and is Honorary Fellow in Writing with the University of Iowa. This is his first book for young readers.
  • Kilmartin, Terence

    Terence Kilmartin (1922-1991) was the literary editor of The Observer from 1952 until 1987.
  • Jane Kilpatrick

    Kilpatrick, Jane

    Jane Kilpatrick studied History at Oxford and then tried a number of different occupations, among them antiquarian bookselling, before working for several years at a children's safety charity. Throughout she has gardened whenever and wherever possible. She is a dedicated plantswoman with a passionate interest in Chinese plants.
  • Kim, Yang

    Yang Kim founded People Design with Kevin Budelmann. Based in Grand Rapids, MI, People Design is an experienced design firm that has built a reputation for design excellence among long-standing clients and within the design community.

  • Kimpton, Diana

    Diana Kimpton is a writer of books, stories and articles for children and adults. She also administers the Word Pool website. To visit her website click here
  • Kincaid, Jamaica

    Jamaica Kincaid is a Caribbean novelist, gardener, and gardening writer. Her short fiction has appeared in The Paris Review and The New Yorker, where her novel Lucy was originally serialized. Her first book, At the Bottom of the River, was nominated for the PEN/Faulkner Award for Fiction, and she has gone on to write more than fifteen books, including A Small Place, Annie John, and Mr.   (more)

  • Kingsbury, Noel

    Noel Kingsbury is a leading exponent of contemporary naturalistic planting design. He contributes regularly to The Garden, Homes and Gardens, Hortus and the English Garden and writes occasional pieces for many other magazines and newspapers including the Financial Times and Country Life.

    To find out more about Noel Kingsbury click here

  • Kingston, Mary

    Mary Kingston is a presenter with RTE's Den TV and for the last five years she has been sharing her Fantastic Far-Flung Facts For Fun with us on Sunday's 'Disney Club'. In this time, she has travelled to over 55 countries from Bangledesh to Madagascar and Cambodia.
  • Kinsella, Thomas

    Thomas Kinsella is one of Ireland's most respected and well-loved poets. Born in Inchicore in 1928, he is also known for his translations and editorial work.
  • Kipling, Mike

    Mike Kipling comes from Scarborough, and having studied town planning at Newcastle University, became Assistant Area Planning Officer at Richmond. But in 1996 he decided to become a photographer, and now has one of the largest practices in the north of England where his work is widely published. He lives in Guisborough, Cleveland.
  • Kirigin, Branko

    Dr Branko Kirigin is keeper of Greek and Hellenistic Antiquities at the Archaeological Museum in Split, Croatia.
  • Kirk, Robert

    Robert Kirk (1644–1692) was the seventh son of James Kirk, Minister of Aberfoyle. He studied at Edinburgh and St. Andrews, became Minister of Balquhidder in 1644, and succeeded his father at Aberfoyle in 1685. Kirk published the first Gaelic translation of the Psalms and oversaw the preparation of the first romanized version of the Gaelic Bible.   (more)

  • Kirkbride, Pat

    Pat Kirkbride has three great passions in life - hill walking, her two collie dogs and a love of good food. Pat grew up on a traditional hill farm in Wensleydale, and developed a natural understanding of the connection between the landscape and the different breeds that land will support. Each farmer's unique knowledge of the area's climate combined with good breeding and animal husbandry will result in the finest end product. Born with a love of walking, Pat is at her happiest when out of doors, and finds it truly fascinating that in the 191 miles that is the Coast to Coast walk, the produce available is so diverse.   (more)

  • Kirkup, James

    James Kirkup (1918-2009) was a prolific English poet, translator and travel writer.
  • Kirmse, Marguerite

    MARGUERITE KIRMSE (1885-1954) was born in Bournesmouth, England.   (more)

  • Kissane, Dan

    Dan Kissane lives on a farm in Kerry where he keeps sheep and bees. His book Pugnax and the Princess was published in October 2001. This was originally published in 1995 as The King of Wisdom's Daughter, followed by a sequel, The Eagle Tree (1996) which was shortlisted for the BISTO Book of the Year Award 1997.   (more)

  • Kitamura, Satoshi

    Satoshi Kitamura was born in Tokyo and has always loved reading comics and illustrated novels. With no formal training, he started work in advertising as an artist and came to London. He has written and illustrated 20 of his own books and illustrated many more, as well as translating children's books.for the Japanese market.   (more)

  • Kitamura, Satoshi

    SATOSHI KITAMURA was born in Tokyo and he started work in advertising as an artist and came to London. He has written and illustrated 20 of his own books and illustrated many more. He has won a number of awards, among them the Mother Goose Award, Bronze Winner and a shortlisting for the Smartie Prize, a National Art Library Award and The New York Times Notable Book of the Year Award.

  • Kitchen, Bert

    Bert Kitchen was born in Liverpool and studied Textile design, drawing and painting at the Central School of Art in London. He is now a full-time author and illustrator of children's books. He lives in London.
  • Klaus, Gustav

    H Gustav Klaus holds the Chair of British Literature at the University of Rostock. He has taught and lectured in many countries including Australia, Britain, Denmark, France and Spain. He takes special interest in the 'little' tradition of working-class and socialist writing. His first major book was a study of another Spanish volunteer, Christopher Caudwell.   (more)

  • Klein, Lucas

    Lucas Klein’s translations include Notes on the Mosquito: Selected Poems by Xi Chuan, which won the Lucien Stryk Asian Translation Prize from the American Literary Translators Association. He lives in Hong Kong.

  • Knapp, Sandra

    A botanist at the Natural History Museum in London, Sandra Knapp has spent many years collecting plants in tropical Central and South America. She is an expert on the plant family Solanaceae, which includes such economically important species as the potato and tomato.
  • Knight, Lucy

    Lucy Knight is a fitness consultant and a professional dancer and trainer in the U.K. She has more than a decade of experience in the fitness industry, regularly contributes to fitness periodicals, and has produced 13 fitness programs on video and DVD.

  • Belinda Knox

    Knox, Belinda

    Belinda Knox, author and photographer, is a lifelong lover of the countryside. She has always enjoyed capturing on camera some of the most stunning views in the world which present themselves in the British Isles. Her work has featured in Amateur Photographer and been exhibited locally.
  • Knox, Cynthia

    CYNTHIA KNOX is an award-winning artist who specializes in works of traditional realism. She is a Signature Member of the Colored Pencil Society of America, a juried member of the International Guild of Realism, commissioned portrait artist, and occasional art inustructor. Her artwork is in shows, private collections, and on her website at   (more)

  • James Knox

    Knox, James

    James Knox wrote the acclaimed biography of cult 1930s travel writer, Robert Byron, published by John Murray in 2003, which was hailed by Patrick Leigh Fermor as "surpassing all expectations." Byron was a contemporary and friend of Lancaster's and their social worlds overlapped. Knox has also written extensively about art and architecture for Country Life, The Spectator and The Daily Telegraph.   (more)

  • Koestenbaum, Wayne

    Wayne Koestenbaum has published five books of critical prose, including The Queen’s Throat: Opera, Homosexuality, and the Mystery of Desire, which was a National Book Critics Circle Award finalist; and three books of poetry, including Ode to Anna Moffo and Other Poems. He is a Professor of English at the Graduate Center of the City University of New York.
  • Kogan, Gabriela

    Gabriela Kogan is a graphic designer based in Buenos Aires specializing in book design. Her studio has recently published Surtido, 268 images of the Argentine Soul; Buenos Aires Populares; Surtido P. 233 20th century graphic advertisements from Argentina; Viejo Buenos Aires under her imprint Del Nuevo Extremo.
  • Kohn, Roger

    Born in York in 1951, Roger Kohn studied with Rowan Gillespie at York School of Art in 1969. After earning a first class honours degree from Chelsea School of Art, he boarded a tramp steamer to South America. He was arrested and interrogated on three occasions for insurgency and abuse of the Argentine authorities.   (more)

  • K.P. Kojo

    Kojo, K.P.

    Raised in Cape Coast and Accra, in Ghana, K.P. Kojo grew up hearing stories from his parents, his blind grandmother, orange-sellers, teachers and a rag-bag of friends with whom he ran wild. Many years later, in London, he was asked to visit a library and tell stories. Two days later he found himself kneeling in front of twenty six-year-olds retelling an Ananse story.   (more)

  • Kolatkar, Arun

    Arun Kolatkar (1932-2004) was born in the town of Kolhapur in the western Indian state of Maharashtra and attended the JJ School of Art in Bombay, the city in which he was to pursue a long and successful career as an art director in advertising. Jejuri, published by a small press in 1976, received the Commonwealth Poetry Prize.   (more)

  • Komisar, June Diana

    Dr June Diana Komisar, BA, Clark University; MArch, Yale University; Ph.D University of Michigan; RA, AIA, RAIC
  • konkoly-Thege, George

    George Konkoly-Thege was born in Hungary. His photographs have appeared in many publications, including Cosmopolitan, Malev Airlines’ Horizon magazine, and Playboy.
  • Kooluris Dobbs, Linda

    Linda Kooluris Dobbs began her photographic record of the Vatican Gardens in 1981 with a very old and trustworthy Nikon F2. Her photographs have been published in The National Post and have been the subject of a major exhibition in Toronto in 2002.

    To visit Linda's website click here

  • Lisa Kopper

    Kopper, Lisa

    Lisa Kopper was born in Chicago and studied painting and sculpture at Carnegie-Mellon University. She moved to England in 1970. She has illustrated over 100 children's books, including the Jafta series, which won her an international reputation for multicultural work. Daisy is a Mummy was shortlisted for the 1996 Kate Greenaway Medal.
  • Kopperude, Amy

    Amy Kopperude was born and raised in Minnesota and influenced by a painting grandma, a quilting mom and brother, a guitar-playing dad, and other talented people who supported her creative growth. She lives in Red Lion, PA where she works for an educational publishing house as an editor and book layout designer.   (more)

  • Jenny Koralek

    Koralek, Jenny

    Jenny Koralek's books include The Song of Roland Smith, Mabel's Story, The Boy and the Cloth of Dreams and A Treasury of Stories from the Brothers Grimm.
  • Kostick, Conor

    CONOR KOSTICK was a designer for the world's first live fantasy role-playing game, based in Peckforton Castle, Cheshire. He now resides in Dublin where he teaches medieval history at Trinity College Dublin. He is the author of several historical, political and cultural works. Conor was also a reviewer for the Journal of Music in Ireland and was twice chairperson of the Irish Writers' Union.
  • Kosztolanyi, Dezso

    Dezso Kosztolányi (1885-1936) made his name as a poet. His first novel, Nero, The Bloody Poet, won him the admiration of Thomas Mann.
  • Kramer, Allyson

    Allyson Kramer is the founder of the blog Manifest Vegan (, which she launched in 2009 as a way to communicate her love of vegan cooking and recipe development to the world. Shortly after the site's launch, Allyson was diagnosed with Celiac disease, and she began focusing solely on gluten-free, vegan recipes.   (more)

  • Krauss, Ruth

    Ruth Krauss was born in Baltimore, Maryland, in 1911. She attended the Peabody Institute of Music in Baltimore and received a BA from the Parson’s School of Applied Art in New York City. During the 1940s and 1950s, Krauss spent time at the Bank Street Writer's Laboratory, where authors were encouraged to work directly with children; her A Hole Is to Dig (published in 1952) was written collaboratively with nursery school students and was illustrated by Maurice Sendak.   (more)

  • Krieger, Carsten

    Carsten Krieger's unique images of the Irish landscape are highly acclaimed and he is the author of several books of landscape photography. His photographs have also been published in magazines and calendars and he also exhibits in Ireland and abroad on a regular basis.
  • Krudy, Gyula

    Gyula Krúdy (1878-1933) was born in Nyíregyháza in northeastern Hungary. His mother had been a maid for the aristocratic Krúdy family, and she and his father, a lawyer, did not marry until Gyula was seventeen. Krúdy began writing short stories and publishing brief newspaper pieces while still in his teens.   (more)

  • Krueger, Michael

    Michael Krüger's successful career as a poet and novelist has been paralleled by his long and distinguished record as head of the German publishing house Hanser Verlag and editor of the influential journal Akzente. He received the Mörike Prize, one of Germany's most prestigious awards, in recognition of his contribution to both sides of the trade.
  • Krzhizhanovsky, Sigizmund

    Sigizmund Krzhizhanovsky (1887—1950) was an ethnically Polish Ukrainian-born short-story writer whose work was largely unpublished, though he was active among Moscow’s literati in the 1920s. He died in Moscow but his burial site is unknown.
  • Kudlinski, Kathleen V

    Kathleen Kudlinski is the author of over twenty books for young readers, including Rachel Carson: Pioneer of Ecology and Earthquake! A Story of Old San Francisco. She lives in Connecticut.
  • Kunhardt, Dorothy

    Dorothy Kunhardt (1901–1979) was an influential American author of books designed for small children, best known for her interactive Pat the Bunny (1940), the best-selling American children’s book of all time and the second-best-selling children’s book in the United States after Beatrix Potter’s The Tale of Peter Rabbit.   (more)

  • Laake, Dana

    Dana Laake, R.D.H., M.S., L.D.N., is a licensed nutritionist in Kensington, MD. Within her practice, Dana Laake Nutrition, she provides preventive and therapeutic medical nutrition services. An honors graduate from Temple University (health sciences, dental hygiene), she received her masters’ degree in nutrition from the University of Maryland.   (more)

  • Lacey, Stephen

    Stephen Lacey combines a flair for writing with a successful career in gardening and garden design. He is a gardening correspondent for the Daily Telegraph and contributes to various magazines, including Country Homes and Interiors and Hortus. He lives in London, SW7. For more information on Stephen visit his website
  • Laird, Elizabeth

    Elizabeth Laird is the renowned author of Kiss the Dust, The Garbage King and A Little Piece of Ground. She has been shortlisted five times for the Carnegie Medal. She has a longstanding interest in Persian literature and has travelled extensively throughout the Middle East. Her other books for Frances Lincoln are Pea Boy: Stories from Iran, A Fistful of Pearls: Stories from Iraq, and The Ogress and the Snake: Stories from Somalia.   (more)

  • Lal, Rajesh

    Rajesh Lal is an expert photographer, inventor, designer and a web developer. He has multiple patents on innovative user interfaces for mobile devices and has presented worldwide on mobile and web technologies. He currently resides in Mountain View, CA. Visit his design blog at

  • Lambert, Katherine

    Katherine Lambert is a distinguished and prolific garden writer and editor. She has worked on the Good Gardens Guide since 1996 and has been Joint Editor since 2004. She helped to edit Rosemary Verey’s The Garden in Winter, was co-editor with her of The American Man’s Garden and Secret Gardens, is author of Hell with a Capital H, the story of six survivors of Scott’s last expedition (Pimlico, 2002).   (more)

  • Sally Anne Lambert

    Lambert, Sally Anne

    Sally Anne Lambert studied for her BA honours in Graphic Design at Coventry Polytechnic, and was commissioned for her first book by David Wood OBE, during her final show. Sally continues to illustrate both for UK and American publishers and has held several exhibitions of her watercolours. She lives in Crosby, Merseyside.
  • Priscilla Lamont

    Lamont, Priscilla

    Priscilla Lamont studied graphic design at Canterbury College of Art. A full-time artist, she is a portrait painter as well as a successful children's book illustrator, Her books include Baby Rhyme Time (ISBN 9781845077143), Lovely Old Roly (ISBN 9780711214897) with Michael Rosen, The Hurricane Tree with Libby Purves and Little Bo Beep on the Nursery Rhyme Crimes series.   (more)

  • Lancaster, Osbert

    Sir Osbert Lancaster produced several books on architecture, and from 1939 onwards he produced cartoons for the Daily Express, using his character Maudie Littlehampton to satirise upper-class preoccupations. He died in 1986.
  • Lane, Penny Ann

    Penny Ann Lane has worked for many years as a Montessori teacher. She comes from a family of architects and she is committed to showing how beautiful architecture can be. This is her first book for Frances Lincoln. Penny lives in Fyfield in Oxfordshire.
  • Lane, Roger

    Roger Lane came into photography through motor racing with sponsorship from Agfa Gevaert in the late 1960's. His images were subsequently used in magazines, books and promotional media. In 2009 a selection of his classic motor racing images are to be published in a book Out of the Shadows (Halsgrove).   (more)

  • Lane Fox, Louisa

    Louisa Lane Fox was co-founder of the Last Word Lunchtime Lectures. Her husband is the architectural critic and landscape designer Charles Jencks. She is a mother, stepmother and grandmother.
  • Lane Fox, Robin

    ROBIN LANE FOX is the gardening correspondent for The Financial Times.
  • Langdon, Nancy

    Nancy Langdon is the president and principal designer for Studio Tantrum. She also hosts the blog at
  • Langlands, Alastair

    A former teacher, and longtime friend of Robert Kime, ALASTAIR LANGLANDS has worked closely with Robert and his friends and clients to offer a rich and nuanced picture of his achievements as a designer.

  • Langley, Jonathan

    Jonathan Langley was born in 1952 and studied at the Liverpool College of Art and the Central School of Art and Design. A hugely successful author and illustrator of children's books, his titles for HarperCollins have sold over a million copies throughout the world. Shine was written in collaboration with his wife, Karen Langley.   (more)

  • Langley, Karen

    Karen Langley lives in the Lake District. She wrote Shine in collaboration with her husband, Jonathan Langley.
  • Lapidow, Amy

    Amy Lapidow is a hand bookbinder, trained through The North Bennet Street School and several other institutions including Rare Book School and CBBAG. She teaches through the NBSS workshop program, where she has developed classes on a number of bookbinding concepts. Her personal interest is taking historic bookbinding structures and updating them by using alternate materials and for contemporary uses.   (more)

  • Ann Laras

    Laras, Ann

    Ann Laras works for a television company in Stockholm. Journalist, photographer and garden historian, she has travelled extensively throughout Italy, visiting as many historic and modern gardens as possible.
  • Joy Larkcom

    Larkcom, Joy

    Joy Larkcom is Britain's most respected vegetable garden maker and gardening writer. She has contributed to many magazines and newspapers, radio and TV programmes and has lectured all over the world. Her accolades include the Garden Writer of the Year award (three times); Lifetime Achievement Award from the Garden Writers' Guild in 2003, and the Veitch Memorial Medal for horticulture, the RHS's highest honour, in 1993.   (more)

  • Lasdun, James

    James Lasdun was born in London and now lives in upstate New York. He has published three books of poetry—A Jump Start, Woman Police Officer in Elevator, and Landscape with Chainsaw—and three collections of short stories, most recently Besieged (Selected Stories), of which the title story was made into a film by Bernardo Bertolucci.
  • Latham, Andy

    Andy Latham is a landscape photographer specialising in the beautiful scenery of northern England, from the windswept Northumberland coast to the gentle moorland above his home in Bolton. His photographs reflect an appreciation of light and the landscape, whether it is a dramatic view in a national park or in the subtler beauty of the less heralded corners of England. Andy is a regular contributor to numerous magazines, including Outdoor Photography.   (more)

  • Latymer, Hugo

    Hugo Latymer was an authority on plant cultivation and garden design in Mediterranean regions. He spent many years living and gardening on Majorca and became an acknowledged authority on designing and cultivating gardens suited to the dry, hot climate there. He died in 2003.
  • Lavelle, Des

    Des Lavelle is a veteran of many years of the Skellig islands and is the son, grandson, and great grandson of a lighthouse family. Author, historian, diver, photographer, lecturer and ornithologist, he runs regular tours of the islands during the Summer. His intimate knowledge of the islands, his passion for island photography and his live slide presentations about the Skelligs have taken him on lecture tours all over Europe and to about thirty cities of the USA.

    His website contains more information about Des and the islands.

  • Lawson, Andrew

    ANDREW LAWSON is widely regarded as England's leading garden photographer. He has provided the photographs for many books, including Good Planting by Rosemary Verey, Penelope Hobhouse on Gardening, Designing Gardens (9780711217577) by Arabella Lennox Boyd, Little Sparta (9780711220850) by Jessie Sheeler, The Garden at Highgrove by HRH Prince of Wales, and The English Garden (9780711226388)by Ursula Buchan and The New English Garden (9780711232709) also by Tim Richardson. He holds the Royal Horticultural Society's Gold Medal for Photography and the Lifetime Achievement Award of the Garden Writer's Guild.   (more)

  • Lawson, Robert

    Robert Lawson (1892–1957) was a prolific writer and illustrator of literature for children and was the first person ever to receive both the Newbery and Caldecott medals. Among his forty-odd books are such classic stories as Rabbit Hill, Ben and Me, and They Were Strong and Good.
  • Laxer, Emily

    Originally from Toronto, Emily Laxer has spent several years in France. She attended college in Montreal, and most recently began a PhD in sociology at the University of Toronto.
  • Joe Layburn

    Layburn, Joe

    Joe Layburn worked for fifteen years as a journalist and television reporter with BBC, ITV and Channel 4, often working on programmes focusing on children, and has been nominated for the Royal Television Society's home current affairs award. In 2002 he switched to teaching, and started working in East End schools.   (more)

  • Laye, Camara

    Camara Laye (1928-1980) was born in Kouroussa, a large village on the river Niger in the French West African colony of Upper Guinea. The Camaras are one of the oldest clans of the Malinke people, and Camara Laye's father, a goldsmith, was a man of considerable local authority. The eldest of seven children, Camara spent his formative years in Koranic and French elementary schools before winning a scholarship to study automobile engineering in Argenteuil, outside Paris.   (more)

  • Lazarus, Sarah

    Sarah Lazarus is a science and natural history writer who has written extensively for the Natural History Museum and Science Museum. She has also contributed to four books from the Rough Guide travel series and numerous television programmes as varied as Mastermind and Survival. She is an Honorary Fellow at the University of Melbourne.
  • Deirdre Le Faye

    Le Faye, Deirdre

    Deirdre Le Faye is an expert on Jane Austen, and the author of several books about her, including the definitive factual biography Jane Austen: A Family Record (Cambridge University Press) and completely new editions of Jane Austen’s letters for Oxford University Press. She was recently awarded an honorary doctorate by the University of Southampton for her Austenian work and publications.   (more)

  • Leaf, Munro

    Munro Leaf (1905-1976) was an American writer, illustrator, and columnist whose books for children include Manners Can Be Fun and How to Behave and Why (both of which he also illustrated). In 1936 he "dashed off in 25 minutes" a story about a bull who preferred flowers to bullfights as a showcase for the artistic talent of his friend Robert Lawson.   (more)

  • Leavitt, David

    David Leavitt is the author of several novels, including The Body of Jonah Boyd, While England Sleeps, and most recently, The Indian Clerk. A recipient of fellowships from both the John Simon Guggenheim Foundation and the National Endowment for the Arts, he teaches at the University of Florida in Gainesville.
  • Leavy, Una

    Una Leavy has written many books for children. She works as a primary school teacher in County Mayo. Una Leavy was born in Charlestown, Co. Mayo. She has been writing since early childhood. A primary school teacher by profession, she is married to Lorcán and they have six children. Her writing includes poetry, articles and short stories which have been published in various magazines and periodicals.   (more)

  • Leclerc, Caroline

    Caroline Leclerc studied history at Harvard University, USA. She is the Editorial Director of a large publishing company in Paris. A huge fan of contemporary art, she shares an unbridled passion for stickers with her children! She lives in Paris, France.
  • Ledig, Gert

    Gert Ledig (1921–1999) was born in Leipzig and grew up in Vienna. At the age of eighteen he volunteered for the army and was wounded at the battle of Leningrad in 1942. He reworked his experiences during the war in this novel Die Stalinorgel (1955). Sent back home, he trained as a naval engineer and was caught in several air raids.   (more)

  • Lee, Alan

    ALAN LEE won the Kate Greenaway Medal for his illustrations to Rosemary Sutcliff's Black Ships Before Troy, which was followed by The Wanderings of Odysseus (both Frances Lincoln). In 1998 he won the Best Artist Award at the World Fantasy Awards. He illustrated the Centenary editions of J.R.R. Tolkien's The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings and, more recently, The Children of Húrin (HarperCollins).   (more)

  • Lee, Alastair

    Alastair Lee has been taking photographs since he first went travelling at the age of twenty. The main focus in front of the camera has always been his passion for rock climbing and mountaineering. The author of two travel guides to Australia and New Zealand, Alastair's first full colour photography book was Eyes Up (2003), a selection of images from his worldwide travels.   (more)

  • Lee, Virginia

    Virginia Lee is the daughter of the artist and film conceptual designer Alan Lee. She studied Art and Design at Exeter College and Illustration at Kingston University. She worked as a sculptor on the Minas Tirith set of Peter Jackson's film trilogy The Lord of the Rings in New Zealand and designed merchandise for the films.   (more)

  • Leech, Margaret

    Margaret Leech (1893-1974) was an American historian, novelist and dramatist. She twice received the Pulitzer Prize in history, for Reveille in Washington (1952) and In the Days of McKinley (1960); with the former she became the first woman to receive a Pulitzer in that category.
  • Lia Leendertz

    Leendertz, Lia

    Lia Leendertz studied horticulture at the Royal Botanic Gardens, Edinburgh, and writes for various publications including the Guardian and The Garden.
  • Stewart Lees

    Lees, Stewart

    Stewart Lees studied illustration at Richmond College in West London before beginning his career as an illustrator. From 1992 to 1997 he lived in France, illustrating, painting and exhibiting in Eymet, Bergerac and Bordeaux. He lives in north Norfolk.
  • Leeson, Robert

    Robert Leeson started a career in journalism aged 16. In 1946 he began two years' army service in the Middle East and developed a keen interest in Arabic culture. Since the early 1970s he has written history books and over 70 children's books, and contributed to literary journals. His book Grange Hill Rules OK? inspired the highly successful BBC series Grange Hill.   (more)

  • Lefébure, Christophe

    Christophe Lefébure, a graduate of the Institut d’Etudes Politiques de Paris with a master’s degree in history, combines the qualities of a writer with those of a photographer. His principal subject of study is rural life, its customs, and traditions. For several years now, he has expanded his research to Paris.   (more)

  • Lehman, David

    David Lehman's new book of poems, his sixth, is When a Woman Loves a Man. He is the series editor of The Best American Poetry, the annual anthology he founded in 1988, and is currently preparing a new edition of The Oxford Book of American Poetry. His nonfiction books include The Last Avant-Garde: The Making of the New York School of Poets and Signs of the Times: Deconstruction and the Fall of Paul de Man.
  • Leigh, Tina

    Tina Leigh is an inspiring and compassionate holistic wellness counselor, therapeutic chef, and founder of Haute Health. Having contended with her own health challenges, she is deeply empathetic and resonates with others who are on their journey to whole body wellbeing. To share the value of maintaining a clean body and mind, she consults with individuals and corporate groups, teaching the principles of therapeutic nutrition and holistic wellness.   (more)

  • Lennon, Tom

    Tom Lennon's fiction is noted for its understanding of gay politics in modern society and for the sympathetic and honest treatment of the characters it depicts.
  • Lennox-Boyd, Arabella

    Arabella Lennox-Boyd has undertaken over 240 commissions and won gold medals at five Chelsea Flower Shows, including a Best Garden award in 1998. To visit her website click here
  • Mark Lennox-Boyd

    Lennox-Boyd, Mark

    Former Conservative MP Sir Mark Lennox-Boyd is Patron of the British Sundial Society. He has designed numerous sundials for clients in Britain and Europe, often in collaboration with his wife, the garden designer Arabella Lennox-Boyd.
  • Lepman, Jella

    Jella Lepman, born in Stuttgart in 1891, was the second of three daughters of a Jewish factory owner. She organised an international reading room for children when she was only seventeen. Her husband, a German American, died when her two children were tiny, leaving her a widow at thirty-one. She became a journalist and in 1928 published her first children's book.   (more)

  • Leppert, Stefan

    Stefan Leppert, born in 1959, trained as a gardener and worked in gardening and landscaping before studying landscape architecture at Osnabrueck, Lower Saxony; he went on to work as a garden and landscape architect in various design practices, then joined the “Garten + Landschaft” editorial team for five years.   (more)

  • Lesbros, Dominique

    Dominique Lesbros is the author of numerous books, including Musées insolites de Paris (Unusual Museums of Paris), Découvertes insolites autour de Paris (Unusual Discoveries around Paris) and Les Coulisses de Paris (Paris, Behind the Scenes).
  • Frané Lessac

    Lessac, Frané

    Frané Lessac is an internationally known American artist who has exhibited her paintings in London, Paris, New York and Los Angeles. From film school in California she went on to study Caribbean culture on the island of Monserrat. She has worked on many children's projects to date.
  • Lesser, Wendy

    Wendy Lesser is the founding editor of The Threepenny Review and the author of six books of nonfiction. Her reviews and essays have appeared in periodicals around the country, and she has been a fellow of the Guggenheim Foundation, the National Arts Jouranlism Program, and the American Academy in Berlin.   (more)

  • Lessing, Karin

    Karin Lessing is an American poet who was born in Görlitz, a town now split by the German/Polish border, and emigrated to the United States at an early age. She has published five collections of poetry, most recently Collected Poems. Lessing has been living in the Lubéron area of Provence since 1962.

  • Lethem, Jonathan

    JONATHAN LETHEM is the author of eight novels, including Girl in Landscape and Chronic City, and five collections of stories and essays, including The Ecstasy of Influence (2011). He has previously written the introductions for the NYRB Classics editions of A Meaningful Life by L.J.   (more)

  • Levesque, Kim Horton

    Kim Horton Levesque is a professional writer and French translator. She has worked primarily in the U.S. beauty industry for the past three years. She has a background in teaching and journalism, and is now focusing on travel writing. Kim spent many years studying, traveling and working in France and Western Europe and continues to be an avid traveler.   (more)

  • Levi, Peter

    Peter Levi (1931-2000) was a poet, travel writer, biographer, and Fellow of St. Catherine's College, Oxford. He was widely known for his translations from the Greek.
  • Levine, Madeline

    Madeline Levine is a professor of Slavic languages and literatures at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill.

  • Levine, Rhoda

    Rhoda Levine is the author of seven children's books (two of which were illustrated by Edward Gorey) and is an accomplished director and choreographer. In addition to working for major opera houses in the United States and Europe, she has choreographed shows on and off Broadway, and in London's West End.   (more)

  • Levine, Suzanne Jill

    Suzanne Jill Levine is the author of numerous studies in Latin American literature and the translator of works by Adolfo Bioy Casares, Jorge Luis Borges, Guillermo Cabrera Infante, and Manuel Puig, among other distinguished writers. Levine’s most recent book is Manuel Puig and the Spider Woman: His Life and Fictions.   (more)

  • Clare Lewis

    Lewis, Clare

    Clare Lewis is a journalist and former managing editor at Conde Nast, IPC and National Magazines, including Tatler, Brides, Country Living and Homes and Gardens specialising in articles on crafts, design and interiors. Her skills as a commissioning editor and writer have given her an eye for detail and putting words and pictures together in a clear format.   (more)

  • Lewis, David N.

    Now retired, David Lewis was Collections Manager for invertebrates at the Natural History Museum, where he worked for over 40 years.
  • Lewis, Marisa

    Maris Lewis was born and grew up in Worcester, where she is studying Illustration at the University of Worcester. She illustrated Big Big Secrets by Robert Arley (SevernPIX). This is her first book for Frances Lincoln.
  • Lewis, Miles

    Miles Lewis is an architectural historian with a special interest in the cultural history of building technology, prefabrication, and vernacular architecture. He is an Honorary Life Member of the Comité International d'Architecture Vernaculaire, a Fellow of the International Advisory Council of the Royal Institute of Architects, a Fellow of the Australian Academy of Humanities, a Member of the Order of Australia, and Professor of Architecture at the University of Melbourne.   (more)

  • Lewis, Naomi

    Naomi Lewis is a leading authority on the writing of Hans Christian Andersen. She herself is a distinguished children's writer, poet, anthologiser and a much-respected reviewer of children's books.
  • Pam Lewis

    Lewis, Pam

    Pam Lewis is a noted gardener and a conservationist who designs and creates wildlife gardens, specializing in making and managing wildflower meadows.
  • Lewis, Philippa

    Philippa Lewis is a picture researcher, author and editor. Previous publications include Details: A Guide to House Design in Britain. She is married to the painter Miles Thistlethwaite and lives in Somerset. Visit Philippa's website at

  • Leys, Simon

    SIMON LEYS’s (1935–2014) writing has appeared in The New York Review of Books, Le Monde, Le Figaro Littéraire, and other periodicals. Among his books are Chinese Shadows, The Death of Napoleon (forthcoming from NYRB Classics), Other People’s Thoughts, and The Wreck of the Batavia & Prosper.   (more)

  • Licht, Fred

    Fred Licht was formerly professor of the History of Art at Florida State University.
  • Lichtenberg, Georg Christoph

    Georg Christoph Lichtenberg was born in 1742 in Oberramstadt, Germany. In 1763 he joined the University of Gottingen where he studied mathematics and the natural sciences and, in 1770 was appointed a professor at the university. In addition to his scientific writings, he wrote Letters from England and a book on Hogarth's etchings.   (more)

  • Karen Liebreich

    Liebreich, Karen

    Karen Liebreich's books include The Letter in the Bottle and Fallen Order. She has written for a variety of publications including the Guardian and Kitchen Garden magazine.
  • Lifton, Betty Jean

    BETTY JEAN LIFTON (1926-2010) was the author of 20 books for children, many of them based on Japanese folklore. She grew up in Ohio, and lived for a time in Japan and Hong Kong, before settling in New York and Cambridge with her husband Robert Jay Lifton. Among her books for adults are two collaborations with Eikoh Hosoe about Hiroshima as well as three concerning the plight of the adopted child.
  • Lightbody, Kim

    Kim Lightbody is an up-and-coming photographer specialising in food and lifestyle. She lives in Rotherhithe, London.

  • Lilje, Karen

    KAREN LILJE studied design and illustration at the University of Pretoria and has illustrated several children's books for publishers in south Africa. She has won awards for both design and illustration including the One Show for design, and has been published in Lurzer's Archive for a designed illustration campaign.   (more)

  • Lilla, Mark

    Mark Lilla is Professor at the Committee on Social Thought at the University of Chicago. He is the author of G.B. Vico: The Making of an Anti-Modern(1993) and the editor of New French Thought: Political Philosophy (1991). His latest book is The Stillborn God: Religion, Politics, and the Modern West.
  • Limon, Helen

    HELEN LIMON, winner of the 2011 Frances Lincoln Diverse Voices Award, started writing in 2000, when she set up a children's literature project in Newcastle which turned into a publishing venture for local authors and illustrators. She has just finished a PhD in Creative Writing at Newcastle University, and has also been running workshops for young volunteers in Shiremoor, artists in Russia and the Women's Institute in Wales.   (more)

  • Lincoln, Roger

    Roger Lincoln is Scientific Associate in the Department of Zoology, and has had a close involvement in the design and development of the new Darwin Centre.
  • Lind, Jakov

    Jakov Lind (1927-2007) was born in Vienna. He fled Austria when he was eleven, finding temporary refuge in Holland, and then surviving inside Nazi Germany by assuming a Dutch identity. After a literary apprenticeship in Israel, he moved to London, where he wrote, in German, the short stories and novels on which his stature as a major European writer is based: Soul of Wood, Landscape in Concrete, and Ergo.
  • Linden, Sonja

    Sonja Linden is a playwright and short story writer and has edited plays, poetry and short fiction. As Writer in Residence for the Medical Foundation, she set up the Write to Life Project to help refugees and asylum seekers
  • Lindesay, William

    During his 20-year-long passion for the Great Wall, author-photographer William Lindesay has spent 1,200 days investigating the structure. In 1987 he made a 2,470-km solo journey on foot along the Wall from Jiayuguan to Shanhaiguan, Since settling in China in 1990, he has established International Friends of the Great Wall, an NGO which cooperates on preservation projects with the Beijing Administration of Cultural Heritage and the World Monuments Fund. He is the author of several books, including Alone on the Great Wall and Images of Asia: The Great Wall.   (more)

  • Lindsay, Norman

    Norman Lindsay (1879-1970) wrote The Magic Pudding to settle an argument with a friend who claimed that children liked to read about fairies. Lindsay argued instead that they liked to read about food. The author of several novels, Lindsay was also a caricaturist, sculptor, painter, and pen-and-ink artist renowned in Australia and beyond.
  • Linklater, Magnus

    Magnus Linklater was editor of The Scotsman from 1988 to 1994 and now writes a column for sister paper Scotland on Sunday. He was appointed as chairman of the Scottish Arts Council in 1996, holding the post for five years, and is currently chairman of the Little Sparta Trust, which maintains the garden of the late Ian Hamilton Finlay in the Pentland Hills.   (more)

  • Liscio, Lorraine

    Lorraine Liscio is a writer and editor who has taught at Boston College, where she was the Director of Women's Studies.
  • Lisson, Deborah

    Deborah Lisson is a well-known author of young adult fiction, living in Banbury, Australia. Her passion for the story of Red Hugh led her to research this book in Ireland. Her novel The Devil's Own won the Western Australia Premier's Award for Children's Fiction and was shortlisted for the Children's Book Council of Australia Book of the Year Award in 1991; her book, A Place of Safety, won the Western Australia Premier's Award for Children's Literature in 1997.

    Deborah's latest book, Truth Seeker, was published by O'Brien Press in October 2001.

  • Lister, Adrian

    Adrian Lister is Research Leader in Palaeontology at the Natural History Museum and was previously Professor of Palaeobiology at University College, London. He contributes regularly to TV and radio programmes on palaeontology and evolution. He was also a consultant on the BBC TV series Walking with Beasts.
  • Litchfield, David

    DAVID LITCHFIELD first started to draw when he was very young, creating Star Wars and Indiana Jones ‘mash up’ comics for his older brother and sister. Since then David’s work has appeared in magazines, newspapers, books and on T-shirts. He has also exhibited his illustrations in both solo and group shows in the U.K, Europe and America. The Bear and the Piano is his first picture book. 

  • Karin Littlewood

    Littlewood, Karin

    Karin Littlewood studied Graphic Design at the University of Northumbria, followed by an MA in illustration at Manchester Metropolitan University. She has worked in editorial, packaging, design and advertising, as well as publishing. Her work has been nominated for the Kate Greenaway Medal three times.
  • Penelope Lively

    Lively, Penelope

    Penelope Lively is one of England's most distinguished writers. She is a short story writer, reviewer, radio and television scriptwriter, and has presented a children's literature programme on Radio 4. A Fellow of the Royal Society of Literature, she is also a former Chairman of the Society of Authors and a member both of the Arts Council Literature Panel and of the Board of the British Library.   (more)

  • Livesey, Margot

    Margot Livesey was born and grew up on the edge of the Scottish Highlands and now lives in the US. She is the author of a collection of stories and four novels: Homework, Criminals, The Missing World, and Eva Moves the Furniture.
  • Livingstone, Rodney

    Rodney Livingstone is a professor emeritus in German Studies at the University of Southampton and a well-known translator of books by Theodor W. Adorno, Max Weber, and Walter Benjamin, among others. In 2009 he was awarded the Ungar German Translation Prize of the American Translators' Association for his translation of Detlev Claussen's Theodor W.   (more)

  • Llewellyn, Claire

    Claire Llewellyn specialises in books for younger readers. Her My First Book of Time won the Times Educational Supplement Junior Information Book Award in 1992.
  • Lloyd, Christopher

    Christopher Lloyd was among the best informed, liveliest, most worthwhile gardening writers of our time and the author of a host of classics. He lived in Northiam, East Sussex and died in January 2006.
  • Lloyd, Christopher

    Christopher Lloyd read history at Cambridge, getting a double first, before becoming Technology correspondent for The Sunday Times. Since leaving journalism he has run a number of internet and educational publishing businesses. He now divides his time between writing books, journalism, and lecturing mostly in schools, museums and literary festivals.   (more)

  • Llywelyn, Morgan

    Historian and novelist Morgan Llywelyn was born in New York City, but after the death of her husband and parents in 1985 returned to Ireland to take up citizenship in the land of her grandparents and make her permanent home there.

    After making the shortlist for the United States Olympic Team in Dressage in 1975, but not making the team itself, she turned to writing historical novels exploring her Celtic roots.   (more)

  • Lock, Leon

    Léon Lock received his Doctor's degree in Art History from the University of London. He is Secretary General of the Patrimoine Culturel Immobilier, Brussels, and Founding President of The Low Countries Sculpture Society, Brussels.

    Visit for more information

  • Lockwood, Charles

    Charles Lockwood is Lecturer in Human Evolution in the Department of Anthropology at University College London. He is an expert on early hominid taxonomy and evolutionary relationships. He previously worked in the Department of Anthropology at Arizona State University and at various South African and Ethiopian fossil sites, and currently leads a field project in northeastern Ethiopia.   (more)

  • Bernard Lodge

    Lodge, Bernard

    Bernard Lodge studied art at Dover and Canterbury schools of art, and went on to study at the Royal College of Art. He has had a long and distinguished career as a graphic designer for the BBC, designing award-winning title sequences on classics such as Doctor Who and The Mind Beyond. In 1979 he co-founded Lodge/Cheesman productions and worked on pioneering computer graphics, which featured in two of Ridley Scott's films, Bladerunner and Alien.   (more)

  • Todd Longstaffe-Gowan

    Longstaffe-Gowan, Todd

    Todd Longstaffe-Gowan is Gardens Adviser to Hampton Court Palace and Vice Chairman of the London Historic Parks and Gardens Trust. He lectures on landscape history and is a regular contributor to publications including Country Life, the Times, the Sunday Telegraph and World of Interiors.   (more)

  • Tim Longville

    Longville, Tim

    Tim Longville writes regularly on gardens for Cumbria Life and Hortus and contributes to many national magazines, including Country Life and English Garden. He lives in Cumbria.
  • Looby, Christopher

    Christopher Looby is the author of Voicing America: Language, Literary Form, and the Origins of the United States and he edited The Complete Civil War Journal and Selected Letters of Thomas Wentworth Higginson. He lives in Los Angeles and teaches in the English Department at UCLA.
  • Looney, Fiona

    FIONA LOONEY writes a regular column in The Sunday Tribune, from which this account is taken. She has also worked for Hot Press, for BBC Radio in London and as a scriptwriter for RTÉ, and is a regular on the Gerry Ryan Show. She lives in Dublin with her husband and three children.
  • Lopate, Phillip

    Phillip Lopate is the author of the essay collections Against Joie de Vivre, Bachelorhood, Being with Children, Portrait of My Body, and Totally, Tenderly, Tragically, and of the novels The Rug Merchant and Confessions of a Summer. He lives in Brooklyn, New York.
  • Lord, Tony

    Tony Lord, photographer, writer and horticultural consultant, holds the Victoria Medal of Honour of the RHS. He has also won the Garden Writers' Guild Award for Best General Gardening Book.
  • Louie, Elaine

    Elaine Louie is a writer on staff at The New York Times. She is the author and co-author of many books, and won the 1995 James Beard Journalism Award for a series of articles on ethnic cuisine in New York City.
  • Lousada, Sandra

    Sandra Lousada is famous for her theatre photographs, her photographs of children, and her iconic portraits of such luminaries as Laurence Olivier, Joan Plowright, Vanessa Redgrave, Albert Finney and Julie Christie. Her photographs have illustrated many books, including, most recently, London's Parks and Gardens, by Jill Billington, and Hampstead Heath, by Deborah Wolton and David McDowall (both Frances Lincoln).   (more)

  • Love, Mimi

    Mimi Love received a professional degree in architecture from the University of Texas, Austin, in 1989. She was the project coordinator for the renovation and expansion of the Bowdoin College Museum of Art. She is currently a principal at Utile, Inc. ( in Boston, MA, focusing on interior renovation projects.

  • Lowry, Malcolm

    Malcolm Lowry (July 28, 1909–June 27, 1957) was born in New Brighton, England, the youngest of four sons of Arthur O. Lowry, a rich Liverpool businessman and devout Methodist. Brought up largely by nannies, he attended the Leys School in Cambridge before shipping out "to see the world" on the merchant steamer Pyrrhus, an ordeal that supplied him with the material for his first novel, Ultramarine.   (more)

  • Elisabeth Luard

    Luard, Elisabeth

    Elisabeth Luard is an award-winning writer on food and cookery, a journalist and a broadcaster. She has written two autobiographies with recipes, and published two novels. She regularly reviews books for the Daily Mail, the Scotsman, the Jewish Chronicle and the Literary Review.
  • Lubbock, Tom

    Tom Lubbock, critic and illustrator, was the chief art critic of the Independent from 1997 until his death in 2011. He wrote widely on art, books and radio and produced major catalogue essays on Goya, Thomas Bewick and Ian Hamilton Finlay. His illustrations, mainly done in collage, appeared every Saturday on the editorial page of the Independent between 1999 and 2004.   (more)

  • Luckhurst, Gerald

    GERALD LUCKHURST is a landscape architect who has designed and built many gardens on the island. He is an expert plantsman with an unrivalled knowledge of sub-tropical flora. Each year he leads a number of specialist garden tours of the island.
  • Luis Borges, Jorge

    JORGE LUIS BORGES (1899–1986) was an Argentine short-story writer, poet, and essayist. His fiction, which drew on his interest in mathematics and detective stories, made him one of the most influential writers of the twentieth century. English-language anthologies of his stories include Ficciones, The Aleph, and Labyrinths.

  • Lukacs, John

    John Lukacs was born in Budapest in 1924. He has written twenty-five works of history and criticism, including Budapest 1900: A Historical Portrait of a City and It's Culture; Historical Consciousness: Or, The Remembered Past; The Duel: The Eighty-Day Struggle Between Churchill and Hitler; and, most recently, George Kennan: A Study of Character.
  • Lurie, Alison

    Alison Lurie is the author of many highly praised novels for adults and children. She currently divides her time between Ithaca, New York, Key West and London. Previous titles include The Truth About Lorin Jones (Prix Femina Étranger, 1989), and Foreign Affairs (1985 Pulitzer Prize for fiction).
  • Lyle, Susanna

    Dr Susanna Lyle has over 25 years of practical and academic experience in plant and soil studies. She has taught horticulture, plant science and garden design and has planned and planted private and community woodlands and gardens. She has also spent many years editing a range of scientific and educational books and journals.   (more)

  • Lynch, Paddy

    Patrick Lynch is a comic book artist, illustrator and designer from Dublin. Active in the small press scene since 2008, his subtly paced, slice of life comic books have been noted by critics in Ireland and the UK.

  • Lyons, Fergus

    Fergus Lyons is an artist and lives in the hills of County Sligo. He exhibits his work frequently.
  • Mabey, Richard

    Richard Mabey is one of Britain’s most eminent nature writers and the author of over thirty books including Flora Britannica, Weeds, Food for Free and The Unofficial Countryside. He writes regularly for the Times, the Guardian and BBC Wildlife.   (more)

  • Mac a'Bháird, Natasha

    NATASHA MAC A'BHáIRD works for a publishing house in Dublin and is a contributing book reviewer for several publications.
  • Mac Liammór, Mícheál

    Mícheál Mac Liammór(1899-1978) founded the Gate Theatre in Dublin with his partner Hilton Edwards in 1928. For fifty years afterwards their names were by-words for style in Irish life.
  • Mac Uistin, Liam

    Liam Mac Uistin is a well-known author and playwright. His versions of ancient Irish stories and legends have been published in the Irish language by An Gúm. His plays for stage, television and radio have been produced in many European countries and in Canada, Australia and New Zealand. His television play The Glory and the Dream won the Radio Telefís Éireann award.   (more)

  • Macaskill, Hilary

    Hilary Macaskill is a journalist and travel writer. She lives in London. 

  • MacCarron, Donal

    Donal MacCarron is a lifelong aviation enthusiast. He ran his own consultancy in technical advertising and public relations for thirty years. He is the author of several books, including Landfall Ireland and Wings over Ireland.
  • MacCarthy, Patricia

    PATRICIA MACCARTHY has illustrated many books for children, including The Tiniest Mermaid (Little Tiger Press), Dewdrop Babies (Random House), The Perfect Princess (Templar), and several picture books by Margaret Mahy - Boom, Baby, Boom, Boom!, 17 Kings, 42 Elephants, and Down the Dragon's Tongue (Frances Lincoln).   (more)

  • MacDonald, Allan

    ALLAN MACDONALD is a photographer and folk musician, specializing in landscape and portraits. A son of the Hebrides, he is now based in Edinburgh. His work has been published in TIME, The Huffington Post, The Daily Telegraph, and The Daily Mail among others.


  • MacDonald, Dwight

    Dwight MacDonald (1906-1982) was an American writer, editor, critic, and political gadfly. A prominent member of the group known as the New York Intellectuals, he served as the editor of first Partisan Review and his journal Politics. He later became a staff writer for The New Yorker, Esquire's film critic, and a frequent contributor to The New York Review of Books.
  • Macfarlane, Robert

    Robert Macfarlane's Mountains of the Mind (2003), about wilderness and the Western imagination, won the Somerset Maugham Award and the Guardian First Book Award, among other prizes.
  • Macgowan, Tempe

    Tempe Macgowan is a Sydney-based award-winning landscape architect, urban designer and design writer. Since the mid-1980s she has written on landscape architecture, art, sculpture and urban design. She was one of the first landscape architects to reach out beyond the profession to engage a broader audience with her writing.
  • MacGregor, Malcolm

    Malcolm MacGregor is one of a band of highly-respected landscape photographers working in Britain today. On completion of service in the Scots Guards in 1997 he embarked on a life in photography. He has been engaged in a number of projects covering Scotland, Alaska, the Middle East and Brittany. He has exhibited his work in London and Muscat and his photography has been featured in many magazines, and his first book The Outer Hebrides was published by Frances Lincoln in 2007.   (more)

  • Hamish MacInnes

    MacInnes, Hamish

    Hamish MacInnes, O.B.E., B.E.M., has been in the vanguard of search and rescue for over 40 years. He lives in Glencoe. As an international mountaineer and leader of the Glencoe Mountain Rescue team, he has taken part in 7 Himalayan expeditions and many more to the Andes and other mountain ranges. He designed the first all-metal ice axe and was a pioneer in the dropped-pick technology of modern ice climbing.   (more)

  • Debbie MacKinnon

    MacKinnon, Debbie

    Debbie MacKinnon is a freelance designer and writer of books for the very young. She has collaborated on many titles with Anthea Sieveking, including the Surprise, Surprise! board books which were highly commended for the Petits Filous Best Toy Award. Debbie lives in Australia.

    To visit Debbie MacKinnon's website click here

  • MacLean, Charles

    Charles MacLean is a writer whose special subject is Scotch whisky, about which he has published ten books to date, including the standard work on whisky brands, Scotch Whisky and the leading book on its subject, Malt Whisky, both of which were short-listed for Glenfiddich Awards.   (more)

  • MacLeod, Norman

    Professor Norman Macleod is Keeper of Palaeontology at the Natural History Museum, London. He studies the origin and maintenance of form in fossil and modern organisms using mathematical models of shape variation. He also creates new mathematical tools for studying plant and animal form and develops systems for automating the identification of species.   (more)

  • MacQuitty, Miranda

    Dr Miranda MacQuitty is a scientist and exhibition writer who has previously worked with the Museum’s exhibition development team. She is the author of several children's books including a number of titles in the best-selling DK Eyewitness series.
  • MacSwiney Brugha, Máire

    Máire is the daughter of Terence MacSwiney, one of the greatest figures in Ireland's history, and Muriel, a member of the wealthy Murphy distillery family. Her fascinating life which dragged her from Cork to Germany, and then back to the gaeltacht where, as a teenager, she learned Irish before re-learning English.   (more)

  • Eric Maddern

    Maddern, Eric

    Eric Maddern studied sociology and psychology at Sheffield University, then spent 10 years travelling around the world. He now performs all over the country as a storyteller and folk singer, and he has built a roundhouse in the grounds of his home, where he holds storytelling events. He lives in Gwnyedd, Wales.   (more)

  • Magee, Judith

    Judith Magee has managed the art collections of the Library of the Natural History Museum, London for over 10 years. She is the author of The Art and Science of William Bartram and has contributed to several other books including Plant Discoveries: A Botanist’s Voyage Through Plant Exploration and The Great Naturalists.
  • Magee, Wes

    WES MAGEE was born in Scotland, and worked as a teacher and head-teacher until he became a full-time writer twenty years ago. He has published 100 books for children, including poetry, picture books and storybooks. He regularly visits schools, libraries and festivals across the UK and abroad, performing his “poetry show”.   (more)

  • Maguire, Gregory

    Gregory Maguire was born and raised in the United States. He has also lived in Dublin and London. He is a writer of fantasies, science fiction, picture books and historical novels, and he also composes music, is an artist, and loves to travel. He is a founder member of Children's Literature New England, which organises an annual summer school on children's literature.   (more)

  • Mahc an tSaoi, Máire

    Máire Mhac an tSaoi is a major poet who helped revolutionise Irish language poetry in the period immediately after the second world war, and one of the defining Irish poets of the twentieth-century. Thirty years before Eavan Boland, Nuala Ní Dhomhnaill, and others, gave voice to the hidden lives of women, her poems celebrate the intimate aspects of her own experience as mother, daughter, wife, in much less liberated times.
  • Margaret Mahy

    Mahy, Margaret

    Margaret Mahy, the iconic children's author from New Zealand who sadly died earlier this year, wrote more than 200 books for children of allages and is acknowledged to be one of the outstanding children's writers of the twentieth century. In 2006 she was presented with the Hans Christian Andersen medal, which is the highest international recognition granted to authors and illustrators of children's books.   Twice winner of the Carnegie Medal, several of her books have become modern classics.   (more)

  • Malaparte, Curzio

    Curzio Malaparte (pseudonym of Kur Eric Suckert, 1898-1957) was born in Prato and served in World War I. An early supporter of the Italian Fascist movement and a prolific journalist, Malaparte soon established himself as an outspoken public figure. In 1931 he incurred Mussolini's displeasure by publishing a how-to manual entilted Technique of the Coup-d'Etat, which led to his arrest and a brief term in prison.   (more)

  • Mallalieu, Huon

    Huon Mallalieu compiled The Dictionary of British Watercolour Artists and 'Antiques Roadshow' A-Z of Antiques Hunting, and wrote Understanding Watercolours. He is saleroom writer for Country Life and a contributor to The Times.
  • Malouf, David

    David Malouf is a novelist and poet. His novel The Great World was awarded both the Commonwealth Prize and Remembering Babylon was short-listed for the Booker Prize. He has received the IMPAC Dublin Literary Award and the Los Angeles Times Book Award. He lives in Sydney, Australia.
  • Mancoff, Debra N.

    Debra N. Mancoff is an art historian and a Scholar in Residence at the Newberry Library, Chicago. She lectures regularly at many of the major museums in the United States and Great Britain.
  • Manguel, Alberto

    ALBERTO MANGUEL is an Argentinian-born Canadian essayist and novelist. He has written twenty works of criticism, including The Dictionary of Imaginary Places (with Gianni Guadalupi), A History of Reading, and The Library at Night; edited more than twenty literary anthologies; and is the author of five novels, including News from a Foreign Country Came, which won the McKitterick Prize in 1992.   (more)

  • Manheim, Ralph

    Ralph Manheim (1907-1992) translated Günter Grass, Louis-Ferdinand Céline, Hermann Hesse, and Martin Heidegger, along with many other German and French authors. His translations of NYRB Classics include Short Letter, Long Farewell; Slow Homecoming; and A Sorrow Beyond Dreams.
  • Manning, David

    His Excellency Sir David Manning is the Ambassador of Great Britain to the United States and Honorary Patron of the Exhibition
  • Mick Manning

    Manning, Mick

    Mick Manning grew up in Haworth, West Yorkshire and studied Illustration at the Royal College of Art in London. He has written and illustrated over 60 books, mostly with his partner Brita Granström.Their distinctive books have won many awards. Their first book, The World is Full of Babies, won the Smarties Silver Prize in 1996.   (more)

  • Mansfield, Creina

    Creina Mansfield was born in Bristol in 1949. She studied literature at Cambridge and became a teacher of English at secondary school level. She lived in Dublin for a number of years and is now living in Macclesfield, Cheshire, England with her husband and two teenage sons.

    Her first book, Fairchild was published in Hong Kong.   (more)

  • March, Carlos

    Carlos March is the chairman of Banca March and of Corporacian Financiera Alba, and Vice-Chairman of the Fundacion Juan March. He is an entrepreneur with a passionate interest in nature, gardening and hunting.
  • Marcus, Greil

    GREIL MARCUS is the author of The Shape of Things to Come: Prophecy and the American Voice, Lipstick Traces, and other books; with Werner Sollors he is the editor of A New Literary History of America. In recent years he has taught at the University of California at Berkeley, Princeton University, the New School University, and the University of Minnesota.   (more)

  • Marks, Alan

    Alan Marks studied art at Bath Academy in 1980 and has since illustrated over 20 children's picture books. Alan's first book, Storm, written by Kevin Crossley Holland, won the Carnegie Medal, and Ring a Ring o' Roses won the Bologna UNICEF Award. In 1996, Thomas and the Tinners was shortlisted for the Smarties Prize and The Thief's Daughter became National Curriculum recommended reading.   (more)

  • Marks, Sarah

    Sara Duchars and Sarah Marks founded Buttonbag in 2005, a young innovative company breathing new life into old crafts by updating them in a fresh, contemporary way. They have graduated from a stall at London's Greenwich market to a network of more than 20
  • Marsh, Graham

    GRAHAM MARSH is an art director, illustrator and author. He has written and art directed many groundbreaking visual books including The Cover Art of Blue Note Records Volumes 1 and 2, East Coasting and California Cool (Collis & Brown). He co-authored and art directed a series of ten movie poster books and Denim: From Cowboys to Catwalks (Aurum).   (more)

  • Marshall, David

    David Marshall is the author of several walking guides. He has undertaken treks in many parts of the world.
  • Marshall, James Vance

    James Vance Marshall is also published under the names Ian Cameron and Donald Payne. His most famous book, Walkabout, was first published as The Children, and was later made into a movie by the director Nicholas Roeg. His other books include A River Ran Out of Eden, The Lost Ones (dramatised by Disney as The Island at the Top of the World) and White-Out.   (more)

  • Marshall Thomas, Elizabeth

    Elizabeth Marshall Thomas's most recent books are The Hidden Life of Dogs, Certain Poor Shepherds, and The Tribe of Tiger: Cats and Their Culture. (May 1997)
  • Martin, J.P.

    J. P. Martin (1880-1966) published his Uncle stories at the urging of his children, for whom he created. After the last war, he moved to the village of Timberscombe in Somerset, where he served in the small chapel. Six Uncle books were published in the series, the last in 1973, seven years after his death.
  • Mash, Julian

    Julian Mash graduated from the University of East Anglia with an MA in Creative Writing in 2011. He spent much of his twenties running a record label and playing in a band before becoming a bookseller. He has lived and worked in and around Portobello Road for the last ten years, half of which was spent working at the Travel Bookshop, a local institution and the inspiration for the bookshop in the film Notting Hill.   (more)

  • Massey, Eithne

    EITHNE MASSEY is a graduate of University College Dublin and NUI Maynooth, and a short-story writer. She has worked with the Arts Council and as a librarian. Her interest in mythology has been a lifelong one. Although she lives in Dublin, she is often found travelling to old and secret places around the country.
  • Matthews, Rupert

    Rupert Matthews has written over 170 books, appearing on television and radio as a presenter and consultant. These have mostly been on history or military subjects, though in recent years he has been writing about ghosts, cryptozoology, UFOs and other paranormal subjects.

  • Mattison, Chris

    Chris Mattison is a natural history writer and photographer who specialises in reptiles and amphibians. He has written and illustrated over 20 books, mostly on the natural history of reptiles and amphibians and their responsible care and breeding in captivity. His photography regularly appears in books and magazines throughout the world, and he has been a runner-up in the prestigious Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition.   (more)

  • Gillian Mawrey

    Mawrey, Gillian

    Gillian Mawrey was born in London and now lives on the South Bank with her QC husband. After reading English at Oxford, she worked as a children's books editor and then studied art history and began writing about historic gardens. She lectures in the UK and abroad and has served on prize juries in Belgium and France.   (more)

  • Max, D.T.

    D. T. Max is a staff writer at The New Yorker and is at work on a biography of David Foster Wallace. His book The Family That Couldn't Sleep: A Medical Mystery was published by Random House in 2007.
  • Brian May

    May, Brian

    Brian May, CBE, PhD, FRAS is a founding member of Queen, a world-renowned guitarist, songwriter, producer and performer. Brian had to postpone a career in astronomy when Queen's popularity first exploded, but, after an incendiary 30 years as a rock musician, was able to return to astrophysics in 2006, when he completed his PhD, and co-authored his first book, Bang! The Complete History of the Universe, with Patrick Moore and Chris Lintott.   (more)

  • May, Judy

    Judy May is a novelist, journalist and broadcaster. She is a graduate of Tony Robbins' mastery, the foremost life-coaching institute in the world. Over the last five years she has organised life-coaching groups in Paris and LA and now has a strong client base in Ireland.
  • Mayhew, James

    James Mayhew is an award-winning author and illustrator of children's books.
  • McAfee, Pat

    Pat McAfee is a stone mason and lectures widely, both in Ireland and abroad, on all aspects of stonework. You can visit his own website here.
  • McAllister, Angela

    Angela McAllister took a degree in Humanities at Middlesex College and then began illustrating books. She has written over 30 books for children, some of which she has also illustrated.
  • McAllister, Margaret

    Margaret McAllister comes from the north-east of England. Before writing full-time she taught drama and dance, cleaned churches and worked in a retreat house. She is the author of the award-winning Mistmantle Chronicles, Fawn and A Home for Teasel. She is married to a minister and has three grown-up children. 

  • McAuley, Leon

    Leon McAuley is a Northern Ireland school teacher. He does regular author visits to schools telling stories to children and encouraging drama. He is also well known on the Library and Broadcasting circuit.
  • McBratney, Sam

    Sam McBratney sums up his post-war childhood as short trousers, Fair Isle jumper, the 11 plus and grammar school. He taught at a secondary school himself for a while and was a primary school teacher.

    He is the author of numerous books for children and young adults, published internationally, including The Green Kids.   (more)

  • E. J. McCabe

    McCabe, E. J.

    E. J. McCabe is an award winning fashion photographer working between New York and London. Over his 20 year career he has shot fashion stories for various international editions of Vogue, Elle and Marie Claire magazine. This is his first book.
  • McCabe, Eugene

    Eugene McCabe is the author of Cyril's Woodland Quest, for readers age 10+. McCabe was born in Glasgow in 1930 to a Fermanagh mother and a Cavan father. In 1939 his grandfather bought a farm in Clones, Co Monaghan, and McCabe moved there in 1954.

    A well-known writer for theatre, Eugene McCabe began writing for television when RTÉ began in 1960.   (more)

  • McCann, Sean

    Sean McCann is a distinguished author and journalist. He has written more than 25 books covering a wide range of subjects ranging from roses to Irish history and sport. His main hobby is rose growing, for which he has been awarded many international prizes. He lives in Dublin and is the father of prize-winning author Colum McCann.
  • McCarthy, Kieran

    Kieran McCarthy is a local historian. He writes the popular weekly Inside Cork column and is the author of Pathways through Time, Historical Walking Trails of Cork and Cork: A Pictorial Journey. He currently works as a freelance historical consultant while pursuing an MPhil in the Department of Geography at UCC.
  • McCleery, William

    William McCleery (1911-2000) was an American playwright and editor. In the 1940s he had two comedies on Broadway, Hope for the Best and Parlor Story, and his adaptation of Peter De Vries's comic novel The Mackerel Plaza remains a staple of repertory theater. McCleery also wrote a dozen plays for television and was an editor at Life magazine, the World War II newspaper P.M., and Ladies' Home Journal.
  • McCloskey, Robert

    Robert McCloskey (1914-2003) was an American author and illustrator of children's books, the most famous of which was Make Way for Ducklings, the 1942 Caldecott Medal winner. He won a second Caldecott Medal in 1958 for Time of Wonder. He also received Caldecott Honors for Blueberries for Sal in 1949, One Morning in Maine in 1953 and Journey Cake, Ho! in 1954.
  • McClure, Gillian

    Gillian McClure's titles include Tinker Jim and Tog the Ribber which were shortlisted for the Smarties Book Award. Tog the Ribber was also Highly Commended for the Kate Greenaway Award. Selkie won the Parents' Guide to Children's Media Award USA 2000. Gillian illustrated Mary Arrigan's Mario's Angels for Frances Lincoln.   (more)

  • McConville, Rory

    Rory McConville has been working in the comic book industry since he was sixteen. In that time he has written for DC Comics, Newbold Enterprises, Shadowline Comics and Fan-Atic Press. He lives in Cork and studies English and History at University College Cork.

  • McCoole, Sinéad

    SINÉAD MCCOOLE is a well-known historian and the author of a number of books on women and history. Sinéad has also scripted a series of short films, Women of 1916, for RTÉ. She currently works as a historical and picture researcher, and an exhibition curator.
  • McCormick, Lara

    Lara McCormick completed her MFA in design from the School of Visual Arts, and has a post-graduate degree in Typography from Cooper Union. She is currently the Graphic Design Chair at the New Hampshire Institute of Art. She is obsessed with all things type and is constantly looking to push it in new directions.   (more)

  • McCourt, James

    James McCourt was born in New York City and attended Manhattan College, NYU, the Yale School of Drama, and the Old Met. Among his works of fiction and nonfiction are Mawrdew Czgowchwz (published by NYRB Classics), Wayfaring at Waverly in Silver Lake, and Queer Street: The Rise and Fall of an American Culture, 1947-1985.   (more)

  • McDonald, James

    James McDonald lives in London and is a freelance photographer and writer, and a contributor to leading interior magazines such as House and Garden and The World of Interiors. He studied interior design in Cape Town before returning to London to work in public relations. He changed careers to study photography, practicing on the Duke of Northumberland's Syon House in London, and secured his first commissions with World of Interiors in 2009.   (more)

  • McDonnell, Vincent

    Vincent McDonnell is an award-winning author of books for adults and young readers. Born in County Mayo, he worked in England for a number of years. He now lives in County Cork with his wife and son.

    He has previously written two adult novels and four novels for children. The Broken Commandment, his first novel for adults, was published after a recommendation by Graham Greene and won the GPA First Fiction Award in 1989.   (more)

  • David McDowall

    McDowall, David

    David McDowall has written widely on Middle Eastern and British history. He now writes and publishes walkers' guides to publicly-accessible landscapes. To see them, please click here.

    Contributor image © Angus McDowall
  • McEneaney, Eamonn

    Eamonn McEneany is Waterford's city historian and the Director of the Waterford Treasures Museum. The Waterford Treasures Museum has won several awards, both for the quality of the exhibits and the way in which the displays bring the historic objects to life in imaginative and unexpected ways.
  • McGann, Erika

    Erika McGann grew up in Drogheda and now lives in Dublin. She has a respectable job, very normal friends and rarely dabbles in witchcraft. She loves writing stories that are autobiographical. Sort of.
  • McGann, Oisín

    Born in Dublin in 1973, Oisín McGann spent his childhood there and in Drogheda, County Louth. He studied art at Ballyfermot Senior College and Dún Laoghaire School of Art and Design, and went on to work in illustration, design and film animation. He moved to London in 1998, where he eventually found work as an art director and copy writer for an advertising agency.   (more)

  • McGarry, Patsy

    Patsy McGarry is the Religious Affairs correspondent of The Irish Times.

    A native of Co. Roscommon, Patsy has written several previous books including While Justice Slept (2006, Liffey Press).

  • McGinn, Pat

    Pat McGinn is a graduate in Irish Studies from Queens University in Belfast. His previous work includes education assistant at the Slieve Gullion Courtyard Centre and journalist for The Examiner. He is currently involved in the Camlough Historical Society.
  • McGinness, Suzanne

    Suzanne McGinness completed an MA at Cambridge School of Art. She lives in Shaker Heights, Ohio, USA.
  • McGirr, Nicola

    Nicola McGirr has a degree in Science and Technology Policy (specialising in the Life Sciences) from Manchester University. She has commissioned over forty books and is developing an undergraduate life science textbook list for John Wiley and Sons. Nature's Connections is her first book, written in collaboration with scientists from the Natural History Museum, London.
  • McGonigal, David

    Award-winning travel writer David McGonigal has completed some 40 visits to the polar regions, most recently as a shipboard presenter and photographer. He is a graduate in arts and law at Sydney University, a lfe member of the Australian Society of Travel Writers and a fellow of the Royal Geographical Society.
  • Roger McGough

    McGough, Roger

    Roger McGough is a highly-acclaimed and much-loved poet and writer, and has been awarded an OBE for his contribution to poetry. His many titles include Bad Bad Cats, winner of the 1998 Signal Poetry Award and The Ring of Words, which was shortlisted for the BBC Blue Peter Book Award 2001.

    To visit Roger McGough's website clickhere

  • McGrail, Sean

    Sean McGrail is former Visiting Professor of Maritime Archaeology at the University of Oxford.

  • McGuire, Eamon

    Described by the CIA as 'the chief technical officer' of the IRA, Eamon McGuire was involved in undercover activity for over twenty years. He is the only person ever extradited from the Republic to the USA for political activities.
  • McHale, Conor

    Conor McHale was born in Dublin in 1969. Shortly before leaving school, he decided he would become an archaeologist. This decision caused his father to roar with laughter. After ten years working in Irish archaeology, Conor has only just realised what the joke was. He lives in Dublin with his wife, Susannah, and their son, Oscar.   (more)

  • McKay, George

    George McKay is a leading British author on aspects of alternative culture through music, protest, lifestyle. He is Professor of Cultural Studies at the University of Salford. His books include Senseless Acts of Beauty: Cultures of Resistance since the Sixties, DiY Culture: Party & Protest in Nineties Britain and Glastonbury: A Very English Fair.   (more)

  • McKendrick, Jamie

    Jamie McKendrick was born in Liverpool in 1955. He taught at the University of Salerno in Italy and is the author of five collections of poetry: The Sirocco Room (1991); The Kiosk on the Brink (1993); The Marble Fly (1997), winner of the Forward Poetry Prize (Best Poetry Collection of the Year) and a Poetry Book Society Choice;Ink Stone (2003), which was shortlisted for the 2003 T.   (more)

  • McKenna, Virginia

    VIRGINIA MCKENNA OBE starred in the iconic film Born Free with her husband Bill Travers before setting up Zoo Check in 1984. Zoo Check later became the registered charity The Born Free Foundation, which takes action around the world to rescue vulnerable animals from appalling lives of misery in tiny cages in zoos, and give them lifetime care in spacious bush sanctuaries.   (more)

  • Mckenzie, Colin

    Colin McKenzie is the Director of The Charleston Trust
  • McKeon, Clare

    Clare McKeon is a well-known journalist and TV presenter. She has a passionate interest in food and is a wonderful cook. She lives in Dublin. Clare presented the successful A Moveable Feast food and drink programme on RTÉ TV.
  • Penny McKinlay

    McKinlay, Penny

    Penny McKinlay began her career as a news and show business journalist on the Daily Mirror and Daily Mail, then joined TV AM as a producer. She is now head of the News Features department at Sky News.
  • McLeod, Kirsty

    Historian and biographer Kirsty McLeod is the author of many books including A Passion for Friendship: Sibyl Colefax and her Circle; Battle Royal: Edward VIII and George VI; and The Last Summer: May to September 1914. She is also past Chairman of the English Heritage Historic Parks and Gardens Panel, set up to advise English Heritage on England's historic gardens.
  • McLoughlin, Jane

    JANE MCLOUGHLIN has lived in the UK for twenty years. She's written screenplays, radio dramas and had several adult short stories published. Jane lives in Brighton with her husband, has two children, and teaches English in a secondary school. At Yellow Lake is her debut novel.

  • Jane McMorland Hunter

    McMorland Hunter, Jane

    Jane McMorland Hunter has years of experience in creating and maintaining a variety of gardens, including patios, balconies and roof gardens. She currently works in the gardening department at Hatchards.
  • McMorrough, Julia

    Julia McMorrough has been the design architect for a wide range of project types, including hospitals, libraries, university buildings, and schools for firms in Boston, Kansas City, and New York City. She received a Bachelor of Architecture degree from the University of Kansas and a Master of Science in Architecture from Columbia University.   (more)

  • McMullan, Jim

    Jim McMullan has worked with his wife to produce seven picture books. I Stink! was a New York Times Best Illustrated Book and recipient of a Boston Globe - Horn Book Honor in the USA. His celebrated artwork for the Lincoln Center Theatre in New York is collected in The Theater Posters of James MuMullan.   (more)

  • McMullan, Kate

    Kate McMullan was born in St. Louis, Missouri, in 1947. When she was a small child, she listened as her father read the comics aloud and her mother shared books and poems. As soon as she could, Kate read her way through the public library. She had two guinea pigs, George and ZaaZaa, whose antics have had new life in the stories of Fluffy, the Classroom Guinea Pig, one of several series Kate has written. Kate began her professional life as a teacher, graduating from the University of Tulsa and Ohio State University with Bachelor's and Master's degrees, respectively, in elementary education.   (more)

  • McMurtry, Larry

    Larry McMurtry is the author of twenty-four novels, including The Last Picture Show, Terms of Endearment, Lonesome Dove, winner of the 1986 Pulitzer Prize for Fiction, and, most recently, Folly and Glory. His nonfiction works include a biography of Crazy Horse, Walter Benjamin at the Dairy Queen, Paradise, and Sacagawea’s Nickname: Essays on the American West (published by New York Review Books).   (more)

  • McNally, Sheila

    Sheila J. McNally received her Ph.D. in art history from Harvard University. She has taught at Ohio State University, Mt. Holyoke College, and currently teaches at the University of Minnesota. Together with Jerko Marasovic, she directed excavations at Diocletian's Palace and has also excavated in Akhmim, Egypt.   (more)

  • McNamara, Catherine

    Catherine McNamara studied at Sydney University before moving to Ghana in 1994. She is co-founder with Francis Provencal of Nuku Films and the Nuku art gallery in Accra.
  • McPhail, David

    David McPhail grew up in Massachusetts and travelled with a band before enrolling in the School of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston. He discovered a love for children's books while working as a shipping clerk for a book clearinghouse and published his first, The Bear's Toothache in 1972. Since then he has written and/or illustrated more than 50 books.   (more)

  • McPherson, James

    JAMES M. MCPHERSON, professor emeritus at Princeton University, is the author of Battle Cry of Freedom (winner of the Pulitzer Prize); Hallowed Ground; Crossroads of Freedom: Antietam; and many more best-selling and critically acclaimed books on the Civil War.

  • McPherson, William

    William McPherson (b. 1933) is a distinguished literary critic, editor, journalist, and novelist. Born and raised in Michigan, he attended the University of Michigan, Michigan State University, and George Washington University. Starting at The Washington Post as a copy editor in 1958, he worked his way up to become first a staff writer and editor, then, following several years as a senior editor at William Morrow & Co., returned to become its daily book editor, founder of its Book World publication, and a Pulitzer Prize-winning book critic.   (more)

  • Anna McQuinn

    McQuinn, Anna

    Anna McQuinn trained as a teacher, specialising in Children’s Literature, and worked directly with children for a number of years before moving into publishing. Since then, she has been working in children’s publishing for over 20 years – as an editor, publisher and writer, as well as running workshops and courses in schools and libraries. Currently she combines both these areas, working part time as a Community Librarian for Sure Start Acton, running Mother & Toddler Groups and Family Book Groups in Acton Library. Anna spends the rest of the time writing.   (more)

  • Meaney, Roisin

    Born in Kerry, with parents from Clare, Roisin Meaney is currently a primary teacher living in Limerick. She is a published author of adult fiction: The Daisy Picker (Tivoli, 2004) and Putting Out the Stars (Tivoli, 2005). Her short story Three Letters was published in Moments (Cle, 2005).
  • Meddour, Wendy

    WENDY MEDDOUR is the author and illustrator of A Hen in the Wardrobe and The Black Cat Detectives in the Cinnamon Grove series for Frances Lincoln. The series has been critically acclaimed, and A Hen in the Wardrobe won the John C Laurence Award for writing that improves relations between races.   (more)

  • Meek, Kerry

    TIM and KERRY MEEK, teachers from Nottingham, are just regular parents striving to bring up their two daughters, Amy (10) and Ella (8), as best they can. Their approach
    to parenting is one full of love and care, but one that is also deliberately punctuated with managed risk and age-appropriate challenge.   (more)

  • Meek, Tim

    TIM and KERRY MEEK, teachers from Nottingham, are just regular parents striving to bring up their two daughters, Amy (10) and Ella (8), as best they can. Their approach
    to parenting is one full of love and care, but one that is also deliberately punctuated with managed risk and age-appropriate challenge.   (more)

  • Meeuwissen, Tony

    Tony Meeuwissen (pronounced Maywissen) was born in London. He has designed postage stamps for the Royal Mail, covers for Radio Times and Penguin Books, illustrated feature articles for the Sunday Times Magazine, and designed and illustrated two award winning books. He has lived in the Stroud area of Gloucestershire for more than 25 years. For more information on Tony's upcoming exhibitions, please click click here
  • Mehl, Richard

    Richard Mehl teaches two-dimensional design, color theory and typography at the School of Visual Arts in New York City. He is a graphic designer by trade, working on projects for corporate and non-profit clients. Mehl received his MFA from Yale School of Art where he studied with Paul Rand, Bradbury Thompson, Matthew Carter and Edward Tufte.

  • Mehrotra, Arvind Krishna

    Arvind Krishna Mehrotra was the recipient of a 2009 PEN Translation Fund grant for his work on the poems of Kabir. He is head of the Department of English at the University of Allahabad.
  • Mei, Alessio

    ALESSIO MEI is an Italian photographer specialising in architecture, gardens and interiors. Fascinated by landscape and nature, he has travelled widely beyond his native Tuscany and has recently moved to Marrakesh.

  • Menand, Louis

    Louis Menand is the Robert M. and Anne T. Bass Professor of English and American Literature and Language at Harvard University, and a staff writer at The New Yorker. He is the author of The Metaphysical Club—which won the Pulitzer Prize for History and the Francis Parkman Prize in 2002—and of American Studies, a collection of essays.
  • Eduardo Mencos

    Mencos, Eduardo

    Eduardo Mencos is one of Spain's leading photographers.
  • Mendel, David

    David Mendel (1922–2007) was a British cardiologist, teacher, and writer. For more than two decades he was a senior lecturer and a consultant in cardiology at St. Thomas’s Hospital, London, before retiring from medicine in 1986. He subsequently obtained a degree in Italian from the University of Kent and regularly wrote and broadcast for the BBC about Italian topics, especially the chemist and writer Primo Levi.

  • Janet Mendel

    Mendel, Janet

    Janet Mendel is an American-born journalist who has lived in Andalusia for more than 30 years. Her Traditional Spanish Cooking won the prestigious André Simon Award.
  • Mendelson, Edward

    EDWARD MENDELSON is the Lionel Trilling Professor in the Humanities at Columbia University and the literary executor of the estate of W.H. Auden. He is the author of Early Auden, Later Auden, and The Things That Matter, a volume of essays on Mary Shelley, Emily and Charlotte Brönte, George Eliot, and Virginia Woolf.   (more)

  • Menneer, Neill

    Neill Menneer has been a freelance photographer since 1980 when he won the Observer Photographic Competition. He has had several exhibitions, including, most recently, 'Portraits of the People', which formed part of the 2002 Bath International Music Festival. He has used many of his imaginative and idiosyncratic images of Bath to produce a series of postcards and calendars.
  • Mennen, Ingrid

    Ingrid Mennen studied Languages and Art History at the University of Pretoria and Stellenbosch. She has recently returned to the University of Cape Town as a mature student, to further her studies in English literature. One Round Moon and a Star for Me was selected to represent South African children's books at the IBBY Conference in Groningen.
  • Meras, Phyllis

    Phyllis Méras, the former travel editor of the Providence Journal, has a long acquaintance with Boston, both from her days as a student at Wellesley College, and later as editor of its alumnae magazine. She is the author of fourteen books and a year-round resident of Martha’s Vineyard.
  • Merkin, Daphne

    Daphne Merkin, a critic and novelist, is a regular contributor to The New York Times Book Review. She has written a novel, Enchantment, and a collection of essays, Dreaming of Hitler. She is currently at work on a cultural and personal memoir of depression, Melancholy Baby.
  • Merrill, Jean

    JEAN MERRILL (1923–2012) was born in Rochester, New York, and grew up on a dairy and apple farm near Lake Ontario. She received a master’s degree in English literature from Wellesley in 1945 and later studied folklore in India on a Fulbright fellowship. She worked for many years as an editor at Scholastic Magazine, Literary Cavalcade, and the publications department of Bank Street College before turning to writing full time.   (more)

  • Miaojin, Qiu

    Qiu Miaojin (1969–1995) was a Taiwanese novelist. Her unapologetically lesbian sensibility has had a profound and lasting influence on queer literature in Taiwan. She worked in Taiwan as a counselor and later as a reporter at the weekly magazine The Journalist before moving in 1994 to Paris, where she pursued graduate studies in clinical psychology and feminism at the University of Paris VIII.   (more)

  • Michael, Jan

    Born on the Yorkshire moors, Jan Michael spent an idyllic childhood there and in the Seychelles. Then came boarding school in North Wales and visits home to different countries in Africa and Asia only once a year. After university at Bristol, she worked in a London publishing house as editor. She left the UK in 1976 to go and live and work in Amsterdam where she works mainly as a literary agent dealing with translation rights.   (more)

  • Michael Hall,

    MICHEAL HALL is a popular bestselling author and illustrator. He lives with his family in Minnesota, USA.

  • Michaux, Henri

    Henri Michaux (1899 -1984) was born in Namur, Belgium, the son of a lawyer, and educated at a Jesuit school in Brussels. He contemplated entering the priesthood, turned to the study of medicine, then left school entirely, enlisting instead as a stoker in the French merchant marine. Michaux's travels, throughout the Americas, Asia, and Africa, were to inspire his first two books, the extraordinary travelogues Ecuador and A Barbarian in Asia (later translated into Spanish by Jorge Luis Borges).   (more)

  • Michell, George

    George Michell trained as an architect and obtained a PhD in Indian Archaeology at the School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London. He has carried out research on many historical sites in India including, most recently, the ruined city of Vijayanagara in Karnataka.
  • Micklethwait, Lucy

    Lucy Micklethwait is an expert on conceiving art books for young children, and has created the First Art Book series for Frances Lincoln, the bestselling Eye Spy art series (HarperCollins), as well as the First Art series for Frances Lincoln.
  • Middlemas, Keith

    Keith Middlemas comes from an old Alnwick family. He taught for many years at the University of Sussex, where he is emeritus professor of history.
  • Midgley, Andrew

    Andrew Midgley works as a Freelance Photographer, and has travelled widely throughout the UK and Europe on book projects for major publishers. He exhibits in a number of UK galleries and sells limited edition fine art prints. He has been taking photographs for many years and has an MA in Visual Communications.   (more)

  • Miles, Archie

    Archie Miles has had an abiding passion for landscape photography stretching back 35 years, developing since the early 1990s a special interest in trees and woodland. He wrote and photographed Silva - The Tree in Britain, a cultural overview of all aspects of Britain's trees, published in 1999.   (more)

  • Millais, Malcolm

    Malcolm Millais is a retired structural engineer who worked with Arups and others on many postwar buildings in Britain and elsewhere.
  • Millard, Glenda

    Award-winning author Glenda Millard grew up in a house with no television. Her mother read fairy tales, fables and parables to Glenda and her sister while her father worked the night shift in a factory. When she became an adult, Glenda wanted to write myths and legends of her own. Mbobo Tree is one of them.   (more)

  • Mills, Richard

    Richard Mills, born in Provence, moved to West Cork at the age of 16. Since then he has combined the career of press photographer with The Irish Examiner and Evening Echo, with that of keen wildlife photographer, garnering many national and international awards and seeing his images published across the world.   (more)

  • Milne, Terry

    Terry Milne was born in Cape Town, South Africa. She danced professionally for two years before changing course to study book illustration at Stellenbosch University where she was taught by Niki Daly. She has illustrated both picture books and fiction for children, including THE TOYMAKER by Martin Waddell, THE CAT, THE CROW AND THE BANYAN TREE by Penelope Lively and THE NIGHT OF THE UNICORN by Jenny Nimmo.   (more)

  • Milner, Edward

    Edward Milner is an environmental consultand filmmaker with over 40 years’ experience of writing and producing books and TV programmes on the natural world. He was a Producer with the acclaimed BBC Natural History Unit for over 15 years, before becoming an independent Producer and Director, lecturer and researcher. He is a member of the Institute of Ecology and Environmental Management and was a patron of Soil Association’ Responsible Forestry programme.   (more)

  • Milosz, Czeslaw

    CZESLAW MILOSZ (1911–2004) was born in Lithuania. Among his published books are works of criticism (The Captive Mind), fiction (The Issa Valley), memoir (Native Realm), and many volumes of poetry. In 1980 he was awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature.

  • Misenti, Mirella

    Mirella Misenti is the pastry chef at the American Academy in Rome.
  • Nilesh Mistry

    Mistry, Nilesh

    Nilesh Mistry was born in Bombay. He came to Britain in 1975 and studied illustration at Harrow School of Art and Central St Martin's School of Art. He lives in Harrow.
  • Mitchell, Adrian

    ADRIAN MITCHELL (1932-2008) made a splash in the 1960s as the first journalist to interview the Beatles and caught the spirit of the time with his anti-war poem 'Tell me lies about Vietnam'. The author of over twenty stage plays including The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, he adapted many foreign classics for the Royal Shakespeare Company and the National Theatre.   (more)

  • Pratima Mitchell

    Mitchell, Pratima

    Pratima Mitchell was born in India and first began a career as a journalist and feature writer in New Delhi. She now writes and teaches in Oxford.
  • Mitchell, Rita Phillips

    RITA PHILLIPS MITCHELL was born in Belize but has lived in the UK since the 1960s. She is a retired primary head-teacher, who has also taught EFL. Her other picture books include One for You, One for Me (Walker) and The Gotcha Smile (Orchard). She lives in Essex.
  • Mitchell, Stephen

    Stephen Mitchell was born in Brooklyn, New York, in 1943. He studied at Amherst, the University of Paris and Yale. His previous books include Dropping Ashes on the Buddha, The Selected Poetry of Rainer Maria Rilke and The Book of Job. He lives with his wife in Berkeley, California.

  • Mitford, Jessica

    Jessica Mitford (1917-1996) was the daughter of Lord and Lady Redesdale, and she and her famous five sisters and one brother grew up in isolation on their parents' Cotswold estate. Rebelling against her family, she became an outspoken Socialist and brilliant muckraking journalist, authoring many celebrated books.   (more)

  • Jacqueline Mitton

    Mitton, Jacqueline

    JACQUELINE MITTON holds an MA in physics from the University of Oxford and a doctorate in astrophysics from the University of Cambridge. A distinguished writer on astronomy, She has had more than 20 books published. Asteroid 4027 was named 'Mitton' for Jacqueline and her husband, the astronomer Simon Mitton, by the International Astronomical Union in 1990.   (more)

  • Mitton, Tony

    Tony Mitton writes wonderful poetry and is much in demand at schools and festivals to read and perform. After spending most of his childhood abroad with his soldier father, Tony studied English at Cambridge before becoming a primary school teacher. Inspired by his pupils he began writing poetry and has won awards for his collections.   (more)

  • Mlinaric, David

    The practice David Mlinaric started forty-five years ago in London now has thriving offices in Paris and New York. He has designed spaces in buildings the world over, among them London's National Gallery, the Royal Opera House, Covent Garden, Spencer House, the Primary Galleries at the Victoria & Albert Museum, and the Bath Assembly Rooms; embassies in Washington, Paris and Brussels; as well as houses for the Rothschild family, Mick Jagger and Jerry Hall, and myriad other private clients.
  • Moller, Linda

    Linda Moller is a member of Friends of the Earth, and has spent time as a hill farmer in Wales. She believes that a greener and better world is a realistic goal, and would enhance the lives of both humans and animals. She has written for the Observer and the Guardian. Her film, To Be a Horse, was shown at the Edinburgh Film Festival.
  • Mollica, Patti

    Patti Mollica lives and works with her fellowartist and jazz musician husband, Mark Hagan, in New York City and Nyack. An impressionistic and contemporary painter, she believes that a painter’s job is to show the viewer the inherent beauty of all subjects and scenes. She has been selected by Golden Paints to conduct lectures and facilitate workshops demonstrating “Creative Techniques Using Golden Paints and Mediums.”
  • Monckton, Christopher

    Christopher Walter Monckton, 3rd Viscount Monckton of Brenchley is a politician, business consultant, policy adviser, writer, columnist, and inventor. He served as an advisor to Margaret Thatcher's policy unit in the 1980s and invented the Eternity puzzle at the end of the 1990s. He also announced a sequel to his original puzzle called Eternity II in 2007, and it is still unsolved.
  • Monte, Richard

    Richard Monte is a children's book reviewer and former bookseller who has contributed articles on Poland to the BBC and other magazines. He is married to a Polish wife. He lives in St Albans, Hertfordshire.
  • Fiona Moodie

    Moodie, Fiona

    Fiona Moodie was brought up near Cape Town where she still lives. In 1972 she came to Europe to teach English in Madrid. She has also spent time living in both Italy and France, where she spent much of her time illustrating children's books and painting.
  • Moody, Rick

    Rick Moody's most recent book is The Four Fingers of Death. He lives in Brooklyn, New York.
  • Beata Moore

    Moore, Beata

    Beata Moore is a writer and photographer. She has been passionate about photography since the age of twelve, when she received her first camera. Initially interested in recording nature – she has a postgraduate degree in botany – as time progressed she widened her interests, and now equally enjoys taking pictures of landscapes, architecture and general travel, shooting mainly in colour.   (more)

  • Moore, Derry

    Derry Moore is known internationally as a photographer of gardens, houses and people. His work regularly appears in magazines including Country Life, Vogue, World of Interiors and Architectural Digest.
  • Moore, Genevieve

    GENEVIEVE MOORE lives in Victoria, Australia. She is a voiceover artist and actor and has been an improvisational performer, a radio announcer, Human Resources consultant and now soap-maker. She recently played a small part in the television series Neighbours. She was inspired to write Catherine's Story by her niece, who is profoundly and multiply learning disabled, as a celebration of her niece for Catherine's father and grandmother.   (more)

  • Moore, Honor

    Honor Moore's collections of poems are Red Shoes, Darling, and Memoir. She edited Amy Lowell: Selected Poems for the Library of America and is author of The White Blackbird, a life of her grandmother, the painter Margarett Sargent.
  • Moore, James

    James Moore is an internationally acclaimed Darwin scholar who works at the History of Science Department.
  • Moore, Katherine

    KATHERINE MOORE has worked as an administrator for the Irish Writers’ Centre for seven years. She has worked on previous anthologies, including Out to Lunch and the Whoseday Book published in aid of the Irish Hospice Foundation.
  • Moore, Kristyn

    Kristyn Moore is a U.S.-based photographer who specializes in interiors, architecture, still life, and natural-light portraiture. Having studied photography at a young age, she pursued her art and developed her style while living in Europe.
  • Moore, Michael F.

    MICHAEL F. MOORE is the chair of the PEN/Heim Translation Fund. His translations from the Italian include, most recently, Live Bait, by Fabio Genovesi, The Drowned and the Saved, by Primo Levi, and Quiet Chaos, by Sandro Veronesi. He is currently working on a new translation of the nineteenth-century classic, The Betrothed, by Alessandro Manzoni.

  • Moore Lappe, Frances

    Frances Moore Lappé is a democracy advocate and world food and hunger expert who has authored or co-authored 16 books, including the bestseller, Diet for a Small Planet. Her most recent books include Hope's Edge and Getting a Grip: Clarity, Creativity, and Courage in a World Gone Mad.
  • Moravia, Alberto

    Alberto Moravia (1907-1990), the child of a wealthy family, was raised at home because of illness. He published his first novel, The Time of Indifference, at the age of twenty-three. Banned from publishing under Mussolini, he emerged after World War II as one of the most admired and influential twentieth-century Italian writers.
  • Morgan, Angie

    ANGIE MORGAN trained in Graphic Design and Illustration at Goldsmith's College, London. She uses pastels and watercolour with collage, for her illustrations, working with scanned fabrics and textures. Her inspiration comes from her three children, now grown-up, and from the children at her local primary school, where she offers Maths and Literacy support.   (more)

  • Morgan, Michaela

    Michaela Morgan has written over a hundred books for children. She has been shortlisted for the Children's Book Award, been an International Reading Association Children's Choice and won a United Kingdom Reading Association award.
  • Morinaka, Amy

    Originally from Japan, Amy Morinaka is currently living in sunny Torrance, CA, with her husband and two girls. She is an accountant, a green-tea drinker, and a chocoholic who just loves to sew, patchwork, embroider, crochet, and more! Visit her blog at and browse her handmade goods on Etsy at

  • Moriuchi, Mique

    Mique Moriuchi works with bits and pieces, textured paint and collage for her rich and unique pictures for children's books such as Granny Torelli Makes Soup by Sharon Creech (Bloomsbury) and Talk Peace by Sam Williams (Hodder Children's UK). Mique Moriuchi has a (BA) Hons. in Graphic design from Norwich School of Art & Design and an MA in sequential design and illustration from the University of Brighton.
  • Mornement, Adam

    Adam Mornement is a writer specializing in contemporary architecture and architectural history. He is a former deputy editor of World Architecture, and a regular contributor to the Times Magazine and Condé Nast Traveller, among other newspapers and magazines. His books include Corrugated Iron - Building on the Frontier (Frances Lincoln, 2007) and Treehouses (Frances Lincoln, 2005).   (more)

  • Edward Mornin

    Mornin, Edward

    Edward Mornin is Professor Emeritus of Germanic Studies at the University of British Columbia.
  • Lorna Mornin

    Mornin, Lorna

    Lorna Mornin is a former scientist at the University of British Columbia, and a photographer.
  • Morpurgo, Michael

    Michael Morpurgo is a distinguished author of more than 40 books for children. He studied philosophy and modern languages before becoming a teacher, farmer and writer. With his wife Clare, he is co-founder of the educational charity Farms for City Children. Many of his books have been shortlisted for the major book prizes, including the Carnegie Medal (The Wreck of the Zanzibar) and the Smarties Prize (My Friend Walter).   (more)

  • Jackie Morris

    Morris, Jackie

    Jackie Morris lives in Pembrokeshire, Wales, with children, dogs and cats. Ever since leaving college, Bath Academy of Art, at least one cat has watched over her while she works. Big cats and small are a passion in her life, and it was while reading and watching her cat Pixie sleeping in winter that the idea for I am Cat came about.   (more)

  • Stephen Morris

    Morris, Stephen

    Born in Liverpool, Stephen Morris has lived and worked in Spain, Kuwait and Oman and now lives in Wimbledon and the Cotswolds. As a commercial photographer he has worked for Apple Music, Paul McCartney and numerous magazines, companies, colleges and charities. He is a feature writer for travel and arts magazines.   (more)

  • Morrison, John

    John Morrison specializes in photographs of the north of England. He has published more than forty books as a photographer, author or both.
  • Morrison, Toni

    Toni Morrison, Robert F. Goheen Professor at Princeton, is the author of seven novels. She received the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1993. (August 2001)
  • Mortimer, Anne

    Anne Mortimer is recognised as one of the finest contemporary painters of cats. She is a member of the Society of Botanical Artists and of the Royal Miniature Society, from whom she received an honourable mention for the most outstanding miniature of the year. She lives in Dartmouth, Devon.
  • Moschovakis, Anna

    Anna Moschovakis is a poet and translator living in Brooklyn.
  • Moses, Brian

    BRIAN MOSES has been a professional poet since 1988. He spends half his time writing and the rest of the time he visits schools across the UK and Europe, performing his poetry and percussion show. His poetry books include Behind the Staffroom Door: The Very Best of Brian Moses and A Cat Called Elvis.   (more)

  • Moskowitz, Cheryl

    CHERYL MOSKOWITZ is a performance poet, previously an actor and playwright, who regularly visits schools, performing her work and giving workshops. In 2011 she was awarded 2nd prize in the Hippocrates Award for Poetry and Medicine, and her adult novel, Wyoming Trail, is published by Granta. Can it be about Me? is her first published book of poetry for children.   (more)

  • Miriam Moss

    Moss, Miriam

    Miriam Moss was born in Aldershot, in Hampshire, and has lived in the Middle East, Africa and China. This is the Tree, was shortlisted for the Bisto Award in 2000. She is the author of 75 books, translated into 21 languages.

    To visit the website of Miriam Moss click here

  • Sheila Moxley

    Moxley, Sheila

    Sheila Moxley studied at Bournemouth and Poole College of Art and graphic design at St Martin's School of Art. Skip Across the Ocean, a collection by Floella Benjamin, was her first book for Frances Lincoln. Her other books include Joy to the World by Saviour Pirotta, Heather Maisner's Diary of a Princess, Rebecca's Passover by Adele Geras and All the Colours of the Earth, a collection of rhymes edited by Wendy Cooling.   (more)

  • Moy, Jean Oda

    Jean Oda Moy is the American-born daughter of Japanese immigrants who has worked as a clinical social worker, a teacher and a translator of Japanese literature into English. Her latest book is a memoir, Snow on Willow. She lives in Northern California.
  • Mrowczynska, Agnieszka

    Agnieszka Mrowczynska was born and brought up in Warsaw, and read English Language and Literature at Warsaw University. She now lives in England where she works as a translator and interpreter, but often goes back to visit her family in Poland.
  • Mu, Jie

    JIE MU gained a Masters degree of translation and interpreting from the University of Westminster. He has been working as senior translator for nearly eight years for the publishing, advertising and business industries, and is inspired by his young son. This is his first book for Frances Lincoln.

  • Mucha, Sarah

    Sarah Mucha is an art historian, married to the grandson of Alphonse Mucha; she lives in London. She is a trustee of the Mucha Foundation and works to set up exhibitions of the artist's work worldwide.
  • Muhlstein, Anka

    Anka Muhlstein was born in Paris in 1935. She settled in New York in 1974 where she began her career as a writer in French. She was awarded the Goncourt Prize in 1996 for her biography of Custine, and has twice received the History Prize of the French Academy.
  • Muir, Lynne

    LYNNE MUIR was born in Melbourne and works as a freelance calligrapher and book illustrator. She has illustrated several award-winning picture books on Australian wildlife and regularly exhibits pieces of illuminated calligraphy.
  • Mulu, Ataklti

    Born in 1988, Ataklti lives in Mekele, with grandmother Berhan and young cousin Ferewiona. His parents died when he was nine.
  • Murphy, Brendan

    BRENDAN MURPHY began work as a press photographer in 1974 having previously been a barman and publican in the Falls Road area of west Belfast. In a newspaper career spanning four decades he has won all the major awards in Northern Irish press photography. Brendan’s work has appeared in most of the major Irish newspapers as well as many of the London-based tabloids and broadsheets and several European magazines and newspapers.   (more)

  • Murphy, Colin

    COLIN MURPHY has a great interest in all aspects of history and has written a light-hearted look at Ireland's past, entitled The Feckin' Book of Irish History. With Donal O'Dea, he is the author of the bestselling Feckin' series, published by The O'Brien Press. For twelve years, he was the Creative Director of one of Ireland's leading advertising agencies, during which time he was involved in a huge number of national and international award-winning advertising campaigns.
  • Murphy, Frank

    Frank Murphy is a retired school principal, living in Cork. His teaching career, which began in Dublin, took him also to north Wexford, and eventually to Cork city.

    He has written stories, non-fiction pieces and poetry in Irish and English. Most of his work has appeared in school books in Ireland and the UK, with some stories also included in anthologies of children's fiction on both sides of the Atlantic.

  • Murphy, James

    James Murphy has worked extensively in the field of food photography and has contributed to many major cookbooks as well as Healthy Thai Cooking (Frances Lincoln).
  • Murphy, Lynda

    Lynda Murphy lives in York with her husband, daughter and Jack Russell terrier – a match for any of the canine heroines in works of great literature. She enjoys lingering over texts not looking for quotations and buying brand new copies of fiction from big, brightly lit air-conditioned bookshops.
  • Murray, John R.

    John R Murray was, until 2002, a publisher. He has compiled and edited two slim volumes: A Gentleman Publisher¹s Commonplace Book and Old Chestnuts Warmed Up (his own personal collection of poetry, verse and doggerel) and is the author of London Above Eye Level. He has swum the Bosphorus from Europe to Asia, climbed Mount Parnassus by night and has walked from London to Oxford in the footsteps of John Buchan.   (more)

  • Musgrave, Toby

    Dr. Toby Musgrave is a horticulturist and garden historian, and author of a number of books including the best-selling The Plant Hunters, An Empire of Plants, The Seven Deadly Sins of Gardening, Courtyard Gardens and Cottage Gardens. Presenter of the DVD Your First Garden Made Easy, Toby designs gardens around the world and lectures widely on garden history and garden design.
  • Møller, Henrik S

    Henrik Sten Møller is an architecture critic.
  • Nagel, Per

    Per Nagel, the Danish photographer, has been taking photographs of Jorn Utzon's buildings for over 25 years. He collaborates with architect Vibe Udsen to produce the architecture annual Living Architecture, which is distributed worldwide.
  • Nagle, Con

    CON NAGLE is a director of Global Properties Auctioneers, Cork, and is one of only a handful of estate agents who are members of both auctioneering bodies in Ireland: the Institute of Professional Auctioneers and Valuers (IPAV) and Irish Auctioneers and Valuers Institute (IAVI).
  • Beverley Naidoo

    Naidoo, Beverley

    BEVERLEY NAIDOO was born in South Africa.   (more)

  • Naipaul, V. S.

    V. S. Naipaul was born in Trinidad in 1932 and emigrated to England in 1950, when he won a scholarship to University College, Oxford. He is the author of many novels, including A House for Mr. Biswas, A Bend in the River, and In a Free State, which won the Booker Prize. He has also written several nonfiction works based on his travels, including India: A Million Mutinies Now and Beyond Belief: Islamic Excursions Among the Converted Peoples.   (more)

  • Napias, Jean-Christophe

    Jean-Christophe Napias lives in Paris. Author, editor, journalist, and translator, he has created with his wife a series of guides to Paris, Paris est à nous, which has more than seventy titles. He lives in the hip and lively Bastille neighborhood, and dreams of one day moving to a house with a large garden.   (more)

  • Navratil, Elisabeth

    Elisabeth Navratil's grandfather, Michel Navratil, and her father and uncle, were aboard the Titanic on the night the world's unsinkable ship sank. The story of the tragedy is now very much a part of Elisabeth's own life story. She has realised her dreams of a career in music by becoming an opera director.   (more)

  • Needham, Thomas

    THOMAS NEEDHAM of Appling, GA, is a graduate of California's renowned Art Center College of Design with a double major in Advertising and Illustration. He has received numerous honors and awards for his watercolor, oil, and acrylic paintings. Thomas says, "I bring vivid imagination to my work and a tremendous love of form and grace.   (more)

  • Nelson, Tammy

    Tammy Nelson, MS, ATR, LADC, LPC, CIT, is a licensed psychotherapist with almost 20 years of experience working with individuals and couples. In her practice she works with couples to increase the passion in their relationships and re-sexualize relationships through communication and fantasy.   (more)

  • Nelson Blake, Casey

    Casey Nelson Blake is Founding Director of the American Studies Program and Professor of History at Columbia University. He is the author or editor of several works, including The Arts of Democracy: Art, Public Culture, and the State.
  • Nesbit, E.

    Edith Nesbit (1858-1924) wrote more than sixty books for children under the name E. Nesbit, including Five Children and It and The Story of the Amulet. After a nomadic childhood—living for periods in London, Europe, and a country manor in Kent—Nesbit married a young Socialist businessman named Hubert Bland.   (more)

  • Nescio,

    NESCIO (1882-1961) was the pseudonym of Jan Hendrik Frederik Grönloh. His reputation as one of most important modern Dutch writers was only established after his death.
  • Newbery, Elizabeth

    Elizabeth Newbery trained at Bath Academy of Fine Art and has made a career out of writing for children about art. She also writes for museums and galleries, producing teacher's resources and children's guide books. This is her first book for Frances Lincoln.

  • Ní Dhonnchú, Dairíne

    Is aisteoir agus múinteoir bunscoile í Dairíne. Tá sí ag obair le Ros na Rún faoi láthair.

    Dairíne Ní Dhonnchú is an actor and a primary school teacher. She also works on the Irish language soap opera Ros na Rún.

  • Ní Ghlinn, Áine

    Scríbhneoir agus léachtóir í Áine Ní Ghlinn. Tá trí chnuasach filíochta foilsithe aici. Bíonn sí ag scríobh freisin don dráma teilifíse Ros na Rún ar TG4.

    Áine Ní Ghlinn is a writer and lecturer. She has published three volumes of poetry. She also writes for the television drama series Ros na Rún on TG4.

  • Ní Lamhna, Éanna

    Éanna Ní Lamhna has a degree in Botany and Mircobiology and a H. Dip in Education from UCD. She is a long-standing member of the panel of experts on RTÉ's wildlife programme Mooney goes Wild, and one of the most instantly recognisable voices on Irish radio. Originally from Louth, she now lives in Dublin, since 1967, and has been president of An Taisce since July 2004.   (more)

  • Ní Mhurchú, Caitríona

    Is aisteoir í Caitríona agus seo an tarna leabhar atá scríofa aici. Ainmníodh a céad leabhar, Ó Lúibín Lú, do duais Glen Dimplex.

    Caitríona Ní Mhurchú is an actor and this is her second book. Her first, Ó Lúibín Lú, was shortlisted for the Glen Dimplex award.

  • Nicholls, Phil

    Phil Nicholls was born in Cornwall. His photography book, Classic Cafés is a study of London's "greasy spoon" café culture. His photographs appear in The Little Bookroom's The Traditional Shops and Restaurants of London by Eugenia Bell.
  • Nichols, Clive

    Clive Nichols, author and photographer of The RHS Guide to Photographing Plants and Gardens, was the 1993 Garden Writers Guild Photographer of the Year and in 1994 won the Guild Award for the Best Specialist Gardening Book.
  • Nichols, Grace

    GRACE NICHOLS was born and brought up in Guyana, but has lived in the UK since 1977. Her first poetry collection for adults, I is a Long-Memoried Woman, won the Commonwealth Poetry Prize and was dramatised for radio and film. Since then Grace has written many highly regarded poetry books for adults and children.   (more)

  • Nicholson, Louise

    Louise Nicholson is the award-winning author of more than twenty-five books and regular contributor to Apollo magazine, Fine Art Connoisseur, Country Life and Conde Nast Traveler. She lived in London for twenty-five years, has lectured on London at British and American museums, and campaigned actively for the conservation of the city's buildings.
  • Nicholson, Virginia

    Virginia Nicholson is the elder daughter of Quentin and Olivier Bell. After studying at Cambridge University she worked as a television researcher. She lives in Sussex near Charleston and is a member of the Charleston Committee.
  • Nimr, Sonia

    Sonia Nimr is a writer living in Palestine. She teaches at Bir Zeit University and lives in Ramallah with her young son. She collaborated with Elizabeth Laird on A Little Piece of Ground (Macmillan), the first children's novel to be published in the UK about events in the occupied West Bank from the perspective of a Palestinian boy and his family.
  • Nister, Der

    Der Nister (1884-1950) was the pen name used by Pinhas Kahanovitch, a Yiddish writer, philosopher, translator, critic, and key figure in modernist literature in Kiev in the 1920s. In 1921, in the wake of the Russian Revolution, Der Nister left Russia and settled in Germany, where he published two collections of stories.   (more)

  • Nordfjell, Ulf

    Acclaimed landscape architect Ulf Nordfjell works on public as well as private gardens throughout Sweden and worldwide. He was awarded a Gold Medal for his 2007 garden 'A Tribute to Linnaeus' at the Chelsea Flower Show, and not only a second Gold but Best in Show at his next appearance in 2009. Brought up in northern Sweden, the son of a forester, he has a deep commitment to the environment, and his distinctive style is a fusion of ecology and the Swedish sense of modern design.   (more)

  • Northway, Jennifer

    Jennifer Northway has written and illustrated a number of acclaimed picture books. Her book Get Lost, Laura! was shortlisted for the Smarties Award. In addition to her own work, Jennifer has illustrated books for many well-known authors, including Jill Paton Walsh, Floella Benjamin and Mary Hoffman.   (more)

  • Norwich, John Julius

    John Julius Norwich has written histories of Norman Sicily, Venice, Byzantium and the Mediterranean. As a former member of H.M. Foreign Service, he was posted to former Yugoslavia from 1955 to 1957 and knows Croatia well.
  • Nouvel-Kammerer, Odile

    Odile Nouvel-Kammerer received her Master's degree in Art History from the Université de Strasbourg. She is Chief Curator of Nineteenth Century Collections of the Musée des Arts Décoratifs, Paris.

    Visit for more information

  • Novak, Matt

    Matt Novak lives in Clermont, Florida with his wife.
  • Novotny Hunter, Jana

    Jana Novotny Hunter was born in Czechoslovakia and grew up in England. A graduate of Hornsey College of Art, she spent 20 years in the USA where she worked as a textile designer, teacher and writer of teenage books. In 1993, she opened Bear Studios with the author/illustrator Sue Porter. Shas written over fifty books for children.   (more)

  • Novotny-Hunter, Jana

    Jana Novotny-Hunter is a graduate of Hornsey College of Art and has been writing and teaching children's literature for over 25 years. In 1993 she opened Bear Studios with the author/illustrator Sue Porter. Among her many previous books is Deaf City War, for which she won the Judy Blume Award.
  • Noyes, Tamasin

    Tamasin Noyes is the author of American Vegan Kitchen and Grills Gone Vegan. She is the founder of and has worked as a committed cookbook tester for many well-known vegan cookbook authors including Isa Chandra Moskowitz, Terry Hope Romero, and Robin Robertson.   (more)

  • Ó hAllmhuráin, Gearóid

    Dr Gearóid Ó hAllmhuráin is an Irish historian and anthropologist specialising in ethnomusicology and currently lecturing at the University of San Francisco. A leading authority on the history of Irish traditional music, he is also an accomplished multi-instrumentalist with several All-Ireland titles on concertina and uilleann pipes to his credit.
  • O'Brien, Brendan

    In 1973 Brendan O'Brien began as presenter/reporter with the prestigious Seven Days current/political affairs programme which aired four times a week on RTÉ (Ireland's national television station). In Autumn 1975 he moved to the RTÉ Newsroom and spent three years as a journalist with the Sunday programme Newsround.   (more)

  • O'Brien, Darcy

    Darcy O'Brien (1939-1998) was born in Los Angeles, the son of the movie stars George O'Brien and Marguerite Churchill. He attended Princeton and the University of California, Berkeley, and taught at the University of Tulsa. O'Brien's first novel, A Way of Life, Like Any Other, won the PEN/Hemingway award.   (more)

  • O'Brien, Deborah

    Deborah O'Brien, artist, poet, and teacher was born in Dublin. She studied design, fabric printing and silk screen crafts at the National College of Art and Design, and later taught there. She now lives in London
  • O'Brien, Geoffrey

    Geoffrey O'Brien is Editor in Chief of the Library of America. He is the author, most recently, of Sonata for Jukebox: An Autobiography of My Ears and Red Sky Café. (October 2008)
  • O'Brien, Joe

    Joe O'Brien is an award winning gardener who lives in Ballyfermot in Dublin with his wife and children. He is the author of nine Alfie Green books as well as three books in the Danny Wilde GAA series for older readers. He has appeared on RTÉ's The Den and TV3's Ireland AM and is a regular contributor to local radio shows.   (more)

  • O'Byrne, Robert

    Robert O'Byrne, previously Fashion Correspondent of the Irish Times, has spent many years at the heart of the fashion world, close to the people and events covered by this book. He is a frequent contributor to newspapers and journals in Britain, Ireland and the United States.
  • O'Carroll, Brendan

    Now author, actor/director/ script-writer, playwright, video star as well as stand-up comic, the Brendan O'Carroll story begins very modestly.

    The youngest of eleven children, Brendan O'Carroll was born in Dublin's inner-city in 1955. His mother, Maureen was a Labour TD (MP) and a huge influence on his life.   (more)

  • O'Connor, Christy

    CHRISTY O'CONNOR is a freelance journalist based in Ennis, Co. Clare. He formerly worked as sports correspondent in the Dublin newspaper industry. He is also a goalkeeper who played in two All-Ireland club hurling finals and he was a member of the Clare senior hurling panel for four years.
  • O'Connor, Finbar

    Finbar O'Connor is the author of Wolfgran, in the O'Brien Red Flag Series for readers age 8+. He grew up in Finglas, Dublin and went to Trinity College Dublin, where he studied French and English, after which he went to work as a librarian for Dublin City Libraries. He is married and has two daughters, Esmé and Freya.   (more)

  • O'Connor, Niamh

    Niamh O'Connor is the author of the best-selling book on the life and crimes of Catherine Nevin, The Black Widow. She is also Crime Correspondent with Ireland on Sunday. She has previously worked for The Examiner and RTÉ. Her experience in print journalism is extensive, and she has turned her talent to reporting in several different areas with great flair and precision.   (more)

  • O'Connor, Ulick

    Oliver St John Gogarty himself appointed Ulick O'Connor to be his biographer. O'Connor spent six years researching published and unpublished material, as well as collecting the reminiscences of Gogarty's many friends to compose the book.
  • O'Dea, Aaron

    Aaron O’Dea is an Associate Staff Scientist at the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute in Panama. He uses the fossil record to understand past climatic changes in the seas and their role in extinction and speciation, and how life in the past can help us predict the future.

  • O'Donnell, Daniel

    A true sensation, Daniel has come from Kincasslagh in Donegal to capture the hearts of people throughout the world with his own unique style of music.
  • O'Donnell, Ruán

    RUáN O'DONNELL is head of the History Department at the University of Limerick & the official historian of the Robert Emmet Association. He has written for The Irish Times and several historical publications.
  • O'Dowd, Niall

    Niall O'Dowd is founder and editor of The Irish Voice newspaper and Irish America magazine and creator of , the global Irish portal site launched in March 2009. He is also the author of Fire in the Morning, a book on the Irish in the World Trade Centre on 9/11. He is a frequent analyst on Irish-American affairs for CNN, for RTE and other radio and TV networks.   (more)

  • O'Driscoll, Eileen

    Eileen O'Driscoll is a chartered physiotherapist and acupuncturist. She combines her busy Dublin practice with caring for her three children. She is President of Zonta Dublin, an international woman's organisation. A 'foodie' with a passion for good ingredients cooked with flair and ingenuity, this is her first book.
  • O'Keeffe, Eroline

    Eroline O'Keeffe is Trevor's mother, who led a single-handed campaign to bring a notorious serial killer to justice.
  • O'Keeffe, Pádraig

    Pádraig O'Keefe is from Cobh, Co Cork. A former Legionnaire, he is now a security expert who works in the most dangerous parts of the world.
  • O'Leary, Olivia

    A familiar face on our screens and voice on our radio and in our newspapers over the last thirty years, we know Olivia O'Leary from RTÉs Prime Time and its predecessor Today Tonight, from the BBC's Newsnight and from BBC Radio 4's Between Ourselves. Her broadcasting career is interlaced with her journalistic career with The Irish Times and The Sunday Tribune.   (more)

  • O'Leary, Sean

    Sean C O'Leary is deputy principal and special class teacher at Scoil Mhuire primary school, Shankill, County Dublin, and for many years was assistant of Blackrock Teachers' Centre. He has given courses to teachers in art and craft work.
  • O'Neil, Catherine

    Catherine O'Neil is a retired school teacher living in upstate New York. She was a teacher for thirty-six years, during which time she discovered her love of children's books. She also holds a master's degree in art and is a skilled graphic artist and illustrator.
  • O'Neill, Joseph

    Joseph O'Neill was born in Cork, Ireland. He writes regularly for The Atlantic Monthly and his works include the novels This Is the Life, The Breezes and Netherland, winner of the PEN/Faukner Award for Fiction, and the nonfiction book Blood-Dark Track: A Family History. He ives with his family in New York City.
  • O'Neill, Karl

    KARL O'NEILL was born in Armagh, and now lives in Dublin. He is a theatre, radio, and television actor, currently portraying Tim Carney in RTÉ's popular soap 'Fair City'. This Christmas Karl will play the eponymous Wizard of Oz at the Lyric Theatre, Belfast. This is to be the last ever production in that historic venue before it is demolished.   (more)

  • O'Reilly, Jessica

    Jessica O’Reilly (Dr. Jess) is a sexologist, relationship expert, and television personality who travels the globe to promote healthy and deliciously pleasurable sex. From hosting PlayboyTV’s top-rated reality show, SWING, to running beachside couples’ retreats in the Caribbean, she relishes in every moment.   (more)

  • O'Shea, Linda

    Linda O'Shea, CID, IIDA, LEED AP, is a professor and program coordinator of interior design within the Robert Busch School of Design at Kean University in Union, NJ. She has taught a variety of courses, including Sustainable Design Studio, Materials and Finishes, Introduction to Interior Design, and Design and the Built Environment.   (more)

  • O'Shea, Owen

    Owen O’Shea writes a weekly political column in the Kerry's Eye newspaper. He worked in the Labour Party Press Office with three party leaders for five years. He was a candidate at the local elections in 2004 and worked behind the scenes on a number of election campaigns nationally and in Kerry. A graduate of UCD, he lives in Milltown, County Kerry.
  • O'Toole, Joe

    JOE O'TOOLE is an independent senator and President of ICTU (Irish Congress of Trade Unions). A teacher by profession, he was formerly General Secretary of the INTO, Ireland's largest teaching union. He grew up in Dingle, County Kerry.
  • Oates, Joyce Carol

    Joyce Carol Oates, the Roger S. Berlind Professor of Humanities at Princeton, is the author most recently of the forthcoming novel Little Bird of Hope.
  • Oates, Kate

    Kate Oates is the designer for Tot Toppers & When I Grow Up. In particular, she enjoys designing hats and garments for babies and children, as these projects often reflect a whimsical spirit. Kate’s When I Grow Up line is for those of us who are not tots, featuring a modern classic style.   (more)

  • Obiols, Anna

    Anna Obiols graduated from the University of Barcelona with a degree in History of Art. As well as being a writer, she now works in the children's section at a public library where she is responsible for organising activities to encourage children to read. Anna loves travelling. On her journeys she always tries to find exciting new people and places that she can bring together in her stories.
  • Ocampo, Silvina

    SILVINA OCAMPO (1903–1993) was born to an old and prosperous family in Buenos Aires, the youngest of six sisters. After studying painting with Giorgio di Chirico and Fernand Léger in Paris, she returned to her native city—she would live there for the rest of her life—and devoted herself to writing.   (more)

  • Oldershaw, Cally

    Cally Oldershaw worked on the development of exhibitions in the geological galleries at the Natural History Museum, London. A Fellow of the Gemmological Association of Great Britain (GAGTL), she now works at the Geological Society. She continues to work as a freelance author, editor and consultant.
  • Olesha, Yuri

    Yuri Olesha (1899–1960), the son of an impoverished land-owner who spent his days playing cards, grew up in Odessa, a lively multicultural city whose literary scene also included Isaac Babel. Olesha made his name as a writer with Three Fat Men, a proletarian fairy tale, and had an even greater success with Envy in 1927.   (more)

  • Ollivant, Alfred

    ALFRED OLLIVANT (1874–1927) was born in Old Charlton, Kent, the son of a colonel in the Royal Horse Artillery. Shortly after he graduated from the Royal Military Academy at Woolwich, intending to pursue a career in the army, he was thrown from his horse and seriously injured.   (more)

  • Ifeoma Onyefulu

    Onyefulu, Ifeoma

    Ifeoma Onyefulu was broughout up in a traditional village in Eastern Nigeria. Her highly acclaimed children's books are renowned for countering negative images of Africa by celebrating both its traditional village life and its urban life. A is for Africa, her first book, has become a classic title in the genre of cultural diversity and was praised by Publishers Weekly for its 'incisive view of her country's rich heritage'.   (more)

  • Onyefulu, Obi

    Obi Onyefulu was born in Onitsha, Nigeria. He studied for several years in the USA and took a doctorate in Modern European History at Florida State University. Since his return to Nigeria, he has published a number of textbooks on Nigerian history. He is an avid collector of Nigerian folk tales.
  • Opara, Eddie

    Eddie Opara is a partner at Pentagram ( He is a multi-faceted designer whose work encompasses strategy, design and technology. His projects have included the design of interactive installations, websites, user interfaces and software, brand identity, publications, packaging, and environments, with many of his projects ranging across multiple media.   (more)

  • Opie, Iona and Peter

    Iona (born 1923) and Peter Opie (1918-1982) began their research together in 1944. Fifteen years later, they published The Lore and Language of Schoolchildren and took their places as, to quote The Guardian, "the supreme archivists of the folklore movement." Since that time, they have jointly published The Oxford Dictionary of Nursery Rhymes, The Classic Fairy Tales, and Children's Game in Street and Playground.   (more)

  • Hiawyn Oram

    Oram, Hiawyn

    Hiawyn Oram has written more than 50 children's books. Prizes and awards include the Japanese Picture Book Award, the French Prix du Livre Inter Culturel and the shortlist for the Smarties Prize. She lives in London.
  • Ormerod, Jan

    Jan Ormerod's first picture book was Sunshine. It won the Mother Goose Award in 1982, was voted the Picture Book of the Year 1982 by the Children's Book Council of Australia and was highly commended for the Kate Greenaway Medal.
  • June Osborne

    Osborne, June

    June Osborne lectures throughout the UK on Urbino and has led a course at Oxford University on 'Palaces and Courts of the Renaissance'. She was formerly the research assistant of Ernst Gombrich, and has written various books including Stained Glass in England, Hampton Court Palace and John Piper and Stained Glass.
  • Osmond, James

    JAMES OSMOND is a professional landscape and travel photographer. He is a regular contributor to Outdoor Photographer magazine and his photographs have been widely published in books, magazines and calendars. He was a category winner of the 2013 Jurassic Coast Award and lives in Bristol.

  • Ostashevsky, Eugene

    Eugene Ostashevsky is a Russian-born American poet from New York City. His books include OBERIU: An Anthology of Russian Absurdism and three original poetry collections: Iterature, The Life and Opinions of DJ Spinoza, and Enter Morris Imposternak, Pursued by Ironies.

  • Oudolf, Piet

    Piet Oudolf is a native of Holland and originally studied to be an architect. Instead of designing buildings he became the founder of New Wave planting, a movement which takes inspiration from nature but employs artistic skill in creating planting schemes. As a plantsman, his aim is to emphasize the form, texture, and natural harmony of plants, and as a skilled plant breeder, he creates new varieties for these and other design purposes.   (more)

  • Overend, Jenni

    Jenni Overend is a teacher and writer. She lives in the Yarra Valley in Victoria, Australia with her husband and four children. She avoids writing and housework at all costs by gardening, riding a yellow bicycle, and observing big trees and small dogs.
  • Owen, David

    David Owen is the author of nine novels, most of which are set in Tasmania. He is the editor of the Australian literary journal Island and the author of Thylacine: The tragic tale of the Tasmanian tiger.
  • Owen, Sri

    Sri Owen is a highly respected cook, a popular lecturer and the author of several award-winning cookbooks, including Indonesian Regional Food and Cookery, which was awarded the Langhe Ceretto Prize for the best recipe book and was shortlisted for a Julia Child Award. She lives in London.
  • Owens, Iris

    Iris Owens moved from Greenwich Village to Paris at the age of twenty after her first marriage failed. She wrote numerous wildly popular and regularly banned erotic novels for the Traveller's Companion series of Olympia Press under the pseudonym Harriet Daimler. Under her own name, she published After Claude and Hope Diamond Refuses.   (more)

  • Oxfam,

    Oxfam works in 77 countries and supports nearly 3,000 long-term development projects. Its publishing division helps raise awareness of life and cultures all over the world.
  • Oyeyemi, Helen

    HELEN OYAYEMI is a British author. She has written four novels, including White is for Witching, which won a 2010 Somerset Maugham Award, and most recently Boy, Snow, Bird.

  • O’Rourke, Meghan

    Meghan O’Rourke, a former editor at The New Yorker and Slate, is the author of the poetry collections Once and Halflife and a memoir, The Long Goodbye.   (more)

  • Pabian, Roger

    Roger Pabian is a highly respected agates specialist and palaeontologist. He worked at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln for 35 years teaching the geology of gemstones and now teaches gem-cutting.
  • Packham, Jo

    Jo Packham has been President of Chapelle Ltd. for more than 30 years. In partnership with Stampington & Co., Jo publishes the bestselling magazines Where Women Create, Where Women Cook, and Where Women Create Business. Jo has also established a new imprint with Sterling: WWC Press, under which titles will be authored by the leading craft, food, and business experts in the world.   (more)

  • Page, Robin

    Robin Page has written for many national newspapers and magazines. He has regular columns in The Daily Telegraph, The Countryman and the Shooting Times – although he does not shoot. He also regularly contributes to the Daily Mail and the Mail on Sunday.

    He was presenter of ‘One Man and His Dog’ for several years and has written thirty-one books.   (more)

  • Pailles, Lionel

    Lionel Paillès has written many guides to Paris, including ones on best massages, antique and bric-a-brac shops, and gyms. He has also written three guides for new fathers.
  • Paine, Melanie

    Melanie Paine ran Paine and Co, the London company specialising in fabric design and curtain making. She trained in fine art and textiles at Goldsmith's school of art. She was the author of several books.
  • Pal, Erika

    ERIKA PAL was born in Budapest. She worked in an animation film studio, before relocating to the UK with a dream of becoming a freelance illustrator. During her Animation and Illustration degree at London's Kingston University, she was twice highly commended for the Macmillan Prize, and won the national competition for Booktrust's Big Picture logo.   (more)

  • Paley, Grace

    Grace Paley is a writer and a teacher, a feminist and an activist. Her books include The Collected Stories; Just as I Thought, which gathers personal and political essays and articles; and Begin Again: Collected Poems. She lives in New York City and Vermont.
  • Palmer, Michael

    Michael Palmer was born in New York City in 1943 and has lived in San Francisco since 1969. He has published ten collections of poetry and has taught at universities in the United States and Europe. He has worked extensively with contemporary dance for twenty-five years and has collaborated with numerous visual artists and composers.   (more)

  • Palmer-Edwards, Paul

    Ever since he first started working, Paul Palmer-Edwards has been lucky enough to combine his love of music, and of design and designing; from making coffee for Brian Eno, to pasting-up music ads and record covers for EMI records in the 1970s, he managed to find time to perform with a succession of bands (appearing on the short-lived Cabaret Futura live album).   (more)

  • Pancheri, Jan

    JAN PANCHERI has been Head Gardener at Westminster Abbey for many years and has made a study of the monks who lived there. She was brought up in Worcestershire. Her grandfather, an Italian immigrant, and her father were both woodcarvers. She qualified as an art teacher in 1989, and has written and illustrated two picture books, The Twelve Poodle Princesses and The Little Angel.   (more)

  • Pankhurst, Andy

    Andy Pankhurst studied at the Slade School of Fine Art in London. A deeply expressive figurative painter, his work is represented in various public, corporate and private collections and museums in the UK and the US. Alongside his work at the Slade, Andy also teaches at the University of Westminster, the Prince’s Trust Drawing School and Canterbury Christ Church University.
  • Pankhurst, Kate

    Kate Pankhurst graduated from the University of Central Lancashire with a degree in illustration. She was the highest placed graduate in a national student competition, The Macmillan Prize for Children's Book Illustration in 2002. Since then she has illustrated several books including Captain Pike Looks After the Baby by Marjorie Newman and Who's a Cheeky Baby? by Ian Whybrow.   (more)

  • Panourgiá, Neni

    NENI PANOURGIÁ is a writer, translator, professor of anthropology at the New School School for Social Research, and Director of the program Health as a Human Right at the Institute for the Study of Human Rights at Columbia University. She is the author of Dangerous Citizens: The Greek Left and the Terror of the State.   (more)

  • Papadiamantis, Alexandros

    Alexandros Papadiamantis (1851-1911) was a Greek writer and translator who was born on the island of Skiathos. He wrote throughout his life on the island, publishing newspaper articles, short stories, and serialized novels, but remained a recluse until his death.
  • Parin D'Aulaire, Edgar

    Ingri Mortenson (1904-1980) and Edgar Parin d'Aulaire (1898-1986) met at art school in Munich in 1921. They married in Norway, moving first to Paris and then eventually to New York in 1929. The d'Aulaires published their first children's book in 1931and worked as a team on both art and text throughout their joint career, publishing more than twenty picture books and receiving high critical acclaim for their distinguished contributions to children's literature.
  • Parker, Robert Andrew

    Robert Andrew Parker is a fine artist and printmaker whose work often appears in publications such as the New Yorker. He has illustrated more than 70 books for children. His Pop Corn and Ma Goodness was a Caldecott Honor Book and in 2002 he won the Boston Globe-Horn Book Award for his picture book, Cold.   (more)

  • Parker, Roszika

    Rozsika Parker is not sure whether she inherited her passion for gardening or was infected by it in early youth. In any event, it came to her from her mother, the scientist, natural historian and conservationist Dame Miriam Rothschild, who made the famous garden at Ashton Wold, a world-renowned centre for the research and conservation of plant life.   (more)

  • Parker, Steve

    STEVE PARKER is an award-winning science author for children and adults. After gaining a degree in Zoology and working at the Natural History Museum, Steve moved into educational publishing and has now written more than 300 titles. He is a Senior Scientific Fellow of the Zoological Society of London.

  • Parkins, David

    DAVID PARKINS used to skive off football by drawing posters for the games teachers, which is why he is now an illustrator and not a famous footballer. He has illustrated many children's picture books for British, American and Canadian publishers, including Egypt Diary by Richard Platt for Walker UK and Candlewick US.   (more)

  • Parkinson, Siobhan

    SIOBHAN PARKINSON grew up in Galway and Donegal and now lives in Dublin with her husband; they have a grown-up son. She is an editor, translator and critic as well as a highly acclaimed writer for children of all ages. Several of her books have won Bisto awards, and The Moon King and Something Invisible were also IBBY Honour Books.   (more)

  • Parks, Tim

    Tim Parks, a novelist, essayist, and translator, is Associate Professor of English Literature at IULM University in Milan. His most recent novel is Cleaver. (September 2008)
  • Parmee, Douglas

    Douglas Parmée (1914-2008) translated works by Flaubert, Zola, Baudelaire, and Chamfort, among others, including the NYRB Classics titles The Child by Jules Valle`s and Afloat by Guy de Maupassant.
  • Parry, Polly

    Polly Parry is the Museum Archivist and Records Manager and has an in-depth knowledge of the building's history, its collections and people.
  • Paschkis, Julie

    Julie Paschkis was born in Pennsylvania and attended Germantown Friends School, Ringerike Folkehogskole in Norway, Cornell University and the School for American Craftsmen at RIT. She taught art to grade school children for about 8 years. During that time she continued to work on her own art and illustration.   (more)

  • Passard, Alain

    Alain Passard is chef and owner of restaurant l'Arpège in Paris, which has retained a three-Michelin-star ranking since 1996. His kitchen garden in Fillé 230 km from Paris supplies the restaurant, and is run completely organically, without even the use of machines. He lives in Paris.
  • Pastor, Terry

    Terry Pastor has worked as an illustrator and painter for many years, and is interested in vehicles of all kinds. He lives in Swanton Morley, Norfolk.
  • Allen Paterson

    Paterson, Allen

    Allen Paterson was from 1973 to 1981 Curator of the Chelsea Physic Garden and from 1981 to 1993 Director of the Royal Botanic Gardens, Ontario. He is a member of the Council of the Royal Horticultural Society, and a Distinguished Advisor to the Board of Brooklyn Botanic Garden. He lives in Dumfriesshire in Scotland.
  • Paterson, Katherine

    Katherine Paterson has won great acclaim and many prestigious awards for her novels for children and young adults. She was born in China, studied in America, and wishing to become a missionary, spent four years living and working in Japan. To visit Katherine Paterson's website and discover more about her life and her thoughts on writing, click here
  • Jill Paton Walsh

    Paton Walsh, Jill

    Jill Paton Walsh read English at St Anne's College, Oxford, and became a writer at the age of 26. In 1994, her novel Knowledge of Angels was shortlisted for the Booker Prize. Jill's many books for children include Fireweed (winner of the Whitbread Prize) and Gaffer Samson's Luck (winner of the Smarties Grand Prix).   (more)

  • Patrick-Goudreau, Colleen

    Colleen Patrick-Goudreau is the founder of Compassionate Cooks (, an organization whose mission it is to empower people to make informed food choices and to debunk myths about veganism. A recognized expert on healthful plant-based cuisine, Colleen has appeared on the Food Network and is a columnist for VegNews magazine.   (more)

  • Patten, "H"

    'H' Patten was brought up in Birmingham in a close-knit Jamaican community. A founding member of Dance de L'Afrique, he has performed and choreographed in many leading dance companies in Britain, Africa and the Caribbean. Now a professional storyteller, he brings his stories to life, acting them out in traditional African dress.   (more)

  • Geoffrey Patterson

    Patterson, Geoffrey

    Geoffrey Patterson began his career in interior design and worked as a set designer with the BBC for 13 years. He was a lecturer in illustration at Suffolk College and has published many books for children. In 1986 he won the Smarties prize for The Goose that Laid the Golden Egg. He lives in Norfolk.
  • Korky Paul

    Paul, Korky

    KORKY PAUL was born in Harare, Zimbabwe. He is a well known figure in the children's book world and among his illustrated work is the highly-successful Winnie the Witch series. He lives in Oxford.

  • Pauly, Edith

    Édith Pauly is the author of a book for children, Gigi, la grenouille qui voulait voire la mer, and the French correspondent to Interni, a design magazine from Milan, Italy.
  • Pavord, Anna

    ANNA PAVORD is the Gardening Correspondent for the Independent and also writes for the Observer, Country Living and Elle Decoration and is an associate editor of Gardens Illustrated. She is the author of many books, including the best-selling The Tulip and the newly released Bulb.
  • Payne, Christiana

    Dr. Christiana Payne is Senior Lecturer of Art at Oxford Brooks University
  • Paz, Octavio

    Octavio Paz (1914-1998) was born in Mexico City, and his extraordinarily busy and fruitful life took him from civil-war Spain to surrealist Paris, from US universities to the Mexican embassy in New Delhi, where he served for six years as ambassador before resigning in protest after his government's suppression of student demonstrations at the 1968 Olympic Games.   (more)

  • Pearson, Peter

    Peter Pearson is an historian, conservationist and noted artist with a lifelong commitment to the protection and enhancement of Ireland's architectural heritage. He has attended demolitions of many great houses, rescuing their decorative period features, in the process amassing a vast body of knowledge on the crafts, social and economic history of places throughout Ireland.   (more)

  • Pelecanos, George

    George Pelecanos, the author of fifteen crime novels set in and around Washington, D.C., lives in Maryland. His novel Right as Rain is currently in film development.
  • Pelham, Sophie

    SOPHIE PELHAM has been a graphic designer since 1992. A graduate of St Martins School of Art, she became a Senior Designer at Frances Lincoln Ltd. Since 2000 she has been working as a freelance designer and paper engineer, and in 2006 she set up Baobab Editorial and Design with Susan Reuben. She is also co-author of the innovative pop-up book Counting Creatures, published by Simon & Schuster both here and in the US.
  • Pellegrino, Marge

    MARGE PELLEGRINO read Psychology at Marist College, New York. She is a journalist and book reviewer, runs writing workshops and has been Writer in Residence at a number of US elementary and high schools. Her children's books include Too Nice, My Grandma's the Mayor and I Don't have an Uncle Phil Anymore.   (more)

  • Pemberton, David

    David Pemberton is the Vertebrate Curator at the Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery in Hobart.
  • Perdue, Gillian

    Gillian Perdue is a full-time children's writer. She previously worked as a primary school teacher for over fifteen years, and has always had a deep love for children's books. Gillian acted as chairperson of the Bisto Book Awards 1999-2000, and she has written resource materials for the use of real books in the classroom.   (more)

  • Perris, Andrew

    Andrew Perris has tackled a wide range of challenging commissions during the 20 years he has worked as a photographer. Many have included animals, from snails on location to elephants in the studio, but pigs have to be the ultimate challenge so far because they simply do not stand still! That said, he has learned along the way and has met some fantastic characters (and pigs).   (more)

  • Andrew Fusek Peters

    Peters, Andrew Fusek

    Andrew Fusek Peters is an Anglo-Czech author. His family fled the country in 1948 as the Communist Coup was taking place and came to Britain. He is the tallest poet in Britain, plays the didgeridoo and performs his poetry live at festivals. He and his wife Polly have written 30 books and their poems have appeared in 35 anthologies.   (more)

  • Polly Peters

    Peters, Polly

    Polly Peters has written 30 books with her husband Andrew Fusek Peters and their poems have appeared in 35 anthologies. Their novel Crash was nominated for the Carnegie Medal and shortlisted for the North East Book Award.

    To find out more about Polly Peters click here

  • Petty, Kate

    Kate Petty lectured on writing and editing for Middlesex University. She was the commissioning editor for Cornwall's bio-diversity attraction, the Eden Project. She was a well-known and respected writer of non-fiction and educational books, writing for publishers such as Orion, Macmillan and Random House.   (more)

  • Phillips, C. E. Lucas

    C.E. Lucas Phillips was the author of The Cockleshell Heroes which remains his most popular and most renowned work, as well as a string of gardening titles.
  • Pickeral, Tamsin

    Tamsin Pickeral is an art historian and animal expert. The daughter of a veterinary surgeon, she grew up in the English countryside surrounded by an eclectic mix of animals, from dogs and ferrets to horses and rescued squirrels. She has been a devoted dog owner her entire life. Her studies have focused on the evolution of animals and their relationship with humans over time.   (more)

  • Pickford, Sue

    SUE PICKFORD is a British artist of Hong Kong Chinese origin. She specialised in Illustration for her Higher Diploma in Advertising, and subsequently worked as an Art Director in the Advertising industry for ten years. She is now a full-time writer and illustrator of children's books. Bob and Rob is her first published book, and a second, When Angus Met Alvin, is also under development with Frances Lincoln.   (more)

  • Pinckney, Darryl

    DARRYL PINCKNEY, a longtime contributor to The New York Review of Books, is the author of a novel, High Cotton, and Out There: Mavericks of Black Literature. He has worked for Robert Wilson on various theatrical projects, most recently an adaptation of Daniil Kharms’s The Old Woman.

  • Pinkwater, Daniel

    Daniel Pinkwater's gloriously funny books include The Hoboken Chicken Emergency, Looking for Bobowicz, and The Artsy Smartsy Club. He is regularly featured on National Public Radio. He lives in upstate New York with his wife, artist Jill Pinkwater.
  • Pirandello, Luigi

    Luigi Pirandello (1867-1936) was born in Agrigento, Sicily, the son of a rich mining contractor. Having studied at the universities of Palermo and Rome and taken a degree in philology at Bonn, the young Pirandello turned to writing poetry and stories, achieving his first literary success in 1904 with his novel The Late Mattia Pascal.   (more)

  • Pirotta, Saviour

    Saviour Pirotta  is the best-selling author of over 100 children’s books. Born in Malta and now living in Yorkshire, Saviour has written stories, poems and plays since he was a boy, and has been writing full-time since 1986. He has won the English Association Award as well as Aesop Accolade in the US.

  • Caroline Pitcher

    Pitcher, Caroline

    Caroline Pitcher's story Kevin the Blue won the Independent Story of the Year Award in 1993. Caroline's first book for Frances Lincoln was The Snow Whale with Jackie Morris, chosen as one of Child Education's Best Books of 1996 and shortlisted for the 1997 Children's Book Award.
  • Pitt, David

    David Pitt and his wife Heather moved to a cottage in the Lake District following early retirement from banking in 1991. They enjoy all kinds of walking and were founder members of Bampton Amblers. Outside of walking they like the theatre and are keen genealogists.
  • Pitts, Mike

    Mike Pitts began his career as an archaeologist and museum curator. He is a freelance journalist specialising mainly in archaeology, while continuing to conduct original research at Stonehenge ­where he has directed excavations ­ and elsewhere.   (more)

  • Pla, Josep

    JOSEP PLA (1897–1981), the eldest of four children, was born in Palafrugell on the Costa Brava to a family of landowners. He studied law in Barcelona, abandoned law for journalism, and in 1920 moved to Paris to serve as the correspondent for the Spanish newspaper La Publicidad.   (more)

  • Platman, Lara

    LARA PLATMAN is a photographer and writer, specialising in documenting areas of culture that are often considered to be eccentric or endangered. Coming from a family who produced theatrical costumes, she has grown up around creative craftsmen. She trained as a photographer and then a journalist and now combines these two skills to bring an in-depth study to each of her projects.   (more)

  • Platt, Peter

    Peter Platt is Professor of English at Barnard College, where he is also the department’s chair. He is the author of Shakespeare and the Culture of Paradox and Reason Diminished: Shakespeare and the Marvelous and the editor of Wonders, Marvels, and Monsters in Early Modern Culture.

  • Richard Platt

    Platt, Richard

    Richard Platt is a renowned non-fiction writer, whose previous titles include Pirate Diary which won the 2002 Kate Greenaway Medal.

    To visit Richard's website click here

  • Plimpton, George

    George Plimpton (1927-2003), the originator of “participatory journalism,” was the editor of the Paris Review. His books include Paper Lion, Out of My League, The Bogey Man, Open Net, The Curious Case of Sidd Finch and The X Factor.
  • Plumptre, George

    George Plumptre is an author, journalist, and lecturer, acknowledged as an international authority on gardens and gardening. A former gardening correspondent for the Times, he has been Chief Executive of the National Gardens Scheme since 2010. He has lectured on a wide range of garden subjects in Britain, the USA, and South Africa, and has contributed articles to such publications as Country Life, Homes & Gardens, the Daily Telegraph, Architectural Digest (USA) and Conde Nast House & Garden (South Africa).   (more)

  • Polito, Robert

    Robert Polito is the author of Savage Art: A Biography of Jim Thompson and A Reader's Guide to James Merrill's The Changing Light at Sandover, among other books. He edited Kenneth Fearing: Selected Poems and directs the Graduate Writing Program at the New School.
  • Pollet, Cédric

    With a background in landscape design, Cédric Pollet is a nature photographer fascinated by the incredible beauty found in tree bark. Ten years ago, he took the slightly unorthodox decision to devote his professional life to photographing it. As a result he has travelled through 25 countries, and today he makes his living from his reports, photo prints, exhibitions and educational workshops.   (more)

  • Pond, Caroline

    Caroline Pond is Professor of Comparative Anatomy in the Department of Biological Sciences. Richard Dawkins described her as “the zoologists’ zoologist”.
  • Porter, Sue

    Sue Porter has designed, illustrated, contributed to and often written around 60 children's books, all of which share a gentle warmth and humour. Her previous titles include Hepzibah, which was runner-up for the Mother Goose Award, and One Potato which won the Owl Award in Japan, and the Prix Verselle in France.
  • Porter, Valerie

    Valerie Porter has written several books on breeds of livestock worldwide (cattle, pigs and goats) and on caring for cows in particular. She has been a member of the Rare Breeds Survival Trust for many years and was co-author of the Trust's history, Saving the Breeds.
  • Potapov, Eugene

    Eugene Potapov is a world renowned specialist on arctic wildlife. He has been travelling in the Arctic for the last 25 years and written extensively on the biology of its birdlife, primarily birds of prey. He obtained his doctorate from Oxford University on Arctic birds. He is now a professor at Bryn Athyn College, Pennsylvania, USA.   (more)

  • Potter, Maureen

    MAUREEN POTTER, one of Ireland's best-loved stars, and known to many as the Queen of Comedy, died in April 2004, aged 79. She had a lifelong relationship with the Gaiety Theatre, beginning in 1939, and she is best remembered for her comedy in numerous pantomimes, variety shows and the hugely popular summer revue, Gaels of Laughter.
  • Poucher, Walter A.

    Walter Poucher, the renowned mountain photographer, walked and climbed in Britain's hills for more than half a century. He was the author of 41 photographic books, many of which were bestsellers for decades. Before he retired he had been Chief Perfumer with Yardley for 30 years. He died in 1988. His walking guides have been updated where necessary in consultation with John Poucher, the author's son.
  • Pouyet, Marc

    Marc Pouyet trained as a graphic designer at the Corvisart School of Graphic Arts in Paris. He has worked as a graphic artist and children's illustrator, and artistic director at the children's publishers Nathan and Ravensburger. As well as producing land art and sculptures using natural materials, he runs workshops in schools and community centres for children and adults.   (more)

  • Powell, Ron

    Ron Powell was born and educated in Sydney, Australia. As an architecture student, he worked on the Sydney Opera House. Following further qualifications in landscape architecture, Ron worked on major public open spaces including Sydney's Darling Harbour and Bicentennial Park. He is currently overseeing the conservation of Sydney's 19th century sandstone buildings.
  • Powers, J. F.

    J. F. Powers (1917-1999) was born in Jacksonville, Illinois, and studied at Northwestern University while holding a variety of jobs in Chicago and working on his writing. He published his first stories in The Catholic Worker and, as a pacifist, spent thirteen months in prison during World War II.   (more)

  • Jane Powers

    Powers, Jane

    Jane Powers was born in Ireland to American parents, and spent her childhood moving back and forth between the United States and Ireland. Both her parents were writers.

    She has been writing about gardens and gardening in Irish and British publications for 20 years, and is the gardening correspondent for The Sunday Times, Ireland.   (more)

  • Powers, Katherine A.

    Katherine A. Powers is a long-time champion of the novels of Raymond Kennedy.  She is a freelance book critic and writes a literary column for the Barnes and Noble Review.  She is the editor of a forthcoming volume, Suitable Accommodations: The Letters of J. F. Powers, 1942 - 1963.  She lives in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

  • Powers, Thomas

    Thomas Powers is the author of The Man Who Kept the Secrets: Richard Helms and the CIA (1979), Heisenberg's War: The Secret History of the German Bomb (1993), Intelligence Wars: American Secret History from Hitler to al-Qaeda (2002; revised and expanded edition, 2004), and The Confirmation (2000), a novel.   (more)

  • Prager, Emily

    Emily Prager is the author of three novels, Clea & Zeus Divorce, Eve's Tattoo, and Roger Fishbite, as well as the acclaimed book of short stories A Visit from the Footbinder, and a compendium of her humorous writings, In the Missionary Positions. She has been a satirical columnist for The Village Voice, The New York Observer, and The New York Times, as well as London's Daily Telegraph and The Guardian.   (more)

  • Prendergast, P.R.

    P.R. Prendergast was born in Dublin in 1964. The author of one previous novel, he works in Dublin as a schoolteacher.
  • Press, Bob

    Bob Press has worked as a curator and researcher at the Natural History Museum since 1973 and is now deputy head of the Department of Botany. He has a special interest in plant collectors and the history of collecting, and is author of numerous books and field guides.
  • Price, Sandy

    Sandy Price's passion is not only the collectibles to be found in the markets but also the whole market experience, which she tries to capture and make accessible to readers.  She has written two books on the flea markets of France, published in 1999 and 2009—Exploring the Flea Markets of France (published by Three Rivers Press, a division of Random House) and The Flea Markets of France (published by the Little Bookroom). 

    During many visits to England over the years, Sandy also became keenly interested in English collectibles and in the very impressive—and often much more substantial—markets here.   (more)

  • Prichard, Mathew

    Mathew Prichard is the grandson of Agatha Christie, and now is the Chairman of Agatha Christie Ltd. He spent many happy summers at Greenway and now lives at Pwllywrach in Glamorgan, which is also the home of the Agatha Christie archive.
  • Lucy Pringle

    Pringle, Lucy

    Lucy Pringle is a founder member of the Centre for Crop Circle Studies and an international authority on the subject. She is a leading aerial photographer and has had several exhibitions of her work. She has the UK's most comprehensive photographic crop circle library. She also writes, appears on television and broadcasts extensively on the crop circle phenomenon.   (more)

  • Pritchett, Frances W.

    Frances W. Pritchett has taught South Asian literature at Columbia University since 1982. Her books include Nets of Awareness: Urdu Poetry and Its Critics, The Romance Tradition in Urdu: Adventures from the Dastan of Amir Hamzah, and (with Khaliq Ahmad Khaliq) Urdu Meter: A Practical Handbook.
  • Provencal, Francis

    Francis Provencal's photography exhibitions include Shadow and Act, Accra, 1997, the Third Meeting of International African Photographers, Bamako, 1998 and Afrique en Creations in Paris in 1998/9. He is co-founder with Catherine McNamara of Nuku Films and the Nuku art gallery in Accra.
  • Jane Pruden

    Pruden, Jane

    Jane Pruden is a freelance writer specialising in country issues, field sports, health and food. She is a regular contributor to local and national magazines including Fieldsports and Scottish Sporting Gazette.
  • Prus, Boleslaw

    Boleslaw Prus (1847-1912) was the pseudonym of Aleksander Glowacki, Poland's prominent realist writer and essayist. Three of his other major novels-The Outpost, The Emancipated, and Pharaoh-have also been translated into English.
  • Public,

    Public (, based in San Francisco, CA, specializes in branding, print and environmental graphics. Clients include Nordstrom, the Great Schools, Forest Circle, Vanilla Moon, Greenopia, and many others.

  • Pudlowski, Gilles

    Gilles Pudlowski is the restaurant critic and journalist for the French weekly magazine Le Point; a contributor to Saveurs and Bon Voyage magazines; cultural commentator and critic; a historian of French regional culinary traditions; and the author of two cookbooks. He is the author of Pudlo Paris 2007-2008 and Pudlo France 2008-2009, both available from The Little Bookroom.
  • Pugh, Anna

    Anna Pugh is one of Britain's leading folk artists. Her work has an international following, and her obvious empathy with the countryside, with animals and with plants in particular, gives her work a spellbinding charm, and has made it extremely popular. In 20 years she has painted over 200 pictures, all in private collections in the United Kingdom, Europe and North America.   (more)

  • Puig, Valentí

    VALENTINÍ PUIG is a Catalan poet, novelist, and literary critic who writes in both his native Catalan and in Spanish.

  • Purvis, William

    William Purvis is a lichenologist at the Natural History Museum, London. He is the principal author of Lichen Flora of Great Britain and Ireland (1992) and has carried out pioneering research into why different species accumulate metals, and the implications for biomonitoring and classification. He is involved in using lichens as bioindicators of environmental health and carries out taxonomic research on critical groups.
  • Putnam, Michael C.J.

    Michael Putnam is the W. Duncan MacMillan II Professor of Classics at Brown University. His most recent book is The Virgilian Tradition, co-edited with Jan Ziolkowski.
  • Simon Puttock

    Puttock, Simon

    Simon Puttock was born in New Zealand and travelled all over the world as a child. He has had a varied career, from cinema projectionist to sound engineer to singer/songwriter and cabaret club D.J. After working for Waterstones for many years, he now lives in Edinburgh and writes full time.

    To learn more about Simon Puttock click here

  • Quarmby, Katharine

    Katharine Quarmby is a well-respected journalist who has written for many publications, including The New Statesman and Prospect magazine. This is her first book for Frances Lincoln. She lives in North London.
  • Quiney, Anthony

    Anthony Quiney is an architectural historian, writer and photographer who has lived in Greenwich for many years. He was formerly Professor of Architectural History at the University of Greenwich.
  • Quinn, Bob

    Bob Quinn is an Irish film maker, writer and photographer .

    Under the title 'Cinegael', and for over three decades in words and images he has recorded life in the West of Ireland, especially in the Conamara Gaeltacht.

    He has also filmed and photographed from Tatarstan to Morocco, from India to the United States.

  • Quinn, John

    JOHN QUINN is a writer and broadcaster. He retired from RTÉ Radio in 2002 after a distinguished career of twenty-seven years. He is the author of five children's novels, one adult novel and a memoir, Sea of Love, Sea of Loss. His children's novel The Summer of Lily and Esme won the Bisto Book of the Year award in 1992.   (more)

  • Quinn, Senator Feargal

    Feargal Quinn is Managing Director of Superquinn, the Irish supermarket group which he founded in 1960 and which has an international reputation for excellence in customer service. His bestselling book Crowning the Customer (O'Brien Press) is used by multi-national companies as the essential customer care manual.   (more)

  • Radiguet, Raymond

    Raymond Radiguet (1903–1923) was the eldest of seven children born to a poor cartoonist. He left school at fifteen and was soon contributing articles to newspapers and journals in Paris, where he became the protégé and lover of Jean Cocteau. Radiguet published poems, criticism, and a play, The Pelican, as well as a highly successful novel, The Devil in the Flesh, while leading a wild and increasingly self-destructive life.   (more)

  • Radin, Paul

    PAUL RADIN (1883–1959) was an American cultural anthropologist and writer of folklore. He conducted years of fieldwork among the Winnebago in order to complete The Winnebago Tribe in 1923, and in 1929 he published A Grammar of the Wappo Language. The Trickster (1956) is his most renowned publication, and includes essays by Karl Kerényi and Carl Jung.

  • Radlauer, Steve

    Steve Radlauer is the author or co-author of five books and numerous articles for a range of publications including New York magazine, Esquire, Spy, The New York Times, and The Los Angeles Times. He, too, is a native New Yorker.
  • Radunsky, Vladimir

    VLADIMIR RADUNSKY has published more than thirty books for children and received numerous awards, including several New York Times Best Illustrated Book Awards and Bologna’s Critici in Erba. Some of his books have appeared on the New York Times best-seller list.

  • Rahman, Urmi

    URMI RAHMAN was born in Khulna, Bangladesh. She studied in Dhaka, Khulna and Chittagong, took a Masters degree in Bengali Literature and worked as a journalist before coming to the UK to join the BBC World Service as a producer and broadcaster. She now works as a Language Project Officer and freelance journalist.   (more)

  • Rainbow, Phil

    Phil Rainbow is a marine biologist and has been the Keeper of Zoology at the Natural History Museum since 1997.
  • Ramanujan, A. K.

    A. K. Ramanujan (1929–1993) was an eminent Indian poet, essayist, and transdisciplinary scholar. From 1962 until his death, he was a professor at the University of Chicago, where he was instrumental in shaping the South Asian Studies program; he also taught at several other U.S. universities.   (more)

  • Ramsay, Alex

    Alex Ramsay is well known as an award-winning photographer of architecture, gardens and landscapes. His work has appeared in leading magazines worldwide and illustrates many books including Helena Attlee's Italian Gardens: A Cultural History and Gardens of Wales.

    To visit Alex Ramsay's website click here

  • Raschka, Chris

    CHRIS RASCHKA has written and/or illustrated more than sixty books for children, including Yo! Yes?, Charlie Parker Played Be Bop, Mysterious Thelonious, Sluggy Slug, Five for a Little One, A Poke in the I, and The Hello, Goodbye Window, and has received a Caldecott Honor, two Caldecott Awards, the Ezra Jack Keats Award, and five New York Times Best Illustrated Book Awards.

  • Raven, Sarah

    Sarah Raven, writer, cook, broadcaster and teacher, is an expert on all things to grow, cut and eat from your garden. She runs cooking, flower arranging and gardening courses from her farm in East Sussex and is the author of several books on gardening, including The Cutting Garden, which won the Garden Writers' Guild Award for Best Specialist Gardening Book in 1993.   (more)

  • Rawle, Tim

    Tim Rawle read Architecture at Downing College, Cambridge, after which he was awarded the Caldicott Scholarship for postgraduate study at the Architectural Association. After two years working as an assistant architect he left architectural practice to work as a graphic designer, photographer and author.   (more)

  • Rawlings, Deirdre

    Deirdre Rawlings, Ph.D., N.D. is a naturopathic doctor, certified nutritionist, sports nutritionist and healthy-cooking coach. She holds a Ph.D. in holistic nutrition and a Master’s in herbal medicine. She specializes in fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, digestive challenges, food allergies, and immune rebalancing.   (more)

  • Raxworthy, Julian

    Julian Raxworthy is Principal Landscape Architect with Donovan Hill, Brisbane, a Senior Lecturer in the School of Design at Queensland University of Technology and a leading writer on landscape architecture. His current PhD studies with the University of Queensland concern change and landscape architecture.
  • Jane Ray

    Ray, Jane

    Jane Ray graduated from Middlesex University in 3D Design. She began her career designing greetings cards, book jackets and posters. Gradually, however, she moved towards children's book illustration, especially fairy tales, mythology and folktales. Jane's first picture book for Frances Lincoln was Jinnie Ghost with Berlie Doherty, which was shortlisted for the Kate Greenaway Award.   (more)

  • Rayfield, Donald

    Donald Rayfield is emeritus professor of Russian and Georgian at the University of London.
  • Razzak, Shazia

    Shazia Razzack was born in Rawalpindi, in Pakistan, and came to live in the United Kingdom when she was two. She took her BSc (Hons) in Human Biology at the University of East London before training to be a teacher and has been teaching in East London ever since. She lives in Wanstead, London.
  • Reck, Friedrich

    Friedrich Reck (1884-1945) was born Friedrich Percyval Reck-Malleczewen, the son of a landed aristocrat from East Prussia who was also a conservative politician. He studied medicine and, in 1912, embarked as a ship's doctor en route to America. Upon his return to Germany, he settled in Bavaria and began to collaborate with the Süddeutsche Zeitung.   (more)

  • Trent Reedy

    Reedy, Trent

    Trent Reedy grew up in Iowa and has always loved telling stories. He majored in English at the University of Iowa and paid for his course by joining the Iowa Army National Guard. Called up to serve in Afghanistan in 2004, he experienced bad feelings both about the war and leaving his wife and home.   (more)

  • Rees, Mary

    Mary Rees studied at Glasgow School of Art. She is a highly regarded illustrator. She lives in Hove, Sussex.
  • Reeve, Katharine

    Katharine Reeve is an editor and writer. She is former Editorial Director and History Commissioning Editor at Oxford University Press. She lives in Bath.
  • Reid, Alastair

    Alastair Reid is a poet, translator, essayist, and scholar of Latin American literature. He joined the staff of The New Yorker in 1959 and has translated works by Pablo Neruda and Jorge Luis Borges. Among his many books for children are A Balloon for a Blunderbuss, I Keep Changing, Millionaires, Supposing, and Ounce Dice Trice (published by the New York Review Children's Collection).   (more)

  • Reid Haig, Diana

    Diana Reid Haig is an award-winning songwriter, annotator, and audio producer. She has produced, annotated, or engineered almost 100 compilations, DVD-As, or SACDs for Motown, NBC, Universal, SONY, Warner Bros., and others. A member of the Napoleonic Society of America, her lifelong interest in Paris during the First Empire led her to research and write “Walks through Napoleon and Josephine’s Paris.”
  • Rendel, Sally

    Sally Rendel is a practising architect and a member of the Twentieth Century Society's casework committee. She has edited special issues of Scroope and Architectural Design. Sally lives in London.
  • Rennison, Nick

    NICK RENNISON has worked as a writer, editor and bookseller for more than twenty years. His London Blue Plaque Guide has been through three editions in the last decade and he has also published The Book of London Lists, described by the London Evening Standard as a book that 'can teach even the most die-hard Londoner something they didn't know'.   (more)

  • Renoir, Jean

    Jean Renoir (1894–1979), the son of the painter Auguste Renoir, was born in Paris, grew up in the south of France, and served as a cavalryman and pilot during World War I. He directed his first film, La Fille de l'eau, in 1925 and followed it with many others, including his masterpieces Grand Illusion (1937) and The Rules of the Game (1939).   (more)

  • Reuben, Susan

    SUSAN REUBEN has been an editor since 1997. A Cambridge University graduate, she was Commissioning Editor at Frances Lincoln, then Senior Publisher at Egmont books before starting Baobab Editorial and Design with Sophie Pelham. She is co-editor of the Ultimate Book Guide series, the first of which won a Blue Peter Book Award.   (more)

  • Reverdy, Pierre

    Pierre Reverdy (1889–1960) was a French poet who, along with artists and writers such as Guillaume Apollinaire, Max Jacob, Pablo Picasso, Juan Gris, and Georges Braque, helped develop cubism and surrealism. Soon after the appearance of his first significant collection, Les Épaves du ciel (1924), his writing turned more mystical and Reverdy became a Catholic.   (more)

  • Rhodes, Julie

    Julie Rhodes is a professional wildlife artist who lives in Cornwall with her husband and baby daughter. Their boxer dog Archie inspired Julie to write The Very Noisy House. Julie says, “ Archie is always barking and running about, so our house is very noisy!” She has written and illustrated stories for her family all her life, but this is her first published book.

  • Ribes-Tiphiaine, Adrienne

    Adrienne Ribes-Tiphaine has written for Vogue France, and is now a freelance writer for ELLE, Atmosphere, Rendez-Vous, and France-Amerique. In 2003, she published Paris sur mesure (Parigramme).
  • Rice, Amy

    Beginning with not-so-traditional print making methods (hand cut stencils and a Japanese Gocco printmaking toy), mixed-media artist Amy Rice makes original, one-of-kind pieces by employing acrylic, gouache, ink and collage. Her “canvases” range from weathered wood panels and discarded objects to antique envelopes, age-worn love letters, and found journal pages yellowed with time.   (more)

  • Rice, Matthew

    Matthew Rice is a painter, designer and writer. He is the author of Village Buildings of Britain (Little Brown), to which Prince Charles contributed a foreword. He lives in Norfolk with his wife, the potter Emma Bridgewater.
  • Rice, Tony

    Tony Rice received his first degree and PhD in Marine Biology from the University of Liverpool. He worked as curator of crustacea at the Natural History Museum, London then spent 26 years leading the deep-sea benthic biology team at the Natural Environment Research Council’s Institute of Oceanographic Sciences.   (more)

  • Rich, Frank

    Frank Rich is a columnist for The New York Times. His books include Ghost Light, a memoir, and The Greatest Story Ever Sold: The Decline and Fall of Truth in Bush's America.
  • Rich, Nathaniel

    Nathaniel Rich is an editor at The Paris Review. He has written for The New York Times, Los Angeles Times, Slate, and The Village Voice. He lives in San Francisco.
  • Richards, Lucy

    Lucy Richards studied art at the North East Wales School of Art and was awarded the Hallmark M&S Division Emerging Talent Award for her final design show in 2000.
  • Richardson, Neil

    Neil Richardson is the award winning author of A Coward if I Return, A Hero if I Fall. He works as a creative writing teacher and editor, as well as writing books. He studied Philosophy in University College Dublin and is also a member of the Reserve Defence Forces. His family’s long tradition of military service, stretching back over 150 years, sparked Neil’s interest in military history.

  • Richardson, Phil

    Phil Richardson is a science teacher by day and spends evenings and holidays working with bats. He helped popularise bats in the UK by making them appealing to the public in TV and radio presentations, and in the setting up of a number of volunteer bat groups and the Bat Conservation Trust, the national body involved in bat conservation.
  • Richardson, Tim

    Tim Richardson is a writer who specializes in garden and landscape design and history. He has been gardens editor at Country Life, and landscape editor at Wallpaper* magazine, and was founding editor of both the award-winning gardens magazine New Eden and Country Life Gardens.   (more)

  • Richardson Elkins, Lisa

    Adjunct Assistant Professor Lisa Richardson Elkins, BArch, Ball State Univ; MArch University College London Currently teaching undergraduate architecture at the University of Illinois at Chicago, she has been designing architecture and furniture professionally for more than ten years, and has experience in Chicago, San Francisco, and London. In 2006 she founded 2 point perspective, inc., a design firm specializing in environmentally responsible architecture, interiors, and furniture design.   (more)

  • Riddell, Chris

    Chris Riddell was born in Liverpool and is a highly-acclaimed writer and illustrator of children's books. He has been shortlisted twice for the Kate Greenaway Award. He is also a cartoonist for The Observer. He lives in Brighton.
  • Riddell, Edwina

    Edwina Riddell studied graphic design at the London College of Printing and worked for ten years as a freelance illustrator.
  • Ridgway, Christopher

    Christopher Ridgeway has been curator at Castle Howard since 1985, and has written and lectured widely on its architecture, gardens and collections.
  • Riegel, Ralph

    Ralph Riegel lives in Cork. He has worked as a journalist for several newspapers including The Cork Examiner, The Evening Echo, The Evening Herald and The Sunday Independent and is the southern correspondent for The Irish Independent. He is also a regular contributor to RTE, BBC and TV3 and to British newspapers including the (London) Independent and The Daily Telegraph.
  • Rieley, Abigail

    Abigail Rieley is a writer and journalist based in Dublin, where she mainly works as a freelance court reporter covering murder trials for the Irish media. Her first book, The Devil in the Red Dress, about the trial of Sharon Collins and Essam Eid, was published by Maverick House.
  • Riley, Bronwen

    Bronwen Riley lived for a time in the remote mountains of Transylvania, studying village traditions and learning Romanian. An Oxford Classics graduate, she specialised in the post-Byzantine art of Romania at the Courtauld Institute, London. She is now managing editor of guidebooks at English Heritage and organises tours of small groups to share her great enthusiasm for and knowledge of Romania.
  • James Riordan

    Riordan, James

    James Riordan travelled the world collecting folktales and published over thirty volumes of tales from different countries. The Twelve Labours of Hercules won the UK Reading Association Award 1998. He was Emeritus Professor at the University of Surry and Visiting Professor at the University of Worcester, as well as holding honorary degrees from Birmingham, London, Moscow and Grenoble.   (more)

  • Ripley, Marion

    Marion Ripley runs the Clear Vision project, which is a nation-wide postal lending library of children's picture books in Braille. Her two tactile books have been mass-produced in English and French.
  • Rittson Thomas, Hugo

    HUGO RITTSON THOMAS is one of the UK’s leading portrait photographers. He started his career in the art world, studying at Central St.Martin’s and Goldsmiths University of London, and took part in the landmark exhibition Temple of Diana alongside Tracey Emin at The Blue Gallery in 1999.   (more)

  • Rix, Juliet

    Juliet Rix is an award winning freelance writer and broadcaster based in London. She started her career with BBC Television and Radio and writes for the Guardian, Times, Telegraph and Independent as well as magazines and websites.

       Juliet has a degree in history of art and enjoys interviewing and writing on a wide range of subjects including the arts, history, social issues, health and travel.   (more)

  • Robert, Na'ima B.

    NA'IMA B ROBERT is descended from Scottish Highlanders on her father's side and the Zulu people on her mother's side. She was born in Leeds, grew up in Zimbabwe and went to university in London. At high school, her loves included performing arts, public speaking and writing stories that shocked her teachers! She has written several multicultural books for children and is the author of 'From Somalia, with love', a novel for young adults.   (more)

  • M. P. Robertson

    Robertson, M. P.

    M. P. Robertson was born in Parsons Green, London. He studied Graphic Design at Hounslow Borough College, where he discovered a love for illustrated books. After leaving Hounslow he spent a year drawing in museums, cathedrals and on the underground before specialising in illustration at Kingston Polytechnic.   (more)

  • Robins, Jeff

    Jeff Robins is a professional photographer, who teaches postgraduate courses with Graham Diprose at the University of the Arts, London.
  • Robinson, Anthony

    Anthony Robinson writes children's books and teaches. He has lived and travelled all over the world, from his original home in Australia to Asia, Southeast Asia and Europe, from Japan to Edinburgh, and now lives in Cambridge. He is keen to give a voice to the voiceless, be they refugees who have fled their own countries, children living normal lives in vastly different cultures, or children living in difficult circumstances.
  • Robinson, Bruce

    Bruce Robinson, now retired, was a journalist for newspapers in Lincolnshire and Norfolk for forty years. He has written or co-written eleven books, including two books on walking, two novels and three titles in a series on Norfolk history, written in conjunction with county archaeologists. He is co-author, with Mike Robinson, of The National Trail Guide Peddar’s Way and the Norfolk Coast Path.
  • Robinson, David

    David Robinson is a zoologist and evolutionary biologist in the Department of Biological Sciences.
  • Robinson, Lynne

    Lynne Robinson is one of the most well-known and respected figures working in pilates and well-being sectors today. She co-founded the Body Control Pilates group in 1996, which has since trained 1,500 teachers internationally. She resides in the U.K.

  • Robinson, Roxana

    Roxana Robinson is the author of a biography of Georgia O'Keeffe and of six books of fiction, including the novel Sweetwater and the story collection A Perfect Stranger. She is a Guggenheim Fellow and lives in New York City.
  • Eric Robson

    Robson, Eric

    Eric Robson was born in southern Scotland and has lived most of his life in Cumbria. For the last 15 years he has had a small farm in the southern Lake District where he keeps sheep. A broadcaster and television documentary maker, he got to know Alfred Wainwright uncommonly well while filming with him in the 1980s.   (more)

  • Robuchon, Joel

    Joël Robuchon is a leading international multi-award winning celebrity chef. Named ‘Chef of the Century’ by the Gault Millau guide and winner of ‘Best Restaurant in the World’ by the International Herald Tribune, Robuchon is famous for his intricate and innovative French cuisine.   (more)

  • Shen Roddie

    Roddie, Shen

    Shen Roddie was born in Singapore and lived in many countries before settling in Oxford. Her love of words led her to become an author via a number of other careers including time spent as a journalist, copywriter and radio presenter.
  • Rodriguez, Rachel

    Rachel Rodriguez was born in Michigan. She has worked as a restaurant busgirl, a medical guinea pig, and a 7–11 Slurpee machine syrup refiller. She was the voice of Hellman's Mayonnaise for Argentinean commercials screening at Cannes Film Festival. She's also answered phones at a Dublin public relations firm.   (more)

  • Rogers, Gary

    Gary Rogers was born in Rotherham, New Zealand. He worked as a fire-fighter and musician before becoming a news and fashion photographer. He regularly contributes photographs to many magazines.
  • Rogers, Lilla

    Lilla Rogers was a full-time, highly successful illustrator beginning in 1984 with clients ranging from the New York Times, Takishamaya, Barneys New York, and Levi’s. She had agents in Tokyo, Paris, and New York. In 1994 her top students asked her to represent them.   (more)

  • Rokeach, Milton

    Milton Rokeach (1918-1988) received his B.A. from Brooklyn College and his Ph.D. from the University of California, Berkeley. He was a professor of social psychology at Michigan State University and later at Washington State University. In 1984 he received the Kurt Lewin Memorial Award from The Society for the Psychological Study of Social Issues.
  • Rolfe, Fr.

    Fr. Rolfe (1860-1913) also known as Frederick Rolfe and Baron Corvo, converted to Catholicism when he was twenty-six and attempted to enter the priesthood. After he was ejected from the seminary, he pledged himself to twenty years of celibacy and proceeded to write several semi-autobiographical novels that were simultaneously pious and irreverent.   (more)

  • Romano, Marc

    Marc Romano is a writer living in New York City.
  • Alan Romans

    Romans, Alan

    Alan Romans was formerly a biology teacher but is now a full-time potato enthusiast, a specialist potato roguer (selector of seed potatoes) and consultant to potato breeders. He lives in Fife in Scotland.
  • Rooney, Rachel

    RACHEL ROONEY trained as a special needs teacher and currently works with children with autism. She also teaches poetry workshops for West Sussex's Gifted and Talented Programme, and leads workshops in schools as a visiting poet. She has been shortlisted for the Belmont Poetry Prize and 60 of her poems have been published in children's poetry anthologies.   (more)

  • Rose, Caroline

    Caroline Rose’s photographs have appeared in many books, including Notre Dame de Paris and Churches of Rome.
  • Rose, Gillian

    Gillian Rose (1947-1995) was a professor at the University of Warwick in England, where she taught modern European philosophy, social and political thought, and theology. Her books include Nihilism, The Broken Middle, Judaism and Modernity, and Hegel.
  • Rosen, Brian

    Brian Rosen is a Scientific Associate in the Department of Zoology at the Natural History Museum, and a former research scientist in the Department of Palaeontology. He works on living and fossil corals and reefs, with a general interest in biogeography and ecology.
  • Rosen, Charles

    Charles Rosen's most recent book is Piano Notes: The World of the Pianist. (November 2008)
  • Rosen, Michael

    Michael Rosen is an enormously successful and popular writer, poet, scriptwriter, performer and broadcaster. Winner of the Smarties Award, the Other Award and the Signal Poets Award, he has written more than a hundred children's titles. In 1997 he won the Eleanor Farjeon Award for his outstanding contribution to children's literature, and in 2007 he became the Children's Laureate.

    To visit Mike Rosen's website click here

  • Ross, Andrew

    Andrew Ross is currently Principal Curator of Invertebrate Palaeontology and Palaeobotany at the National Museums Scotland.
  • Ross, Diana

    Diana Ross is an amateur gardener who turned her hand to writing relatively recently. She began writing for Hortus in 1995, and in 2000 began her series of interviews with gardeners.
  • Ross, Mandy

    MANDY ROSS has written over 60 children's books, including Peekaboo Baby! (shortlisted for the Sainsbury's Baby Book Award 2001), Animal Lullabies, Animal Exercises and Children's History of Birmingham.
    Twice shortlisted for Birmingham Poet Laureate, Mandy is a member of Secret City Arts   (more)

  • Rotenberg, Joel

    Joel Rotenberg has produced NYRB original translations for Stefan Zweig's Chess Story and Hugo von Hofmannsthal's The Lord Chandos Letter. His translation of Georg Letham: Physician and Murderer by Ernst Weiss is forthcoming in 2009
  • Rothery, Sean

    Dr Sean Rothery is the former assistant head of the Department of Architecture at the Dublin Institute of Technology. He has researched widely in Irish traditional design and building. His other books include Ireland and the New Architecture and A Field Guide to the Buildings of Ireland.   (more)

  • Rothschild, Miriam

    Miriam Rothschild was the niece of Walter Rothschild and, a renowned naturalist herself, shared her uncle's passion for the natural world. In 1995 she was elected a Fellow of the Royal Society and was made a Dame in 2000. Dame Miriam died in 2005.
  • Roughhead, William

    William Roughead (1870-1952) was born in Edinburgh, where he studied law and became an expert on criminology. Between 1889 and 1949 he attended every murder trial of significance held in the High Court of Justiciary in Edinburgh, publishing his accounts of them in a series of best-selling books. He held the legal title of Writer to His Majesty's Signet and was an editor of the Notable British Trials Series.
  • Rowland, Ingrid D.

    Ingrid D. Rowland is a professor, based in Rome, at the University of Notre Dame School of Architecture. A frequent contributor to The New York Review of Books, she is the author of The Culture of the High Renaissance, The Scarith of Scornello, and a translation of Vitruvius' Ten Books of Architecture.   (more)

  • Rowley, Eddie

    Eddie Rowley is the chief entertainments’ correspondent on the Sunday World, Ireland’s biggest selling newspaper. Confidante to personalities like Ronan Keating, Daniel O’Donnell and Westlife, Eddie has had huge success with his personal biographies and inside-takes such as Life is a Rollercoaster with Boyzone’s Ronan Keating, Follow Your Dream with Daniel O’Donnell and Our Joe- Joe Dolan by the People who Knew him Best.

  • Roy, James

    James Roy has worked for many years as a paediatric and emergency nurse in various hospitals. In addition to his work with young people in the health setting, he has written several award-winning books for children and teenagers.
  • Royston, Angela

    ANGELA ROYSTON has written lots of science books for children, including several series on the human body, health, animals, ecology and space. She grew up in Scotland and now lives in London. Angela enjoys travelling, walking, reading and spending time with her family.

  • Rubens, Paul

    Paul Rubens (1927-2003), a self-educated native New Yorker, mastered the German language as a member of the U.S. occupation forces after World War II.
  • Rugg, Julie

    Julie Rugg lives in York with her husband and daughter.
  • Rush, Norman

    Norman Rush's stories have appeared in The New Yorker, The Paris Review, and Best American Short Stories. His first novel, Mating, was the recipient of the National Book Award.
  • Russell, Ben

    Ben Russell is an experienced photographer who has had over 3,000 photographs published in magazines, newspapers and books. He specializes in high quality practical garden photography.
  • Russell, Francis

    Francis Russell was born in 1949 and educated at Westminster and Christ Church, Oxford. Since 1972, he has worked at Christie's. He has been associated, as a selector or cataloguer, with a number of exibitions, including Treasure Houses of Britain (Washington, The National Gallery of Art, 1985-1986).   (more)

  • Russell, Joyce

    Joyce Russell has thirty years of practical experience of fruit and vegetable growing, while feeding a family from the garden. She writes each month for Kitchen Garden Magazine, as well as regular contributions to other magazines and newspapers. She wrote for Organic Gardening magazine for ten years.
  • Russell, Sara

    Sara Russell is the Head of Meteoritics & Cosmic Mineralogy in the Department of Mineralogy at the Natural History Museum, London.
  • Russell, Vivian

    Vivian Russell is a writer and photographer. An American by birth, she has lived in England and France for most of her life. Her book Monet's Garden won two Garden Writers' Guild Awards. She was a regular contributor to both Gardens Illustrated and the Daily Telegraph gardening supplement for many years.

  • Ryan, John

    John Ryan was born in Edinburgh and spent his early childhood in the UK and Morocco before moving back to England, where he worked for seven years as Assistant Art Master of Harrow School. Captain Pugwash first set sail over 50 years ago as a strip cartoon. Since then he has featured in books, films and theatres all over the world.   (more)

  • Sachko Macleod, Diane

    Dr Diane Sachko Macleod, Department of Art and Art History, University of California Davis
  • Safarewicz, Evie

    Evie Safarewicz trained as a ceramic designer before becoming a freelance illustrator. She is a visiting lecturer at Canterbury College of Art and Design, where she teaches plant drawing. She is also an enthusiastic traveller, taking a particular interest in the peoples and landscapes of Africa.
  • Sakamoto, Yukari

    Trained at the French Culinary Institute and the American Sommelier Association, Yukari Sakamoto was the first non-Japanese to pass the rigorous exam to become a "shochu adviser." She has taught classes on food, wine, and shochu, and has conducted culinary tours of Tokyo's shops and markets. Her writing has been featured in such publications as Food & Wine, Travel & Leisure, Time, The Washington Post, and Time Out Tokyo.   (more)

  • Richard Sale

    Sale, Richard

    Richard Sale is one of the world's leading Arctic scholars and explorers and a professional glaciologist. He has written widely on Polar history, exploration and wildlife and is the author of many books, including To the Ends of the Earth: The History of Polar Exploration which was the 2003 UK Outdoor Writers Guild Best Book on an Outdoor Theme, and The Gyrfalcon (Popatov and Sale), which was the US Wildlife Society's Book of the Year for 2006.
  • Dowager Marchioness of Salisbury

    Salisbury, Dowager Marchioness of

    Lady Salisbury has been a gardener since, as a child in the 1930s, she cultivated tiny patches of her parents' gardens in Ireland and the West of England. Later, as chatelaine first of Cranborne Manor and then of Hatfield House, she revived two of the great historic gardens of England. And then there are the gardens that, as a professional garden designer, she has created for others, notably for the Prince of Wales at Highgrove and for the Museum of Garden History and Cosby Hall in London.   (more)

  • Salter, Graham

    Graham Salter, one of Britain's most experienced oboists and teachers, has held Principal positions with the RSNO and the Royal Opera House and has appeared as Guest Principal with every major London orchestra. His extensive photos of classical music and the arts are distributed by the Lebrecht Collection.   (more)

  • Salvador, Ana

    Ana Salvador's mother was an art gallery owner and her father a collector, so she grew up surrounded by art. After studying the History of Art in England followed by Literature at the Sorbonne, she became royalties assistant to the Succession Picasso and started learning more about the work of the great Spanish painter.   (more)

  • Sanchez, Mercedes

    Mercedes Sanchez, M.S., R.D., is FamilyCook's resident dietician. Her specialization is in pediatric and family nutrition and her Masters thesis focused on the value of a multicultural approach to teaching children about nutrition. In addition to holding a Masters in Nutrition from NYU, she is a registered dietician and has served in that capacity in the pediatric department of Methodist Hospital in Brooklyn.   (more)

  • Sanders, Rosie

    Rosie Sanders is widely recognised as one of Britain's leading botanical artists. She has been awarded five Gold medals by the Royal Horticultural Society and won the Royal Academy miniature award. Best known for her superlative studies of fruit, apples in particular, Rosie has devoted much of her time recording old and present varieties culminating in this book.   (more)

  • Sante, Luc

    Luc Sante is the author of Low Life, Evidence, The Factory of Facts, and, most recently, Kill All Your Darlings: Pieces 1990–2005. He is a frequent contributor to The New York Review of Books and teaches writing and the history of photography at Bard College.
  • Sartin, John

    John Sartin designs stunning, unique handmade jewelry in gold, silver, copper, brass, and precious and semi-precious gemstones. His jewelry has appeared on the cover and in the pages of Lapidary Journal, and he has also been published in Art Jewelry magazine and other Lark publications.   (more)

  • Sartre, Jean-Paul

    JEAN-PAUL SARTRE (1905-1980) was a hugely influential French philosopher, novelist, playwright, and pamphleteer. In 1964 he declined the Nobel Prize for Literature. Among his most well-known works available in English are Nausea, Being and Nothingness, No Exit, Critique of Dialectical Reason, and The Words.
  • Sassoon, Edwina

    Edwina Sassoon works in the visual arts. She has been taking photographs of allotments for the past four years. Her allotment photographs have appeared regularly in Reader's Digest magazine and have also featured in The Times. Edwina lives in London.
  • Sato, Hiroaki

    HIROAKI SATO is a prolific translator of Japanese literature and a columnist for The Japan Times since 2000. He has won several prizes for his translations, including the PEN Translation Prize. He lives in New York City.

  • Saumarez Smith, Charles

    Charles Saumarez Smith CBE was director of the National Gallery from 2002 to 2007. The main success of his directorship was the purchase of Raphael's Madonna of the Pinks in 2004 for £22 million, raised by a successful public appeal. He was formerly director of the National Portrait Gallery from 1994, and is currently Secretary and Chief Executive of the Royal Academy of Arts.   (more)

  • Saumarez Smith, John

    John Saumerez Smith has worked at Heywood Hill's bookshop since 1965 and managed it since 1974. He reviews, catalogues and lectures on books, advises on private and other libraries, acts as Honorary Librarian at Chequers, and has been variously described as a book man, a book expert and a book doctor.
  • Saunders, Matthew

    Matthew Saunders is Hon Director of The Friends of Friendless Churches and Secretary of the kindred charity, the Ancient Monuments Society, having occupied those posts from 1993 and 1977 respectively. He is a former Secretary of the Joint Committee of the National Amenity Societies and will be a trustee of the Heritage Lottery Fund until the Nolan Rules oblige him to stand down in 2011.   (more)

  • Saxton, Jo

    Jo Saxton fell in love with great paintings when she first went to the National Gallery at the age of 12. Since then, she has become a professional art historian, gaining a Ph.D. in 17th-century Dutch painting and drawing, and is an expert on art and education for school-age children. Jo has worked for the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, Cambridge University, inner-city state schools and academies, and has also advised government.
  • Schindler, S.D.

    S. D. Schindler has illustrated many books for childen, including The Cod's Tale, by Mark Kurlansky and A Confused Hanukkah: An Original Tale of Chem, by Jay Kooms. He lives in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
  • Schinz, Marina

    Marina Schinz was born in Switzerland and now lives in Italy. She is one of the world's leading garden photographers, and her work includes the best selling book Visions of Paradise.
  • Schlechter, Annie

    Annie Schlechter has been working as a photographer since 1998. Her clients include The World of Interiors, Wallpaper, House Beautiful, Real Simple, W magazine, Travel & Leisure, and many more.
  • Schmidt, Elaine

    ELAINE SCHMIDT is a designer, consultant, educator and spokesperson in the sewing, quilting, craft and hobby industries. As the owner of Elaine Schmidt Designs, she has developed award-winning products for many manufacturers. Her original designs are featured at trade and consumer shows and in books, magazines, project sheets, and TV segments.   (more)

  • Schmidt, Paul

    Paul Schmidt (1934-1999), translator, poet, actor, librettist, playwright, and essayist, was born in Brooklyn, the oldest of seven children. He received a degree from Colgate University in Russian studies in 1955 and, after a year of graduate work at Harvard, he moved to Paris, where he studied mime with Marcel Marceau and acting with Jacques Charon of the Comédie Française.   (more)

  • Jo Schofield

    Schofield, Jo

    Jo Schofield gained a degree in psychology from Exeter University and began her career working for an educational psychologist in London. After getting involved in the production of a film, she went on to work in the creative department of a TV advertising agency where she began taking still photographs.   (more)

  • Schreber, Daniel Paul

    Daniel Paul Schreber (1842-1911) was the son of the preeminent nineteenth-century German medical authority on child-rearing. Before his mental collapse, he served as the chief justice of the supreme court of the state of Saxony.
  • Schuyler, James

    James Schuyler (1923–1991) was a preeminent figure in the celebrated New York School of poets. He grew up in Washington, D.C., and near Buffalo, New York. After World War II, he made his way to Italy, where he served for a time as W.H. Auden’s secretary. His books include two other novels, A Nest of Ninnies(written with John Ashbery) and Alfred and Guinevere (also published by NYRB Classics), as well as numerous volumes of poetry.
  • Schwake, Rainer

    Rainer Schwake is a versatile and talented media designer holding a masters degree in graphic design. His photography has been used in hundreds of business- and arts-related design works for print and websites. He is co-owner of artstream studios ( and lives with his wife, Susan, in Rochester, NH.

  • Schwake, Susan

    Susan Schwake has been an instructor in her own art school for 18 years. She has been a working artist since 1979. She opened a small private art school for children and adults. Since that time her vision has grown into artstreamstudios, which includes a contemporary gallery, an adjunct teaching staff of three and classes, workshops and retreats most every day of the year.   (more)

  • Schwarz-Bart, Simone

    Simone Schwarz-Bart was born in 1938 in southwestern France and moved, with her mother, to Guadeloupe when she was three months old. She later studied in France and married the Jewish French writer André Schwarz-Bart. In 1967 they published their joint novel, Un plat de porc aux bananes verts (A Dish of Pork with Green Bananas).   (more)

  • Schweizer, Florian

    Dr Florian Schweizer is Director of the Charles Dickens Museum, Doughty Street, London
  • Scott, Joanna

    JOANNA SCOTT’s most recent novel is De Potter’s Grand Tour. Her other books include the novels Arrogance, The Manikin, and Follow Me and the story collections Various Antidotes and Everybody Loves Somebody.

  • Scott, Michael

    Michael Scott writes brilliantly about people, most recently in the well-reviewed Barry Sheene: Motorcycle racing’s jet-set superstar. He is the long-time editor of Motocourse, and lives in London.
  • Scott, Peter David

    PETER DAVID SCOTT has been an artist and book illustrator for over 20 years, specializing in natural history subjects. He has had over thirty solo books published worldwide by major publishers. He has also designed aliens for a CGI documentary. He lives and works in Yorkshire, England.

  • Scriven, Valerie

    Valerie Scriven founded Garden Books (now Blenheim Books) after many years leading special-interest historical and botanical tours through her company, East of Suez Ltd. She gardens in Worcestershire, London and North Carolina with her family.
  • Seaborne, Mike

    Mike Seaborne is both a photographer and Senior Curator of Photographs at the Museum of London. He lectures and writes on photography and in 1995 he curated the landmark exhibition, 'Photographer's London, 1839-1994' and wrote the accompanying book. His own images have been widely exhibited and published. Mike's photography is primarily concerned with exploring the urban landscape.   (more)

  • Searls, Damion

    Damion Searls is the author of Everything You Say Is True, a travelogue, and What We Were Doing and Where We Were Going: Stories.
  • Seddon, Jenny

    JENNY SEDDON is an illustrator and screenprinter living in London. She has a simple, naive style and is drawn to the detail in the everyday.

  • Seddon, Tony

    Tony Seddon’s longstanding career as a graphic designer has taken him from his native Cornwall, via London and several publishing companies, to East Sussex where he now works as a freelance designer and writer. He has authored and co-authored multiple books, including Graphic Design for Non-designers; Art Directing Projects for Print; and Thou Shall Not Use Comic Sans.   (more)

  • Sedgwick, Peter

    Peter Sedgwick (1934-1983) was a translator of Victor Serge, and author of a number of books including PsychoPolitics.
  • Seeger, Laura V

    Laura Vaccaro Seeger is an Emmy Award-winning artist and animator. Her first book The Hidden Alphabet was an American Literary Association Notable Children's Book, a Kirkus Editor's Choice and a Child Magazine Best Book of the Year. Laura lives close to the beach on Long Island, New York, with her husband, Chris, and their two young boys, Drew and Dylan.   (more)

  • Segall, Barbara

    Barbara Segall is a well-known horticulturist and garden writer. Her work appears in a number of popular publications such as Gardeners World, The Garden, Kitchen Garden, Country Life, Your Garden and Country Living. She is also a regular contributor on garden subjects to the Times.   (more)

  • Seghers, Anna

    Anna Seghers (1900–1983) was one of the most important German women writers of the twentieth century. Born Netty Reiling in Mainz and of Jewish descent, she received a doctorate in art history at the University of Heidelberg, joined the Communist Party of Germany in 1928, and soon began to publish novels and short stories.   (more)

  • Seldes, Gilbert

    Gilbert Seldes (1893-1970) was an American journalist, writer, and critic, the younger brother of the investigative journalist and media critic George Seldes. In the 1920s Seldes became the drama critic for The Dial and the New York correspondent for T. S. Eliot's The Criterion. Later he made films, adapted plays for Broadway, wrote radio scripts, and became the first director of television for CBS News and the founding dean of the Annenberg School for Communication at the University of Pennsylvania.   (more)

  • Serge, Victor

    VICTOR SERGE (1890–1947) was born Victor Lvovich Kibalchich to Russian anti-tsarist exiles, impoverished intellectuals living “by chance” in Brussels. A precocious anarchist firebrand, young Victor was sentenced to five years in a French penitentiary in 1912. Expelled to Spain in 1917, he participated in an anarcho-syndicalist uprising before leaving to join the Revolution in Russia.   (more)

  • Seveso, Marina

    Marina Seveso is a free-lance journalist who specializes in travel writing. She lives and works in Genoa.
  • Sewell, Brian

    Brian Sewell, born 1931, read History of Art at the Courtauld Institute and has ever since worked in the field of paintings by Old Masters. He is now the art critic of the London Evening Standard.
  • Sexton, John W

    John W. Sexton has had fiction and poetry published in most leading Irish literary journals and was nominated for the Hennessy Literary Award. He also reviews for newspapers. He is the scriptwriter for RTÉ Radio One's popular weekly children's series, The Ivory Tower, which ran for over one hundred episodes.   (more)

  • Shahn, Ben

    Ben Shahn (1898-1969) was a Lithuanian-born American artist. He work has appeared everywhere, from the cover of Time to the walls of The Museum of Modern Art in New York.
  • Sharp, Dennis

    Dennis Sharp was an architect, writer, critic and publisher. He served as Vice President of the Architectural Association where he trained, and was Senior Lecturer and founding editor of the AA Quarterly. He was Executive Editor of World Architecture and International Architecture.   (more)

  • Shattuck, Roger

    Roger Shattuck is the author of Forbidden Knowledge: From Prometheus to Pornography. He has most recently edited new editions of two books by Helen Keller. He is University Professor Emeritus at Boston University. (May 2005)
  • Shaw, Elizabeth

    Elizabeth Shaw was born in Belfast and lived most of her life in Berlin, where she moved after the Second World War. Well-known as an artist, she wrote and illustrated 23 books for children, many of which have been translated into several languages.

    Her website (currently in German) is

  • Shaw, Hannah

    Hannah Shaw graduated from Brighton University with a BA in Illustration. Since then she has worked as a freelance illustrator and graphic designer, but has also worked in a chocolate shop and a bead factory. Since childhood she has had a passion for writing stories and creating characters to illustrate them. She currently lives in a tiny village in Gloucestershire with Ben the blacksmith and Ren the dog.   (more)

  • Sheckley, Robert

    ROBERT SHECKLEY (1928–2005) was born in New York City and raised in Maplewood, New Jersey. He joined the army shortly after high school and served in Korea from 1946 to 1948. Returning to New York, Sheckley completed a BA degree at New York University and later took a job in an aircraft factory, leaving as soon as he was able to support himself by selling short stories.   (more)

  • Jessie Sheeler

    Sheeler, Jessie

    Jessie Sheeler was brought up in Edinburgh and read Classics at Edinburgh University. In the early 1960s, working with Ian Hamilton Finlay, she co-founded the Wild Hawthorn Press and its poetry magazine Poor. Old. Tired. Horse. After various teaching jobs and a spell as an assistant in day care centres in New York, she settled with her family in Hampshire where she became Head of Classics at the co-educational boarding school Bedales.   (more)

  • Shelley, John

    John Shelley was born in Birmingham UK and grew up in Sutton Coldfield. He studied at Bournville School of Art, then illustration at Manchester Polytechnic under children's illustrator Tony Ross. From 1983 he began working as a freelance illustrator in London, and by 1984 had co-founded the artist's collective Facade Studios with designer Andy Royston and illustrators Jane Ray and Willie Ryan.   (more)

  • Shepherd, Nigel

    Nigel Shepherd – writer, photographer and professional mountain guide with over 20 years experience – is one of the UK's foremost mountain experts and the author of several technical manuals. An ex-President of the British Association of Mountain Guides (1993–96), he is currently Alpine Safety Adviser to the Ski Club of Great Britain.   (more)

  • Sheridan, Michael

    Michael Sheridan has combined a career as a journalist with that of theatre director. He has written extensively on the Sophie Toscan du Plantier murder and the Garda investigation. Michael was also the main screenplay writer for the film When the Sky Falls based on the life and death of journalist Veronica Guerin.
  • Shiel, Michael

    MICHAEL SHIEL was born in Galway and graduated as an engineer from UCG. He began work on one of the first rural schemes in 1947, and claims he was the first registered rural electrification consumer west of the Shannon, at his home near Enniscrone. He later became Commercial/Distribution Director of ESB.
  • Shortt, Pat

    Pat Shortt started in comedy when he left Art College. With Jon Kenny he created D'Unbelievables, Ireland's most popular comedy duo. Together they performed their unique and critically acclaimed brand of comedy in theatres all over Ireland, Great Britain and The United States as well as various countries across Europe.   (more)

  • Sibley, William F.

    William F. Sibley (1941-2009) was an emeritus professor of East Asian Languages and Civilizations at the University of Chicago.
  • Siddeley, Randle

    Randle Siddeley (Lord Kenilworth) has been a garden and landscape architect for 35 years. His work is to be seen all over Europe, the USA, Russia and the Middle East.
  • Sieburth, Richard

    Richard Sieburth’s translations include Friedrich Hölderlin’s Hymns and Fragments, Walter Benjamin’s Moscow Diary, Gérard de Nerval’s Selected Writings and The Salt Smugglers, Henri Michaux’s Emergences/Resurgences and Stroke by Stroke, Michel Leiris’s Nights as Day, Days as Night, and Gershom Scholem’s poetry.   (more)

  • Sierra, Judy

    Judy Sierra holds a PhD in folklore from the University of California. Her poetry collection Antarctic Antics was a best-seller in the USA. She enjoys storytelling and reading books to children in schools. She lives in California.
  • Anthea Sieveking

    Sieveking, Anthea

    Through her career, Anthea Sieveking has concentrated on photographing children and young people particularly in the area of child development.

    Her photographs have appeared in many magazines and books including education books aimed especially at children. Her work has been used by the World Health Organisation and in 1994 she worked in India as part of the 'Child to Child' scheme to promote health education amongst poorer children.

    Another area of her work has been portraiture of personalities including Ben Kingsley, Iris Murdoch, Sir Winston Churchill and commissions by the Arts Council of Great Britain.

    Her other books for Frances Lincoln are My First ABC, the 'Find My' series, the 'Eye Spy' series, the 'What Size/What Shape' series, Young Gardener, All About Me and What Am I?
  • Sifton, Elisabeth

    Elisabeth Sifton is the author of The Serenity Prayer: Faith and Politics in Times of Peace and War (2003), about the background to the famous prayer written by her father, Reinhold Niebuhr.

  • Siggins, Gerard

    GERARD SIGGINS was born in Dublin in 1962. He founded and edited Irish Cricket magazine (1984-1987) and has written on cricket since 1985 in the Sunday Tribune, where he is assistant editor. He is a regular contributor to the CricketIreland website and other publications and was president of Dublin University CC from 1992-1997.   (more)

  • Siku,

    SIKU is a well-known illustrator for comic books and graphic novels, working for the major companies in the field, including 2000AD Magazine and Marvel Comics. His best-known book is The Manga Bible. Siku lives and works in London and Essex.
  • Silvers, Robert B.

    Robert B. Silvers is co-editor of The New York Review of Books. Prior to joining the Review, Mr. Silvers was, from 1959 to 1963, associate editor of Harper's magazine, editor of the book Writing in America and translator of La Gangrene. Before that, Mr. Silvers lived in Paris for six years (1952 to 1958), where he served with the U.S.   (more)

  • Silvertown, Jonathan

    Jonathan Silvertown is an evolutionary biologist in the Department of Biological Sciences and is internationally known for his research on the evolution of plants.
  • Simenon, Georges

    Georges Simenon (1903-1989) was born in Liège, Belgium. In 1923 he moved to Paris, where under various pseudonyms he became a highly successful author of pulp fiction. In the early 1930s, Simenon emerged as a writer under his own name, gaining renown for his detective stories featuring Inspector Maigret.   (more)

  • Simic, Charles

    Charles Simic is a poet, essayist and translator. He has published twenty collections of his own poetry, five books of essays, a memoir, and numerous of books of translations. He has received many literary awards for his poems and his translations, including the Pulitzer Prize, the Griffin Prize and the MacArthur Fellowship.   (more)

  • Simms, George Otto

    George Otto Simms was born in Dublin in 1910. He took his BA, MA, BD, PhD, and DD degrees at Trinity College, Dublin. Ordained a priest of the Church of Ireland in 1936, he spent his working life in the service of the church and was Archbishop of Armagh and Primate of All Ireland from 1969 until his retirement in 1980.   (more)

  • Simon, Susan

    Susan Simon is the author of five cookbooks, including The Nantucket Table and The Nantucket Holiday Table, Contorni: Authentic Italian Side Dishes for All Seasons, Insalate: Authentic Italian Salads for All Seasons, and most recently, with chefs Ron and Colleen Suhanosky, Pasta Sfoglia. Her book, Shopping in Marrakech, is published by The Little Bookroom.
  • Simont, Marc

    Marc Simont has illustrated nearly a hundred books. He won a Caldecott Honor in 1950 for illustrating Ruth Krauss's The Happy Day, and in 1957 he was awarded the Caldecott Medal for his pictures in A Tree Is Nice by Janice May Udry.
  • Simpson, Celia

    Celia Simpson is Head Gardener at Jane Austen’s House Museum in Chawton, Hampshire.
  • Simpson-Enock, Sarah

    Sarah Simpson-Enock is an American writer living in London with her husband Nick, two young sons, Spencer and Scott, and the dogs, Seymour and Miss Popsy. Born in Mississippi and brought up in Reform, Alabama, she studied creative writing under the well-loved children's writer and poet, Charles Ghigna at the Alabama School of Fine Arts in Birmingham, USA.
  • Sims, John Ferro

    John Ferro Sims is a photographer and writer. His books include The Renaissance of Italian Gardens and The Renaissance of Italian Cooking both with Lorenza de'Medici, and Landscape in Italy with Lisa St Aubin de Teran.
  • Sjoberg, Lars

    Lars Sjöberg had a 36-year career at the National Museum in Sweden, and for many of those years he was Senior Curator in the Department of the Royal Castles Collections. During that time he worked on the exhibitions Empire Style, Thought and Form in Rococo and The Sun and the Polar Star (Stockholm and Paris).   (more)

  • Sjoberg, Ursula

    Ursula Sjöberg, who is married to Lars Sjöberg, is a writer and an art historian who specializes in Swedish architecture and interior design of the late eighteenth- and early nineteenth-centuries. She is a curator of fine art at Bukowski's auction house in Stockholm.
  • Skelton, Peter

    Peter Skelton is a palaeobiologist in the Department of Earth Sciences and is recognised internationally as an authority on fossil bivalves and their evolution.
  • Skinner Sawyers, June

    Born in Glasgow, Scotland, June Skinner Sawyers has written and lectured extensively on Scotland. Her father, a carpenter, used to run his own carpentry business on Charlotte Street in the heart of Glasgow; her mother used to work at Gray, Dunn’s, the famous biscuit factory, also in Glasgow. She has written or edited eighteen books, many with a Scottish or Celtic theme, including Maverick Guide to Scotland, The Scottish Bed & Breakfast Book, Celtic Music, The Road North: 300 Years of Classic Scottish Travel Writing, and Dreams of Elsewhere: The Selected Travel Writings of Robert Louis Stevenson.   (more)

  • Slapper, Gary

    Gary Slapper is Professor of Law and has a long-standing interest in legal battles over the teaching of Darwinism in the USA.
  • Slater, Kate

    Kate Slater grew up on a farm in Staffordshire. She went to Thomas Alleyne's High School in Uttoxeter and studied Illustration at Kingston University. She has done illustration work for Random House Children's Books, The Guardian, Passion Pictures, Zig ad agency, Fast Company Magazine and Yorkshire Sculpture Park.   (more)

  • Slavin, Michael

    Born in 1931, Michael Slavin has been a keen observer of horses since the time they were worked on his family's farm in Cavan in the thirties and forties. When he moved to Dublin after the War the Horse shows at the RDS became an annual pilgrimage. Even when studying abroad for his Masters in Education he still found ways of finding horse events to attend.   (more)

  • Slesinger, Tess

    Tess Slesinger (1905-1945) grew up in New York in a progressive assimilated Jewish family and attended Swarthmore College and the Columbia University School of Journalism. After a few short-term jobs in journalism, she married Herbert Solow, editor of the Menorah Journal, through whom she became acquainted with the leading young, leftist intellectuals of the time, including Lionel Trilling and Clifton Fadiman.   (more)

  • Small, David

    David Small and Sarah Stewart are a husband-and-wife team who have created picture books such as The Library, which was chosen by the New York Times as one of the 10 outstanding children's books of 1995. The couple live in Michigan, USA.

  • Smallman, Clare

    Clare Smallman's degree was in Biology and she taught as a Biology teacher. She is a published author of children's books and now also acts as an I.T consultant for healthcare companies. She lives in North London.
  • Smart, Mike

    Mike Smart, originally from Hertfordshire, considers himself fortunate to now be living in this picturesque hillside town of Great Malvern. Working in graphic design studios for over thirty-five years Mike appreciates how valuable time spent outdoors really is and as a consequence spends many hours walking and guiding small groups on the beautiful Malvern Hills.   (more)

  • Smiley, Jane

    Jane Smiley is the author of many novels, including Good Faith, Horse Heaven, and A Thousand Acres, which won the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction in 1992. Her most recent work is Thirteen Ways of Looking at the Novel.
  • Smith, Caroline

    Dr Caroline Smith is the Curator of Meteorites in the Mineralogy Department.
  • Smith, Frank Dabba

    Frank Dabba Smith was born in California. He studied Linguistic Anthropology at Berkeley (BA Hons) and qualified as a teacher. He was ordained as a rabbi at Leo Baeck College, London, in 1994.
  • Smith, Mark F.

    Principal Lecturer and Academic Programme leader at the University of Lincoln in the UK. He is a sports scientist with more than 15 years’ experience in exercise physiology research and applied consultancy practice. He has published golf science research in a range of leading international scientific publications, has worked as a scientific advisor for leading organisations, and is on the International Editorial Board for the World Scientific Congress of Gold Science.

  • Smith, Roly

    Roly Smith is a freelance writer, editor and consultant and the author of over 60 books on walking and the countryside. He was recently dubbed 'Mr Peak District' by his local newspaper. Based in Bakewell in the heart of the Peak, Roly was formerly Head of Information Services to the Peak District National Park – Britain’s busiest – before taking voluntary early retirement in 1997 to concentrate on his freelance career.   (more)

  • Smith, Zadie

    Zadie Smith is the author of three novels, most recently On Beauty, and the editor of the short-story anthology The Book of Other People.
  • Smy, Pam

    PAM SMY studied Illustration at Cambridge School of Art, part of Anglia Ruskin University, where she now lectures part-time. Pam has illustrated books by Conan Doyle, Julia Donaldson and Linda Newbury, as well as Bob Cattell's Butter-Finger series for Frances Lincoln. She lives in Cambridge.
  • Snape, Juliet

    Juliet Snape studied at Cambridge School of Art and completed with a post-graduate in illustration at St Martin’s School of Art. Since then she has illustrated and written many picture books for children, including over 30 books with her husband, Charles. Their best selling giant-sized maze books (starting with The Fantastic Maze Book), for which Juliet painted huge scenes in acrylic, have sold across the world.   (more)

  • Snell, Gordon

    Gordon Snell has written many books for children as well as comedy for adults. He lives in Dublin with his wife, best-selling author, Maeve Binchy.
  • Snell, Sue

    Sue Snell is a leading documentary and horticultural photographer and a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society. She has been involved in many projects and exhibitions including work with the Royal Opera House, the Royal Horticultural Society, the Chelsea Physic Garden, the Natural History Museum and the Royal Botanic Gardens in Edinburgh.
  • Snell, Susan

    Susan Snell is a senior archivist at the Museum and has an in-depth knowledge of the history of the building, its collections and people.
  • Snitt, Ingalill

    Ingalill Snitt specializes in architecture and interior design photography, and also directs television commercials. Her books of photography include Splendore di Sicilia, Swedish – Light, Shape, Architecture, Living in Norway and two with Lars Sjoberg: The Swedish Room and The Swedish House. Her work is regularly featured in magazines including Elle, Marie Claire, Architectural Digest and The World of Interiors.
  • Snow, Jon

    Jon Snow ia an English journalist and TV presenter and is best known for Channel 4 News. He lives in North London.
  • So, Meilo

    Meilo So is the award-winning illustrator of many picture books for Frances Lincoln. She was born in Hong Kong, educated at Brighton College of Art and now lives in the UK with her husband and daughter.
  • So, Sungwan

    Sungwan So is a freelance photographer specialising in travel and documentary photography. He completed a degree in Anthropology and a Masters in Philosophy from the Chinese University of Hong Kong. He then went on to complete a degree in photography from Brooks Institute of Photography, California. He lives in the USA.
  • Solbert, Ronni

    RONNI SOLBERT (b. 1925) was born in Washington, D.C., and graduated from Vassar and the Cranbrook Academy of Art. As a Fullbright recipient she studied folk and tribal art in India. She has illustrated more than forty children’s books and written and illustrated three of her own.   (more)

  • Solomon, Andrew

    Andrew Solomon is a regular contributor to The New Yorker, ArtForum, and The New York Times Magazine, and the author of The Irony Tower: Soviet Artists in a Time of Glasnost; the novel A Stone Boat; and The Noonday Demon: An Atlas of Depression, for which he received the National Book Award and a Pulitzer Prize nomination.   (more)

  • Somers, Dermot

    DERMOT SOMERS, mountaineer, Gaelic scholar, TV presenter, and award-winning writer was born in Roscommon and now lives in Drogheda. He has written and presented over twenty programmes for television on wild landscape, culture, travel and adventure.

  • Somers, Ian

    A native of Dublin, Ian Somers studied art in Senior College Ballyfermot. This is his first novel for children.
  • Sonheim, Carla

    Carla Sonheim is an artist and creativity workshop instructor known for her fun and innovative projects and techniques. A popular teacher for Artfest, Art & Soul, and similar workshop venues, she has been called a “gifted facilitator” and loves to help adult students recover a more child-like play approach to creating.   (more)

  • Sontag, Susan

    Susan Sontag (1933-2004) was the author of four novels, The Benefactor, Death Kit, The Volcano Lover, and In America, which won the 2000 National Book Award for Fiction; a collection of stories, I, Etcetera; several plays, including Alice in Bed and Lady from the Sea; and seven works of nonfiction, among them Where the Stress Falls and Regarding the Pain of Others.   (more)

  • Sorg, Eileen

    EILEEN SORG is an award-winning artist who lives on the Olympic Peninsula in Washington State with her husband, Scott, and their terrier, Scout. Working primarily with a mixed media technique of colored pencil, watercolor, and ink, Eileen always strives for unique compositions that set her work apart.   (more)

  • Sorokin, Vladimir

    Vladimir Sorokin was born in a small town outside of Moscow in 1955. He trained as an engineer at the Moscow Institute of Oil and Gas, but turned to art and writing, becoming a major presence in the Moscow underground of the 1980s. His work was banned in the Soviet Union, and his first novel, The Queue, was published by the famed émigré dissident Andrei Sinyavksy in France in 1983.   (more)

  • Soseki, Natsume

    Natsume Soseki (1867-1916), the widely read author of a variety of novels, essays, and haiku and kanshi poetry toward the end of the Meiji period (1868-1912), is the dominant figure in modern Japanese literature. In 1900 he was sent to London by the Japanese Ministry of Education to study English literature for two years, and upon his return was appointed lecturer in English at Tokyo Imperial University.   (more)

  • Soueif, Ahdaf

    Ahdaf Soueif is a novelist and a writer on political and cultural affairs. Her latest novel, The Map of Love, was shortlisted for the Booker Prize in 1999. She was born in Egypt and lives in Cairo and London.
  • Jessica Souhami

    Souhami, Jessica

    Jessica Souhami studied at the Central School of Art and Design. In 1980 she formed Mme Souhami and Co, a travelling puppet company using colourful shadow puppets with a musical accompaniment and a storyteller. Her illustrations, like her puppets, use brilliant colour and bold shapes and her characters leap and swoop across the spreads.   (more)

  • Spalding, Linda

    LINDA SPALDING was born in Kansas and moved to Canada in 1982. She has written four novels, Daughters of Captain Cook, The Paper Wife, Mere (co-written with her daughter, Esta), and most recently, The Purchase, for which she received the Governor General’s Award. Among her nonfiction books are A Dark Place in the Jungle: Science, Orangutans, and Human Nature and Who Named the Knife: A True Story of Murder and Memory.   (more)

  • Spence, Jonathan D.

    Jonathan D. Spence is Sterling Professor of History at Yale University. He has written a great number of acclaimed works on China, including Return to Dragon Mountain, The Gate of Heavenly Peace and The Search for Modern China.
  • Spykman, E.C.

    At the age of fifty-nine, Elizabeth C. Spykman (1896-1965) published her first children's book, A Lemon and a Star, about the fictional Cares family. She would go on to write about the Cares children growing up in Massachusetts in three more books that are widely believed to be autobiographical fiction.
  • St John Gogarty, Oliver

    Oliver St John Gogarty (1878-1957) was one of the leading figures of the Irish literary renaissance. A writer, poet, surgeon, legendary wit and raconteur, he was also one of the first senators of the Irish Free State.
  • David St John Thomas

    St John Thomas, David

    David St John Thomas is the author of many books, including a bestselling series chronicling the four big railway companies. He is the founder of the publishing house David & Charles, which he ran for 30 years. He lives in Nairn, Scotland.
  • Stacton, David

    David Stacton (1923-1968) was an American novelist, historian, and poet, best known for his historical and biographical novels.
  • Stafford, Peter

    Peter Stafford has been involved in the study of the biology of snakes for many years. He has written and co-authored several books on herpetology, including The Adder and A Guide to the Reptiles of Belize. He is a member of several herpetological societies and the editor of the British Herpetological Society Bulletin.   (more)

  • Stagles, Ray

    Ray Stagles was born and brought up in Leyton, east London. He studied at University College London, evacuated to Aberystwyth ,and there met his future wife, Joan. They both took Honours degrees in English in 1942. He served as a radar mechanic in the Fleet Air Arm until 1946. After the war he taught in schools in Essex, then became a Head Teacher, first, in 1957, in Shropshire, then, from 1964, in Berkshire.   (more)

  • David Stanford

    Stanford, David

    In the 1960s, David Stanford started out studying Painting and History of Art at Walthamstow School of Art alongside such figures as Ian Dury, Vivian Stanshall and Peter Greenaway. On graduation from the Royal College of Art, he established his own photographic studio, photographing a number of famous bands for album sleeves.   (more)

  • Stanley, Chris

    Chris Stanley is Associate Keeper of Mineralogy at the Natural History Museum and a specialist on ore mineralogy, working on the properties, textures and characteristics of mineral deposits. He has more than 20 years research and consultancy experience.
  • Stansfield, Andy

    Andy Stansfield is a Lancashire-based photographer, feature writer and author specialising in travel and outdoor leisure. Details of his published work and current projects can be found on his website:
  • Steen, Celine

    Celine Steen is the author of several books and the founder of the award-winning blog Have Cake, Will Travel ( After over a decade of vegetarian eating, she decided to switch to a vegan lifestyle.   (more)

  • Susan Steggall

    Steggall, Susan

    Having initially trained as a graphic designer, Susan Steggall became a primary school teacher and taught young children for several years. After having her own two boys, she began work in a school library where she enjoyed finding out about new authors and illustrators and selecting beautiful new books for the shelves.   (more)

  • Stendahl,

    Stendhal (1783–1842), the pen name of Henri Marie Beyle, was born into a prosperous family in Grenoble. At sixteen he set out for Paris, intending to pursue a career as an engineer, but instead enlisted in Napoleon's Army. Stendhal took part in campaigns in Italy, Germany, Russia, and Austria, and then, after Napoleon's fall from power, settled in Milan,where he wrote books on art and music.   (more)

  • Sterling, Holly

    HOLLY STERLING was born in Dublin and grew up in southern England. She studied Illustration and Design at the University of Sunderland, and is currently studying for an MFA in Illustration at Edinburgh College of Art.   (more)

  • Stern, Fritz

    Fritz Stern is University Professor Emeritus and the former provost of Columbia University. His books include The Politics of Cultural Despair (1963), Gold and Iron: Bismarck, Bleichröder, and the Building of the German Empire (1977), and Five Germanys I Have Known (2006).

  • Roger Stevens

    Stevens, Roger

    Roger Stevens is a popular children's author, poet and performer who visits schools, libraries, festivals and museums all over the UK. Roger has compiled several anthologies, most recently A Million Brilliant Poems – Part One (A&C Black) and The Jumble Book (Macmillan), children’s poems compiled for Dyslexia Action.   (more)

  • Stewart, Angus

    Angus Stewart has written on art for more than 50 years. He has been involved in theatrical and opera productions, in films and exhibitions - having curated 30 exhibitions on painters, sculptors and the decorative arts. His subjects have included Tibetan religious art, pre-Christian Middle Eastern culture, Anna Pugh, Francis Bacon, Henry Moore, John Constable and Jane Austen.   (more)

  • Stewart, Dianne

    Dianne Stewart lives in Natal, South Africa. She studied Psychology and African languages in order to be able to communicate with the people around her in their own languages. Her titles for Frances Lincoln include The Gift of the Sun, which was chosen as one of Child Education's Best Books of 1996.
  • Stewart, Maddie

    MADDIE STEWART lives in Northern Ireland and is also the author of Peg and Clever Daddy.
  • Stewart, Sarah

    Sarah Stewart and David Small are a husband-and -wife team who have created picture books such as The Library, which was chosen by the New York Times as one of the 10 outstanding children's books of 1995. The couple live in Michigan, USA.
  • Stifter, Adalbert

    Adalbert Stifter (1805–1868), the son of a provincial linen weaver and flax merchant, was born in the rural Bohemian market town of Oberplan, then part of the Austrian Empire but today in the Czech Republic. When Stifter was still a child, his father was crushed under an overturned cart; the family was left poor, but Stifter’s grandfather sent him to school at the the Benedictine Monastery of Kremsmunters and he proved a brilliant student.   (more)

  • Stiletto, Johnny

    Johnny Stiletto. Well known for his intimate, socially revealing black and white street shots. A collection of his photographs is in the Tate Gallery, London. His TV work includes documentaries and commercials. Stiletto’s photograph of Francis Bacon on the London Underground was reputedly Bacon’s favourite photograph of himself.
  • Stilgoe, John R.

    John R. Stilgoe is the Robert and Lois Orchard Professor in the History of Landscape at the Visual and Environmental Studies Department of Harvard University.
  • Stilwell, Victoria

    Victoria Stilwell is a world-renowned dog trainer best known as the star of the internationally acclaimed TV series, It’s Me or the Dog. A bestselling author, Stilwell frequently appears in the media as a pet expert and is widely recognized and respected as a leader in the field of animal behavior.

  • Stockdale, Sean

    SEAN STOCKDALE is an ex-teacher who is now Communications Manager for NASEN. He has extensive experience of working with disabled children and promoting equality and inclusion.
  • Stoeltie, Barbara

    Barbara Stoeltie and her husband René Stoeltie are regular contributors to magazines including World of Interiors. Image © Aaron Hawks
  • Stoeltie, Rene

    René Stoeltie's interiors have been featured in Décoration Internationale and his photographic work has appeared in magazines all over the world, including The World of Interiors, House and Garden, Elle, Country Homes and Interiors, Harper's Bazaar, Classic Homes and La Maison de Marie-Claire. Image © Aaron Hawks
  • Stone, Robert

    Robert Stone was born in Brooklyn in 1937. He is the author of seven novels: A Hall of Mirrors, the National Book Award–winning Dog Soldiers, A Flag for Sunrise, Children of Light, Outerbridge Reach, Damascus Gate, and Bay of Souls. He has also written short stories, essays, and screenplays, and published a short story collection, Bear and His Daughter, which was nominated for the Pulitzer Prize.   (more)

  • Stone, Wendy

    WENDY STONE was raised in New York City, where she trained in photography and graphic design and worked for 13 years as a graphic designer. Her career as a photographer began when she was assigned by UNICEF to photograph their projects around the south-west Pacific. Since then she has travelled to many African countries on assignment for UN agencies, magazines and newspapers.   (more)

  • Storm, Theodor

    Hans Theodor Woldsen Storm (1817-1888) was born in Husum, Germany. He practiced law for most of his life, but also wrote numerous short stories, poems, and novellas. His two best-known works are the novellas Immensee and The Rider on the White Horse (also known as The Dykemaster).
  • Stourton, James

    JAMES STOURTON, formerly chairman of Sotheby’s UK, is now working full-time on the authorised biography of Kenneth Clark. His previous books include Great Collectors of our Time: Art Collecting since 1945 and The British as Collectors: A History of British Art Collecting from the Tudors to the Present. He writes regularly for various national papers and magazines.

  • Jenny Stow

    Stow, Jenny

    Jenny Stow gained a BA in English and History of Art from Manchester, before going on to study at Chelsea School of Art. Between 1982 and 1985 she spent four years teaching in Africa, followed by a year in the Caribbean in 1987. Jenny is married with one son.
  • Strelkoff, Tatiana

    Tatiana Strelkoff is of Russian/American origin and now lives in Rome. This is her first contemporary novel for young adults.
  • Strevens, Charlotte

    Charlotte Strevens studied at the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama, and since graduating her audio work includes voice-overs, audio books, narratives for the National Geographic and Biography Channels, short stories and dramas fot the BBC. She was also a member of the World Service Elnglish Language Repertory.   (more)

  • Strick, Alex

    ALEX STRICK has taught (EFL) and worked in children's play/youthwork. She has considerable experience of working directly with disabled children and managing projects seeking to develop equality and inclusion. She has also worked in the children's book world for much of the past fifteen years. At Booktrust, she managed programmes like Bookstart and Children's Book Week, was deputy executive director and regularly reviewed children's books for the Guardian.   (more)

  • Stringer, Chris

    Professor Chris Stringer is the Natural History Museum’s research leader in human origins and Britain’s foremost expert on the subject. He has spent the last 40 years investigating human evolution through the study of fossils and is the author of the bestselling books The Origin of
    Our Species and Homo Britannicus.   (more)

  • Strong, Sir Roy

    SIR ROY STRONG is a well-known historian and garden writer, lecturer, critic and columnist and a regular contributor to television and radio programmes. He was Director of the National Portrait Gallery from 1967 to 1973 and of the Victoria and Albert Museum from 1974 to 1987. In 1980 he was awarded the prestigious Shakespeare Prize by the FVS Foundation of Hamburg in recognition of his contribution to the arts in the UK.   (more)

  • Strouse, Jean

    Jean Strouse is the author of Alice James, A Biography and Morgan, American Financier. A Fellow of the MacArthur Foundation, she lives in New York City.
  • Stuart, Rory

    Rory Stuart is the author of Gardens of the World: the Great Traditions. He worked as a teacher of English literature in India and America and at Uppingham School, Westminster School, and The Cheltenham Ladies' College. He inherited a Cotswold cottage with a beautiful garden and began to look at plants and gardens critically, which eventually led to a course in Garden Design.   (more)

  • Sturgis, Alexander

    Alexander Sturgis is an education officer at the National Gallery, London. He is also The Great Xar, a magician performing at the National Gallery and on television. His television appearances include The Big Breakfast, The Word and Tricks & Tracks, as well as introducing paintings to children on the BBC's programme Hartbeat.   (more)

  • Sturgis, Howard

    Howard Overing Sturgis (1855-1920) was born in London to a rich and well-connected New England merchant family. Russell Sturgis, Howard's father, was a partner at Barings Bank in London, where he and his wife, Julia, were noted figures in society, entertaining such guests as Henry Adams, William Makepeace Thackeray, and Henry James, who became an intimate friend and mentor to Howard.   (more)

  • Sturgis, Jean

    Jean Sturgis trained as a painter at the Slade School of Art. She has exhibited in London, Edinburgh and her native Cumbria.
  • Sturgis, Matthew

    Matthew Sturgis is the author of numerous books, including the highly praised Aubrey Beardsley: A Biography and Walter Sickert: A Life, and also a regular reviewer in and contributor to the Times Literary Supplement, the Sunday Telegraph and other papers.
  • Lucy Su

    Su, Lucy

    Lucy Su is a prolific illustrator. She lives in London.
  • Subirana, Joan 'Subi'

    Subi (Joan Subirana) studied Applied Arts at university, and specialised in mural painting and graphic design. He now works as an illustrator for children's books and magazines, and has a daily comic strip in a newspaper in Catalonia. He has won many prizes in Spain for his illustrations, cartoons and paintings.   (more)

  • Suhr, Marianne

    MARIANNE SUHR is a Chartered Building Surveyor specialising in the repair of historic buildings. After a scholarship with the SPAB, she worked for seven years in architectural practice, then full-time on hands-on repair projects including three very different old houses. For the SPAB she has run over 40 homeowners’ courses and numerous ‘limedays’.   (more)

  • Summers, John

    John Summers writes and lectures widely on American history and culture.
  • Sundance, Kyra

    Kyra Sundance is a world-acclaimed stunt dog show performer, dog trainer, and internationally best-selling author. Her dog team performs live acrobatic shows on premier stages internationally; at circuses, professional sports halftime shows, and on movies and television shows such as The Tonight Show, Ellen, Entertainment Tonight, Worldwide Fido Awards, Animal Planet, Showdog Moms & Dads, and Beverly Hills Chihuahua 2.   (more)

  • Sutcliff, Rosemary

    ROSEMARY SUTCLIFF, who sadly died in 1992, was the author of many widely-acclaimed historical novels for both children and adults. She won the Library Association Carnegie Medal in 1959 for her historical novel for children The Lantern Bearers, and was runner-up with Tristan and Iseult in 1972.

  • Suzuki, Takuya

    Tokyo native Takuya Suzuki specializes in food, travel, and culture photography. His work can be seen in magazines like Brutus, Goethe, Sotokoto, and Hers, among others
  • Svevo, Italo

    Italo Svevo (1861-1928), whose given name was Ettore Schmitz, was born in Trieste into a Jewish family of Italian and German descent-as his pseudonym reflects. Svevo published two novels in the 1890s, A Life and As a Man Grows Older, but after they were dismissed by critics and ignored by the public, he abandoned literature and went to work in his father-in-law's paint business.   (more)

  • Swados, Harvey

    Harvey Swados (1920–1972) was born in Buffalo, the son of a doctor. A graduate of the University of Michigan, he served in the Merchant Marine during World War II and published his first novel, Out Went the Candle, in 1955. His other books include the novels Standing Fast and Celebration; a group of stories set in an auto plant, On the Line, widely regarded as a classic of the literature of work; and various collections of nonfiction, including A Radical's America.   (more)

  • Swain, Holly

    Holly Swain is a popular up-and-coming illustrator. She lives in Hove, Sussex.
  • Sweeney, Eamonn

    Eamonn Sweeney was born in 1968 in the nearly hurling-free county of Sligo, a deficiency remedied by his hurling-mad father from Kilkenny. He has written on sports for the Irish Examiner for a number of years, and is the author of two novels, The Photograph and Waiting for the Healer, a book on soccer, There's Only One Red Army, and a play, Bruen's Twis.   (more)

  • Anne Swithinbank

    Swithinbank, Anne

    Anne Swithinbank is one of Britain's best-known gardeners, broadcasters and garden writers. Trained at Kew and formerly Glasshouse Supervisor at the RHS Garden at Wisley, she has presented many popular gardening programmes, including the Channel 4 series Bloom, Gardens of the Caribbean and BBC Gardeners' World.   (more)

  • Swithinbank, John

    John Swithinbank photographs all aspects of horticulture, drawing on over 30 years of professional horticultural experience. His vast picture library is used by many international clients and his images appear regularly in Amateur Gardening and the Western Morning News. He lives in Devon.
  • Symes, Michael

    Michael Symes is a member of the Painshill Park Trust and has undertaken much of the historical research that has underpinned the restoration. He has taught and directed the Birkbeck College MA in garden history and has written a number of books including A Glossary of Garden History, The English Rococo Garden and Garden Sculpture.
  • Symes, Robert

    Robert Symes retired as Keeper in the Department of Mineralogy at the Natural History Museum in 1997. His active mineralogical research interests are diverse but he is a particular expert on minerals of the UK.
  • Symons, A. J. A.

    A.J.A. Symons (1900-1941) pursued a wide variety of projects in his short life, writing and editing works on the verse of the 1890s, the history of the Nonesuch Press, and critical studies of various figures of note. He is remembered for his groundbreaking biography of the bizarre genius Baron Corvo and for his own eccentric hobbies, as chronicled in a biography written by his brother, the mystery novelist Julian Symons.
  • Szirtes, George

    George Szirtes was born in Budapest in 1948 and moved to England as a refugee in 1956. He has published several books and won various prizes including the T S Eliot Prize for Reel in 2005. He lives near Norwich with his wife, the painter Clarissa Upchurch.
  • Talbott, Mona

    Mona Talbott's first food-related job was working in large reforestation camps in Canada. After culinary school she was hired by celebrated chef Alice Waters to work at Chez Panisse. Since 2007, Talbott has been executive chef at the Rome Sustainable Food Project at the American Academy in Rome. She has published articles and recipes in Saveur, Organic Style, and The New York Times.
  • Tandy, Peter

    Peter Tandy is a Curator in the Department of Mineralogy at the Natural History Museum, London.
  • Targoff, Ramie

    RAMIE TARGOFF is professor of English at Brandeis University. She is the author of Common Prayer and John Donne, Body and Soul.
  • Tarrant, Margaret

    Margaret Winifred Tarrant (1888-1959) initially sought to make her career as an art teacher, but, doubting her teaching abilities, she became a full-timewatercolour painter and illustrator specialising in children's books. In 1908 she was commissioned to illustrate Charles Kingsley's The Water Babies; following this first success she went on to illustrate over twenty books for Harrap.   (more)

  • Tattersfield, Jane

    Jane Tattersfield has illustrated three books accompanying television series: The India File, Celebrating India and Stories of Faith, as well as some of the Dress Sense costume books for Belitha Press.
  • Tavaci, Elspeth

    ELSPETH TAVACI was born and brought up in Bradford, and took a Drama degree at the University of Wales. Moving to London, she worked backstage at the Theatre Royal, Drury Lane and then in advertising. Retraining as an English teacher, she took a job in Istanbul teaching English as a foreign language.   (more)

  • Tavonatti, Mia

    Mia Tavonatti is an artist with a variety of interests, including a strong passion for painting and drawing. She moved from Michigan to California to attend art school at California State University, Long Beach, where she earned her BFA and MFA in illustration. She has also studied painting abroad, and she loves to spend her summers painting in Greece.   (more)

  • Taylor, G. P.

    G.P. Taylor is best known as the author of the Shadowmancer series of children's ghost stories. He recently retired as the vicar of Cloughton near Scarborough, but his career has also included working in the music industry, social work and being a policeman.

  • Taylor, Marilyn

    Marilyn Taylor was born and educated in England, and has an economics degree from London University. A school librarian in a Dublin secondary school for 16 years, she now works part-time as a college librarian.

    Her first novel for young adults, Could This Be Love, I Wondered? (1994) was selected for the 1996 edition of the International Youth Library's White Ravens.   (more)

  • Taylor, Paul D.

    Paul Taylor has worked in the Department of Palaeontology of the Natural History Museum, London for over 25 years.
  • Sean Taylor

    Taylor, Sean

    Sean Taylor is a children's author, storyteller and teacher with experience of creative writing teaching in three continents. His books include The Great Snake, Purple Class and the Skelington, Purple Class and the Flying Spider, Crocodiles Are the Best Animals of All, The Grizzly Bear with the Frizzly Hair, Who Ate Auntie Iris and We Have Lift-Off.   (more)

  • Teckentrup, Britta

    Britta Teckentrup graduate of the Royal College of Art, Britta’s first book was described by Publishers Weekly as “magic”, and she hasn’t looked back since. Author and illustrator of over 60 children’s books published in over 20 countries, her work is elegant and child-like at the same time.   (more)

  • Teichroeb, Koralee

    Baking and creating has always been a part of Koralee Teichroeb’s life. Many childhood hours spent in her Grandma’s kitchen is where it all began. She can usually be found in the kitchen with her camera; her creative side has now discovered the joys of photography. Koralee’s baking and photographs have been found in the pages of Where Women Cook, where she fills her column “Joy Making Days” with yummy treats and ideas to share with those you love.   (more)

  • Tempest, Annie

    Over the past twenty years Annie Tempest has worked for all the major national newspapers and life-style magazines and has had numerous collections of her work published. In 2009 the Cartoon Art Trust awarded her the Pont Prize for the Portrayal of the British Character. She has had eighteen one-woman shows in the UK and overseas.   (more)

  • Thackray, John

    John Thackray worked at the Natural History Museum from 1969 until his death in 1999, the last ten years as Museum Archivist. He was secretary for the Society of the History of Natural History over a period of 17 years and had been elected as the Society's President early in 1999.
  • The One Club,

    Founded in 1975 and based in New York City, The One Club produces three annual awards competitions that are widely considered the most respected in the world: the One Show, One Show Design, and One Show Interactive. The One Club is a non-profit organization that hosts educational events, maintains a full-time exhibition gallery, hosts an ongoing series of lectures and events, and produces publications that include the quarterly one.a magazine and the One Show and One Show Interactive annuals.
  • The Prince of Wales, HRH

    The Prince of Wales, eldest son of The Queen and Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, was born at Buckingham Palace at 9.14pm on 14th November 1948.

    The Prince, as Heir to The Throne, took on the traditional titles of The Duke of Cornwall under a charter of King Edward III in 1337; and, in the Scottish peerage, of Duke of Rothesay, Earl of Carrick, Baron Renfrew, Lord of the Isles, and Prince and Great Steward of Scotland.   (more)

  • Theroux, Paul

    Paul Theroux is a novelist and travel writer who divides his time between Cape Cod and Hawaii. Among his books are the novels The Mosquito Coast, Millroy the Magician, and My Secret History and the travel memoirs Dark Star Safari, Riding the Iron Rooster, and The Great Railway Bazaar.
  • Thibeault, Bridget

    Bridget Cavanaugh Thibeault, chef/owner of Flour Girl (, and co-proprietor, with John Emerman and Tatyana Rehn, of Luna Bakery & Café ( in Cleveland Heights, began her career in advertising in Chicago after earning a degree from Marquette University.   (more)

  • Thirlwell, Adam

    Adam Thirlwell is the author of Politics, Mrs. Herbert, and Escape. He is an assistant editor of Areté, an arts tri-quarterly, and writes a column for Esquire.
  • Thomas, David N.

    David Thomas is a marine biologist at the University of Wales, Bangor. He has worked in polar regions since 1991, conducting several expeditions to the Antarctic and the Arctic, and has carried out research into the pack ice of the Baltic Sea. He has written popular science features for Science, BBC Wildlife Magazine and New Scientist, and is author of Surviving Antarctica (Natural History Museum, 2007) and Seaweeds (Natural History Museum, 2002).
  • Thomas, Graham Stuart

    Graham Stuart Thomas, who died in April 2003, is revered as one of the greatest gardeners of the 20th century. His 'unrivalled plantsmanship' brought him the highest horticultural honours and as Gardens Adviser to the National Trust he was directly responsible for the conservation and restoration of many of the finest gardens in England.
  • Thomazeau, Francois

    Francois Thomazeau is a sports writer, an author of detective novels, and an editor—three professions requiring inspiration and perspiration (and time spent in bistros).
  • Thompson, Carol

    Carol Thompson has illustrated over thirty titles, many of which she has also written, and has been published worldwide. Her awards include the Mother Goose Award and the Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold Award (USA). Carol lives with her family in Ashby-de-la-Zouch, a small town in England.
  • Thompson, Elspeth

    Elspeth Thompson is a journalist and author of many popular gardening books.
  • Thompson, Peter

    Peter Thompson headed the Physiology Section at the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, where he established the Seed Bank. He has taught and lectured widely on gardening, has written numerous books and run nurseries.
  • Thomson, David

    David Thomson, a British film critic and historian based in the United States, is the author of more than twenty books, including the prestigious reference works Have You Seen...?: A Personal Introduction to 1,000 Films and The New Biographical Dictionary of Film. He has been a regular contributor and film critic for The New York Times, Film Comment, Movieline, The New Republic, and Salon.   (more)

  • Thoreau, Henry David

    Henry David Thoreau (1817-1862), the author of Walden and "On the Duty of Civil Disobedience," was born and spent his life in Concord, Massachusetts.
  • Thurber, James

    James Thurber (1894-1961) was one of the outstanding American humorists and cartoonists of the twentieth century. Thurber wrote nearly forty books, including collections of essays, short stories, fables, and children's stories.
  • Todd, Loreto

    Loreto Todd is Professor of English at the University of Ulster, Coleraine. Born in Northern Ireland, she attended Queen's University, Belfast where her classmates included poet Seamus Heaney and writer Seamus Deane. She worked in England for many years, and was director of the programme of World English Research at the University of Leeds, England.   (more)

  • Toibin, Colm

    Colm Tóibín is the author of five novels, including The Story of the Night, The Blackwater Lightship, and The Heather Blazing. The Master, a novel based on the life of Henry James, was published in 2004 and shortlisted for the Man Booker Prize. Among his nonfiction works are Bad Blood: A Walk Along the Irish Border, Homage to Barcelona, The Sign of the Cross: Travels in Catholic Europe, and, most recently, Love in a Dark Time.   (more)

  • Tolstaya, Tatyana

    Tatyana Tolstaya was born in Leningrad in 1951 to an aristocratic family that includes the writers Leo and Alexei Tolstoy. After completing a degree in classics at Leningrad State University, Tolstaya worked for several years at a Moscow publishing house. In the mid-1980s, she began publishing short stories in literary magazines and her first story collection established her as one of the foremost writers of the Gorbachev era.   (more)

  • Topaloglu Pyper, Nilufer

    NILUFER TOPALOGLU PYPER was born in Istanbul and educated in Turkey and England. She lives and works in London as an educational advisor to the Turkish Embassy.
  • Tosches, Nick

    Nick Tosches is the author of the novels Cut Numbers and Trinities. His nonfiction books include Hellfire and Dino. His work has appeared in Vanity Fair, for which he is a contributing editor, and in The New York Times and Rolling Stone.
  • Townsend, Chris

    Chris Townsend is a writer and photographer specialising in the outdoors, especially the hills and wild places, and has completed many longs walks of over 1000 miles. He is the author of 18 books including the award-winning The Backpacker's Handbook, Scotland (World Mountain Ranges) and The Munros & Tops (the story of his walk over all Scotland's 3000 feet summits, the first time this had been done).   (more)

  • Townsend Warner, Sylvia

    Sylvia Townsend Warner (1893-1978) was a poet, short-story writer, and novelist, as well as an authority on early English music.
  • Townshend, Emma

    Emma Townshend has taught courses on Darwin since being a postgraduate at Cambridge, most recently for the Department of Continuing Education in Oxford. She was particularly involved in Oxford's online course project ‘Alllearn’, under the aegis of Richard Dawkins. She is the gardening columnist at The Independent on Sunday.
  • Traeger, Tessa

    TESSA TRAEGER is one of the outstanding photographers of her generation and is widely acknowledged as having raised the subject of photographic, food still-life to the status of art. Trained at Guildford School of Photography and Fine Art, Tessa Traeger has worked at Rossetti Studios in Chelsea, London since the 1960s.   (more)

  • Travers, Jane

    Jane Travers has a BA in English and an MA in Film Studies, both from UCD.Follow Jane on her blog as she collects twitter recipes, on‘Jane Obsessed with Jane’, (which was shortlisted for the2010 Irish Blog Awards in the Newcomer category), or on Twitter @janetravers where she now has almost 1,300 followers.
  • Trebay, Guy

    Guy Trebay writes on fashion and style for The New York Times. He was previously a columnist and senior editor at The Village Voice, and has written for The New Yorker, Vibe, Condé Nast Traveler, Harper's, Esquire, Vogue and other major publications.   (more)

  • Treglown, Jeremy

    JEREMY TREGLOWN is a writer and literary critic known for his work on Spanish culture, film, and literature. His books include several biographies, including V. S. Pritchett, which was shortlisted for the Whitbread Award, and most recently Franco's Crypt: Spanish Culture and Memory since 1936.   (more)

  • Trelawny, Edward John

    Edward John Trelawny (1792-1881) was born into a well-established family from Cornwall. He passed a miserable childhood, and at the age of thirteen was enrolled by his father in the British navy. Discharged without a commission after a decade, Trelawny found his way to Italy, where he became part of the circle of expatriates around Byron and Shelley.   (more)

  • Trevelyan Oman, Julia

    Julia Trevelyan Oman was one of the great film, theatre and television designers of the 20th century. Among the many honours she received during her lifetime were the CBE and an honorary doctorate from the University of Bristol. She was married to the historian and garden writer Sir Roy Strong. She died in 2003.
  • Trilling, Lionel

    Lionel Trilling (1905-1975) was an American literary critic, author, and University Professor at Columbia University. Among the most influential of his many works are two collections of essays, The Liberal Imagination and The Opposing Self; a critical study of E.M. Forster; and one novel, The Middle of the Journey.
  • Trümpler, Charlotte

    Charlotte Trümpler studied classical archaeology and has participated in digs across Southern Europe. She is currently the director of the archaeology collection in the Folkwang Museum in Essen.
  • Tryde, Pia

    Pia Tryde is an internationally-acclaimed photographer. She lives in Sutton, Suffolk.
  • Tryon, Thomas

    Thomas Tryon (1926-1991) was an American stage, screen, and television actor who became a popular author of horror novels and shorter fiction evoking the Golden Age of Hollywood. He earned awards and critical praise for his role in Otto Preminger's The Cardinal (1963) and continued to appear in movies and television programs into the early 1970s before abandoning his acting career.   (more)

  • Tsui, Yen Hu

    Yen Hu Tsui in an archeologist in Beijing.
  • Tucker, Polly

    Polly Tucker is a senior archivist at the Museum and has an in-depth knowledge of the history of the building, its collections and people.
  • Turgenev, Ivan

    Ivan Sergeyevich Turgenev (1818-1883) was born into a wealthy family of the Russian landed gentry and educated in Moscow, St. Petersburg, and Berlin. He made his name as a writer with A Sportsman's Sketches, an unvarnished picture of Russian country life that is said to have influenced Tsar Alexander II's decision to liberate the serfs.   (more)

  • Turnbull, Joanne

    Joanne Turnbull has translated a number of books from Russian, including Andrei Sinyavsky’s Soviet Civilization and Ivan the Fool, Asar Eppel’s The Grassy Street, and Andrei Sergeyev’s Stamp Album. She lives in Moscow.
  • Ronald Turnbull

    Turnbull, Ronald

    Ronald Turnbull is a geographer and a walker. Author of over a dozen highly regarded walking books and guides, he has won seven awards from the Outdoor Writers' Guild. Ronald lives in Thornhill in Dumfriesshire.

    To visit Ronald's website click here

  • Turpin, Richard

    Richard Turpin, a specialist in architecture and interiors, has worked for architectural practices, hotel groups and advertising companies. His photographs have appeared in a range of national newspapers and magazines.
  • Udsen, Vibe

    Vibe Udsen, an architect, collaborates with Danish photographer Per Nagel to produce the architecture annual Living Architecture, which is distributed worldwide.
  • Upton, Simon

    Simon Upton is a photographer specialising in interiors and portrait photography. He has contributed to many books and his work appears in Vogue, Tatler, World of Interiors, Harpers and Queen, House and Garden and other publications.
  • Ursell, Martin

    Martin Ursell has illustrated many books for children including the award winning SONG OF PENTECOST by W.J.Corbett.  Among others he has illustrated stories by Roald Dahl, Terry Jones, Marina Warner, Ted Hughes and Dick King Smith.  He was a regular illustrator for the children's TV programme JACKANORY and his own story HAIRY HAIRY was televised by the BBC. Martin was a lecturer at Chelsea college of Art and Design and is currently a visiting lecturer on the illustration BA degree at Kingston University as well as a frequent visiting illustrator for The National Federation of Children's Books and South East Arts. Martin lives in Surrey with his wife, an ancient white cat called Fuchsia and three fancy hens called Apricot, Peckham and Pyewackett.  In his spare time, Martin reads, goes jogging and potters about in his garden; in fact if Martin wasn’t an illustrator he would become a full time gardener instead.   (more)

  • Valles, Jules

    Jules Vallès (1832–1885), French writer and revolutionary, is most famous for his trilogy of autobiographical novels: L’Enfant (The Child), Le Bachelier (The Graduate), and L'Insurgé (The Insurgent). Through Vallès’s alter ego, Jacques Vingtras, the books describe the writer's difficult childhood as the abused son of a schoolteacher, his rejection of his classical education and growing admiration for the peasant class, and finally his bohemian life in Paris as a militant journalist and pamphleteer.   (more)

  • van den Hoven, Adrian

    ADRIAN VAN DEN HOVEN is Professor Emeritus at the University of Windsor and founding Executive Editor of Sartre Studies International. He has translated Sartre, Camus, and other French writers, and is the author of several books about Sartre. He was twice elected President of the North American Sartre Society.
  • Mara van der Meer

    van der Meer, Mara

    Mara van der Meer studied graphic design at the University of Northumbria. In Spring 1998 she won the Macmillan Children's Book Prize for a book she wrote and illustrated as a college project, during her final year. The daughter of Ron and Atie van der Meer, she has also written the text for three of their books.   (more)

  • Van der Vat, Dan

    DAN VAN DER VAT, author and journalist, was a foreign correspondent on The Times of London for a decade, and later Chief Foreign Leaderwriter on The Guardian until he left to write books on naval history and related subjects. Of his dozen books, three won awards, two were bestsellers and his work has been translated into 14 languages.   (more)

  • Van Doren, Mark

    Mark Van Doren (1894–1972) was born in Hope, Illinois, and received his A.M. and Ph.D. from Columbia, where he taught literature for nearly forty years and where his students included Thomas Merton, John Berryman, and Allen Ginsberg. It was there, and with his book The Liberal Education, that he helped promote the influential "great books" movement.   (more)

  • van Sweden, James

    James van Sweden is America's leading garden designer and landscape architect based in Washington D.C. His revolutionary garden designs often combine dramatic informal plantings with the practical beauty of architectural 'bones' that anchor his gardens to the ground. He is a Fellow of the American Society of Landscape Architects and the recipient of many distinguished awards.   (more)

  • van Wright, Cornelius

    Cornelius Van Wright has collaborated with Ying-Hwa Hu on many books including Make a Joyful Sound, Zora Hurston and the Chinaberry Tree and, with Mary Hoffman for Frances Lincoln, Princess Grace.
  • van Wyk, Rupert

    Rupert van Wyk trained as an artist and after getting a BA in Illustration went on to study fresco techniques in Italy. His work has appeared in books, magazines and newspaers. He divides his time between Ravenna and London.

    To visit Rupert van Wyk's website and learn more about his work click here

  • van Zuylen, Gabrielle

    Gabrielle van Zuylen was born in France and lived in Paris. She has written numerous other books on gardens and garden history. She died in 2010.
  • Vance, Robert

    Rob Vance photographs Ireland with special focus on its history, spirituality, identity, beliefs. He has written and presented RTÉ's history series 'The Island' and three series of 'Secret Sights'.
  • Vane-Wright, Dick

    Dick Vane-Wright is a specialist on the taxonomy, evolution and classification of butterflies. Having first joined the Natural History Museum, London at the age of 18, he went onto become the Head of the Department of Entomology. He has written numerous scientific papers and worked on many books about butterflies.   (more)

  • Varese, Louise

    Louise Varese (1891-1989) was an American biographer and translator, and was married to composer Edgard Varese.
  • Verey, Rosemary

    For much of her long life, Rosemary Verey (1919–2001) was one of England's most celebrated garden designers and garden writers. She created gardens for Elton John and the Prince of Wales. She died in 2001.
  • Vickers, Hugo

    HUGO VICKERS is a biographer, lecturer and broadcaster. He was invited to become Cecil Beaton’s authorized biographer in 1979 and has since 1987 served as Beaton’s literary executor.

  • Vickery, Roy

    Roy Vickery has been involved with the garden from the outset, and has a key role on the development committee that oversees it. Roy is Collections Manager in the Museum's Botany Department and has an encyclopaedic knowledge of the plants and animals in the Wildlife Garden.
  • Vicziany, Marika

    Marika Vicziany is a professor of archeology at Monash University, Australia.
  • Elena Vidal

    Vidal, Elena

    ELENA VIDAL has worked as a conservator of paintings in Florence, Spain and the UK. She graduated as an MA in Photographic Conservation at the Camberwell School of Arts, and has subsequently specialised in the history of stereoscopic photography. Since meeting Brian May in 1997, Elena has collaborated with him on a long-term study of Thomas Richard Williams, and has published a number of articles.
  • Vilela, Fernando

    Fernando Vilela has illustrated numerous children's books, including Water Wisdom and Where I Belong, which both won the FNLIJ (Brazilian branch of IBBY) Highly Recommended Award in 2005. He lives in São Paulo in Brazil.
  • Viscardi, Judith

    Judith Viscardi is a guide at Strawberry Hill. Her research helped secure the future of that historic building.
  • Vivas, Julie

    Julie Vivas is the illustrator of many superb picture books. She lives in Victoria, Australia.
  • Vollmann, William T

    William T. Vollmann was born in Los Angeles in 1959 and attended Deep Springs College and Cornell University. He is the author of many works of fiction, long and short, including The Royal Family, You Bright and Risen Angels, Whores for Gloria, and The Rainbow Stories, as well as an ongoing series of seven novels, collectively entitled Seven Dreams: A Book of North American Landscapes, about the collision between the native populations of North America and their colonizers and oppressors.   (more)

  • Volpintesta, Laura

    Laura Volpintesta teaches fashion illustration, presentation and concept development at Parson's New School of Design. She resides in New York City.

  • von der Schulenburg, Fritz

    During a photographic career that has spanned over 35 years, FRITZ VON DER SCHULENBURG has achieved international acclaim. His photographs have been published in numerous interior design and architectural magazines, including The World of Interiors, House & Garden and Architectural Digest.   (more)

  • Von Hofmannsthal, Hugo

    Hugo von Hofmannsthal (1874–1929), the poet, dramatist, essayist, and librettist, was raised in Vienna. The son of a banker, Hofmannsthal began to publish under the pseudonym Loris when he was only sixteen. Hofmannsthal’s youth, talent, and precociousness made a splash at Café Griensteidl, the epicenter of literary Vienna; critic Hermann Bahr, in particular, was astounded that someone using the pseudonym of a “well-groomed poodle” and with the figure of a "fine, slender pageboy" could write such brilliant poetry and prose.   (more)

  • von Rezzori, Gregor

    Gregor von Rezzori (1914-1998) studied at the University of Vienna and for a time lived in Bucharest. Von Rezzori's books include Tales from Maghrebinia, Oedipus Triumphs at Stalingrad, The Hussar, The Death of My Brother Abel, and Anecdotage. He lived with his wife in a village near Florence, Italy, until his death.   (more)

  • Vvedensky, Alexander

    Alexander Vvedensky (1904–1941) was a major Russian poet, the founder with Daniil Kharms of the avant-garde and left-wing artist collective OBERIU, a neologism standing for the Union of Real Art. Following OBERIU’s forced dissolution, Vvedensky was imprisoned and sentenced to internal exile; he was subsequently permitted to return to Leningrad and to write children’s books but not to compose poetry.   (more)

  • Jutta Wagner

    Wagner, Jutta

    Jutta Wagner worked as a horticulturalist in Bavaria, studied landscape architecture at the University of Applied Science in Berlin and then worked for a Berlin design practice specializing in garden history and family housing projects.
  • Alfred Wainwright

    Wainwright, Alfred

    Born in Blackburn in 1907, Alfred Wainwright left school at the age of 13. A holiday at the age of 23 kindled a life-long love affair with the Lake District. Following a move to Kendal in 1941 he began to devote every spare moment he had to researching and compiling the original seven Pictorial Guides.   (more)

  • Waldorf, Gunter

    Günter Waldorf was bitten by the gardening bug at the age of six. Together with his wife, he maintained a substantial garden in Nettetal am Niederrhein in Germany, with around 450 varieties of snowdrops and organised successful February Snowdrop Days. He died in 2012.

  • Walker, Kevin

    Kevin Walker runs popular mountain navigation courses from Crickhowell in the Brecon Beacons and Betws-y-Coed in Snowdonia.
  • Wall, Siobhan

    Siobhan Wall is a writer and artist. She has worked as a senior lecturer, teaching photography, cultural studies, video production and fine art for over ten years at universities in London and Oxford. Her artwork has been exhibited alongside Paula Rego and at the Whitechapel Art Gallery and ICA in London.   (more)

  • Wallace-Hadrill, Andrew

    Andrew Wallace-Hadrill, OBE, was the Director of the British School at Rome and is now Master of Sidney Sussex College, Cambridge. He is Director for the Packard Humanities Institute of its Herculaneum Conservation Project. His books include Suetonius: The Scholar and his Caesars (1985), Augustan Rome (1993) and Houses and Society in Pompeii and Herculaneum (1994), and he will be featured in an upcoming Discovery Channel film on Pompeii debuting Sunday, March 13, 2011.
  • Wallant, Edward Lewis

    Edward Lewis Wallant (1926-1962) won critical acclaim for his novels The Human Season and The Pawnbroker, which was made into the first American film to portray the inside of the Nazi death camps. After Wallant's untimely death, an annual award was created in his name to honor an outstanding work of fiction that "has significance for the American Jew."
  • Walpole, Hugh

    Hugh Walpole was one of the most widely admired novelists of the first half of the twentieth century, and the hugely successful Herries Chronicles made him a rich man. Popular amongst, and generous to, other writers, he was knighted in 1937 and died in 1941.
  • Walser, Robert

    Robert Walser (1878-1956) left school at fourteen and led a wandering, precarious existence while producing poems, essays, stories, and novels. In 1933 he abandoned writing and entered a sanatorium-where he remained for the rest of his life. "I am not here to write," Walser said, "but to be mad." His Selected Stories and novel Jakob von Guten, are available as NYRB Classics.
  • Walsh, Brendan

    Peter Clinch is Director of Graduate Studies at the Department of Environmental Studies, University College Dublin. He has Bachelor's and Masters' degrees in economics and a PhD in environmental economics. Prior to taking up his present post, he was a Research Fellow in the Department of Economics at UCD.   (more)

  • Walters, Clare

    Clare Walters has worked together with Jane Kemp in the parenting market for many years, most recently as features editor and deputy editor of the respected babycare magazine Practical Parenting. They are co-authors of 15 successful childrens books. Clare originally trained as a primary school teacher, and still has a strong interest in education and early learning.
  • Waltham, Tony

    Tony Waltham is a highly respected engineering geologist and karst specialist. He was a university lecturer for 36 years, teaching rock engineering, and pursuing his geological researches in Britain, Nepal, Malaysia, Indonesia, China and elsewhere. He continues to provide consultancy on karst and cave site evaluations worldwide and is the author of numerous books on geology.   (more)

  • Walton, Stephen

    STEPHEN WALTON is a self-taught, award-winning artist who works as Supervisor at Bury Art Museum in Manchester, UK. After studying Geography at Manchester University, his artwork developed alongside his love of taking photographs, which resulted in his very particular style and method: when he is out and about he takes photographs which he then draws from at home.   (more)

  • Anne Wareham

    Wareham, Anne

    Anne Wareham has been living and gardening in the Welsh borders with her husband Charles Hawes for over thirty years. She has written occasional pieces for the Financial Times on gardens since 1998 and accompanying articles to Charles Hawes' photographs in magazines such as The English Garden and Gardens Illustrated.   (more)

  • Warne, Rachel

    Rachel Warne was the International Garden Photographer of the Year - Portfolio and RPS gold medal winner in 2010. Her work has appeared in magazines including Gardens Illustrated, Country Living, House and Garden, Home and Garden, Garden Life and The English Garden. This is her first book. She lives in London.
  • Warner, Arabella

    ARABELLA WARNER was founding editor of the Indy - The Independent for children. She has a long track record as a television scriptwriter of pre-school animation series and as producer/director on a number of children's TV programmmes. She has worked as a freelance writer for The Times, The Independent and Country Living magazine, She is also a Trustee of the Pegasus Theatre, home to Oxford Youth Theatre.   (more)

  • Warner, Marina

    Marina Warner is a writer of fiction, criticism, and history. Her award-winning studies of mythology and fairy tales include Alone of All Her Sex: The Myth and the Cult of the Virgin Mary, From the Beast to the Blonde, and No Go the Bogeyman. In 2006 she published Phantasmagoria: Spirit Visions, Metaphors, and Media, a study of ghosts, phantasms, and technology.   (more)

  • Warner, Rex

    Rex Warner (1905-1986) was a novelist, translator of Latin and Greek, and scholar of classical literature. A member of the Auden generation, Warner wrote several darkly allegorical novels, most notably The Aerodome, before turning to historical fiction and in 1960 winning the James Tait Black Memorial Prize for his Imperial Caesar.   (more)

  • Warner, Simon

    Simon Warner lives in a farmhouse under the edge of Haworth Moor. He is a widely published photographer of the British landscape. The books he has illustrated include National Trail Guides. To visit his webiste click here
  • Simon Warren

    Warren, Simon

    SIMON WARREN has been obsessed with cycling since the summer of 1989 after watching Greg Lemond battle Laurent Fignon in the Tour de France. A few weeks later he rode his first race, a 10 mile time trial on the A1 from Newark to Grantham and back. Although not having what it took to beat the best he found his forte was racing up hills and so began his fascination with steep roads.   (more)

  • Wat, Aleksander

    Aleksander Wat (1900-1967), the nom de plume of Aleksander Chwat, was born in Warsaw, the descendant of an old and distinguished Jewish family which counted among its members the great sixteenth-century cabalist Isaac Luria. He attended Warsaw University, where he studied philosophy, psychology, and logic, and formed strong ties with the literary avant-garde, publishing a first book of poems, Me from One Side and Me from the Other Side of My Pug Iron Stove, in 1920 and, some years later, a collection of stories entitled Lucifer Unemployed.   (more)

  • Waters, Alice

    Alice Waters, chef, author, Vice President of Slow Food International, and the proprietor of Chez Panisse, is an American pioneer of a culinary philosophy that maintains that cooking should be based on the finest and freshest seasonal ingredients that are produced sustainably and locally. Waters’s commitment to education led to the creation of The Edible Schoolyard, a model public education program, and the School Lunch Initiative, a national agenda that integrates a nutritious daily lunch and gardening experience into the academic curriculum of all public schools in the United States.   (more)

  • Watkins, John

    John Watkins has been Head of Gardens and Landscape at English Heritage since 1999, providing policy advice and technical guidance on the maintenance and management of designed landscapes and historic parks and gardens. Formerly Senior Lecturer at Hadlow College in Kent, he has worked at the Royal Botanic Gardens at Edinburgh and Kew, the National Trust for Scotland and the RHS at Wisley and Hyde Hall.   (more)

  • Watson, Burton

    Burton Watson is the foremost English-language translator of classical Chinese and Japanese literature. Among his many books are individual translated volumes of the poets Tu Fu, Su Tung-p’o, Han Shan, Lu Yu, Po Chü-yi, Gensei, and Ryōkan; the philosophers Chuang Tzu, Confucius, Mencius, Mo Tzu, Hsün Tzu, and Han Fei Tzu; the historian Ssu-ma Ch’ien; and Buddhist texts such as The Lotus Sutra and The Vimalakirti Sutra.   (more)

  • Watson, Peter

    Peter Watson has been photographing landscapes for over 25 years. He is a contributing photographer to several leading picture libraries, and his work is internationally published and used in print and television advertising. He lives in Heswall, Merseyside.
  • Watson, Philip

    Philip Watson spent thirteen years as a coastal conservationist, caring for The Giant's Causeway and other sights on the North Antrim Coast. He is now a freelance writer and naturalist. He has a keen interest in environmental and rural issues and has worked in Ireland, Kenya, Malawi, South Africa, Newfoundland and Wales.   (more)

  • Waymark, Janet

    Janet Waymark has taught garden history at the Architectural Association and has set up and run courses and seminars at Birkbeck College and the Institute of Historical Research. Her Modern Garden Design (now in paperback) was published in 2003.
  • Weatherall, Clara

    Clara Weatherall grew up in London. She went to live in the Philippines in 1987 when her husband, Percy, was running the Jardine Office in Manila. In 1991 they moved to Hong Kong. She was chairman of the Keswick Foundation (started by Maggie and her father, Sir John Keswick), for ten years. She and Percy, whose great-great-grandfather was William Keswick, returned to live in Dumfriesshire, Scotland, in 2006.
  • Steve Weatherill

    Weatherill, Steve

    Steve Weatherill studied at Hornsey Art College and the Royal College of Art. A freelance cartoonist and illustrator, he created the Rat Race cartoon for the Financial Times. He is the author of the successful Baby Goz series. Steve regularly tours schools, libraries, festivals and bookshops with his popular Baby Goz show.

    To visit Steve's website click here

  • Weaver, William

    William Weaver is celebrated for his numerous translations from the Italian, including Umberto Eco's The Name of the Rose and novels and stories by Italo Calvino. Weaver's translation of Pirandello's The Late Mattia Pascal is also published by NYRB Classics.
  • Webb, Sarah

    Sarah Webb has written seven bestselling novels including, When the Boys Are Away, Take a Chance, and Always the Bridesmaid. Her books have been published in many different countries including the U.S. and Indonesia. She has also written four children's books, has contributed short stories to many collections including Moments, and has compiled and edited two charity collections of her own, Travelling Light and Mum's the Word.
  • Webber, Richard

    An experienced journalist and writer, avid traveller, keen walker and lover of all things Exmoor, Richard Webber writes for a host of national magazines and newspapers, specialising in travel. His articles have appeared in everything from the Daily Express and Sunday Telegraph to ABTA Magazine and Real Travel.   (more)

  • Weil, Simone

    SIMONE WEIL (1909–1943) was one of the first female graduates of the École Normale Supérieure and taught philosophy in provincial schools from 1931 to 1938. A socialist, she worked for a time on the Renault assembly line and volunteered to fight against the Fascists in the Spanish Civil War.   (more)

  • Weir, Liz

    LIZ WEIR is a professional storyteller and writer from Northern Ireland. Formerly children's librarian for the city of Belfast, she now works extensively in schools and prisons, and travels the world telling stories to adults and children. She organizes workshops and appears at major international festivals (including the National Storytelling Festival in Tennessee and the Australian National Storytelling Festival).   (more)

  • Weiss, Jason

    JASON WEISS is the author of five books, including Always in Trouble: An Oral History of ESP-Disk’, the Most Outrageous Record Label in America and The Lights of Home: A Century of Latin American Writers in Paris. Among his translations are the stories of Marcel Cohen and the poems of Luisa Futoransky.   (more)

  • Weldon, Andrew

    Andrew Weldon is a widely published cartoonist and children's author. His books include Clever Trevor's Stupendous Inventions and The Kid with the Amazing Head as well as his two cartoon collections, I'm so sorry little man I thought you were a hand-puppet and If you weren't a hedgehog...If I weren't a haemophiliac.

  • Welland, Freydis

    As a descendent of Jane Austen’s eldest brother James Austen and Mary Lloyd Austen, FREDIS WELLAND cherishes the silhouettes created by Jane Austen’s favourite nephew James Edward Austen-Leigh. Freydis created the concept and drew together the images, text and quotations for Life in the Country published in 2008 by The British Library, and edited The British Library 2010 Jane Austen Desk and Pocket Diaries, The British Library Jane Austen Journal, and the lavishly illustrated Jane Austen Daybook.
    Freydis lives in Vancouver, Canada

  • Wells, Grace

    Grace Wells is a writer and poet. Born in 1968, she grew up in central London. On leaving school, she began working in the film and television industry, ultimately becoming a freelance producer. Fuelled by her lifelong desire to write, and through a roundabout path, she came to Ireland in 1991. She now lives in Carrick-on-Suir, Co Tipperary with her two children.   (more)

  • Welsh, Craig

    Craig Welsh the principal of Go Welsh (, a successful design studio based in Lancaster, PA. Additionally, he is the founder of Society of Design (, a non-profit organization dedicated to multidisciplinary design education and community service.

  • Welsh, David

    David Welsh's translations include A Dreambook for Our Time by Tadeusz Konwicki, Cloak of Illusion by Stanislaw Dygat, and Black Torrent by Leopold Buczkowski.
  • Wendland, Annette

    Annette Wendland became a photographer after a background in hospitality and catering. Her clients include Condé Nast Traveller, Hilton and Taj Hotels.
  • Wescott, Glenway

    Glenway Wescott (1901-1987) was the author of the novels The Grandmothers and Apartment in Athens, in addition to several collections of stories and essays. His life—as revealed in his published journals and a joint biography of him and his lover, Monroe Wheeler—has been the subject of increasing interest in recent years.
  • West, Cleve

    Cleve West has been awarded five RHS gold medals for his work as a garden designer, and his Daily Telegraph garden is set to be one of the highlights of Chelsea Flower Show 2011. He has written about his allotment for Gardens Illustrated and national newspapers. He regularly talks about gardening and allotments on television programmes including GMTV and BBC2's Small Town Gardens and The Garden Makers.   (more)

  • West, Linzi

    Linzi West lives and works in her studio in an ancient Tudor house by the sea in Lyme Regis. She lives with her husband Danny who helps to run her gallery and shop, The Mermaid, her son Joseph who is the inspiration for many of her book illustrations and two cats Pebble and Shrimp who steal the show.   (more)

  • Chris Westwood

    Westwood, Chris

    Chris Westwood was born in Wakefield, West Yorkshire, the son of a coal miner and a school teacher. His first published writing was for the London music paper Record Mirror, where he worked as a staff reporter for three years. His first children's book, A Light In The Black, was a runner-up for the Guardian Children's Fiction Prize.   (more)

  • Whaley, Simon

    Simon Whaley lives in Shropshire and has written numerous articles, short stories and books, many illustrated with his own photographs. He is a regular contributor to various outdoor magazines.

    To visit Simon Whaley's website click here

  • Wharton, Edith

    Edith Wharton (1862–1937) was born in New York City. Her father, George Jones, was a relative of the Joneses that fashionable people proverbially strive to keep up with; her mother, Lucretia Rhinelander, came from one of the city's oldest families. Raised in New York and in Europe, Edith Jones was twenty-three when she married Edward Robbins Wharton (known as Teddy).   (more)

  • Wheeler, Dan

    Dan Wheeler, FAIA, is a principal of Wheeler Kearns Architects in Chicago, IL ( and is a Professor of Architecture at the University of Illinois at Chicago.

  • Whelan, Gerard

    Gerard Whelan was born in Enniscorthy, County Wexford, and has lived and worked in several European countries. After some time living in Dublin, he has returned to live in his native Wexford. He is the author of many books for children and a multiple award-winner. His first novel, The Guns of Easter, won the Eilís Dillon Memorial Award for first-time writers.   (more)

  • Whelan, Gloria

    Gloria Whelan is a bestselling author of many novels for young readers, including Homeless Bird, winner of the National Book Award in the USA. She lives with her husband, Joseph, in the woods of northern Michegan.
  • Whelan, Olwyn

    Olwyn Whelan was a newspaper cartoonist and graphic designed before becoming a freelance illustrator. He goal is to produce timeless books that children will treasure for life. She has illustrated many children's picture book collections, including Celtic Memories, The Mermaid of Cafur and The Barefoot Books of Princesses (all Barefoot Books).   (more)

  • Whitby, Michele

    MICHELE WHITBY manages the "Par Ici" shop in Twickenham, where the work of local artists and craftspeople, several of them still based on Eel Pie Island, is sold. Before that she spent 12 years running a workshop on the island, where she produced top-quality leather goods. She enjoyed a friendship with Arthur Chisnall, the self-appointed social worker and concert promoter at the heart of Eel Pie Island's 50s and 60s heyday, and he left her a mass of invaluable papers and photographs.
  • White, Annie

    Annie White's childhood was spent jumping waves on the beaches along the Great Ocean Road, climbing very tall trees and drawing endlessly at the kitchen table. Today, Annie has graduated from the kitchen table to a wonderful big work room, full of light and overlooking a giant liquidamber tree. She has illustrated over fifty books for children and lives in Melbourne.
  • White, E. B.

    “Thoroughly American and utterly beautiful” is how William Shawn, his editor at the New Yorker, described E. B. White’s prose. At the magazine, White developed a pure and plain-spoken literary style; his writing was characterized by wit, sophistication, optimism, and moral steadfastness.   (more)

  • White, E.B

    E. B. WHITE (1899–1985) was an American essayist and novelist known for an eloquent, witty, and almost effortless writing style that appealed to readers of all ages. His three children’s books—Stuart Little, Charlotte’s Web, and The Trumpet of the Swan—are considered classics and he was awarded a Pulitzer Prize in 1978 for his body of work.   (more)

  • White, Edmund

    Edmund White has written biographies of Jean Genet, Marcel Proust, and Arthur Rimbaud. He has also written several novels, travel books, and a memoir. He teaches writing at Princeton and lives in New York City.
  • White, Katharine

    KATHARINE WHITE (1896–1977) was the first fiction editor at The New Yorker, a position she held from 1925 to 1959. Hailed by James Thurber as the “fountain and shrine of The New Yorker,” White did more than almost any other editor to shape the magazine into the literary giant it is today, championing the work of writers like John O’Hara, Mary McCarthy, John Cheever, and countless others.   (more)

  • White, T. H.

    Terence Hanbury White (1906–1964) was born in Bombay, India, and educated at Queen's College, Cambridge. His childhood was unhappy—"my parents loathed each other," he later wrote—and he grew up to become a solitary person with a deep fund of strange lore and a tremendous enthusiasm for fishing, hunting, and flying (which he took up to overcome his fear of heights).   (more)

  • White Lennon, Biddy

    Biddy White Lennon is a noted cook and personality, familiar to many people as Maggie from The Riordans. She is a founder member and currently Chairwoman of the Irish Food Writers Guild. Biddy is the editor and food writer of Irish Home Diary and writes regularly for Food and Wine Magazine.
  • Whitsey, Fred

    Fred Whitsey, who died in 2009 at the age of 90, was for many years Gardening Correspondent first of the Sunday Telegraph and later of the Daily Telegraph. He was awarded both the Gold Veitch Memorial Medal and the Victoria Medal of Honour of the RHS.
  • Whittaker, Esme

    After three years in depth research, Dr Esmé Whittaker completed her PhD, The Arts and Crafts House in the Lake District: Buildings, Landscapes and Communities, at the Courtauld Institute of Art in 2010. She has lectured widely on this subject including a paper for the Society of Architectural Historians of Great Britain symposium in 2008 which was published as the chapter 'Self-Conscious Regionalism: Dan Gibson and the Arts and Crafts House in the Lake District' in Built from Below: British architecture and the vernacular edited by Peter Guillery (Routledge, 2010).   (more)

  • Sarah Whittingham

    Whittingham, Sarah

    Sarah Whittingham is an architectural writer and lecturer. The Victorian Fern Craze was published by Shire books in 2009.
  • Wignall, Judita

    Judita Wignall is a commercial actress, print model, and musician from Los Angeles. She discovered the healing power of raw foods after health challenges made her reassess her diet and lifestyle. Her passion for great-tasting food, holistic health, and wellness brought her to Living Light Culinary Arts Institute, where she became a certified raw food chef and instructor.   (more)

  • Wilczak, Barney

    Barney Wilczak is a nature photographer based in the Cotswolds. A passion for natural history and a concern for how we can address our relationship with it drive his work. His photographs and stories are widely published and his work has been recognised in competition, including 3rd place in the prestigious European Nature Photographer of the Year Fritz Polking Junior award.
  • Wilkes, John

    John Wilkes was born in 1936 at Reigate in England. After studies in Ancient History and Archaeology at University College London and the University of Durham, he taught these subjects in the Universities of Manchester, Birmingham and London. At retirement in 2001 he held the position of Yates Professor of Greek and Roman Archaeology at University College London.   (more)

  • Wilkie, Kim

    KIM WILKIE had an intense introduction to landscape. He grew up in the Malaysian jungle and Iraqi desert before being sent to school in southern England. Having studied history at Oxford and environmental design at the University of California, Berkeley, Kim set up his landscape studio in London in 1989.   (more)

  • Will, Gavin

    Gavin Will lives and works in Newfoundland, where many of these aviators took off and risked their lives.
  • Willey, Bee

    Bee Willey, illustrator of Celebrity Cat has illustrated many books for children, including Dancing Jane, written by Andrew Matthews, which was shortlisted for the Kate Greenaway Award. She lives in Ipswich, Suffolk.
  • Williams, Ellen

    Ellen Williams is the author of The Historic Restaurants of Paris, Picasso’s Paris, and the award-winning The Impressionists’ Paris. She edited Alexander Liberman’s The Artist In his Studio and Keith Haring Journals. She was born in Greenwich Village, where she lives with her daughter.
  • Williams, John

    John's illustrative background is in visual storytelling. He has worked as a storyboard artist for film and animation companies, as a comic strip artist for Marvel comics, on workshops for BBC Blast and BBC RaW programmes, in schools on visual storytelling projects and illustrated various educational publications including books on Drama and History.   (more)

  • Williams, John

    John Williams (1922-1994) was born and raised in Northeast Texas. Despite a talent for writing and acting, Williams flunked out of a local junior college after his first year. He reluctantly joined the war effort, enlisting in the Army Air Corps, and managing to write a draft of his first novel while there.   (more)

  • Williams, Karen Lynn

    KAREN LYNN WILLIAMS is the author of over a dozen books for children, including Galimoto, a Reading Rainbow Featured Book and one of the New York Times Top Ten Books of the Year. She was a Peace Corps volunteer in Malawi, Africa, which is the setting for When Africa Was Home, a Booklist Editors' Choice.   (more)

  • Williams, Marjorie

    MARJORIE WILLIAMS has been attending farmers markets since her childhood. She has written for many publications, including Edible South Shore edition, which focuses on the farms and produce found in southeastern Massachusetts. She lives in Cambridge, Massachusetts.
  • Williams, Paul

    Paul Williams was a well-known rock climber and mountain photographer. He died in a climbing accident on Froggatt Edge in 1995.
  • Williams, Paul

    Paul Williams is author of the best-selling crime boss exposé, The General, made into a major award-winning movie directed by John Boorman. Crime correspondent with The Sunday World, and a qualified criminologist, Paul Williams is acknowledged as an authority on the Irish criminal underworld.   (more)

  • Williams, Robin

    Robin Williams is an eminent garden designer and co-founder of the College of Garden Design. He has designed well over a thousand private gardens, including Gold Medal-winning exhibition gardens for the Chelsea Flower Show. He lectures on garden design in Great Britain, Europe, Japan and the USA.

    To visit Robin Williams' website click here

  • Williams, Sophy

    Sophy Williams attended the Central School of Art and Design and Kingston Polytechnic studying Graphic Design. Since then she has illustrated many award-winning children's books. She lives in Bradford on Avon.
  • Williams, Steve

    STEVE WILLIAMS is a biologist with a degree in Marine Biology and Applied Zoology from the University of Wales.  His lifelong love of wildlife was further inspired by eight years at sea, after which he trained as a teacher, and now teaches science in a rural comprehensive school in Wales.   (more)

  • Williams, Val

    Val Williams is professor of the history and culture of photography and director of the Photography and Archive Research Centre at the London College of Communication, where she initiates new research projects. She was the joint curator of How We Are: Photographing Britain for Tate Britain in 2006. She is also an editor of the journal Photography & Culture, launched in 2008.
  • Wills, Garry

    Garry Wills was born in Atlanta, Georgia. One of our most distinguished historians and critics, he is the author of numerous books, including Saint Augustine, Papal Sin, and the Pulitzer Prize–winning Lincoln at Gettysburg. He has won many other awards, among them two National Book Critics Circle Awards and the 1998 National Medal for the Humanities.   (more)

  • Wilson, J.V.

    J.V. WILSON is a beekeeper in County Kerry, Ireland where he lives iwth his partner Adrienne Kennaway
  • Wilson, Jacqueline

    Jacqueline Wilson was born in Bath in 1945 but has spent most of her life in Kingston-on-Thames. She has been writing full time all her adult life and has won many awards, including the Smarties Prize and the Children's Book Award. In June 2002, Jacqueline was given an OBE for services to literacy in schools.
  • Wilson, Kim

    Kim Wilson is a writer, editor, and gardener who lives in Wisconsin and is a longtime member of the Jane Austen Society of North America. She is the author of Tea with Jane Austen, described by Booklist as 'perfect for Austen-reading book clubs' and In the Garden with Jane Austen, described by House and Garden as 'a charming book, full of interesting snippets and comment'.

  • Wilson, Richard Guy

    Richard Guy Wilson holds the Commonwealth Professor's Chair in Architecture at the University of Virginia, where he is also Chair of the Department of Architectural History. His specialty is the architecture, design and art of the 18th to 20th centuries both in American and abroad. A frequent lecturer for universities, museums and professional groups, Wilson has also published widely with articles and reviews to his credit.   (more)

  • Wilson-Max, Ken

    KEN WILSON MAX was born in Zimbabwe. He studied in Harare, Zimbabwe before coming to England where he studied Design and Print Planning at the London College of Printing. 

    Ken has worked at Orchard Books, the BBC and as  Assistant Art Director at David Bennett Books. 

    He has won several international awards for his work including illustration and design awards in Zimbabwe and is the creator of more than 50 books including The Big Yellow Taxi, The Little Red Plane, The Amazing People's Circus and The Lenny books. 

    He has books in nine languages published across the globe and recently launched Chicken Newspaper, a truly unique introduction to current affairs for those aged 4-11 years. He lives in London.

  • Wilton, Andrew

    Andrew Wilton is Visiting Research Fellow at the Tate Gallery, London
  • Winn, Marie

    Marie Winn's recent book, Red-Tails in Love: Pale Male's Story, featured a now-famous red-tailed hawk. Her column on nature and bird-watching appeared for twelve years in The Wall Street Journal, and she has written on diverse subjects for The New York Times Magazine and Smithsonian.   (more)

  • Winslow, Marjorie

    Marjorie Winslow has lived in Arizona, California, Indiana, New York and Massachusetts and has found an abundance of doll food everywhere. She is now too old to play with dolls but hopes you aren't.
  • Winter, Susan

    Susan Winter was born in South Africa and graduated from Natal University before becoming a social worker, first in South Africa and later in London. After the birth of her second child, she studied illustration at Chelsea School of Art, and began a new career as a freelance illustrator of children's books.
  • Wittkower, Margot

    Margot Wittkower (1902–1995) was born in Berlin and established herself as an interior designer. After moving to London with her husband, she became an expert on neo-Palladian architecture. She collaborated on a number of books with her husband, including Born Under Saturn and The Divine Michelangelo.
  • Wittkower, Rudolf

    Rudolf Wittkower (1901–1971) was a German-American art historian. He was on the staff of the Warburg Institute, London, and became professor at the University of London. He then headed the Department of Fine Arts and Archaeology at Columbia. His highly original works in English include Architectural Principles in the Age of Humanism, Art and Architecture in Italy, 1600–1750, Essays in the History of Architecture, Essays in the History of Art, and Baroque Art: The Jesuit Contribution.
  • Gillian Wolfe

    Wolfe, Gillian

    Gillian Wolfe CBE is Director of Learning and Public Affairs at Dulwich Picture Gallery, one of the most renowned private collections in the UK. She also works as a freelance consultant, and has lectured all over the world. Her previous art books for children include My First Art Book, winner of the Parent Choice Silver Honour Award, USA; and Art Activity Book and Children's Art Book, both winners of the Gulbenkian Prize for Best Museum Publications of the Year.   (more)

  • Wolton, Deborah

    Deborah Wolton is a landscape historian, who has extensively researched the history of Hampstead Heath. She is a regular volunteer with Heath Hands, most recently as a member of the team surveying the veteran trees.
  • Wood, Jakki

    Jakki Wood studied graphic design at Wolverhampton Polytechnic. A successful author/illustrator of children's books, she lives in West Malvern, Worcestershire. Her books for Frances Lincoln are Hole in the Road, Animal Parade, Baby Parade, Noisy Parade and Number Parade; March of the Dinosaurs, Bumper to Bumper, Deep Blue Sea and Fiddle-I-Fee.
  • Wood, Martin

    Martin Wood is a designer of textiles, interiors and gardens who also has a winning way with words.
  • Wood, Michael

    Michael Wood is the Charles Barnwell Straut Professor of English and Professor of Comparative Literature at Princeton University. His works include books on Stendhal, Garcia Marquez, Nabokov, Kafka, and films. Additionally, he is a widely published essayist with articles on film and literature in Harpers, London Review of Books, New York Review of Books, New York Times Book Review, New Republic and others.
  • Wood, Molly

    Molly Wood is a translator, writer, website manager, botanist and prospective donkey owner and Stevenson Trail tour organizer. She has lived near Uzes in France for over 20 years.
  • Woodcock, Roy

    Roy Woodcock is a keen walker and the author of over fifteen walking guides. This project began while he was teaching at Charterhouse in Surrey, when he wrote a monthly column for Country Walking magazine. Now retired, he lives in Malvern, Worcestershire.
  • Woodland Trust,

    The Woodland Trust is the UK's leading woodland conservation charity, with over 120,000 members. It owns and cares for over 1,100 woods throughout the UK.
  • Woodward, Christine

    Christine Woodward prepared and produced geological exhibitions at the Museum until 1990. She still works with the Museum delivering adult education courses.
  • Woodward, John

    John Woodward has been a wildlife enthusiast all his life, with a particular interest in the more bizarre life-forms that flourish in the world's oceans. He has written more than 30 books and many hundreds of articles on all aspects of wildlife, earth sciences and the natural environment, and has helped to produce many major reference books and encyclopedias covering various aspects of science and the natural world.
  • Woollett, Anne

    Anne Woollett had a successful career as an academic and recently retired from the Psychology Department of the University of East London. For many years she has been chair of the Hackney Marsh User Group. In this context she has sought to defend Hackney Marshes from inappropriate development. Her enthusiasm has encouraged local people to plant thousands of trees in Hackney parks.   (more)

  • Wooster, Steven

    Award-winning photographer Steven Wooster specializes in the photography of gardens and plants. He lives in London.
  • Wordsworth, William

    William Wordsworth, born in Cumberland in 1770, is one of England's most famous and best-loved poets, and played a large part in the development of the Romantic movement in English literature. Wordsworth was England's Poet Laureate from 1843 until his death in 1850.
  • Would, Nick

    After three years of teaching, Nick Would moved to London to write song lyrics and children's stories. In 1992 his song Greyclouds, with music by Glen Morris, was chosen by the elephant charity Elefriends as its flagship song, then released as a single and nominated for an award. Nick now lives in Crouch End with his wife, textile designer, Maggi Waud.
  • Wright, Danielle

    Danielle Wright's background is in book publishing and she spent a few years working for Frederick Warne (UK) and Penguin Books (UK) as well as Penguin Books (NZ). More recently she has been proofreading and editing books - mostly for Random House (NZ). She enjoyed teaching migrants English when gaining her CELTA and then worked with many different migrant organisations while writing speeches for Sir Barry Curtis (when he was the Mayor of Manukau).   (more)

  • Wright, James

    James Wright (1927-1980) was a translator and Pulitzer Prize-winning American poet.
  • Wright, Liz

    Liz Wright edits Smallholder magazine and is te author of several books on small farming and domestic poultry. Previously, she worked for a leading wildfowl exhibitor and breeder. She is a keen duck keeper, with a penchant for Muscovies and Abacot Rangers, and frequently attends poultry shows. Liz lives in the Cambridgeshire Fens, where she enjoys watching wild ducks on the washes and dykes.
  • Thomas Wright

    Wright, Thomas

    Thomas Wright has managed historic landscapes for more than 40 years. A boyhood addiction to plants, gardens and Natural History led to a degree in Horticulture at Wye College in Kent. Since then his commissions have included Hampton Court Palace gardens, Chatsworth, Grimsthorpe Castle, Firle Place, Holker Hall, some National Trust gardens and other private estates and gardens in the UK, France, Italy and Austria.   (more)

  • Gisele Wulfsohn

    Wulfsohn, Gisele

    Gisele Wulfsohn studied Graphic Fine Art at the Johannesburg College of Art. Since the late l980s Gisele documented various HIV/AIDS awareness initiatives and in 1994 she was commissioned by the Independent Electoral Commission to document the first democratic elections in South Africa. Her photographs were published internationally in publications such as Der Spiegel, Marie Claire, Los Angeles Times, Economist and New Internationalist, as well as in numerous local specialist and general publications.   (more)

  • Wyley, Enda

    ENDA WYLEY is a teacher and poet, and has had several books published.
  • Yamamoto, Lani

    Lani Yamamoto studied psychology and comparative theology and worked as a film editor in Boston. She now lives in Reykjavik with her husband and two children.
  • Young, Annemarie

    Annemarie Young writes books for children and works with educational publishers. She has lived and travelled all over the world, from her original home in Australia to Southeast Asia and Europe, from Egypt to Edinburgh, and now lives in Cambridge. She has worked with over 100 children's authors and illustrators from all corners of the globe.   (more)

  • Young, Caroline

    Caroline Young is an Edinburgh-based writer and journalist who has written for national newspapers and women's magazines including Closer and The Daily Mail. Caroline studied English Literature and Film and TV Studies at Glasgow University, and in 2007 she gained a Masters in Journalism and Mass Communication in Griffith University, Brisbane.

  • Zappone, Dr. Katherine

    KATHERINE ZAPPONE, PhD is an independent public policy consultant and educator. Appointed by the Minister for Justice, she has served as a Commissioner on the Irish Human Rights Commission since 2001. She taught Practical Theology in Trinity College Dublin, has lectured widely throughout Europe, Canada, Australia and the United States and has written extensively on matters related to ethics, spirituality, equality and human rights.   (more)

  • Zentgraf, Carol

    Carol Zentgraf is a designer who specializes in sewing, fabrics, and decorating. She is the author of several books and is a frequent contributor of projects and articles to sewing magazines, such as Sew News. She lives in Peoria, Illinois.

  • Benjamin Zephaniah

    Zephaniah, Benjamin

    Dr Benjamin Obadiah Iqbal Zephaniah was born and raised in Birmingham, England. He cannot remember a time when he was not creating poetry but this had nothing to do with school where poetry meant very little to him, in fact he had finished full time education at the age of 13. His poetry is strongly influenced by the music and poetry of Jamaica and what he calls 'street politics'.   (more)

  • Zhihong, He

    He Zhihong was born in China in 1970 and graduated from Beijing Academy of Fine Arts, where she studied traditional Chinese painting. She paints on both silk and rice paper. She now lives in Paris and teaches Chinese calligraphy in primary schools. She has four titles published in France.
  • Jonny Zucker

    Zucker, Jonny

    Jonny Zucker has worked in radio, played in several bands and has worked as a stand-up comedian and a teacher. He started writing full-time and has now written over thirty books for adults, teenagers and children. These include the Venus Spring books for Piccadilly Press and the Max Flash for Stripes.   (more)